How Easy Is It To Buy Cannabis Online In The UK?

How easy is it to buy cannabis online in the UK? Very easy.

You’ve probably heard of people buying weed on the mysterious ‘Dark Web’. You might be aware that it can be purchased via Instagram, even. But did you know there are some websites on the clear net (the regular internet) that you can buy it from?

And I don’t mean hemp or CBD oil. I’m talking THC-rich buds, oil, paste, edibles, concentrates – you name it…

But wait, isn’t cannabis illegal still in the UK?

Cannabis is still very much illegal. While police forces up and down the country are taking a softer approach to cannabis crimes, this is largely down to lack of resources and funding rather than a relaxation in the law.

Medical cannabis has been legal since November 2018. However, it’s still rarely prescribed, almost impossible to get hold of without flying to Holland, and costs a tonne.

However, THC-rich cannabis is also widely available in the UK. And if you don’t have (or want to have) local connections, the internet is your best bet.

Where can you by weed online in the UK?

Here’re your options:

1. The Darknet’

The ‘Darknet’ (or ‘Dark Web’/‘Deep Web’) is a term that refers to a collection of websites that cannot be found by using traditional search engines or visited by using traditional browsers, like Windows, Chrome or Firefox.

To access this encrypted network, you have to download an encryption tool known as Tor Browser. Tor protects your privacy online and allows you to browse the ‘dark web’ with anonymity.

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You’ll also need to buy Bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency that you’ll use to make your purchases. Paxful is the one of the easiest websites to buy bitcoin on.

Popular places to buy cannabis on the dark web include Medicine Man UK and Empire Market. Addresses for both can be found with a bit of googling.

While this sounds very confusing, the truth is that buying weed using the Darknet is now a reasonably simple process that anyone can master in a few hours.

And when they do, it’s like walking into a virtual cannabis dispensary with countless professional vendors waiting to fulfil your needs with a massive choice of products.

2. Instagram

Yep, along with pictures of pugs and shimmering sunsets on everyone’s favourite photo-sharing app, weed dealers lurk.

Of course, there are many scammers out there waiting to take your money.

Ideally you would want a recommendation from someone who can vouch for the vendor. You can also try to find profiles with a good number of followers and authentic engagement.

Once you learn the intricacies of Instagram, you’ll soon realise what an active cannabis community there is present on the platform.

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Look for pictures like this on Instagram

3. Regular websites/online shops

We’ve recently come across a surface web market place with an escrow system, great vendors and even better community called Little Biggy.

Little Biggy hosts a number of vendors all selling a variety of mostly cannabis products, including many types of hash, Cali Weed, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and more.

There seems to be a good number of anonymous businesses operating on the platform, many with reassuring guarantees and public reviews clearly displayed in their virtual shops.

Scam website

There are many websites out there that are just waiting to take your money and not send you anything in return. In fact, we often get messages from people (who are often in poor health and are turning to cannabis in desperation) who have been fleeced out of hundreds of pounds by these scammers.

Therefore, check this list to find out which websites you need to avoid.

Is it safe to buy weed online in the UK?

Until it’s legal, buying weed off the internet does carry some risk. However, it’s small.

Orders are sent discreetly in smell-proof packaging. Even if they weren’t, sniffer dogs are rarely seen in Post Offices and, last we heard, workers are advised to deliver post even if they smell or suspect it contains cannabis.

(This could of course change at any time and offices may have different procedures.)

Not only that, our country’s overworked and under-funded police force has better things to do than operate sting operations as you collect the post in your pyjamas.

So, in this technical age, it would appear that cannabis is more widely available in the UK than ever before. And that’s despite the recent so-called legalisation of the medical use of cannabis.

CBD Flower

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CBD is the non-psychotropic cannabinoid cousin of THC. While it won’t get you high, it does offer anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and ant-psychotic properties.

And the CBD revolution is in full steam in the UK, with one of the newest and most popular products on the market being CBD flower.

While it may look like regular weed, CBD flower is non-psychoactive as it contains very little THC.

CBD flower is generally legally-grown hemp flower. It is currently being sold openly online and in vape shops around the country.

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The dangers of cannabis

While there is no doubt that cannabis is a miraculous medicine that has huge value to society, let’s not be blind to the risks and dangers associated with cannabis use.

Like any mind-altering substance, cannabis can be abused. It can also be very habit-forming and lead to addiction. I know because I have experienced a problematic relationship with cannabis myself.

And although abusing cannabis is nowhere near as harmful as the overuse of tobacco, alcohol or countless other widely available drugs (including pharmaceutical medicines), risks exist.

These risks mainly include negative effects on mental health, such as increased anxiety and paranoia. However, lack of motivation and dependence are also common.

There are many ways to reduce these risks – such as using CBD alongside THC, dry herb vaping rather than smoking, and taking regular breaks.

I discuss these methods in detail in my book, Overcoming Weed Dependence: The Truth About Addiction And The Secret To A Healthy Relationship With Cannabis, along with many other practical tips that will enable anyone to cultivate a healthy relationship with cannabis

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It’s 2019 and cannabis is stepping out of the shadows and into the limelight. There’s no stopping it now!

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Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with any vendor or marketplace mentioned in this article. The information described here is entertainment purposes only.

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55 Comments on “How Easy Is It To Buy Cannabis Online In The UK?”

  1. Hi, Thanks for all your info on this page Jack, I have successfully managed to get deliveries from weedzy & MMUK, MMUK I used 1st & when they didn’t have stock the next time I did my research & found weedzy. Couldn’t fault either of them, both arrived in 2/3 days. Well chuffed! Will definitely be using both of these sites in future.
    The only thing I had trouble with was paxful, it seemed to complicated for me so I joined coinbase & found it much easier to buy bitcoin from there.

          1. Andrew bro the weed aint that shit ahah you probably just got some bad stuff.
            I’m a daily smoker and all the weed I get is peng to alright.
            Most recently got some Blue cookies and Gelato 45 and omg bro shit was delicious.
            Guess I am lucky to not experience dead weed?

      1. I’ve had loads orders from weedzy and me pals they can take a while to deliver sometimes upto 2cwweks but every think has come eventually

  2. Unfortuantly i can’t use bitcoin because I have no photo ID (I don’t drive or have a passport)- previously I used which used to use amazon vouchers (no longer) so I’ve been struggling to find somewhere that accepts amazon vouchers. Any recomendations would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I am in the same position with bitcoin. I am thinking of applying for a passport because I would like to visit Amsterdam. In the meantime I have been using Dankys but they are closed at the moment, so herbalist tearooms was my other option. If you read the article on high and polite about internet scams, you may find the comments section helpful.

  3. Thank you Jack for this site it’s awesome & very helpful.
    Can anyone advise on any good reliable/trustworthy sites in the UK I can use, please?
    Thank you all in advance.

  4. Hi Rachel,
    I was able to find weedzy however i wasn’t able to find this site MMUK, MMUK Do know the URL at all?
    Thank you in advance

  5. Don’t buy from Weedzy. The stuff they send you looks and smells good but it will not get you stoned. Minimal THC if at all.

    1. Hi how you doing zoe? I’m stewart from up in Scotland!! looking for any decent reliable sources that you might be able to help me with I’m sorry not intruding your comment struggling up here for good reliable strains

    2. I agree zoe I have also brought from many websites that people on this page have recommended! But the weed they send is always CBD weed they advertise it as legitimate marajuina with all the pictures and description but it’s all a promotion con. I emailed them to complain about it and they admitted for legal reasons they send CBD weed! Is there nowhere to order and receive real thc bud as advertised?!

  6. Just looking on reliable personal services of online weed sites getting irritable we listening to the same sites they’ve this that just want proper bud again help please Scottish!!!

  7. Hi im looking for some good old fashioned non contaminated Hash…preferably Red /Gold seal Black & Red/Gold Leb or even some Pollen or Roccy as long as its non contaminated.

  8. hi
    can you send me the link for medicine man plse iv checked out weedzy but they dont have what i want in stock. or any other trustworthy sites.
    thanks for the info guys.

  9. buyweediceland is a new site(6months old),minimum order 100eur!while you navigate every 3 seconds appear (down left)all the supposed sales they did!as they come from all over the world it stinks of scam!then they have too many strains and products to be credible,weight is not indicated clearly on the products and you have to message them to know the weight!it looks very strange than as they sell so many products there is not a review on their site,i was very tempted to buy but i think i will wait until i’ll be sure it is not a scam good luck to everybody!!

  10. yeah just been on their website. agree with above post. scammy as F**K. pop ups on left every 5 seconds. “someone just bought whatever” chat agent bottom right. i enquired. minimum order for vape pens (5 pens) $30 so $150. wont even let you try buying just one to try them out. pure BS if you ask me.

  11. Hi everyone
    Been reading through these comments and checked out all sites before deciding that
    “The herbalist tea room” seems the most legit out of the lot.
    I have ordered just over £100 worth of “tea” and after 24 hours have a received an order shipped conformation.
    I’ll keep you all posted with the news of my delivery. Fingers crossed

    1. Hi Matthew I’ve used the tea rooms several times and although the weed can look and smell like advertised it’s for sure CBD weed! Tastes nothing like its advertised and doesn’t get you high at all. How was your experience??

  12. I received only a small part of my order today from “the herbalist tea room”. It is amazingly everything I want but it’s only a quarter of my entire order. It was received in a package that had not been compromised so I’m guessing that’s it. I can’t endorse this company. I have emailed and text the number associated with this vendor but it’s not looking promising. My advice is avoid

  13. I have received my order from “The Herbalist Tea Room”
    Ok, for anyone that was following the last two reply’s. I have now received everything I ordered from “the herbalist tea room”
    after initially only receiving a quarter of the order. I managed to get in touch with someone through the email address on the website. I’m satisfied with what has arrived.
    The strains are what I ordered, the packaging is not as advertised, the buds could be slightly drier but they are fine to grind. Weights were good and not shy.
    I’m going to say “you takes your chances”
    Mine arrived and like I said I’m satisfied.
    The very beginning of this article is spot on 100% correct. You can buy weed online in the UK. Cautiously but easily!

    1. Hey just wanted to know when you ordered from the herbalist tea room, how did the packaging arrive! And how long did it take. Thanks

      1. SamBam, they send mine in a smell proof plastic bag, loose in a handwritten brown padded envelope. Not the stealthiest of cover, but no smell escapes. I have had no trouble after about 6 or 7 orders. I am only buying 4g at a time though, I don’t know how bigger orders come, I think they may split it into a few smaller packages.

      2. Mine also arrived in one small smell proof bag and a small Jiffy bag. Again not super stealthy if you order a smelly strain

      3. Took 2 weeks, I ordered the vape pen and it was fake. I have just emailed them to return my money or send me a real one…not expecting a response.

        I still can’t seem to find a reliable source and it’s frustrating.

  14. Hey guys! I saw ‘herbalist tea room in the comments above and decided to order from them on 29th October. I’m still waiting for the order and have tried to contact them on 4 different occasions but still have not received a response.
    I’m still remaining hopeful as I know there are delivery delays due to COVID but I will be concerned if I dont receive it this week.

    1. Same here – went by earlier recommends here but sent order a couple of wks ago. Haven’t received anything & no reply to a couple of chasers. I’ve found Weedzy ok – expensive tho!

  15. Hi guys
    Looking for RSO. Used to get from Dankys but they have gone. They were great as didn’t need Bitcoin. Any one know any other decent sites?

  16. I have personally been scammed via instagram by a couple of people. It was a little experiment of mine as the street scene seems to be drier than the Sahara.

    I did my due diligence each time. They had followers. Likes on their photos and so on.

    Added them on wic. Talked for a couple of days. Advising me on strains etc.

    £1100 down. Not even cbd weed to show for it 😂😞.

    I cannot buy bitcoin as I won’t provide ID due to an identity theft issue I had in my uni days that I’m still paying for in some aspects!

    Even the likes of localbitcoin want you to provide ID before you can make an offer or an advert.

    I was recommended the London CC who take Amazon vouchers for orders under £100.

    They look legit but then so did the others to my obviously simple mind!

    Be very careful people, especially if you don’t have the money to lose.

    It’s outrageous we go to these things especially as some people have a legitimate need.

    It helps with my PTSD and I’ve spoken to a lot of others too. Some strains more than others.

  17. Hi guys, just to add – I’ve ordered from HT – it took 2 weeks to arrive – and it was sent in two different packages. One arrived and was pretty good, the other was seized by police. It’s not double bagged so it may be the smell that got attention. So it’s not a scam – that I can confirm.

  18. Hey guys! Looking for edibles (preferably gummies but I’m open to anything) and hybrid/ indica buds. Noticing a lot of bad experiences in these comments. Anyone found a reputable resource yet? (To reply on this thread you need an email, just FYI)

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