How Much Is Weed In The UK? – Price List (Updated 2023)

If you’re looking to buy a couple grams of weed in the UK, you shouldn’t expect to pay much more than around £10/gram for some good quality flower. High-end Cali Weed can be as much as £100 for 3.5g, or £700/oz.

Edibles will set you back around £10 per 100mg, give or take, while extracts start at around £40 and can go for as much as £100 a gram depending on the product.

How Much Does Weed Cost In The UK?

Cannabis may still be illegal for recreational purposes in the UK, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have access to a wide variety of weed products. 

Whether it’s flower, hash, edibles or extracts, we have it all – and that includes huge variations when it comes to quality too.

But how much should you be paying for weed in the UK? What’s a reasonable price for edibles, extracts, hash and more?

Price of cannabis flower (buds) in the UK 

These are the most common price ranges for high-grade UK flower. It can includes Dutch and Spanish imports. Of course, you may find some better/worse deals and local variances. Cali weed is more expensive and will be featured further down this article. 

1g £10 -£15
3.5g (‘eighth’ of an ounce)£25-40
7g (‘quarter’ of an ounce) £50-70 
14g (‘half’ ounce) £80-140  
28g (ounce) £160-£280 

Price of hash in UK

Hashish is certainly not as common on UK streets as it used to be. However, while low-grade soap bar was once all you could get, there is now a wide variety of hash available, especially online. Considering the vast variety of hash available, prices can vary wildly. 

1g £5-10
3.5g £15-35
7g £30-70 
14g £50-100 
28g £80-£150 

Price of edibles in the UK

Cannabis-infused edibles are becoming more and more popular in the UK. They are usually labelled in increments of 10mg THC and come in a wide variety of forms, but usually it’s something sweet. £10 per 100mg THC is about standard in the UK. However, it’s quite common to find edibles cheaper than this, particularly if you know the right people. 

100mg £5-10
200mg £10-20
500mg £30-50

Price of extracts, concentrates and carts in the UK

This is an area where large pricing discrepancies can be expected. A DIY job done by your friend is unlikely to set you back as much as a professionally-extracted cannabis oil made by experts. For example, syringes full of tested Rick Simpson oil can go for hundreds of pounds. 

1g UK shatter/wax/budder£40-50
1g imported shatter/wax/budder £50-70
1g branded sauce/live resin £70-100
0.5ml distillate carts£30-40
1ml distillate carts £60-70

Price of Cali weed in the UK

So-called cali weed – weed that’s been grown professionally in California and comes packaged in tins or packs – is growing in popularity in the UK. This is despite hefty price tags that make many old-school stoners’ eyes water. Because of the huge mark up on these products, there is also a lot of fake cali going around, so beware. 

1g legit calli weed £20-30
3.5g £50-70
7g £100-170
14g £200-350
28g £400-700

Learn more about cali weed here

How we used to buy weed

In the olden days, which I know some people will remember, you went to see your dealer, who generally sold soap bar for £20 an eighth, £35 a quarter, £50 a half, £70-80 an ounce kind of thing.  

There was never any talk of grams. And there was no such thing as king size slim papers. Ten B&H and a packet of green Rizlas, followed by a trip to your man was the path to stoney happiness.

Traditional weighing scales were the order of the day and coins were used to balance against the weight of the hash. 

By some amazing fortune, a 2 penny coin weighs just slightly over 7 grams so was perfect for weighing out a quarter ounce. 

Even more amazing is the fact that a single penny weighs 3.5 grams so is absolutely perfect for weighing out an eighth.

Two 2 penny coins were a half, 4 for an ounce.  

I do remember ounces of hash going for as low as £50 in the north of England in the 1990s at one point in time. It wasn’t the best quality but was more than puntable and indeed smokeable. 

Compressed imports and hydro

Way back then, an ounce of imported weed, often African or Columbian in origin, would generally be sold for £70 to £80. And you were lucky if you could find it in the first place. Some of it was fantastic, despite being crushed.

The prospect of paying over £200 for an ounce of cannabis was beyond belief at that point in time. But not now. 

That is now pretty much the standard price for what is generally speaking an ounce of hydroponic weed grown under lights. You can pay more, but there is not usually a lot of point. 

Of course, you could search out highly skilled individual growers growing Jack Herer organically under the sun or lights in the UK, people do this kind of thing but can take a little longer to find. 

Dark Web Options

If you’re on a budget, the Dark Web can be a good place to source cheaper weed. But be careful. 

You can also find dealers that sell good ‘shake’ and it’s also possible to buy old school compressed weed for as little as £35 an ounce if you really look for it. Quality will vary wildly though.

On some markets you can sometimes find Cheese for a crazy £165 an ounce. But at that kind of price it normally sells fast.

How To Buy Weed On The Dark Web (UK)

5 Reasons You Should Buy Your Weed Off The Dark Web


Of course, not all cannabis products are illegal in the UK. Products containing CBD from legally-grow hemp are widely available and have grown in popularity over the last few years. 

There are some incredible products out there – CBD flower, oils, edibles, topicals, vapes and extracts, all rich in CBD and with little-to-no THC. 


If you’re looking to buy a couple grams of weed in the UK, you shouldn’t be paying more than around £10 a gram. Similarly, edibles will set you back around £10 per 100mg, give or take, while extracts start at around £40 and can go for as much as £100 a gram depending on the product.

Cali Weed is in its own league and prices can seem astronomical to seasoned smokers. It’s not unheard of for an eighth (3.5g) to go for the best part of £100, while an ounce (28g) can be as much as £700.

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38 Comments on “How Much Is Weed In The UK? – Price List (Updated 2023)”

  1. Like what I have read so far. Would like to have a reliable source or info leading to purchase for personal use. Thank you.

      1. Its easy and a lot cheaper than this post makes it seem…

        Just search littlebiggy (an escrow marketplace) + WeedStar you’ll find quality THC edibles, capsules etc from weedstar and many other known vendors

      1. Personally I’d struggle to find an ounce of bud for under £230 if I’m factoring in BTC fees and P&P, but could easily see it costing more depending on the strain and that seems comparable to what I’ve heard about current street prices.

        I’ve consistently been able to pick up a gram of UK rosin for £25 a gram for the past few years, but £35/gram seems like an average price for me.

        Overall great article though, I could have really done with this when I was getting into weed.

        1. No offence but your wrong. 😂 I’d be speaking to whoever your scoring from ! I’m lucky I pay £100 for a half off my mate. But online £10a gram

  2. Where do you people buy your shit from? UK prices for good hydro are as follows.

    1g = £10
    3.5g = £25/30
    7g = £50
    14g = £100
    28g = £190/£200

    Pretty much what the article says

    I’ve been buying weed forever and these prices are pretty standard across the UK. If you pay more than £10 a gram you are getting ripped off, I don’t care where the bud is grown. Good UK weed can hold its own against any in the world.

      1. Having lived and smoked and grown Weed in Nor Cal, Humboldt, Mendocino, fir 50+ years, I can say Right On !
        Still, The Best, never gets out of the State.
        That’s reserved for sitting around a table with a few other growers, and saying, “Here, taste this” !

  3. I remember using coins to weigh, 2p is an quarter, 1p an eigth. But there was another widely used one you maybe are too young to remember, and that was a 1/2p weighed a teenth, lol

    1. Was that on the old school “pans” where you screw the balance rod into the box and hang your pans on the rod? 😂

  4. The dark web anyone please explain the simple way you get on it.
    Do.u need a PC?
    Are they a very simple site for coin?
    And are their any clinics in the UK that don’t cost an arm and a leg to get medical cannabis.
    Some want £80 just to speak for the 1st time.
    I am £25 a gram were I am from.
    Been caught 3 time’s for small grows.
    But their now say you make £4.000 per plant that is a automatic white widow size.
    So I have 18 months of probation if caught again I have been told to expect 12 months+ for the breach 12.
    2 year for 6 plant’s.
    But if you get caught with class A you will get a fine.
    The medical cannabis is only for the middle and upper class.
    The rest can forget any help.

    1. Go to littlebiggy on the clear net. A bit more expensive than dark web but very easy to use. I found out about it on this site.

  5. Does anyone know how much does it cost on average in London for 1kg (box) of Stardog or Amnesia haze?

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  8. Having lived and smoked and grown Weed in Nor Cal, Humboldt, Mendocino, fir 50+ years, I can say Right On !
    Still, The Best, never gets out of the State.
    That’s reserved for sitting around a table with a few other growers, and saying, “Here, taste this” !

  9. “Cali Weed”… Lol.
    Hundreds of strains being grown. Many micro-climates and temp zones. From 60 acre farms, to 3rd generation Organic Ganja growers doing small connoisseur artisan ganja.
    So marketing the Brand of “Cali Weed”, is meaningless and a con job !
    There’s a dozen variables and factors that matter more than a Pseudo Brand… Beware.

  10. “We’ve recently come across a surface web market place with an escrow system, great vendors and even better community.
    We can’t name it here but sign up to our newsletter below and we’ll fill you in.”

    Signed up, so what next?!
    Can anyone please help me with a reliable retailer on clearnet? I’ve been scammed too many times on dark web, (although I’ll also accept reliable darkweb sites)

    1. Who me? I genuinely ðont understand pal seriously I’m done past and.havennt got a clue what anyone is talking about atm I’m just fucked tbh….not drank for 7 year and fucked up this week, that’s all x

  11. I’m looking for Kingpen (and other brands) cartridges because of the absence of smell.

    Anyone knows where can I find in UK?

  12. Well, you either live in a rip of place,vor, is Wales far cheaper than England!? All are neigh on double than what I have ever paid: even when I was brand new ..

  13. In the late 60’s early 70’s we bought good quality hash, red leb, gold leb, many varieties of black, nepalese for £12 an ounce.

  14. Not wishing to make anyone’s eyes water as an older stoner, but back in the day in the early 1970s a ‘quid deal’ was an eighth of an ounce of a decent hash, on a student grant or waitressing wages this would last a long time. Red Leb (anon), Yellow Leb, Thai sticks, Temple Ball (opiated), Aghan Gold, slabs of gooey Pakistani, Moroccan if you were desperate. The list of possibilities was long. Some may point out that the thc content is higher now than then, but all I can say is you had to be there.
    A gentler world.

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