About Us

Welcome to High & Polite, a website that answers your questions on all things cannabis.

Founded and powered by a very small team of independent experts, editors and writers,  High & Polite produces up-to-date and in-depth Reviews, detailed How-To Guides, helpful Top 10 Lists, and Articles that answer your questions about cannabis.

Our Mission

It is the aim of High & Polite to help the people of the UK learn about cannabis and how it can be used to reduce suffering and improve life.

What We Believe

We believe in the sensible and intentional use of cannabis and cannabinoids. While 10-gram dabs are fun ‘n’ all, we believe that cannabis is fundamentally a medicine and should be used treated with respect.

That doesn’t mean we don’t smoke daily or hotbox the car at every opportunity. We do. We just don’t think smoking 10 joints at once on a Youtube video is the best way to move the cannabis conversation forward.

We also do not ignore the negative effects of cannabis use and abuse. Like many things, cannabis can be misused and can negatively impact your life. While clearly not as severe as alcohol or tobacco, the negative aspects of cannabis need to be acknowledged. We hope to offer guidance on reducing risks and dealing with cannabis addiction, speaking from experience.

How We Make Money

Contact us: team@highandpolite.com