Guide: How To Buy Cannabis On The Dark Web (UK)

Although it may seem daunting at first, using the dark web is becoming an increasingly popular and convenient method of purchasing cannabis. In fact, The Global Drug Survey 2018 showed that more than a quarter of UK drug users now regularly use the dark web to make their purchases.

Thanks to Bitcoin and Tor Browser the dark web provides a convenient method of purchasing cannabis from the comfort of your own home. It also provides you with a huge selection of quality strains that your local dealer may not have access to.

Using things like Bitcoin and Tor Browser may sound complicated. However, don’t be put off – using the dark web is actually fairly easy. After reading this step-by-step guide you’ll be ordering new high-quality strains in no time!

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin

Coinbase is one of the largest, most established bitcoin exchanges in the world. Once on their website, sign up for an account by following their simple instructions. To make your first purchase you’ll need to go through an online verification process. This should only take several minutes but requires some form of formal identification e.g. passport or driver’s license.

Other reliable services include Wirex & Once signed up to one of these websites, buying bitcoin should be a clear, straightforward procedure. After the purchase has been completed you should see your Bitcoin appear in your online wallet.

Tip: You’ll want to sum up the total amount of your dark web order and then purchase slightly more Bitcoin than needed, to compensate for price fluctuations or processing fees.

Step 2: Download Tor Browser

This works just like a regular browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. However, unlike regular browsers, Tor conceals the user’s location and usage allowing you to browse the internet anonymously.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Tor Browser you’re all set to sign up to Dream Market.

Tip: It’s always recommended that you use a VPN when using Tor, click here for more information. For small, irregular weed purchases this isn’t really necessary.

Stage 3: Create a Dream Market account

There are several online market places, but by far the best and most reliable for purchasing cannabis is Dream Market. To access Dream Market copy and paste the following link into your Tor Browser. This link won’t work in regular browsers such as Google Chrome.


Signing up is easy – just enter a username, password and PIN then you’re good to go. Make sure you write down your PIN as this is needed if you want to withdraw your Bitcoin.

Once signed up, have a scroll around the market and check out what’s on offer. In the top right-hand corner, you’ll see your Bitcoin (BTC) balance, click on that to reveal your Bitcoin address – this is the address you’ll be sending your Bitcoins to. Copy the address and move onto the next step: Funding your Dream Market wallet!

Stage 4: Send your Bitcoin to Dream Market

Go to your Coinbase account (or whatever service you decided to use) and click on ‘Send/Withdraw Bitcoin’. For a detailed guide on withdrawing your Bitcoin from Coinbase, click here.  

Next, copy and paste your Dream Market wallet address into the box, click send and that’s it. Always double check the address you enter matches your Dream Market address.

It usually takes between 10-40 minutes for your Bitcoins to arrive at Dream Market. Click on your account tab on Dream Market and you should be able to see your Bitcoin balance. If it’s showing as unconfirmed that means the deposit is still processing and will arrive shortly.

Tip: If you’re occasionally buying small quantities of weed, the above instructions should be fine. However, if you’re buying large amounts of cannabis on a regular basis then you’ll want to increase your anonymity by sending Bitcoin through your own private wallet such as Electrum, for more information on this click here.

Stage 5: Buy some weed!

Have a look through the different strains and types to see what takes your fancy. Make sure you use the filter box to ensure that what your ordering is coming from the UK. Ordering from vendors outside the UK is usually fine, however shipping overseas increases risk.

You’ll find a huge variety of different strains, hash, edibles, vape oils etc. Always click on the seller’s profiles and take a good look at the feedback. Avoid sellers with a large amount of negative reviews or new sellers with little feedback.

Once you’ve decided on an item, click ‘order’, choose a delivery method, enter your address and then click ‘Order now’. Make sure you select the ‘Encrypt Message’ box after entering your address.

Congratulations, you’ve just made your first purchase! Your weed should arrive in the next couple of days. Keep an eye on your Dream Market inbox to see when the order has been marked as sent. Once you’ve received your cannabis make sure you log back in and release the payment from escrow.

Dream Market mirror URLs:

Dream Market occasionally goes down and can often have slow loading times – be patient! If the Dream Market link provided above doesn’t work, try using one of the following mirror URLs:











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  1. What did you order Bro? 😁
    Too long winded for me! I know enough street vendors lol
    I recently bought a 3.5 £40 of Cali bud from a friend. He went to Hollywood/California for a vacation and sent some back…
    It was ok! 6/10 mid grade strength.
    In the U.K. 10/10 star dawg strain goes for around £220 for an Oz.

      1. No, nor do I – wishful thinking!
        I did try instagram but didn’t find much, plus I’ve never used it before so was a bit new to me! Are there any more details you can give me about it/that might make it easier to narrow down? Going through profiles with loads of pics of it is just torturous 😬🤣
        Meant to say before, love this site by the way.

      2. If you were to order online where would you have it sent to? sorry i asked this multiple times i have no idea if my messages are being sent or not

  2. Hello H&P

    I was trying to follow your guide, but Dream market is now down and gone for good it seems. Any other safe reliable markets out there? Sadly I don’t know of any lovely delightful street dealers hence I wouldn’t be asking. I did see your Instagram comment – but am unsure of this too. The CBD from shops like Thr brainbox smoke lovely but hardly hit the spot if you know what I mean. 😉

    Any thoughts and non-judgemental comments welcome 😉

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