How To Buy Weed On The Dark Web (UK)


  1. Buy Bitcoin
  2. Download Tor Browser
  3. Find an shop/marketplace for cannabis
  4. Make an order
  5. Pay

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes. Buying cannabis online is illegal. We do not recommend you break the law.

Buying weed on the dark web

Although it may seem daunting at first, using the dark web is becoming an increasingly popular and convenient method of buying cannabis online.

In fact, The Global Drug Survey 2018 showed that more than a quarter of UK drug users now regularly use the dark web to make their purchases.

Thanks to Bitcoin and Tor Browser, the dark web provides a convenient method of purchasing cannabis from the comfort of your own home. It also provides you with a huge selection of quality strains that your local dealer may not have access to.

Using things like Bitcoin and Tor Browser sound complicated. However, don’t be put off – using the dark web is actually fairly easy.

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin

Paxful is one of the largest, most established bitcoin exchanges in the world. Once on their website, sign up for an account by following their simple instructions.

You’ll need to go through an online verification process. This should only take several minutes but requires some form of formal identification e.g. passport or driver’s license.

Once signed up to an exchange, buying bitcoin should be a clear, straightforward procedure. After the purchase has been completed, you should see your Bitcoin appear in your online wallet.

Coinbase is another good option.

Tip: You’ll want to purchase slightly more Bitcoin than needed in order to compensate for price fluctuations or processing fees. Therefore, spend a couple of quid extra when buying your Bitcoin.

Step 2: Download Tor Browser

Download here.

Tor works just like a regular browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. However, unlike regular browsers, Tor conceals the user’s location and usage allowing you to browse the internet anonymously.

Tip: It’s always recommended that you use a VPN when using Tor, click here for more information. For small, irregular weed purchases, however, this isn’t really necessary.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Tor Browser, you’re all set to search for an online weed shop or marketplace.

Step 3: Find an shop/marketplace for cannabis

This is where you’ll have to get creative in searching for active, trustworthy online shops or marketplaces. Dark web forums and websites should offer some clues.

Step 4: Make an order

Choosing your order and checking out is a straight forward procedure on most dark web shops and marketplaces.

You will be told how much to transfer (in Bitcoin and Pounds) and given a wallet address to send the Bitcoin to. Leave this page open as you still need to confirm that you’ve paid.

Step 5: Pay

Log in to your bitcoin exchange. Click on your wallet. Click on ‘Send’.

You then need to enter the the Bitcoin wallet address you were given when you made your order as well as the correct amount of Bitcoin, and send.

Congratulations, you will soon be in possession of some high-grade cannabis! Just sit tight and wait for your new favourite person: the postman.

Some people warn against sending bitcoin directly from your own wallet, as platforms like Paxful or Coinbase may suspend you. However, this is unlikely unless you’re making really large orders.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes. Buying cannabis online is illegal. We do not recommend you break the law.

54 Comments on “How To Buy Weed On The Dark Web (UK)”

  1. What did you order Bro? ?
    Too long winded for me! I know enough street vendors lol
    I recently bought a 3.5 £40 of Cali bud from a friend. He went to Hollywood/California for a vacation and sent some back…
    It was ok! 6/10 mid grade strength.
    In the U.K. 10/10 star dawg strain goes for around £220 for an Oz.

    1. No, nor do I – wishful thinking!
      I did try instagram but didn’t find much, plus I’ve never used it before so was a bit new to me! Are there any more details you can give me about it/that might make it easier to narrow down? Going through profiles with loads of pics of it is just torturous ??
      Meant to say before, love this site by the way.

    2. If you were to order online where would you have it sent to? sorry i asked this multiple times i have no idea if my messages are being sent or not

      1. I have it sent to my home mate , where else do you send it to. I’ve been using the dark net for herb since November 2020 , no stress.

    3. Just saw your comment. The weed quality where I am just now is crap to say the least. Would not buy from any site unless I had done all safe / scam checks, & new it was OK, cos I know only v few are genuine & gotta find the ones that are. I’ve not read your link yet. But I saw you mentioned Instagram. I’ve heard that a few times now mentioned. But theres so much on Instagram, how are you able to tell genuine ones (I know its hard to be totally 100 %sure, but I like to be as sure as I can. Any advice would be appreciated. As I’ve never used dark Web, not even sure how to install the tor browser tbh, & would rather try Instagram first thanks

      1. Listen I’ve used dark web for many things made thousands of orders & only lost a couple so 2 out of a couple of thousand ain’t bad long story short I went to prison for grow farms they connected me as the main grower they new it was me throwing YouTube videos up which I still have site today anyway since being home every vendor on Instagram Facebook watts app have all fcked me so defo go dark & a lot of guys on there do escrow so u ain’t losing all ur money also if they had nothing to hide & were only scamming most people just do that on watts app Instagram or Facebook although I’ve heard good about little & that’s on straight google I prefer growing it & paying 000 £££ also they guys on dark web are rated 1-5 stars check it out

  2. Hello H&P

    I was trying to follow your guide, but Dream market is now down and gone for good it seems. Any other safe reliable markets out there? Sadly I don’t know of any lovely delightful street dealers hence I wouldn’t be asking. I did see your Instagram comment – but am unsure of this too. The CBD from shops like Thr brainbox smoke lovely but hardly hit the spot if you know what I mean. 😉

    Any thoughts and non-judgemental comments welcome 😉

  3. Do a safe or scam check off any site like that, that you are thinking of using. Or just go and Google “safe or scam then insert the site you want to check, it should come up with trust pilot reviews. Tbh majority of those sites are scams, so it would be about finding the few genuine ones in UK or Netherlands etc

  4. Was wondering about a couple of things. As quality where I live is crap really bad. First can anyone tell me how to go about installing a tor browser, as have heard using dark Web is easy, but not sure how to get started doing that. And once that’s done can anyone tell me just simple steps of what to do next, & how to tell genuine sellers.
    Also regarding Instagram to buy, I’ve heard that mentioned a few times now, but as there will be scammers there also, wondering how you would go about finding genuine seller there?
    Or finding genuine seller in UK or abroad, as I have seen some sites, but when do a safe or scam check, they have been coming up scams. I have had that issue before in the past with something similar, & only a small amount were genuine it was just finding them. Not sure struggling to find safe sellers for this.
    Any help appreciated. Thanks

    1. Use a vpn before using the browser as using it alone is enough to flag up to the authorities and it’ll help redirect where anyone thinks it’s coming from including your broadband provider, once the vpn is on, open up tor, it’ll take you to a home page where you either type in a specific web address (find one on the many websites there are telling you the safe ones) or it’ll give you an option to search with ‘duck duck go’ (not really needed if you’re trying to find illicit sites) then once you get on choose what you want and encrypt your address before checkout using PGP, I’ve never done this before but seen plenty of people doing it and thought I could help out

  5. After they received my money, they got me by telling me my order was held up at customs and I needed a prescription, which of course they wanted to sell me. I didn’t take it any further.

  6. I’m having trouble adding my bank account details to Paxful, it asks for an IBAN number rather than account no. and sort code. I used to find out my IBAN (and also valid when checked), input it into Paxful and it errors with “Enter a valid account number”. I tried the 7 digit account number too but that doesn’t work either. I don’t know what to do from this point?

          1. No worries re Coinbase, I used the Pro version and it’s really simple. Hopefully make a little bit extra via currency fluctuations too… good luck.

        1. I don’t know about the pro version however the standard coinbase has a total fee for buying and sending bc in and around of 10% which is a rip off.

  7. Me too I’m so confused, I dont know how to do the dark net stuff but really want some weed, there are so many scams out there you just don’t know who to trust , I cant sleep without it so any recommendations would be great.

  8. I’ve signed up to Medman but they have no edibles stocked at present.

    Further research led me to Little Biggy and I placed my first order there today. Will let you know how it works out.

      1. Dr Greenthumbz what products did you go for? Looking into this the past few days and have been super apprehensive about doing this whole thing as I want to do it as safely and securely as possible (due to career etc). Could u possibly outline the steps you took to go through with payment? did you use Tor browser or VPN and did you use ‘PGP’ when entering details such as address?

        I would extremely appreciate this!

        Yours Truly,

        A first time rookie! 😉 lol

        1. Once you understand the site, it’s really simple to use.

          First and foremost for me is pain relief from a serious degenerative disease so I spent a long time researching sellers/products (which are both rated) and then bought what I need from the seller who inspired the most confidence from the feedback given.

          You can convert £’s into Bitcoin very easily on the likes of Coinbase Pro, and when you make your purchase it’s a straightforward exchange from your Coinbase wallet to a link provided by the seller.

          Of course a VPN is always sensible, as is TOR browser.

          1. I think he was referring to the dark net when asking to use a tor browser as lb is on the surface net. Also coinbae charge fees for buying bc as well as sending, something like 4 pounds in total which is nearly 10% of 50 quid. A little too expensive and then if you want to sell your bc to cash they charge another fee making sure you don’t benefit from any price fluctuations. I’m not sure about the pro version, that looks a little too complicated for a first time user. Also if you’re buying off the darknet it isn’t recommended to transfer bc directly from an exchange due to a lack of security.

    1. Hi Dr Greenthumb, just came across this conversation myself. I am new to the whole online ordering myself and recently came across Little Biggy. Seems decent but Im having a nightmare just trying to register!! Quite computer savvy in general but everything i do once i go to the login or register screens gives me every kind of error message. I can recommend this to any other people who haven’t got decent connections and I’ve used bitcoin for these before on other markets. Just do your research on the vendors, check reviews etc and stealth is normally 10/10. Good luck all but any help on this registration would be much appreciated. Ta

  9. no pretty much any website that isnt on the darkweb that claims to sell weed is a scam. If you dont want to use the darkweb then your most likely option is to buy off of a street dealer

  10. Hi, I’m considering doing this for the first, little apprehensive. The one thing no one seems to mention in any of the posts or articles on this, is whether or not people are using their real name and address for the delivery? Thanks

  11. I’ve always used my own name and address I can only see it as more suspicious if your postie is all of a sudden a different name is getting post to your house

  12. The only place to safely buy illegal drugs online is the dark web, you can’t buy on the normal web, it takes a few hours to get used to the dark web. There are many tutorials. If you have patience and do it once you won’t look back.

  13. Hi Jack

    I may be looking to use the dark web but I am concerned as after a bit of googling others have suggested different measures to what you have outlined above.

    Others have advised against using direct exchanges to transfer bitcoin to darknet vendors over security concerns as well as advising not to use tor without a vpn?

    Others have suggested transferring bc to a wallet before making purchases. Does this mean there will be more fees associated with the use of a wallet as it is an extra step. Also which wallet would you recommend and is it safe to store this wallet on a personal computer used for a purchase?

    Can I please get your thoughts on the above as I don’t want anyone getting in trouble because of a lack of info.


  14. i guess it was fraudulent as it no longer exists. Lb is good but their quality is standard home grown and the prices are ridiculous!

  15. Hello to you all.
    I ordered from TR and received in 3 days (I’m in the UK)
    This thread helped me to find them so wanted to say THANKS and give a shout out to TR for their service 🙂

  16. Hello. What’s your opinion about the buying of cannabis cannabinoids etc using vendors on Telegram? I bought mushrooms a few years ago (before simply raising my own fun guys). What about kratom? Is that even illegal in the UK, or does that nasty ‘ban everything fun human beingsb could possibly imbibe’ Act outlaw kratom by default? Thanks!

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