Guide: How To Buy Cannabis On The Dark Web (UK)

Although it may seem daunting at first, using the dark web is becoming an increasingly popular and convenient method of purchasing cannabis.

In fact, The Global Drug Survey 2018 showed that more than a quarter of UK drug users now regularly use the dark web to make their purchases.

Thanks to Bitcoin and Tor Browser, the dark web provides a convenient method of purchasing cannabis from the comfort of your own home. It also provides you with a huge selection of quality strains that your local dealer may not have access to.

Using things like Bitcoin and Tor Browser sound complicated. However, don’t be put off – using the dark web is actually fairly easy.

After reading this step-by-step guide you’ll be ordering new high-quality strains in no time!

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin

Paxful is one of the largest, most established bitcoin exchanges in the world. Once on their website, sign up for an account by following their simple instructions.

You’ll need to go through an online verification process. This should only take several minutes but requires some form of formal identification e.g. passport or driver’s license.

Once signed up to Paxful, buying bitcoin should be a clear, straightforward procedure. After the purchase has been completed, you should see your Bitcoin appear in your online wallet.

Tip: You’ll want to purchase slightly more Bitcoin than needed in order to compensate for price fluctuations or processing fees. Therefore, spend a couple of quid extra when buying your Bitcoin.

Step 2: Download Tor Browser

Download here.

Tor works just like a regular browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. However, unlike regular browsers, Tor conceals the user’s location and usage allowing you to browse the internet anonymously.

Tip: It’s always recommended that you use a VPN when using Tor, click here for more information. For small, irregular weed purchases, however, this isn’t really necessary.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Tor Browser, you’re all set to search for an online weed shop or marketplace.

Stage 3: Find an shop/marketplace for cannabis

We recommend Medicine Man UK, an online shop where a huge range of buds, edibles and concentrates are available for very reasonable price.

To find them, search for this address on Tor Browser: http://medmanukmb2cdmfq.onion/?mmuk_id=1

You’ll be asked to go through a simple registration process before being given access to the main site.

Medicine Man UK is a professional collective of cannabis producers, using no pesticides, PGRS or other nasties.

They have over 5,000 happy and active members and we’ve personally bought from them a number of times.

Stage 4: Make an order

Search through the ‘Shop’ section on Medicine Man UK and choose your products as you would on a regular online shop. Then, go to the basket, fill out your delivery address, choose your delivery method, and place the order.

You will be told how much to transfer (in Bitcoin and Pounds) and given a wallet address to send the Bitcoin to. Leave this page open as you still need to confirm that you’ve paid.

Stage 4: Pay

Log in to Paxful. Click on your wallet under. Once in your wallet, click on ‘Send’.

You then need to enter the the Bitcoin wallet address you were given when you made your order. Also enter the correct amount of Bitcoin you were given and press ‘Continue’.

Lastly, go back to your order on Medicine Man UK and press the button that confirms you have paid.

Congratulations, you will soon be in possession of some high-grade cannabis. Just sit tight and wait for your new favourite person: the postman.

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21 Comments on “Guide: How To Buy Cannabis On The Dark Web (UK)”

  1. What did you order Bro? ?
    Too long winded for me! I know enough street vendors lol
    I recently bought a 3.5 £40 of Cali bud from a friend. He went to Hollywood/California for a vacation and sent some back…
    It was ok! 6/10 mid grade strength.
    In the U.K. 10/10 star dawg strain goes for around £220 for an Oz.

      1. No, nor do I – wishful thinking!
        I did try instagram but didn’t find much, plus I’ve never used it before so was a bit new to me! Are there any more details you can give me about it/that might make it easier to narrow down? Going through profiles with loads of pics of it is just torturous ??
        Meant to say before, love this site by the way.

      2. If you were to order online where would you have it sent to? sorry i asked this multiple times i have no idea if my messages are being sent or not

      3. Just saw your comment. The weed quality where I am just now is crap to say the least. Would not buy from any site unless I had done all safe / scam checks, & new it was OK, cos I know only v few are genuine & gotta find the ones that are. I’ve not read your link yet. But I saw you mentioned Instagram. I’ve heard that a few times now mentioned. But theres so much on Instagram, how are you able to tell genuine ones (I know its hard to be totally 100 %sure, but I like to be as sure as I can. Any advice would be appreciated. As I’ve never used dark Web, not even sure how to install the tor browser tbh, & would rather try Instagram first thanks

    1. Do a safe or scam check off any site like that, that you are thinking of using. Or just go and Google “safe or scam then insert the site you want to check, it should come up with trust pilot reviews. Tbh majority of those sites are scams, so it would be about finding the few genuine ones in UK or Netherlands etc

    2. After they received my money, they got me by telling me my order was held up at customs and I needed a prescription, which of course they wanted to sell me. I didn’t take it any further.

        1. I’ve changed email since then so can’t be sure but it was something like Buy Weed Online. And yes they got me for a few hundred pounds. Have since had success with MedicineMan found on Tor. Very professional operation!

  2. Hello H&P

    I was trying to follow your guide, but Dream market is now down and gone for good it seems. Any other safe reliable markets out there? Sadly I don’t know of any lovely delightful street dealers hence I wouldn’t be asking. I did see your Instagram comment – but am unsure of this too. The CBD from shops like Thr brainbox smoke lovely but hardly hit the spot if you know what I mean. 😉

    Any thoughts and non-judgemental comments welcome 😉

  3. Was wondering about a couple of things. As quality where I live is crap really bad. First can anyone tell me how to go about installing a tor browser, as have heard using dark Web is easy, but not sure how to get started doing that. And once that’s done can anyone tell me just simple steps of what to do next, & how to tell genuine sellers.
    Also regarding Instagram to buy, I’ve heard that mentioned a few times now, but as there will be scammers there also, wondering how you would go about finding genuine seller there?
    Or finding genuine seller in UK or abroad, as I have seen some sites, but when do a safe or scam check, they have been coming up scams. I have had that issue before in the past with something similar, & only a small amount were genuine it was just finding them. Not sure struggling to find safe sellers for this.
    Any help appreciated. Thanks

  4. Been ripped off by Cannabis Buds, and also Dankys. Dankys first order went ok, second one, didn’t hear anything, they when I challenged him he said he had refunded me – he hadn’t, then he ignored all my emails.


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