People Are Ditching Pills, Alcohol And Tobacco For Cannabis

Hundreds of thousands of people die per year purely from having adverse reactions to the drugs that they have been prescribed by their doctor.

Add to that deaths from hospital errors (440,000 per year), deaths from psychiatric drugs (including suicides) at 500,000 per year, and opioid deaths at 111,000 per year and you may want to reconsider launching yourself into what is, without doubt, a very dangerous healthcare system.

Especially for a problem that may be able to be cured naturally by a plant with no side effects.

And according to new data from the Harm Reduction Journal, people are doing precisely that.

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They are throwing their pills in the bin and treating themselves with a natural medicine. In their droves.

You can see why the pharmaceutical industry might not like this trend – they will, without doubt, lose increasing amounts of revenue because of the cannabis plant.

On the positive side, a lot fewer people will die.

In Canada in January 2017, a questionnaire was sent out to gather information from registered medical cannabis patients. Demographic data was gathered as well as levels of cannabis use.

The pamphlet also asked questions on how cannabis had impacted their use of other medications, illicit substances, alcohol and tobacco. The results are startling.

The study’s data found that:

The most commonly cited substitution was for prescription drugs (69.1%), followed by alcohol (44.5%), tobacco (31.1%), and illicit substances (26.6%). Overall, women were more likely to report substitution than men

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There were some other interesting figures:

  • 35% of participants were able to replace their opioid prescriptions with medical cannabis and, of these patients, a huge 59% completely stopped using opioids altogether.
  • 44% of people were able to substitute alcohol for cannabis – a move that without doubt reduces harm.
  • Cannabis was also able to replace tobacco and other illicit drugs use at significant levels.

With the US and Britain in the midst of a huge and deadly opioid addiction crisis – not to mention other substance abuse – these findings have not been published a moment too soon.

The results of this study will have massive implications for patients suffering from various illnesses and addictions throughout the world.

The study concluded that:

The findings … add to a growing body of academic research suggesting that increased regulated access to medical and recreational cannabis can result in a reduction in the use of and subsequent harms associated with opioids, alcohol, tobacco, and other substances.’

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  1. A very good and interesting read! One of the main reasons I am in this trade as a seller is because I’m seeing how many peoples lives are being changed dramatically by this natural herb. Some clients are literally throwing away their dangerous opioids and reverting to having a smoke now what could be better than that! Unfortunately we do have a big battle on our hands as clearly the pharmaceutical companies (many mps have shares ?) are going to lose out on major profits but this is one fight I am really up for! Keep up the good work

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