3 Reasons Why Alcohol Drinkers Should Also Consume Cannabis

Alcohol is a big part of british culture. Whether it’s a glass of wine with dinner, a few pints of beer down the pub, or binge session every Friday and Saturday night, it seems most Brits consume alcohol in some amount.

However, any amount of alcohol is bad for you. Even the UK government acknowledges the fact that any amount of alcohol increases the risk of cancer.

But did you know that the latest science is showing how cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds can do a pretty good job at protecting the body against alcohol damage?

New study

A study published in December 2018 found that, by reducing inflammation in the stomach, cannabis prevents alcohol-induced gastritis.

Researchers looked at data from a medical database of over 300,000 hospital patients who exhibited “risky” alcohol use.

After dividing the sample into three groups – non-cannabis users, dependent cannabis users and nondependent cannabis users – a correlation was found between how much cannabis was consumed and probability of having alcoholic gastritis.

Interestingly, the research shows that the more cannabis consumed, the less chance of gastritis.

The researchers conclude, “Given increased cannabis legislation globally, understanding whether and how the specific ingredients in cannabis plant extract can be used in the treatment of alcoholic gastritis is paramount.”

So, not only is cannabis much safer than alcohol, it can even help prevent damage caused by alcohol.

Therefore, if you’re worried about your your health due to alcohol use or you know someone who is (or should be), learning about and using cannabis is essential.

Here are three more reasons why, if you drink, you should also consume cannabis.

1. Cannabis protects the liver against diseases caused by alcohol

Just last year, a study found that cannabis protects the liver from all kinds of diseases caused by alcohol, including fibrosis (scarring of liver tissue), cirrhosis (ultra-bad scarring of liver tissue), hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), steatosis (fat buildup in the liver), and liver cancer.

The study found cannabis use cuts the chance of developing alcohol-related liver diseases by 50%. That’s right, smoking weed was found half the risk of disease caused by alcohol.

2. Cannabis can protect the brain against alcohol-induced damage

This 2013 study found that CBD reduced alcohol-induced brain damage by about 50 percent in rats. This, of course, doesn’t not mean the same result will be seen in humans, but there is also plenty of evidence both THC and CBD have brain-protecting properties.

3. Cannabis can help with anxiety and hangovers

In small doses, THC can reduce anxiety. CBD also reduces anxiety pretty reliably. This makes both cannabinoids great aids for getting through a hangover. Good quality water will also help.

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