Where To Buy CBD Hemp Buds In The UK (Updated December 2018)

CBD is the new star of the health and wellness world. The non-psychotropic cannabinoid is used by many to help relieve pain, get to sleep faster, and to reduce inflammation.

And while CBD oil is grabbing all the headlines, a new product is fast becoming very popular in the UK and Europe – CBD-rich hemp flower, or CBD buds.

Raw, dried hemp buds with high levels of CBD look like regular weed, smell like regular weed, but do not get you high like regular weed.

When smoked, vaped or cooked with, however, they do provide a relaxing body-high and a mind-calming effect.

Because of a lack of mind-altering effects, CBD hemp buds are perfect for daytime smoking sessions, as a tobacco replacement, or as a substitute for THC-rich cannabis, which can have some negative effects such as anxiety and paranoia for some people.

Personally, I like to mix high-CBD hemp flower about 50/50 with regular THC-rich weed. The CBD works to counteract the potent effects of THC, allowing me to experience a more relaxed and enjoyable high.

What is CBD flower?

CBD flower is the raw, dried flower of the hemp plant. Hemp being a legally-grown variety of cannabis that has low levels of THC, the compound responsible for the ‘high’ associated with cannabis use.

Instead, hemp can produce high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids like CBG and CBC.

These cannabinoids, along with the rest of the plant’s essential oils, are made in the flower, which, after harvesting, can be cured (dried), trimmed, and then smoked/vaped/processed just like regular cannabis.

Is CBD flower legal in the UK?

High-grade CBD flower has been on sale in the UK since no earlier than late 2017, when I wrote this, but is it actually legal?

Yes, CBD flower is legal in the UK. While there are some confusing provisions – like the 1mg of THC per unit rule – CBD-rich is being openly imported into the UK and sold in full view of the authorities.  

It’s still a very new industry, however, and new regulations are expected.  

How to take CBD flower?

As it’s just like normal but without the high, you can use it in al the same ways. That means:

  • Smoking

You can grind up and roll CBD flower into a joint, smoke it in a pipe, or even a bong. Of course, smoking is not the healthiest options as it can damage the lungs.

  • Vaping

I love vaping CBD flower. And the quality and affordability of dry herb vapes are improving all the time. They offer a safe way to inhale cannabinoids as they don’t combust the plant the plant material, as combustion creates many harmful chemicals. Here is our list of the best dry herb vapes in the UK.

  • Eating

If you have any experience making hash cakes or weed brownies, then transfer your skill to hemp flower and make yourself some CBD treats. Just like regular weed, CBD flower can be infused and used in countless tasty dishes and gastronomic creations.  

  • Make your own cosmetics

Thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is wonderful for your skin. Therefore, you could use extraction and infusion techniques to make your own CBD cosmetics.

The 10 Best CBD Flower Shops In The UK

There are CBD flower shops popping up all the time. And, due to the nature of the product, it can be hard to know which shops to trust.

Not only that, you need assurances that the product you are buying is safe, legal, and what it says it is.  

Luckily for you, I have personally tried hundreds of CBD hemp strains from dozens of CBD shops throughout Europe and the UK.

So, if you want to buy CBD flower in the UK, here’s my list of the 10 best shops to buy it from and the strains they sell.

1. Hemp Elf

Strains available:

Amnesia (8-13% CBD)


Amnesia Jelly Hash (22% CBD)

2. The Brain Box Shop

Strains available:

Use discount code ‘h&p420‘ for 10% off at TBBS.com

3. Uncleherb

Strains available:

4. Dopebuds

Strains available:

Strawberry (18.26% CBD)

5. Ice head shop

Blue Dream (10% CBD)


6. CBD Hemp Weed

Strains available:

Strawberry Gelato (18.26% CBD)

7. Love Hemp 420

Strains available:

Red Berry (18% CBD)

8. Mr Ohm Shop

Strains available:

Bubbleberry (14.05% CBD)


9. Little Head Shop

Strains available:

Cookies (18% CBD)

10. Kanaco

Strains available:

Hawaiian Haze (3.9% CBD)

Use code ‘KANA10’ for a 10% discount at Kanaco.co.uk

– This list is open to edits as new shops and strains appear on the market. Please feel free to get in contact with feedback on any shop/strain.

Other verified CBD flower sellers in the UK/EU:

Where to buy CBD flower in America

309 Comments on “Where To Buy CBD Hemp Buds In The UK (Updated December 2018)”

          1. Just ordered 1g of Amnesia GH2 20% CBD for £13.00 it looks so beautiful, I couldn’t resist it @jack
            🙂 🙂

      1. Hi,
        I recommend http://www.thepainfreedispensary.co.uk there flowers are the best ive tried really high quality CBD flowers, I have tried them all the bubbleberry and hindu kush are my favourites , they also have a strain called grape god that’s really relaxing, can you add them on your list, I think you guys will enjoy them.. you can thank me later ; -)

      1. Many thanks for the information.
        Just to ask, I am a paraplegic with very bad spasms and chronic and persistent neuropathic burning pain.
        No prescribed medication is helping.

        I tried high potent cannabis in brownies form that reduced my both problems significantly but I got so high and I don’t want that as well as I cannot get those brownies so often!

        I am willing to try anything for my problems and I tried high level of legal CBD oils from Love Hemp and CW advanced CBD oil. But they didn’t help either apart form improved good sleep.

        Your idea of mixing with a quality CBD bud and high potent street weeds.
        What ratio will be advised and I have no ideas to get the illegal weed from!
        So can you please advise me?
        I’m willing to mix and vape?



        1. Hi Prad, thanks for reaching out.

          Have you tried CBD flower on its own? Some strains are quite potent and may give the effects you require. Skywalker OG from Mr Ohm Shop is one I can highly recommend. You can grind it up and vape it in a dry herb vape.

          When it comes to the illegal stuff, I’m afraid I can’t offer any advice on how to find it. However, I personally like to mix about 90/10 CBD weed/THC weed. I find you don’t need much THC.

          Good luck and if you need any more advice, please do not hesitate to get in contact again.

  1. Thanks for the list.
    This site kanapinis.eu has very low quality hemp.
    A few Swiss sites for you.

  2. Hemp Botanics feature he highest cbd content yet when asked repeatedly how come none of their strains can be found mentioned anywhere else online… No reply. It’s dodgy on my books. A 23 percent cbd strain doesn’t pop out of nowhere guys…

    1. I’ve purchased 2 flower strains form hemp botanics and both sweet leaf and spring leaf were nice strains.
      The best strain I’ve bought was the bubblegum and not from hemp botanics and it made me very sleepy 🙂

    1. The only illegal part of the cannabis or hemp plant is THC, there is no law stating CBD is illegal. If whatever plant matter you have contains THC over the gov limits, it’s illegal. If it contains zero/under the limit, it is not illegal. Yes you may well get some bother from the police if they are uninformed and catch you with it, but once tested and confirmed to be LEGAL CBD not THC, the police would have to drop any charges return or reimburse any postman product. No crime has been committed.

  3. Really great list!
    Any organic?
    Would it be useful to have a bit of a scoring system? eg. most reliable
    Prefer over 10% CBD and don’t mind EU THC limit postage

    1. Hi Jonny. Funny you should say that. We are currently working on some strain reviews to help people chose the best for them. Keep an eye out for reviews being released over the next few weeks. I must say, however, so far my favourite strain is Special Sauce from SWCBD. Their Chocolope is also a stand out thanks to its intense chocolate smell. Please let me know if you try any and what you think…

  4. I am very interested in which product you bought from mediweed.com to rate us as a low quality industrial hemp supplier? We do have many different quality grades ranging from standard budget hemp up to the high grade quality of the seedless hemp buds. I think that listing us as a low quality supplier is very undeserved, considering we created the hemp bud market you see today. We were the very first to trade in hemp buds. We don’t try to dress up the names of hemp with fancy cannabis names to inflate the prices and we do not add any flavors or aromas as we believe this may add more value but it makes a less safe product. We work very hard with the EU approved strains and select the best phenotypes to work with. All the hemp we sell is from farms we have a collaboration with so we can be sure all our hemp is grown organically without the use of any pesticides. We visit the farms regularly and are involved in every step of production. We are honest with all our products descriptions and quality is assured.
    Please reconsider our position on your website and let us know if you would like any samples to verify our claims.
    Positive vibes
    Mediweed Team

    1. Hi Helen. Apologies if you feel our description was unjust. I can see that you have some new buds and they do look of better quality. We are currently putting together strain reviews and, therefore, would love to try yours out. Keep an eye out for an email from us. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Hi Jack,

    Thank you for adding Uncle Herb to the list. We now have a full range of hemp flowers (4 strains) available in stock and would be happy to send one of our Uncle Herb Pick and Mix packs for sampling.

    Kind regards,


    Uncle Herb.

          1. Mmm nice dry buds and it’s tastes very nice indeed. Instant effect on my eyes lids and my body feels relaxed only on 6% CBD. I will definite order more from them.
            It was worth the wait Jack. Fruity and citrus smell off it 10/10 🙂 🙂
            Most CBD hemp tasted the same except this one.

  6. Hi please can i be put on to a reliable top quality reasonably priced cbd bud seller in England ? I am poor lol, any samples going about please ?
    I am very interested in cbd buds but tbh they mostly seem more expensive than what i can get off the street by far, if i could have some samples to test it you may find a good new customer

  7. I think I’ve found a new site but their are hell of expensive
    Just had a sample of CBD sweet with one of my orders from B&T and it nearly knocked me out
    in work, I couldn’t stay awake lol I’m going to order some in the next week CBD Jack also I’ve ordered
    some Zkittlez hash for KOG and I will give you a review 😉

  8. First time on your site and I find your blogs very intriguing! Just read your blog ‘How smoking high-CBD hemp helped me quit smoking tobacco and reduce weed anxiety’: Im currently taking 20% CBD oil (under the tongue) and am intrigued about buying the hemp bud. My main concern is that I will get addicted to it hahaha! I am an ex weed (high THC) smoker and never want to go there again due to a bad experience. I have a few Qs (for admin and anyone else who reads this):

    1. I just want to clarify that you do not mix the CBD hemp flower with tobacco?
    2. Does the hemp bud make u more tired/sleepy or more relaxed?
    3. (Im trying to work my head around the weight) If I brought 1 gram of hemp, how many roll ups could I achieve using small rizlers? (Just a rough estimate will suffice)
    4. For a newb like myself, what would be your first top recommendation on the first one to try? Money isn’t a massive issue for me if its good quality. I also sub ohm vape so I am very much into nice smelly aromas (banana, strawberries etc). Im trying to avoid anything that smells like “normal weed” LOL

    1. 1. You can mix it but there’s no need.
      2. Relaxed is the most common feeling. Some do get sleepy, however. Depends on dosage, the range of terpenes, time of day, etc.
      3. If you’re rolling pure hemp, about 2/3 per gram I would say.
      4. Bonnie’s Cookies from The Brain Box Shop are one of the best quality but they do smell like normal weed. Most do in fact. HempElf’s products are all super high quality too. As is SWCBD, Kingdom of Green, Littleheadshop, Uncle Herb, and most of the sites listed here.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply!

        Sadly most of the ones you have listed that I took an interest in buying (ie Uncle Herbs Strawberry Banana, Kingdom of Greens Bubblegum etc) are all out of stock 🙁

        I was going to get Blue Dream from THCFreeWeed but its nearly a fiver for shipping and it just dawned on me that High Societys Blue Dream has 4.4% more CBD for the same price so Ive just placed my order…. Im scared but excited!

        PS: I hope these companies are giving you a small commission (or loads of freebies) for sending traffic to their sites! LOL!

        1. Hi Try Bud & Tender to start off with you get a henry 3.5 for £19.99 plus around £3.00 postage but it will
          take around 3 to 5 days delivery. I’ve been have a around 4 from them . It’s 6% CBD 🙂

          1. Haha thanks Loggs, but I did mention that Ive just brought High Societys Blue Dream for £14.95 – free shipping and its 11.4% CBD 😀

  9. @CBD Jack do you know why cbdempire.co.uk has shut down and do you think the other sites will shut down also mate ? I just hope they wont 🙁

  10. Thanks for this, very helpful to someone like me new to CBD. I must ask though is there a big difference between say a 13% strain and 23%? Is it better to start with a lower percentage strain in anyway if your new to CBD? Also I really got know this…how does listening to music compare between CBD and regualr weed. Anyway comparable?

    1. Hi there. I guess if you are treating a medical condition, you may find that the higher the concentration of CBD, the less you need. However, there is a lot more to it than that. The terpene profile (which gives the buds their smell) and numerous other plant compounds will also play a role and can infer slightly different effects. Some terpenes may even enhance the effects of cannabinoids like CBD. At the end of the day, it’s about finding what works for you and suits your needs and preferences. For example, I’ve tried most of these buds and my favourite is probably Bonnie’s Cookies #2 fro TBBS. Even though it only has something like 6-8% CBD, it has a great terpene profile and is great to vape or smoke and gets me nice and relaxed.

      1. Thanks Jack. Yeah I’m mainly interested in CBD to help with my anxiety and the inflammation in my joints. My first instinct was just to get the highest CBD percentage strain (sweat leaf from hempbotanics) but that’s sold out at the moment and it might be better to sample some of the smaller percentage strains to start, experiment and see what’s best for me. Also and this might be silly but I was a little concerned if starting with say a 23% CDB strain might in anyway be a shock to the system? Like sometimes with high THC strains if you haven’t smoked in a while, they can take some getting used to or even make you sick on that first try. I haven’t smoked weed in ages and don’t drink either so just wondering if that should be a concern possibly for first time users of CBD or not?

        1. I think you are right to have your concerns. I have heard about high doses of CBD increasing peoples’ anxiety so I would advise you to start with a lower CBD percentage. And a higher CBD concentration does certainly not mean it is a superior product. Bud & Tender is 6% CBD and produces a very nice effect. Just like Bonnie’s Cookies. My advice would be to start with something you are comfortable with, take a few puffs (even better from a dry herb vape) and see how you feel. I’m sure you’ll soon get a taste for it and then you can experiment with other strains.

          1. The best product for Anxiety is the sweets from B&T.
            I took one in work today and it made me feel very good and happy.
            Even the confident with tourist people in work was high . I’m
            usually quiet shy. But them sweets mad my day. But you feel
            very relaxed and monged out.
            Every one should try them It £20 for 30 sweets.
            Worth every penny

  11. Hi Jack will high and polite getting more stock in ? and how come the
    flowers have zero THC and other suppliers have some THC does it make any
    different for the effect

    1. No, we won’t. We have decided to focus on what we love best – writing about CBD and cannabis. We aim to be an informative resource that helps people navigate the world of CBD and cannabis.

  12. Hi. I have hormonal acne and was wondering if anyone can help or advice on which strain would be best. I also have chronic insomnia aswell. I used to buy from a local seller but he is no longer around so I don’t know what I’m looking for anymore. The hormonal acne just recently came about tho due to a tragedy followed by huge amounts of stress. So I need something that’ll help me switch off and relax and easily fall aslp but also help balance hormones to cure the acne. Also to uplift my mood as I’m always feeling depressed. Any advice highly appreciated

    1. Im relatively new to this but I have tried High Societys Blue Dream and it put me in a great mood! I was singing and dancing and laughing alot, my neighbour thought I was “high” coz I looked so jolly (I have PTSD and anxiety) but I wasnt, I was just in a bloody great mood looool! Im about to order some more, its just a shame that they dont give you a discount if you buy more grams – and contacting them directly seems to be difficult but they accept paypal which is reassuring.

        1. Why would I say it was nice if it wasnt Jayboy LOL!!

          Ive brought from a few companies and for me personally, Blue Dream from HS was best, but it really depends on what your looking for. I dont smoke marijuana; Im more drawn towards hemp buds that you could puff on as soon as you get up (if you wanted to), so ones that put you in a good relaxed mood, a full body experience and reduce my anxiety levels.

          I have to add though, customer service on the HS website is non existent. I want to order a larger quantity but they dont offer a discount (and theres no way Im ordering 4gs for 1g x 4!) Ive sent them a few emails and have had no response but the safety of your purchase is doing it via Paypal. Will be interesting to hear how you get on with Blue Dream Jayboy, let us know when youve tried it 😉

          1. Ps am a i received the cbg source
            Yesterday. It’s a bit leafy and scraggy but helps with the anxiety somewhat😉

  13. Bought Ganesh Haze Mr Ohm and Stawberry Widow off Littlehead shop but I could not sleep wit Strawberry Widow.
    Both were extremely tasty thought. Ganesh Haze I got were small buds but I like it allot and a heavy relaxing effect and Strawberry Widow was medium sized buds. Going for the Bubble gum OG from Mr ohm next and a henry off B&T again.

          1. I actually came across iceheadshop before finding highandpolite but I found the site confusing. I kinda get it now, but they have so much stuff – it can feel a bit overwhelming for a newbie like myself! Some of the stuff they have though are no longer in stock, you see a message at the top of the page saying something like “these are no longer in stock and will never be back due to the Psychoactive Substances Bill”

  14. Just ordered 1g Pineapple Express form UH to try out I’ve got Bud and Tender flowers and Skywalker OG on the way. I’ll give you feed back on the pineapple express it’s 15% CBD and the new lemon haze 20%CBD from THCfreeweed is £17.00 for a gram wow and that’s very expensive @Jack I’ll wait till the price go down if it going to drop the prices. How come it’s £17.00 a G ? It’s day light robbery We are not in Amsterdam lol

      1. Your welcome Jack need to spread dangers so people can avoid having heath issues regarding so called synthetic CBC aka Incense and wow that new strain from
        Cannabis Buds Direct Miss Lola Montez looks so lovely.
        It’s a shame they only do bank transfer atm because I have to travel 13 miles to go to my nearest ban. All the strains I’ve have tried so far from the 1st one to the last one
        Sweet leaf & Spring Haze ( Hempbotanics.com ) Suzy Q (Cannabisbuddirect) , Bubblegum & therapy (kingdom of green), Blue cheese (brainbox) , CBD flowers (Bud and tender) I’m hooked on this one, MR Ohm Genesh Haze , Strawberry Widow little head shop ,Sour Widow from Uncle Herb and So called Gravity from (IceHeadShop) . Either the other suppliers are expensive , out of stock or they don’t credit cards.

  15. Just letting you know that Cbdempire.co.uk is PARKED
    The website is either expired or listed for sale.
    Another one bites the dust 🙁

  16. Great stuff! I didn’t even know that you could legally buy CBD flowers in the UK so that’s definitely worth further exploring. I’ve never tried that but I’ve been using CBD oil & raw hemp products from hemp2wellness for the last 6 months and I’ve really noticed a significant improvement with my anxiety.

  17. I just got some Billy Jean bud from CBDshoponline.co.uk and honestly the quality was crazy…actually had to take a second look as it looks just like normal bud! I chose to smoke it as i dont have a vaporizer and it smoked really nicely compared to other buds i have tried. Mixed some of it with other herb and it tasted pretty decent, ive smoke it the past couple mornings instead of stronger stuff and it has helped me focus and wake up without wanting a spliff. Good stuff, going to buy some more from them and try some of the others on your list 🙂

      1. Hi jack i tried some of the cherry o baby and the sweet leaf from hemp botanics which was great and sweet leaf was my go to but they sold out so i bought some Billy Jean and was impressed!
        I bought some flowers from a swiss company earlier in the year but they were so dry i had to throw them away so was pleasantly surprised with the sweet leaf, cherry o baby and billy jean. Was going to give up with cbd bud until i found them.

  18. So I tried two strains from hempelf. Cherry Diesel and Amnesia, the latter was really great. The Cherry Diesel was just okay. It’s better vaped than smoked but I probably still wouldn’t recommend it. The Amnesia I would love to try again or maybe some of the other premium products but hempelf is quite a bit more costly. Like £2-3 more a gram then a lot of other places. Then add the £5 delivery charge and it really adds up! Seems everyone else has cheaper delivery prices too so that’s something to factor.

    It’s £44.50 for 3.5g of Amnesia from hempelf with the delivery included. Meanwhile you can get 3.5g of CDB Flower from Bud and Tender for £23.98 (with delivery)…that’s almost half the price! And the brainboxshop only charges £1.99 for delivery and their prices are cheaper too. Think I’ll try the bonnies cookies and maybe their lemon haze next. The Sour Widow is on sale too, only £7.99 gram so might give that a try too, has anyone tried the Sour Widow? How it’s compare to their other products?

    1. Nice summary.

      I’m currently awaiting a sample pack from TBBS so I’ll let you know about the Sour Widow. Their new strains look great and I’ve been told by the guys that they taste just as good.

      1. I’ve bought the sour widow from uncle herb it was a bit scraggy. But it was a nice smoke you can’t get wrong for the price. Have a look at the reviews first then make your mind up 🙂 Pineapple Express is
        so nice and taste was Mmmm 😉

        1. Nice. Looks like the pineapple express is out of stock at the moment but i’ll be on the lookout for that. I also see that uncleherb have a pick and mix pack (1g of all their strains I think) which is a great idea, more places should follow suit with that. Make it easier for people to sample the strains, find what they like best.

          And sorry loggs I totally missed your post about the cbd sweets from b&t. Just seen that and they sound perfect, definitely gonna try those. Thanks a lot

          1. BlackJack, at the top of this page under the info for TBBS theres a 10% discount code. If you use that at checkout you get free delivery 🙂

      1. They are also cheap £14.99 for 3g’s of rocky can’t wait to try it but, they won’t
        get any till 10th of September Jack 🙁

      2. Just bought compressed pollen off them and the smell is
        beautiful also it fluff’s out when you sprinkle it with out
        burning it, even the taste is awesome @Jack
        I will defo buy it again. Cant wait to try the lemon haze rocky and the
        Tropical Chill Hemp Blend 20g 🙂

  19. Used to love this site when it first started, now just feel it’s getting sucked into marketing & financial gain along with the site creators.
    Massively biased to a few select companies it seems to me – also half the ‘strains’ available don’t actually exist.
    Blue cheese CBD? Lol. Flipping the industry into a scam like every other.
    Spraying terps or flavouring on flower doesn’t change the strain. It’s still the same strain of hemp it was before smelling different. Plus, people should know exactly what they’re smoking.
    If I fart on a nug of AC/DC does it make it Jays Poison? No, it’s just a dirty nug.
    Thanks for posting all the alternatives @Loggs

    1. Hi Jay. Thanks for the feedback.

      I’m sorry you feel this way but please be aware that we pride myself on our integrity and honesty. Any company or product we promote on this website is used by me personally and I can vouch for.

      We give honest recommendations irrespective of any affiliate relationship we may have. We look for the highest quality and best value CBD products and give our honest opinion regarding them.

      In this post, in particular, we list EVERY hemp bud seller in the UK, in no particular order – We just add companies and strains as they appear. And with the industry still being very new and in a somewhat ‘grey’ legal area, it can be tough to keep up with shops closing down and strains becoming unavailable. We do our best to keep everything up to date so if you notice a mistake, please let me know.

      My mission with High & Polite is to help as many people as we can learn about CBD and cannabis and then to help them to find quality CBD products. I have absolute faith that the more people we truly help, the more we will be helped in the future. Helping people is my number one priority, not money.

      When it comes to terpene-infused flowers, I agree that the strain doesn’t change. However, terpenes have plenty of therapeutic value and adding them to hemp flowers can give them something extra. But as much as I love a strong-smelling skunk, you can keep Jay’s Poison to yourself.

      Feel free to contact me on team@highandpolite.com if have any further feedback for me and the team. Cheers, Jack.

    2. I did bought Blue Cheese CBD and it didn’t taste like Blue Cheese though and I though it
      was not that good Jay. I felt I got conned on that one. But the other strains are very nice like
      bud and tender flowers no name gimmick just flowers

  20. Jack have you done a top 10 strains yet? Just wondering although could be a little hard I suppose due to the erratic nature of a lot of these shops stock heh

  21. KOG new stock . Mega CHEAP Jack 🙂
    Fedora Kush – Hemp Flowers – 7.2% CBD / 0.2% THC
    £5.00 – £115.0
    Green Power – Hemp Flowers – 11% CBD / 0.2% THC
    £9.00 – £150.00

    V1 – Hemp Flowers – 5% CBD / 0.2% THC
    £9.00 – £150.00

  22. Wow CBDlabsuk.com another expensive and low
    CBD buds suppliers.
    How do these suppliers get away with the prices ?
    Surely they will go bust in the near future lol

  23. Hi Jack , I’m Jason just wondered how CBG works ? I’ve recently ordered some CBG source from thcfreeweed. Can u give me any info on it please ☺ and is it good for reducing anxiety ? I’ve tried many of the CBD on your list of where to buy also

    1. https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/what-is-cbg-cannabinoid

      CBG has been found to act on very specific physiological systems and problems, and results for medicinal use are promising:

      Endocannabinoid receptors are prevalent in eye structures, and interestingly, CBG is thought to be particularly effective in treating glaucoma because it reduces intraocular pressure. It is a powerful vasodilator and has neuroprotective effects to boot.

      In animal experiments involving mice, CBG was found to be effective in decreasing the inflammation characteristic of inflammatory bowel disease.

      In a recent 2015 study, CBG was shown to protect neurons in mice with Huntington’s disease, which is characterized by nerve cell degeneration in the brain.

      CBG is showing great promise as a cancer fighter. Specifically, CBG was shown to block receptors that cause cancer cell growth. In one such study, it was shown to inhibit the growth of colorectal cancer cells in mice, thereby slowing colon cancer growth. CBG inhibited tumors and chemically-induced colon carcinogenesis, therefore demonstrating a very exciting possibility for a cure for colorectal cancer.

      European research shows evidence that CBG is an effective antibacterial agent, particularly against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) microbial strains resistant to several classes of drugs. Since the 1950s, topical formulations of cannabis have been effective in skin infections, but researchers at the time were unaware of the plant’s chemical composition.

        1. Ive just ordered CBG (and Blue Dream) from thcfreeweed also. I wasnt sure what CBG was either but I know that anything CBD related and starts with CB is bound to have some medicinal/medical benefits

  24. Hi mate reading one of your posts .I myself have had some CBD bud from 420Swiss site .just found it so much hassle placing your order. And it took nearly 2weeks to actually receive my bud .and to be honest .wasn’t worth the f#####g wait. i stick to uk sites now 😀

  25. I’ve been smoking the CBD Flowers from bud and tender all this last week, once a day usually at night and while I thought it was a bit harsh at first i soon got used to it and enjoyed the effects. However the last two times have not been good, it’s actually giving me a fair good dose of anxiety now…

    Like it definitely feels like it’s having a psychoactive effect, i’m honestly tripping a little bit on these flowers much like a bad trip on regular weed. Couple that with the anxiety and it’s not very pleasant to say the least.

    This is just my own experience, perhaps most others would be fine but I would still caution anyone using CBD to treat anxiety to maybe not smoke this one.

      1. Yeah I’ve tried a few different strains and vaping too and never had anything like this happen. And I was enjoying this strain too until recently so I’m at a loss here, not sure how this can be really. Why is this giving me anxiety all of a sudden, so strange but I can’t really smoke this particular strain anymore.

        I had to throw the little bit I had left away. Just got some OG Kush which hopefully will be a lot more relaxing.

      2. uhh that should be og skywalker rather, not og kush! lol

        I can see why the og skywalker is one of your favorites Jack. It’s so nice and smooth, such a clean smoke too, it burns nicely and no need to take two drags or anything. I love the smell and the nice little stickiness to it. So good!

    1. @Cindy
      B&T are sativa. Maybe that why you get anxious. I did get the same kind of feeling off them, try and mix it
      with other CBD flowers.

  26. I ordered Amnesia GH2 from cbdhempweed.com yesterday for £13.00 from and today it’s £16:00 gone up three quid in a day . It does not make sense why people keep rising the prices.
    I hope it is worth £13:00. I will give a small review about Amnesia GH2 when I get it.

  27. Uncle Herb has a mega sale with the Sour Widow £15 for 10g’s. Ideal to mix with hash or other
    That Shiva skunk off Mr Ohm is also very nice but small buds unfortunately and you can’t beat Green Power with the taste 😉

    1. WOW, thats an amazinggggggg deal!!! I dont think Ive tried their sour widow before, but that price is too damn good to not take advantage of so Ive just placed an order 😀

      Thanks for the info @loggs you legend!!!!!!!!

        1. I ordered it yesterday Jayboy and it was showing it was still in stock but Im not surprised to hear its out of stock now given the price for 10g’s!

          I have yet to rec’v an email confirmation of dispatch though, but Im sure they would email me if theres any problems 🙂

        1. Hi loggs,😉😉 ordered green power from kingdom of green. Arrived today.glad I took your advice .lovely flower ,whole bud sticky to the touch .grinds up good .nice smoke even with a bit of tobbaco in a Joint , one of best I’ve had this year ☺I’ll be ordering some more . So to everyone posting go for the green power 🔋 from kingdom of green
          . If you’ve tried it already ? And you’ve had anything better get back to me .all day best jayboy 😉😉😉

  28. @Jayboy, I got the CBG today from THCFree and I really like it. I quite like the fact that its not very weed smelling – in fact you can barely smell anything but I really enjoyed the experience. Its the type of bud one could use first thing in the morning to kick start their day and I felt it reduced my anxiety levels too. £16/gram is a little pricey but worth it IMO 🙂

    1. Hi ama great glad u like it 😉 yes it’s a little expensive especially when I paid £4.90 on top of the £16.00 first class and noticed on the packet it arrived in .it said £2.11 postage .so really it cost more .but it did arrive quick ordered it 6am Thursday morning and it was at my door Friday at 2.30ish postman 😉but overall don’t think I will buy same again

      1. Well they are a business trying to make a profit Jayboy LOL! Its quite normal business practise to add on a bit extra for p&p (and they would do the same for the flowers – buy it at a cheaper price and sell it for more)

        I tend to select the cheapest option for shipping because on some occasions, 2nd class can be just as quick as 1st class but if worst comes to worst you will only be waiting an extra day 😀

        Is that the only reason why you wont buy it again? Because you feel its cheeky of them to add on nearly 3 quid?!

        1. Hi ama, yes in a way it’s cheeky of them to add few extra quid .but it’s not the main reason y i won’t buy again. Just thought the quailty wasn’t great at all . To me it wasn’t bud ,just leafy crap The cbg effects were ok 👌 but taste and quality wasn’t .have you tried CBD420, Swiss site they ship nice buds to uk 😉

  29. Hi,

    Great website and info, what a fantastic resource well done guys!

    I am a total newbie to CBD and CBD cannabis strains and have so many questions despite a lot of reading and research! I’m hoping someone in the know can give me some answers…

    Are these CBD low THC strains really legal in the UK to buy and sell? What’s the legal guidelines or law on what is legal and not concerning THC levels and medicinal legal cannabis in UK & Europe? I’m seeing lots of flower that’s high in CBD has varying amounts of THC from 0.1% to 0.5% (sometimes higher) and is being sold as legal?

    I’ve been trying to find a CBD strain which is the most effective for extreme social anxiety as a substitute for Xanax. From all the reviews I’ve read, ACDC stands out as the most effective, but that has higher levels of THC than are legally allowed and it’s also hard to find in the UK? Can anyone recommend anything else? I have seen one seller offering Otto #1 on eBay in UK which he suggests is very good for anxiety but this strain seems to be inconsistent in its CBD/THC levels and effects being a rare hybrid plant.

    Finally, from what I have read, please correct me if I’m wrong, flower/plant material is said to be far more effective than CBD oil-extract isolate, especially if vaped or smoked than ingested for maximum bioavailability? However a lot of people do swear by CBD oil if you find a good quality product? Is there anything to look out for with CBD and might that be worth a try for social anxiety?

    Oh one last question.. I’ve even seen CBD tea being offered! Has anyone tried this and know whether it’s as effective as smoking? I really don’t like smoking it messes up my lungs, but maybe I’m doing it wrong lol. I used a dry herb vaper one time but I didn’t know you had to grind the stuff lol. I found the vaper (even at maximum temp around 400 degrees) was nowhere near as effective or potent an effect as just ordinary smoking. I tried a low CBD / high THC strain and that made me quite anxious and more depressed so I think I best avoid these in future.

    Thanks for your answers and advice guys.

    1. I havent been doing this for very long so I cant answer all of your Qs but what I do want to say is that the only way your really going to find out which strain works best for you is to buy from different companies and experience it for yourself: this is the only way your going to really know what you want and what and like and visa versa lol. Everyone on here is looking for different experiences when using hemp flowers.

      Also, aside from this website, leafy.com is a great website for finding out about certain strains. Heres an example on info re Charlottes web (CBD oil): https://www.leafly.com/sativa/charlottes-web

      The two that I would say have been my personal favs for severe anxiety is High Societys Blue Dream and THCFree’s CBG. The links to these hemps are at the top of this page. Sorry I couldnt be of more help

  30. Got this email from Uncle Herb:

    “…. running until midnight on Sunday you can get 15% off all of your premium hemp flower orders so you can stock up on your favourites. Simple use the code “420promo” at checkout.”

  31. Firstly I’d like to say a massive thank you to everybody involved in make our wonderful plant avalible to the masses.

    My first order was placed with thcfreeweed.com on the 17/09/2018 But we are yet to receive our flowers or confirmation of dispatch. Fingers crossed there’s something nice delivered tomorrow. Smoke report to follow

  32. Wow the Strawberry kush is so nice and the buds are so compact.
    Next is the Choc-olate Mmm so nice with a taste of chocolate reminds me of the Chocolope from
    Amsterdam and the last OG Kush another nice tasting Hemp all from Unlce Herb.
    10/10 for the CBD flowers 🙂

    1. I hate you Loggs – you are encouraging me to spend lots of money on hemp flowers hahahah!

      Ive just placed an order for Strawberry Kush and Choco-Late from Uncle Herbs…. The 15% is actually a really good deal but core blimey, I have sooooo many other ones I want to try! Ive even started putting together a list of my own hahaha!

      A little update re High Society – they finally emailed me back (yayyy!) and said they only sell 1g’s as they have been informed that selling hemp flowers in higher quantities is illegal [insert puzzled emoji here].
      I did some digging and couldnt come across any info supporting that but I guess they are just trying to be “safe then sorry”. They did offer me a discount on a higher quantity for their their Blue Dream though which I thought was really nice….

      PS: I obviously dont hate you Loggs, lol

      1. Lol No worries I like to help people out @Ama hehe
        Just found another suppliers with beautiful flower Ama

        I’m going to order some on my next wages…

        Here’s the list of products specially for you Ama 😉

        Sour Mango’ Organic CBD Hemp Flowers
        Berry Mix’ Organic CBD Hemp Flowers
        Citrus Punch’ Organic CBD Hemp Flowers
        Forest Flora’ Organic CBD Hemp Flowers
        Strawberry’ Organic CBD Hemp Flowers
        And all are £8.50 a G Sorry for tempting you haha.
        Happy CBDing 😉
        P.S I get a parcel twice a week and my postman is getting suspicious now lol

        1. Sorry Ama if you like Hashish hehe
          I’ve just ordered a G of tropic thunder for £8.99 plus free delivery to try out. It sounds amazing
          Tropic Thunder Terpene Profile:
          Not to be confused with its mainland cousins, Tropic thunder is the genetic offspring of Maui Mowie and Alaskan Thunder F***. As one would expect, this is a hard-hitting strain with all the subtlety of a Maori storm god on the warpath. Initial, small dosages of this hybrid lull one into a complacent, mellow state not dissimilar to the rhythmic lullaby motion of a small boat. Rock the boat, however, and go overboard, and these waves will pull you down to the bottom for a nap in a fairly short time. Enjoy the sweet, citrus flavor of our Tropic Thunder as part of an evening session.
          And other strains all from £8.99
          Black & Gold Strawberry Cheesecake
          Black & Gold Blue Dream
          Black & Gold Grandaddy Purple
          Black & Gold Original
          Black & Gold Tangerine Dream
          Black & Gold Grapefruit Kush
          Black & Gold Super Lemon Haze
          Black & Gold Bubble Gum Kush

          Some are out of stock and some has a few left. Must hurry lol

          1. Lol got to say that Tropic Thunder Terpene Profile hash is so oily and so strong with a instant heavy eye lids . Shame it out of stock 🙁
            Going to mix it with other hash and flowers to get an extra hit 🙂

  33. Whats the best way to store/preserve hemp flowers? I still have loads left from the 10gs of Sour Widow I got from Uncle Herbs and Im wondering if you guys keep your buds in the original packaging or store them in something else?

  34. Personally I am a huge fan of CBD buds, in fact I think they are the most effective way (for me) to enjoy the benefits of CBD. The effect is instantaneous and noticeable. I am very curious about wholesaling through our site, http://www.cbdbarn.co.uk/ , but I do have some concerns over the “legal grey area”. You can read two different articles and get two totally opposing opinions…

  35. Try professorcbd. co.uk
    I’ve just ordered some cookies and lemon haze… They have a product I have not seen before called CBD Moonrocks.. Just like Kurupt Moorocks its bud dipped in resin coated in kief!! The buds look sick! But £20 a gram. So ill try when I get paid! Hahah

    1. White Russian 19% CBD/0.76% THC and Super Lemon Haze 22% CBD/0.88% THC
      is above the UK THC levels. UK CBD can’t be over 0.2 %.
      These are abusing the market. Watch CBD getting clamped down or the suppliers gettting busted or shutting down

      1. Hi loggs😉 yes I’ve noticed a lot of suppliers are abusing the cbd market .the ones to watch out for in my opinion is ebay a lot of or if not all are the ones to blame for over legal Thc and made up cbd levels .I’ve had a few off ebay. And a lot are not what is seen as listed .beware all people who post on this site stay clear of eBay unless your sure have a good day everyone jayboy😉😉

          1. Hi love yer thought so apart from the sites on high and polite? Do u know if anymore websites that sell legit CBD buds . I’ve tried a lot on the list but surely there’s many more around u can get good flowers 💐 from 😉

        1. lol 1g CBG SOURCE Hemps Flower Buds CBD 12.6% CBG UK BEST SELLER ** HIGH GRADE** UK
          Brand new
          £12.99 Ebay and it’s cheaper than other sites

          1. It’s cheaper if you’re just buying 1g. But if you wanted more than that it’s actually cheaper to buy from professorcbd. 2g of CBG source comes out at £25.65 with free delivery, cheaper than if you bought 2g from ebay…

            Don’t want to seem like I’m shilling for them and I haven’t even tried their stuff yet so I can’t even say how good it is. But I wouldn’t discourage people from trying them either. It all depends on what you want and how much etc.

      2. I don’t think they’re necessarily abusing the market, no more than any of these other sites at least. I think the 0.2% limit might just be in reference to CBD Oil, though I can’t say for sure and there’s a lot of contradictory information out there. I did wonder about the levels being over 0.2% myself though and I saw on their FAQ page them quoting the home office on hemp being allowed if it’s under 1% THC…


        If CBD gets clamped down on it’s because all these sites are brazenly selling what is essentially cannabis flowers to be smoked (regardless of thc content or disclaimers not to smoke it) through various “loopholes”. It’s always going to be a grey area to the say the least and I don’t think it’s fair to blame future consequences on one site when that’s what everyone is doing.

        1. With that though I like how brazen cannabis (cbd or thc) is currently getting in the UK. Like it’s reaching a point where it’s refusing to remain underground, it’s coming more and more to the surface. Hopefully those in charge can finally get the hint but you know it doesn’t really matter, I think there’s a good chance cannabis is going to reach critical mass in spite of them.

  36. New high CBD strain from Uncle Herb Super Star (19.81% CBD) plus 3 other low CBD strains available.
    Also MrOhm has 2 new hash coming out.
    I had to try the Super Star 🙂 🙂

  37. Came across this now 50gs of Organic Hemp Flower Tea for around £30 with postage.
    Can you smoke this stuff ? It doesn’t say if it seedless or not. But 50gs that’s more than 2oz. I’m going
    to order some this week to try out also it rich in flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids I cant go wrong lol
    Even if it’s crap I can mix it with other flowers


    @Ama don’t buy it all haha

  38. Sale on Super Star (19.81% CBD) from Uncle Herb
    7g’s for£37.00 and 14g’s for £70.00 you can’t go wrong with the price.
    It’s a bargain !!

      1. Uncle Herbs also have a Special Offer which is valid until 14th of October. Use the code “USAHemp” at checkout for 20% off the retail price.

  39. Are these any good UK Men Smoking New Design Mini Twisty Glass Blunt Metal Tip W/ Cleaning Brush? I’ve just ordered one because it was cheap 🙂
    Also can you with tobacco with it ? 1.5g is a lot to put in the pipe.


  40. Ive just ordered from professorcbd.co.uk. Its really interesting to see that they sell the same flowers as THCFree, but theres are on sale. Even more interesting to see that some of their buds are higher then 0.2% THC…. (oh dear lol)

    They accept paypal so thought Id give them a try

    1. It’s fine Ama, check their FAQ page. I ordered some myself to try.

      But 0.2% or less than 1% THC it doesn’t really matter, were not really supposed to be smoking this, that’s why all these sites have disclaimers not to. Of course we are though haha

    2. Why spend over £10 for a G and you can get the street THC for a £10 lol
      Some companies are ripping people off, they get it cheap with bulk buying and all they think is about profits
      Personally you can get decent CBD flowers with high CBD for £10 or less.
      I bought G of amnesia for £13 and it was very crap and the buds was very tiny, so I
      will stick to £10 or less for a G. I have learnt my lesson that not all high priced CBD flowers are worth it 🙂

      1. Errrr because Im not interested in getting high? LOL! Hemp flowers are considerably more pricey then weed from the streets. Been there, done that, fucked me right up lmaooo.

        My fav hemp bud is Blue Dream from High Society and its £14.95/gram. I tried it once and I fell in love so I will keep buying it. Its down to everyones personal preference at the end of the day, and there are some people like myself who believe in quality over quantity. I am trying other brands of course but the only thing that really puts me off buying hemp is either if their P&P is high ie over 4 quid or if they are selling a gram for £20+

        1. You can get Blue Dream for £12.99 and free postage and CBD HEMP Blue Dream Moon Rocks 1g for £18.50.
          GoldenTree 1.5g Lemon Kush Skunk 8.6% £10 free postage
          GoldenTree 3.5g Lemon Kush 8.6% £25 free postage
          3.5g Amnesia 22% £27
          Hawaiian 1g CBD 4.5% £16 lol a total ripoff
          Fruity Lady 17% CBD £12.99

          All of E B A Y 😉

      2. Just to say professorcbd does have an automatic discount the more you buy I think, so it’s not really that much more really if you’re buying a larger quantity. Also it’s 2-4 times the percentage of a lot of other places who only have 6%-13% CBD so I don’t really mind paying a quid or 2 more a gram with that considered.

        That’s if it’s good of course, can’t speak of the quality yet as I haven’t had chance to try them yet. But I got some Lemon Haze (22%) and some White Russian (19%) to try so here’s hoping.

        1. Thought you said you would never purchase from Ebay @loggs?! HAHA!

          I now have CBG and Super Lemon Haze from professorcbd. Payment to delivery only took 24 hours….

          Ive tried the Lemon Haze once and it made me super para -it gave me similar effects that street weed would, ugh!! I will try it again in a few days late at night and update if nec but so far Im not really feeling it and Im thinking maybe its due to the higher % of THC…..

          The CBG I like because its really weak and doesnt actually smell like weed. I wouldnt recommend it for those who want something more potent. Its one of those types which you could puff on first thing in the morning to give you a little spring in your step 🙂

          1. haha I know @ Ama. I blame her because I browsed ebay after reading comments on here. I was then mega tempted buy something off it. 🙂

          2. I tried the Super Lemon Haze and I really liked it. And while it didn’t make me anxious or anything it did uhh put me into a “Haze” I guess lol.

            The THC% is still pretty low, maybe it was because the CBD was so high? Or it’s a sativa or “sativa like effects” rather. I found the 19% White Russian was more relaxing and made me really sleepy but the taste wasn’t as nice. That one’s an “indica” and I just got some more which i’ll probably mix with the CBG.

          3. @eh, I have PTSD (which ironically stemmed from smoking weed with high levels of THC). I discovered ‘microdosing’ which has claims to reverse effects and this lead me to CBD/industrial hemp.

            You said “it did uhh put me into a “Haze” so thats a major indication to me that the effects I got from the Super Lemon Haze wasnt just in my head hahahaha! Even though the THC levels are low, they ARE higher then any other hemp currently being sold – this, coupled with my current mental health more then likely was the cause of me feeling panicky/anxious

            Im sure there are a lot of you who mix hemp with marijuana – I cant do that. Even the smallest amount of marijuana puts me in fight or flight so I guess this is a lesson learnt for me. I still have some left so I will just have to very tiny amounts – either that or donate it to my neighbour LOL

            Im aware of the difference between sativa and indica (in terms of the shape of the sativa tree/plant) but from the info Ive come across, sativa sounds more like something I would benefit from more, but Im interested to hear what you mean by “sativa like effects”? Im also curious to know if you would purchase the Super Lemon Haze again 🙂

  41. Two flowers suppliers I’m going to stick to are Bud and Tender, Kingdom of Green and maybe CBD hemp Uk and CBD products UK for the hashish. I know what I’m getting off them plus they are mega cheap 🙂
    Unfortunately Mr Ohm has only one strain available so that’s off my list.

  42. Yo Jack, just found this post today which led me on to your “how smoking cbd helped quit smoking/anxiety” post and they are both excellent. As a heavy smoker of tobacco and weed i’m looking to take the CBD route in terms of cutting out tobacco and minimalising THC to a level. I am liking the sound of using CBD buds as a substitute for tobacco in joints but I am hoping for a recommendation on a cheap retailer (even if cheap means buying a larger amount to get a bulk price) which still holds a quality product as that could get pricey quick I feel!

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Murray.

      Glad you found us and thanks for reaching out. The cheapest options are probably Bud & Tender, Fedora Kush from Kingdom of Green, and I think Uncle Herb have some cheap options too. Also, you can buy lower-quality buds in larger amounts for much cheaper. I think Mediweed have some cheap options.

      @loggs might also be able to offer some advice…

      Hope this helps.

    2. Alright Murray try and find a supplier that have indoor grown hemp, because the outdoor ones are leafy and scruffy. Basically they are crap with no taste . Like Jack said Bud and Tender and Kingdom of Green are the ones for cheap Flowers and deffo the Green Power 11% CBD / 0.2% THC is a top dog from KOG mate.

        1. @Murray
          7g’s for £60.50 with postage
          These really are a fantastic example of how great hemp flowers are becoming.
          Say goodbye to the leafy, stringy outdoor buds, these are of the highest quality. Packed full of terpenes and absolutely covered in frost, the dry and cure is perfect and the buds make a lovely pop sound when cracked open to leave crystals all over your finger tips!
          They have a lovely, earthy, citrusy flavour making them hard to put down!
          CBD is at a good 11% whilst the THC is at 0.2% making them completely legal.
          These flowers are designed for making tea, in no way are they considered medicine.

  43. Hi loggs , jayboy here😉 just read one of your posts. Yet your right about the prices of some of a lot of the sites .well pricy .and some over rated i think .like a post said all hemp flowers 💐 the same ,just they all use different methods to give them a flavour. The cheaper ones like u say are as good or if not better than the £13 gram or more sites . All hemp should be under a tenner for the gram . Like u say u can by gram of street weed for a tenner a gram lol . Just my opinion everyone ☺

    1. Have a look at this @Jayboy and @Ama

      There are two basic types of industrial hemp varieties. One is the Dioecious which contains both female and male parts on separate plants and the other is Monoecious which have both parts on the same plant.


      I bought 25 Grams Organic Deseeded And Destalked Hemp With True Terpenes And 5.53% CBD off Ebay for £25 and it beats some of the strain I’ve had lol

      1. Very interesting article Loggs. I was actually pondering to myself the other day – what makes all of these strains (listed at the top) different from one another? Maybe Jack would consider doing a blog explaining?

        If theres only 2 types of industrial hemp then what makes Blue Dream different from Sour Widow (and all the other ones listed above)? I saw somewhere where terpenes are sprayed(?) but it is rather confusing. It would be really great to have some background info on this!

  44. This might just be but I’m not buying from any of these sites that tell everyone your first name, where you live, what you bought and for exactly how much…like wtf lol. I don’t want people knowing that whatever I buy, just so unnecessary to have on your website.

  45. New strain off Uncle Herb the Holy Grail 22% CBD and it’s indoor grow.
    Going to order some Thursday morning and I’ll give you lot a feed back 🙂
    But it’s £11 a g


    This is without doubt our best hemp strain yet and arguably a contender
    for the best flower in the UK at the moment with a massive 22% CBD content.
    The Holy Grail of hemp flowers might seem a little hyperbolic but you will not
    believe the amazing bud quality and the amount of glistening trichomes that this flower has…
    There are striking similarities in the terpene profile to our recent
    Super Star which lead us to believe this is either an extremely high quality indoor version or
    that it at least shares some of the same genetics.
    But this blows all other hemp flowers we have seen out of the water,
    we have taken some basic photographs and you can see the thick covering of
    trichomes with the naked eye… When our professional photographs come back
    we expect something outstanding!

  46. Well I can vouch for the Super Lemon Haze. It wasn’t the strongest smelling out of the bag but it gave me some of the best effects I’ve got from CBD, was smooth to smoke and I don’t know why this surprised me but it really taste of lemons lol. Leaves a bit of citrus aftertaste which I personally liked.

    Jack you should definitely give it a try once it’s back in stock. Especially if you liked the Lemon Skunk from Hempelf. Now for the White Russian…

    1. The White Russian (19%) is a bit more bland in comparison. There’s a bit of a mild menthol taste I suppose but damn it effects might be stronger…or it made me more sleepy rather. They say the CBG Source is good for sleep so I think i’ll try mixing the two for good nights sleep, which I rarely get lol.

      1. Have you tried the Liberty Haze from CBD Exotic ?
        I’ve just ordered 7g’s to try out It’s only 11%CBD.
        I was going to buy 10g’s from Kentabidiol UK but they don’ t take credit cards 🙁

        1. No I haven’t, let me know how it is though please. I’ll give it a try if it’s good.

          Just noticed the 19% version of the White Russian seems to have disappeared from professorcbd now. But I see it’s available on ebay and iceheadshop. So i’ll probably get some more of that from wherever because it really helped my sleep. Not sure I really need to mix it with the CBG but I’d still like to see what CBG is like, never had it before so i’m curious.

          1. Had my Liberty haze today and I got free raw tips and thin king size raw papers off them 🙂 I had one J of liberty haze now and the effect are heady also it tasted nice 🙂

          2. Interesting that you mention paper thin rizlas @Loggs: my neighbour recently discovered ones that are rice paper thin – they even have a magnet on the packaging to keep them closed!! He gave me a pack to try and Ive rolled some hemp with them…. All I have to say is wooooow, you can really taste the diff with these ULTRA THIN RICE rolling papers vs normal ones (I usually use the green pack).

            Ive just purchased the king size ones here via Prime for £16.69 which will be arriving tomorrow: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00E6W4UEA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

            I also found a 10 pack on Prime for £4.72: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00D45RUY2/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=A34Y2LR8AXS5O5&psc=1

            I think everyone should try em, they really are amazing!!!

    1. @loggs, i tried that one mate i didnt like the taste to much i dont know if it was just me but i found the taste a bit artificial, so far i found uncle herbs holy grail and new york city deisel had best flavour and smell also theirs a cuple more but forgot lol

  47. I ordered Strawberry and Harlequin from TBBS (TheBrainBoxShop). Purchase to delivery took 24 hours.

    Strawberry is sooooo nice – wow. Im so glad I ordered from them because Ive been (very patiently) waiting for Uncle Herb to get Banana strawberry back in stock to no avail. It really smells like strawberry too!

    Harlequin sadly was rather disappointing. The positives are its super soft and very easy to crumble – but it had 0 effects (as if I was smoking tobacco lol)

    Has anyone else tried these two? Would be interesting to hear your thoughts!

  48. Nice one loggs. Think i’ll have to give the liberty haze and green power a try then.

    Also tried the hash off cbdukproducts from your recommendation and it was really good!

    1. I’m far from an expert and someone feel free to tell me I’m wrong but I don’t think it’s possible for THC or CBD to get over 30%. These percentages seem made up.

    2. Hi Jonny 👍 it’s jayboy just seen your post 😉 yes I’ve purchased once or twice from seedlesscbdhemp before, while back to be honest thinking back, it wasn’t that good 👎 nothing like the photos show .and nothing special quality or taste wise.
      Had better .but like most cb d flowers site’s how often do u get the product that looks like the actual photo eh ? Not very often fair to say .I myself received my pa costs from cbd 420 site from Switzerland☺ “Dutch haze” they do some nice quality buds and a great price 😉😉 anyone that reads this post 📪 let me know if you’ve tried cbd420 . enjoy jaybo y

      1. Thanks for some great info Jayboy👍 Top man cheers. I haven’t tried cbd420 I have checked out the site before a few times and even contacting them regarding shipping to the UK. I was tempted by the slightly cheaper price but put off by ordering from overseas. Like I mentioned in my essay like post I hope for the price to come down on all flowers and until then will restrain myself from buying more.

  49. Just noticed in the pending comments someone asking about a site who I would personally be very sceptical about. Not sure if Jack will let that comment through but…

    Lemon Kush 39.2%
    Bannna Kush 37%
    Star Dawg 36.4%

    uhh aren’t these kind of percentages like impossible? 23% seems to be the highest available in the UK and it probably won’t get much higher, I wouldn’t trust anyone claiming to have CBD Flower pushing 40%!

    1. I personally wouldnt say its impossible but Ive just checked out the site also and it does kinda feels like it has just created it within the last hour or so – have a look: https://www.seedlesscbdhemp.com/shipping-returns LOL

      I guess the saving grace is they accept paypal – if they didnt I wouldnt touch them with a barge pole. I was reluctant to purchase from TBBS as they only do bank transfer so theres literally 0% buyers protection but as they were listed here I knew I was in safe hands 🙂 All my other purchases are via paypal.

      Would be interesting to see if anyone does purchase from them!

      Oh, @eh have you read this blog? https://www.highandpolite.co.uk/cbdnews/cbd-flower-strain-review-dinamed-from-iceheadshop-com Both Loggs and I didnt have a great experience when ordering from the Iceheadshop 🙁

    2. Maybe not impossible but it’s certainly unheard of. I read that the highest tested CBD was 22.5%…the fact that no one outside of that site claims to have over 23% leads me to believe that is the case.

      Hash and Oils are different I think and can have a higher percentage but flowers/buds seem to have a limit in the 20’s. I would have to call foul on anyone claiming to have a 39% flower. So i’d be wary about shopping there…

      1. I hear ya @eh – “if its too good to be true….”

        I wouldnt purchase from them personally, and moreso now after reading Jayboy’s experience. Im thinking the seller probably grows it himself and has no license to sell cannabis – thats just what I gather from looking at the site, but dont fear – you can contact him directly via whatsapp hahahaha!

        1. You were right about it being a new site. In the older pictures it seems they went by just seedlesscbd, now they’ve added the hemp to the end of that.

          Also Star Dawg and Gorilla Glue are high THC strains with virtually no CBD. I’ve yet to come across CBD Flower variants. You might find oil/hash terpene infused versions but actual flowers? Seems like a bait and switch to me. Even if there were CBD variants they wouldn’t be 36-38% that’s for sure!

          Oh and thanks for info on iceheadshop Ama.

          1. Thanks to everyone for the replies and info. It all does seem a bit too good to be true. And it it looks to be the case with jay boys experience. However at least you got kind of what was described, as you say these selling tactics are no different to what most of the other sites are doing. This is all very disappointing for us the consumers.
            But that is also how my general opinion of cbd flower is heading.
            Always somewhat disappointing or in some way misleading. I get it people are trying to sell there products but some information regarding the strain and it’s lineage would be nice. Rather than just cbd content. It would be nice to know exactly what these flowers are and what they have been bred from?
            Sellers either do not know themselves or just do not share the info.

            I have bought lots from different sites. In fact my first cbd flower was right here chameleon Kush. And my most recent holy grail from uncle herb. That chameleon Kush wasn’t very good (sorry Jack) and pretty much everything else I have got since hasn’t been very good either. Maybe my expectations are too high or maybe I am comparing the flower with dank thc. Which is foolish because there is no comparison.

            I will say that the Holy Grail is the best I have tried for flavour and smell, the effect for me is still disappointing. My general feeling is now that cbd actually needs some thc at least say 5% to be effective. When you combine just a small pinch of thc with the flower it is worlds apart. I hope for the cbd flower to be around £5 a gram and one ounce at no more than £100. Until this happens – which I think it will – I won’t be buying anymore. The market will soon be saturated at this rate and sellers will be forced to lower there prices. Sorry for rambling on. Stoned.

          2. Hi jonny,😉 no problem on the info mate 👍. It is sadly the way the hemp market is . Just another way for people to make money on false products and images just to get you to buy their products.
            I truly agree with all your comments you have posted . I think others that post comments
            Agree also . Not sure what Jack thinks about it though? As for the cbd420 shipping its quite
            straightforward just post the cash get secure tracking options and u always without fail receive the goods👍 anymore questions about anything feel free to ask . And anyone else who reads this post 📪 likewise. Have good day Jason

          3. Your welcome my lovely! 🙂

            You can tell the site is new as they havent even bothered filling out there policy…

            Thanks for the info re. Star Dawg and Gorilla Glue btw. Id be absolutely f***ing FUMING if I brought high THC strains that were marketed as high CBD!!!

            In all fairness, if Jack hasnt listed it on here then Im not inclined to try any other websites. I cant really take that risk when Ive suffered with panic attacks for over 10 years. CBD has been the best thing ever for me, its truly saved me and changed me for the better!

  50. Please sign this petition ladies and gentlemen…..


    Cannabis has been proven in the laboratory to kill cancer cells and there are numerous stories of children who have seen their tumours shrink whilst using it.

    The current legal status means that parents are having to resort to unregulated means to try and help save their children.

    This means that they often don’t get the right medicine that they need. Giving them access to medicinal cannabis will mean more parents can do more to help save their children.

  51. Ama I can’t seem to reply directly to your comment so I’ll just post here.

    I think they’re actually trying to do away with the whole Sativa vs Indica terminology so hopefully no one gets mad at me for that lol. I think loggs explained the differences and usually when someone has a bad experience from weed it’s more often than not from a “Sativa” so that’s what I meant by Sativa like effects. Cannabis is a strange thing though and what someone else finds enjoyable might be just awful for you, I’ve experienced this myself.

    I don’t really bother with thc much these days. But every time I smoke cbd or thc I always listen to music which I find helps me relax and shut off the outside world. Usually some aphex twin, his ambient works.

    Oh it was most certainly not in you head. The Super Lemon Haze’s effects reminded me a bit of Thai Stick. But not sure most people would enjoy that aspect of it…the haze or it being a bit trippy? So if you smoke it again do so in moderation and be careful. Personally if I got a bad experience from it I wouldn’t smoke it any more, I’ve only smoked it twice so perhaps there’s a chance that could happen so I should be careful myself right? But for now yeah I would buy it again.

    1. Ahhh yes I understand you now! My mistake, I thought it was the other way round. Its indica (or hybrid) that I was trying to stick with as I would prefer a full body relaxation lol. I think thats one of the reasons I really like High Societys Blue Dream! Cannabis affects people in different ways – same with just about anything else – some people love marmite and some people hate it haha!

      As I paid for it I want to use it: I still have s**t lots of sour widow left (which is awful IMO, really regret buying it). I got it when it was on a mega sale and hadnt tried it prior, I was just swayed by the price lol so Im hoping that if I use the Super Lemon Haze sparingly and mix it I will be ok. If I get a similar experience again then I will most certainly donate it to my neighbour

  52. Mr Ohm Black Mamba – 6.1% CBD is exactly the same as CBD420 20.6% CBD but the percentage is different same with Mr Ohm Hemp Pollen – Crystal Dust – 21.6% and CBD420 Crystal Pollen 21.6%
    Even the photo’s from the different website is exactly the same.



    1. Hi loggs yes seen that about the pollen . What about the flowers 💐 and the photos u see of all these sites selling cbd buds . They aren’t the same as the product shows , to many sites that are exploiting the market with fake images

      1. I know Jaybob some sites are taking advantages with the fake photos and the Buds don’t look like the photos when you get from them. @Jack could you make a list of flowers not to buy mate ?
        Thanks Mr Loggs

        1. Hi loggs it’s jayboy not jaybob lol
          Yes it would be better if Jack could list the sites that use false photos of copies like many do tend too. Least that way people would save money 💰 and buy from legit sites .there isn’t many i expect lol. Ps can u help loggs when I click the link on uncle herb
          It says new products coming soon ? How do I get on their site to look at their products ? It’s 1 of a few i havnt tried yet mate 👍

    1. I am not sure this is the case mate. They would never get away with that. What they are doing tho is another very grey area which is toeing the line of the law imo.
      These breeders, I assume, are taking a female from the industrial hemp strains you listed one which has shown to be stable and produce a decent level of CBD maybe 2/3%. They are then cross breeding this with well known cannabis strains high in both THC and CBD. Over time they have managed successfully alter the genetics enough to get a harvest from these flowers that has no thc in it or negligible amounts anyway.
      This can be done by cropping the plant early. CBD is largely lost out of plants by allowing them to flower for as long as possible and CBD in turn is replaced by high levels of thc.

      Special breeding has created these strains. I could be completely wrong. But this was how I would think things were done.

  53. Just got this email from Uncle Herbs:

    “Flavour chasers rejoice as we bring you our new super tasty 17% CBD Bubblegum strain! It’s so yummy it’s our new favourite for fantastic flavour.

    Some of you will have already seen our new 22% CBD Holy Grail hemp strain come to Uncle Herb this week, for those of you that haven’t you’re in for a treat! Our highest CBD strain to date it’s quality is unbeatable and it has a fantastic price to match.

    We would also like to take a moment to introduce our new Cannabis Quick Test, new to the UK these nifty little test kits can tell between low THC hemp and high THC cannabis. We now use these tests ourselves to check all our strains before they go on sale.”

    The test kits sound awesome!

  54. I’m not going to buy hazes anymore because in makes home bound and paranoid has anyone else had the same problem.
    Is this for real off orange crush with 24% cbd and 0.2% thc from the Seedless CBD Hemp ?

    1. Im sorry Loggs….. but I dont believe your going to stop buying hemp flowers 😛 LOL

      On a more serious note though, I do find that it makes me tired/relaxed but the only strain thats made me para is The Super Lemon Haze from ProfessorCBD

      I assume your skinning up on a daily basis, I think you probably just need a little bit of a break. When I have puffed on more then 2/3 in one day I do get really tired/sleepy so now I mainly smoke in the evenings and have 1-2 a day. The only one that perks me up and gives me energy is the CBG so I can easily puff on it first thing when I get up, but I guess it also depends on your current mood at the time your smoking

      1. @Ama I’m not going to stop buying flowers just the haze’s.
        On my day off’s all I do you skinning up from 8:00 am and surf the net and play PC games till bed time.
        Nothing else to do. I used to walk a lot before going on CBD . I even miss
        my shrooms picking this time off the year lol
        CBD makes me feel like I’m sledging and sleepy. I’ll give the CBG a go this week.

      2. So it seems to be the case that I get “sativa like effects” with higher CBD levels.

        I rec’d Bubblegum (17%) and Holy Grail (22%) today. Ive just tried Holy Grail and I feel a bit “high” and a tad para. Id be curious if anyone else has a similar experience with the higher CBD flowers…?

        1. @Ama yes I’ve experienced the same with high levels of CBD sativa flowers having para off them.
          I’m going for the 10% CBD. from now on I’ve just ordered 7g of Strawberry Banana thats around 8% to try out. The problem with me I put all the flowers into on jar and then mix the strains so maybe that’s making my anxious or para. I’ll let you know about the effects of strawberry banana. 🙂
          I had bubblegum around 17% off KOG a few month ago and it did not make me paranoid.
          £11 a g is quite expensive and you can get a 3.5 for £25 off http://www.cbd-hemp-uk.com/ but they
          don’t take paypal

          1. Im curious to know which haze’s you are referring to @Loggs (that you want to cut out)? And which company are you buying the strawberry banana from?

            I leave my flowers in the labelled packaging they arrive in, fold em and pop them in my air tight jar so I can differentiate between them lol

          2. I think you have misunderstood me. What I’m saying is, when I receive the hemp, I throw away the outer packaging and I keep the hemp in the small plastic packinging it arrives in: fold that in half and pop that in the jar haha! That helps me to differentiate between each strain as the label is on that inner packaging already 😜

            Is it cheaper to buy hemp from their eBay store vs buying it directly from TBBS’s website?

          3. @Ama lol now I get you but my jar is full and it’s only a 450g jar. I have to squash the
            flowers to fit my henry of strawberry if I leave it in the package Ive just tried it now haha. It’s a old lidl marmalade / jam jar I have.
            Remember I’m not English lol. It’s take time for words to register in the little brain lol.
            Ebay can be cheaper than other retailers and less hassle.
            But on ebay there are different flowers available like Golden Tree flowers that are less the £30 for a henry “3.5g” and this one looks delicious
            Fruity Lady CBD.
            P.s search Hemp flowers or CBD flowers on e b a y. 🙂

    2. Personally think the lemon haze from seedless cbd are high thc had some of them and had a bad trip would never use them again. Even gave me hallucinations.

      1. Hi jim bond 😉👍jayboy here.
        I’ll get straight to the point my friend, stay clear of seedless hemp site I’ve bought in the last ,and had nothing but Crap from there and it is shit weed and not cbd flowers and it made me feel weird after smoking the shit. It reminds me of street dealers weed where I live .not worth buying sprayed with whatever Crap they sell .👎👎👎👎

      2. Hi jim bobs😉👍jayboy here.
        I’ll get straight to the point my friend, stay clear of seedless hemp site I’ve bought in the past ,and had nothing but Crap from there and it is shit weed and not cbd flowers and it made me feel weird after smoking the shit. It reminds me of street dealers weed where I live .not worth buying sprayed with whatever Crap they sell .👎👎👎👎

      3. Gutted had a few J’s off THC yesterday and fkc that. I don’t even like the effects any more. It made me feel like I was in fear and couldn’t sleep. There’s some thing dodgy about strong skunk etc. I
        Think I’ll go back on the hash in the future. Sign out I’m having a brake off the CBD scene. Till I get a job . Have fun people 🙂

  55. Just wanna say kudos to hempelf on getting rid of the names on their pop up widget. Now it just says “someone bought…” instead. That’s much preferable. Now all they need to do is offer free delivery over a certain price and they’re golden. Well they’re pretty swell anyway but it’d be nice.

    Gonna try the Gelato, mix it with some lemon cake hash from cbdukproducts. Wanted to try the zkittlez hash but it has already gone. Jack don’t review their hash! Just kidding lol, but damn it’s already always selling out. Gotta get it fast!

      1. It sure is and great value for money too. I saw a comment from someone saying they haven’t had much luck with flowers and waiting till the price comes down. But the hash from cbdukproducts is defintely worth a try and cheaper than most flowers as well. £8.99 for a 1g sample and after that it’s basically £7 to £5 a gram depending on how much you buy. Free delivery on everything as well.

        I’ve been sticking with 3g for now but honestly think i’m going to have to buy a big slab when the new stock comes in, it’s that good.

  56. Hello. Really good information on this site. Could you add cbdreamfarms.com to the USA list. Also, is there a way to get these high cbd strain seeds online?

  57. Anyone know who does the best bulk deals for quality flowers?
    So far I liked KOG Bubblegum and Grand Daddy Purple. All very “lifelike” buds. He will give really good deals for bulk.

    Also tried BrainBox a few g’s of the 4 latest flavours, but to be honest they are a little stringy and not as “lifelike” Still decent, and apparently he said theyd do bulk deals.

    I would like to find a place that will sell 2-4 ounces for around £125 an oz. if possible?

    I am noticing some people here posting, but when you click their name it opens a page for the same company they posted about… does that mean they work for them?


      1. Cheers, am speaking to a few other places that are willing to do around £300 for 2 oz delivered. CBDdispencery (Pain CBD free dispensery?), KOG, SWCBD and BrainBox… waiting to hear back from James, Uncle, and CBD Haze… have not contacted everyone here… we need a real rating system website with photos and reviews! Again, on this blog, a few people touting SWCBD have their name linked to the site, so do they work for them??? I cannot trust their review then.

        Anyone tried this Bud and Tender? Seems they only have ONE flower, says only 6% CBD yet all the text says HIGH IN C BD…so uh? which is it? That is really cheap though….

        1. Hi. KOG should be a good option as they have 28g listed for £175.

          With regards to the guys who posted in the comments about SWCBD – they are linked to the company somehow. If they have a link in their name to a shop then they work for them. Most commenters are not associated with any shops, however.

          Bud & Tender flower isn’t the best looking or smelling, but it does the job with good effects. We did review it for the site here: https://www.highandpolite.co.uk/cbdnews/cbd-flower-strain-review-6-cbd-flower-bud-tender

          Let us know how much you get the OZs for. Would be interesting to know. Cheers, Jack.

          1. Cheers CBDJack, and for this site.

            Yes, KOG are good, and do decent deals! Just need more variety.

            Yeah, if B&T looks like your review its not worth it even at that price.

            Let me edit my review of Brain Box… they are not as stringy as B&T, and are decent… and willing to do deals on Oz.

            http://www.Thepainfreecbddispensary.co.uk say they will do deals on 2 oz or more.

            Good to see some of these guys are friendly and understand its a long term relationship we may build and not just some sale.


          1. Yes KOG has been good with other strains, my original Tangerine about 8 months ago was dry and not so nice… may have to try! Cheers

          1. Yes mate but it comes from Spain unfortunately
            Have a look at this. More stalk then anything else 40g of lemon haze 10%
            £275.00 it looks crap https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/46g-Lemon-Haze-CBD-Flowers-Hemps-Tea-Buds-10-UK/323535533762?hash=item4b543876c2:g:VsoAAOSwH2Vb4JVt:rk:2:pf:0

            and this seedy one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Organic-CBD-Hemp-Flowers10g-BACK-IN-STOCK/223191725958?_trkparms=aid%3D555017%26algo%3DPL.CASSINI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D55149%26meid%3D44497a6c59834366b5b75da33886d0d1%26pid%3D101006%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26%26itm%3D223191725958&_trksid=p2045573.c101006.m3226 100g’s for £110

            I’m going to order 7g’s of chameleon Kush and Therapy + a henry of tangerine dream tonight and that will be last until I get a job or my benefit

          2. “Ever used a seller called ‘Hempbuds’? They’re doing 30g for £60. 6.5% CBD.”

            Where is their site? That has to be utter crap right? 😉

          3. “I’m going to order 7g’s of chameleon Kush and Therapy + a henry of tangerine dream tonight and that will be last until I get a job or my benefit”

            Please let me know if its leafy and stringy or decent, as they will do deals on Oz.


          4. @CBD fiend will let you know about therapy , therapy OG and Chameleon Kush.
            I made a major cockup I’ve ordered 2 Therapy one OG Therapy and original Therapy by mistake so I got 21gs on my way ff’s

          5. Just had my two versions of Therapy. The OG one is a bit leafy but mega dry and the other one is nice and compact. The Chameleon Kush is just nice and not too strong.
            Had a sample of Cannatoinc off SWCBD and I nearly fell asleep.
            Happy Days.
            P.s I think both Therapy are outdoor grown and dark green colour,

          6. Heh, loggs, you are going mad, too much too fast, cant keep up and this crappy blog doesnt help with replies embedded inside others…etc… and no photos alas.

            So SWCBD Kush, looks real? tastes? feels? stringy? or nice?

            What is Cannatoinc? Not listed on page and no mention of if when I emailed them.

  58. A lot of stuff on ebay but not sure I can trust most of it. I saw one who seemed to have the exact same buds as hempelf but for cheaper…professorhempuk. They’re also using the exact same pictures as hempelf too, grated they do have some of their own pics but seems a bit odd to me. That this one person has the same buds as hempelf?

    Also a lot of these ebay sellers and coming and going so quick. Just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

  59. Hempbotanics gone from your list Jack? Understandable as they haven’t had anything in stock since summer. But just checked and all of a sudden they have cherry o baby pre rolls back in stock and nothing else.

    1. Where did all the replies to your post here from Smokey go? I got an email saying not to use a company, but now its gone?

      Ungh wordpress is horrible, also if i click on a link in an email stating there is a new reply, it could be to a post from 2017, lost in this list from hell… cant sift through unless you search…

  60. Hi Guys Professor CBD Here, We Have 22 New Strains Due In The Next Couple Weeks ! Very Nice Indoor Grown CBD Flower. All Above 10% CBD, If Any One Lives Or Is Visiting Paignton Devon Make Sure You Come Check Out Our Retail Shop We Do Everything ! Including Our Flower ! Thanks For All The Support On Messages And Im Glad You Like Our Flower !

  61. Had samples from Bud & Tender and The CBD Dispensary, both good and accomodating customer service. CBDD said they would do deals on ounces. Waiting to hear back from B&T.

    B&T for what it is, was actually really nice for £119 an oz. Its kinda leafy and stringy but not horribly, and it actually tastes ok, not robust, but not harsh AT ALL for outdoor.

    CBDD sent BubbleBerry and Hindu Kush…. Both pretty nice solid, semi moist and crumbly. HK has a bit of smell and tasted good. BB on other hand was really harsh for some reason.

    Shame you cant post pix here on this blog.

      1. Hi Jack it’s jayboy😉just a quick update on cbd buds from little head shop . They have now moved from 133 Nantwich road crew, to 145 Edleston road, crew i called in their shop today😉 bought some flower buds their shop is great ,has everything u can imagine .def worth a review when u can take a look at their website got some nice flowers and loads cbd products😉

      2. Hi Jack just a quick question do u know why eBay has removed virtually all hemp flowers buds off their listings ? Or does anyone else know ?😕jayboy

    1. No worries, we need more honest reviews and more deals! hahahah
      B&T said they will do deals on ounces and are also getting indoor variety which should be similar to others.

  62. Best deals for flower on Black Friday and offer still on at the moment:

    1. Uncle Herb – 50% – Lemon drop at 100/oz (incl delivery) – Offer is still up.

    2. Mediweed – Sour Diesel & The Widow 130/oz (+10% discounted at check out) – Constantly on offer/Fixed price.

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