Ultimate Guide To Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: Part 8

See part 123, 4, 5, 6 & 7

Sensi White Diesel Auto, although the straggler time-wise, has spread out nicely and looks like it should produce a half-decent amount of bud, even though most of her fan leaves have been eaten by baby grasshoppers.

It has really come on over the last week or two. Hurrah for this little plant.  Looks like four main colas, can’t wait to see how she finally turns out.

The Magnum is filling out OK, but I don’t think the insect inflicted topping has helped much. It’s looking like it will have a couple of half-decent buds but compared to the rest of the selection, it’s not looking particularly good here. These plants do grow fine, though I know from previous experience, this isn’t the best example.

The Jack 47 XL definitely did not grow quite as expected, although these are not huge pots in use here. At a guess, I’d say maybe there’s half an ounce on it if I’m lucky. There are several buds along the main stalk but very little in the way of side branching.

The Six Shooter is living up to its name and is looking like it will have 4 decent side branches around the main cola that are worth having.  There’s also a fair bit of bud on the main stalk which looks lovely. 

The Critical Nevilles Haze Autos have surpassed all expectations and look at this point like they could be photoperiod plants to me. They are not, obviously but the size of them and the amount of bud sites makes them look that way. They look super healthy and will be a pleasure to harvest, that is without a doubt. Many side-branches and huge colas of gorgeous looking buds are developing.

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