CBD Flower Strain Review: 6% CBD Flower From Bud & Tender

Online CBD retailer Bud & Tender are a fairly new company to enter the CBD market. Their online shop is simple and suave, with a great range of CBD and hemp products on offer. They have a nice range of extracts, supplements and foods.

They also have one CBD hemp flower strain available, listed as ‘CBD Flower’ and containing 6% CBD and 1.8% CBC (cannabichromene). I haven’t come across a hemp bud with significant levels of CBC before, so that intrigued me.  They are from an EU-certified hemp variety and have been grown outdoors. Third part lab results are available on request.

A pot of 3.5g cost me £19.99. You can buy them here.

Postage and packaging: 9/10

I ordered my hemp flowers on Wednesday evening, the package arrived on Friday. Shipping was £3.99.

My 3.5g of hemp flower came in a squeeze-top pot with a big white sticker on. The branding used by Bud & Tender is modern and attractive.

I like these pots as they keep the flowers fresh and are handy to have around and reuse.

Aesthetics: 7/10

I’ve tried a huge selection of CBD flowers in the UK and, when it comes to appearance, these buds from Bud & Tender just don’t compare. Quite stringy, dry and crumbly, they are some way off the top-shelf.

That said, there were a few slightly more dense buds at the bottom of the pot. The flowers were also a vibrant green colour with many orange hairs.


Despite not looking too dank, they actually smelled quite strong. Again, it doesn’t compare with some of the best strains out there, but it’s certainly not an unpleasant smell. It’s even better once you grind it up, too. Mainly sweet aromas accompanied by citrus notes, as well as that typical hemp smell that most legal strains seem to retain.

Taste (Smoking vs Vaping)

Vaping: 7/10

Through my DynaVap M 2018 Edition (which I love), Bud & Tender’s CBD and CBC-rich flower tasted OK. Like it’s smell, it did not exactly impress me with its taste. However, it enjoyed the subtle notes and enjoyed it. It wasn’t bad, just not particularly noteworthy. It tasted fruity and hempy, and the taste soon dissipated after a few pulls on my handheld vaporiser. 

Smoking: 7/10

After lunch today, I sat down and rolled a pure joint of CBD flower in a RAW hemp rolling paper. It grinds up well and was not too dry to roll a decent joint. It also smoked well. The taste was nothing special: Hempy with a subtle sweetness. It wasn’t harsh or unpleasant, though. I can see this flower being a good substitute for tobacco: One, because it’s cheaper than most. And two, because it’s not as smooth and terpy as some other strains, making it somewhat easy to smoke.

Effects: 10/10

At 6% CBD, I was not expecting to feel much after vaping and smoking this CBD flower. However, I don’t know if it was the added effect of the CBC, but I felt remarkably relaxed whenever I have few drags. I find it sedated me more than other strains I have tried. Definitely an evening strain for me. I highly recommend this for those having trouble sleeping. I think it could help a lot.

I also smoke a joint of this CBD flower mixed with a high-THC variety (Gorilla Glue). The sedating effects were further enhanced and I found myself in a very calm place. My body felt heavy and I slept exceptionally well. I recommended mixing this strain with regular weed for an extra calming and sedating effect.

Price: 9/10

Unfortunately, CBD hemp flowers are pretty expensive. Usually about the same, or even more, than black-market, high-THC weed. Bud & Tender, however, are offering a great deal on this product. A 3.5g pot costs £20, plus £3.99 shipping. Most other retailers sell CBD flower at £9/10 or more.

Overall: 8/10

Overall I am impressed and will order again. My first impressions of the buds themselves were not the best. It doesn’t look like some of the high-CBD hemp strains available but it certainly is just as effective – if not more – than the best buds out there.

Maybe the added 1.8% of CBC enhanced the entourage effect? I don’t know. But I do know that this bud represents a good deal at £20 and I will be making more orders. I see this as an evening strain that I will probably use by mixing with high-THC weed to smoke and vape.

If you’ve tried these CBD Flowers from Bud & Tender, please let us know in the comments what you thought of them.

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12 Comments on “CBD Flower Strain Review: 6% CBD Flower From Bud & Tender”

  1. Im so glad you did a review on this company/hemp flower. I was very skeptical at first – £19.99 for 3.5g’s seems to be too good to be true!!! Ive just placed an order before they run out of stock LOL

    Really appreciate the hyperlink to leafly.com too. Im not familiar with CBC but if I ever need any info on a certain hemp strain, Leafy.com are my go-to website. What a fantastic and informative website, just like yours! I really appreciate you Jack and all the wonderful informative knowledge your spreading!

    1. You won’t regret it Ama. B&T is my main suppler bought 3 henry off them also them sweets are very tasty and relaxing 😉

  2. hi, im from ireland an we are just getting in to all this an i have made one or two buys on the net as the cbd buds over here are shit an taste nasty haha nice an chilled after it tho!!.. is it ok with posting im not to sure how it is when coming in to ireland? we have one or two shops opened now an a cafe or two in Dublin >?

  3. Found dead bugs in the Bud and Tender flower!

    So, I ordered 2x 3.5g from Bud and Tender and a chocolate bar. The chocolate bar was tasty but no effect.

    IMO the smell and taste of the flowers is not that good.

    I have ordered from Mr Ohm, Brainbox etc and they have all smelt like actual cannabis and had thick and dense nugs which were very tasty and smelt amazing. Not with Bud and Tender, it looks like super low quality cannabis, I think i’ve heard it been called something like “Mexican Rag Weed”?

    Worse than the low quality is that one of my nugs was infested with dead bugs from BudandTender. As i broke the nug apart there were dead black bugs and at least 1 egg from what I could see.

    Also there are lots of seeds and very thick stems. Happy to send you some pictures Jack.

    It’s totally put me off and i’m now thinking its cheap for a reason.

    I personally find it very hard to get any effects from any CBD flowers. The only one that i’ve actually felt calmer and relaxed was the skywalker OG that Jack reviewed from Mr Ohm. – but even then I had to vape the same bowl about 3-4 times until I felt the effects. Tried a few others too but Mr Ohm was definitely the best for me so far (though the nugs were tiny).

    1. The strain B&T sell is : –
      Tiborszallasi has a Dioecious genotypic expression and is cultivated in the Continental climate of Europe. Tiborszallasi has a long vegetative cycle lasting on average 150 days while producing a tall plant between 250 to 350 centimeters. Tiborszallasi is recommended for CBD and fiber. If fiber and biomass yields are what you are after, then Tiborszallasi may be just the seed you need to sow.
      I also found some seeds in my buds But I don’t mind the flowers. I only buy the sweets of them at the moment

  4. Hey man what’s up ? I was wondering if i buy the Tiborszallasi buds from kanapinis.eu do you think i’ll get the same effects ? They sell 40 grams for like 15 euros and 400 grams for 70 euros i think. The quality of the buds looks better than the ones you had, but it’s only 4.37 % CBD. The guy from kanapinis.eu told me it smels great and tastes great.

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