5 Best CBD Extracts In The UK

Whether you’re dabbing it, vaping it or smoking it, CBD extracts offer an enjoyable way to consume CBD. 

But lots of hemp-derived extracts are trash. They taste all earthy and hempy and, well, are a long way from their THC counterparts. 

In the following five products, however, I’ve found something that not only compares to THC dabs, it complements them perfectly.

If you’re interested in buying CBD extracts in the UK, look no further than here: 

1. Pure range from IceHeadShop

IceHeadShop is my top online headshop in the UK. Amoung there wide range of unique CBD products, their Pure range of extracts stands out.

For example, their 92% Broad Spectrum Distillate has an incredible mix of cannabinoids, including 85.5% CBD, 4.58% CBG, 2.48% CBE, and 3.3% other cannabinoids.

As well as being made to super high standards (the whole range. is GMP certified), the price of these extracts is very affordable. Like £9 for a gram of isolate, £10 per gram for the distillate, and £12 per gram for terpene-infused crumble with 95% CBD.

Get more information in our review of the Pure range of extracts here.

2. The Goods

The Goods are a well-renowned British brand that offers a unique range of CBD concentrates. They have released stunning line of CBD shatters and waxes with some of the most well-loved terpene profiles, including Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, and Gelato. 

The also regular release limited edition products, like the Brexit wax and shatter, which has a ‘Trainwreck’ inspired terpene profile, with hints of cinnamon and orange. All extracts are broad-spectrum, meaning THC has been removed. 

3. Atomic Chronic range from Aunt Mary’s Flowers

This new range of extracts from Aunt Mary’s flowers features the most unique (and delicious) flavours we’ve ever tasted.

Made with cannabis-derived terpenes, flavours like Snow Flake, Rainbow Mimosa and Yak Cheese are something else.

4. CBD Live Rosin from Paradise CBD

This live rosin is a rare find in the UK CBD market. It is made using a solventless technique (hand pressing raw flower), boosting its purity and flavour.

This technique also readily preserves the plant’ cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and essential oils. And the end result is truly something special.

5. Highkind

Originally known as Synergy Extracts, Highkind are one of the pioneers of CBD extracts in the UK. Alongside their incredible distillate pens with up to 54% CBD, they offer a high-quality range of crumbles, crystals and diamonds. 

What I like about Highkind is that they have some options made with real cannabis-derived terpenes. I haven’t tried their new CBD diamonds and sauce but it looks amazing, has 60-70% CBD, and reviews are glowing. 

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