Review: Pure CBD Extracts From Ice Head Shop

I’ve been looking for a reliable supply of high-quality CBD extracts that won’t break the bank for a while. I’ve now found just that thanks to Ice Head Shop’s new Pure range of extracts.

Included in the range are crumble (CBD, CBG and terpenes), rock (CBD and terpenes), terpene-infused isolate (CBD and terpenes), isolate (just CBD or CBG) and broad spectrum CBD distillate in hard and free-flow forms. The terpene infused extracts come in a variety of strain ‘flavours’. 

I recently tried a selection of this range and I’m blown away by the quality and the value for money. So, here’s a review of the entire range.   

First impressions

Each extract comes sealed in a small glass container with a plastic screw-on lid. The Pure branding is on the top, while the description of the product is located on the underside. 

Taking the lid off and looking at the extracts, I notice how each product has its own characteristics. The terpsolate (terp-infused isolate) looks like sugar and varies in colour from off-white to almost purple depending on the strain/flavour. 

The crumble is more of a rock salt consistency, with larger rocks making up the bulk. Colours range from light yellow to orange depending on the strain/flavour.  

Meanwhile, the isolate is a pure white, the rock light orange and the distillate a dark honey colour. 


First of all, the isolate has no smell or taste, and the distillate has a pretty subtle hemp-like smell and taste.

The terpene-infused products, however, smell incredible. Some are stronger than others but each is very distinct. In fact, some of these flavours are so unique they came as quite a surprise. 

Orange Diesel stands out for smelling and tasting like a super-citrusy satsuma. Bubblegum and Candyland are both deliciously sweet and strong. In my opinion, they taste more like an intense e-liquid flavour rather than a cannabis strain.   

OG Kush and Blue Dream are reminiscent of their namesake strains and will please any fan.     


When it comes to the most effective CBD product, I rate these extracts right behind CBD flower/bud. Flower edges it as you have a complete cannabinoids profile as well as terpenes, flavonoids and any other plant goodies that are present. 

These extracts pack a punch though. Especially the terpene-infused crumble with 85% CBD, 10% CBG and 5% terpenes. 

Either via vaping or dabbing, the crumble had me almost asleep the first time I took a decent-sized dose. The isolate and distillate I’ve found is very effective when combined with THC flower. 


I primarily use the extracts in my dry herb vape or in spiffs. I’ve also experimented using the extracts in cooking, with successful endeavours including chocolate chip cookies made with CBD infused butter.

I’m not much of an expert, but dabbing is another good option.  


When it comes to value for money, this Pure range is the best I’ve seen in the UK. Each product is on sale for only £10 per gram except the terpsolate which is £12 per gram. 

These are rock bottom prices for high-grade, GMP standard extracts. 


It can be hard finding high-quality CBD extracts for a good price. However, Ice’s new Pure range is just that. 

With a variety of products, ranging from crumbles to isolates, and with some really unique terpene profiles, these GMP-standard extracts are a steal at only £10 per gram. 

View the entire range here

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  1. Quick question…this can be used as a smoke aid right?? Not just incense as per the packet?
    Asking for a friend!!!

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