5 Reasons You Should Buy Your Weed Off The Dark Web

Cannabis consumers in the UK have been turning to the dark net to buy their weed while under nationwide lockdown.

According to a report from the European drug agency, between January and March,  restrictions on movement appeared to have triggered an increase in online sales of around 25%. 

This coincides with a huge 50% jump in traffic to our own article, How Easy Is It To Buy Weed Online In The UK?

With the lockdown making physical dealings difficult, customers are increasingly logging in to online markets where they can browse vendors and products, pay online with Bitcoin, and then receive their orders in the post – usually within a couple of days.

“The cannabis market is a large one and many regular cannabis users may have decided to stock up, anticipating market disruption during the lockdown period,” the report said.

I’ve been buying off the dark web for about a year now so I’m pretty familiar with the pros and cons.  

Here’re 5 reasons why you should consider buying your weed off the dark web… 

1. Choice

Ammi or cheese? You’ve probably heard this countless times from your local dealers. I’ve often encountered sellers that don’t know what strain it is they are selling, or even try making up their own name for it.  

This can be annoying for many, but for people who rely on cannabis for medical reasons, it can be a real problem.

However, dark net marketplaces and vendors offer a massive range of cannabis products – you name it, someone will be selling it – whether it be RSO, shatter, edibles, carts, kief or Cali weed.

This range of choice is one of the main draws to buying weed online, and something that is almost impossible for local dealers to reliably match. 

2. Ease

Once you get the hang of buying Bitcoin and navigating the dark web, buying a few grams of high-grade bud becomes as easy as shopping on Amazon. It’s basically a 5-step process which you can learn more about here..

3. Professionalism 

While many might expect illicit online cannabis vendors to be intimidating, the overwhelming majority are highly approachable, friendly and highly professional. In fact, due to the competitive nature of online marketplaces and review systems (just like Amazon), vendors are incentivised to keep customers happy. 

Therefore, with customer service and reputation such a priority, many vendors will surprise you with an extra gram or a free gift when you order.

4. Reliability 

I dread to think about the amount of time I’ve spent waiting for my plug to show up. If they say they’ll be there in 20 minutes, you can be sure you’ll get a text an hour later saying they’re still 20 minutes away. 

This doesn’t happen when you buy online. Reliable vendors will usually get your order out either the same day or next, and packages rarely take more than three working days to arrive. 

My packages often arrive within 36 hours. And thanks to the sophisticated packaging used, my postman is none the wiser why I am always so happy to see him. 

By using established vendors and reading product reviews, you also won’t have to worry about the quality of your bud. In fact, some of the best weed I’ve smoked has come from dark web vendors.   

5. Safety

Buying weed in person has its risks. The risk of being caught by police. The risk of being robbed or being sold oregano (more likely if you’re picking up from someone you don’t know). Therefore, for many people who don’t wish to risk buying from ‘the street’, online cannabis commerce is an attractive choice. 

However, there are also some downsides to buying weed on the internet… 

1. Price

Unfortunately, the average price of weed online seems to be a buty higher than on the street. This could be due to transaction costs incurred by vendors, advanced packaging, and perhaps to cover any losses in the postal system. 

Even with these elevated prices, many online shoppers say that they are happy to pay a bit extra for advantages that come with buying weed online. 

2. Risks 

During the year that I have been using the dark web, while also researching and speaking to others about it, I have come across just one report of the police being notified of a suspicious package in the postal system. Therefore, there is a small risk of this happening to you, especially if your local police force or Royal Mail sorting office improve their detection techniques. 

Another thing to be wary of is ‘exit scams’ – which is where a vendor (or an entire market) suddenly disappears along with any money that had been paid for outstanding orders. While these do happen on dark web markets, using a well-established vendor cuts this risk substantially.  


Faced with a nationwide lockdown, UK cannabis consumers are turning to the internet and the dark web to buy their weed. And there’s reason to think that many will find it an improved experience over regular local dealers.

Superior choice, quality, reliability and professionalism all make dark web cannabis vendors very important at times like this. Therefore, popularity in this form of cannabis commerce will surely increase. 

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  1. Hi jack

    Following your great guidance on the Dark web I’ve downloaded the Tor website and opened account with coinbase, unfortunately after trying to purchase bitcoin it was cancelled by my bank (uk).

    Nationwide have advised they don’t allow purchase of bitcoin! Do you have any other suggestions regarding how to pay please

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