Buying Weed Online? Beware Of These Online Cannabis Scams In The UK

If you type in ‘buy weed online UK’ you’ll be presented with a number of online shops claiming to sell cannabis. While many may look and sound convincing, most of these are scams. 

What’s most to hate about these sites is that they often target people who are in poor health and are desperate for relief. 

I’ve personally heard from people suffering from cancer, chronic pain, debilitating anxiety and much more who have been scammed out of hundreds of pounds. 

For some reason, Google takes no action against these sites and continues to list them in their search results. And unfortunately it’s also very hard to find any reviews or warnings about these sites anywhere on the internet.

So, before you go giving them your hard earned money, check to see if they are featured on our list below of scam sites. 

The sites we’ve published below are ones that have been confirmed to have ripped people off. Steer clear!

If you are looking for a safe and reliable way to buy weed online in the UK, we’ve got another article detailing your options: Read: How To Buy Weed Online In The UK

If you are interested in CBD flower or hemp flower, you can buy it from a number of legitimate online shops here in the UK: Read: Buy CBD Flower In The UK

How they scam you… 

We’ve noticed that a lot of these scammers use the same techniques to fleece as much money as possible from their victims. 

First, you’ll be pushed to buy larger quantities. Many sites, for example, have a minimum order of one ounce. This is because they know they can only dupe each person once, so they try to make each scam as profitable as they can. 

The seller will also often request payment in Amazon or iTunes gift cards. These can then be sold on ebay in order to be monetised. Additionally, Bitcoin and bank transfer are common payment methods. 

These devious scammers don’t stop there. After your order doesn’t arrive and you let the scammers know, they will often request that you pay a further amount of money to cover so-called postage, customs or insurance costs. This way they can hit you twice. 

Confirmed scam websites (this will be updated)

  • Caliweed.UK
  • – and the ‘delivery company’ they use:
  • (‘delivery company’ – Metro Kargo Logistics)
  • UKweedonline
  • / The Greenleaf Dispensary UK

If you have been scammed and can add to this list, please get in touch by emailing

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We would like to thank the team at for helping us compile this list. They, like us, were upset by the number of vulnerable people being conned out of large sums of money by nefarious websites claiming to sell cannabis. is one of the UK’s leading CBD flower suppliers with ambitions to sell THC-rich strains once the law changes. Visit them here.

2,559 Comments on “Buying Weed Online? Beware Of These Online Cannabis Scams In The UK”

    1. Is this legit? I see actual buds on this site, indicate strains etc. Initially says £19.99 and then when you click the amount of grams you want the price goes double?

      1 – is the legit
      2 – what are you paying for if the price changes when you select the grams

      1. Imo this site is a scam too, you have no proper email or any information about them really then they include a link to the weed supermarket where you can supposedly buy weed etc which to my knowledge isn’t as yet legal? Suspect in the least

        1. (domain is important) is definitely not a scam on clearnet. Used many times. Good price and delivery. Not an ad 🙂

    2. hey riccardo,i got in contact with them and their prices and choice looked very attractive!discovered they are new in the job and not one review about them…….so i renounced

    3. Thanks for letting us know about that one mate 👍

      It’s good to remind people that scammers are very manipulative and will jump into discussions on forums like this one – so take everything with a pinch of salt and if you have a bad gut feeling about a vendor, you’re probably right so don’t risk wasting your money.
      I was scammed on Kik but that really WAS my own stupidity (saying that, I also found a totally lovely, legitimate person on there too so 🤷🏻‍♂️)

    4. I hope people are still paying attention to this forum, bc I haven’t seen these guys flagged anywhere else. Weedbombuk . com is A HUGE FUCKING SCAM. They stole £100 from me in cryptocurrency over two weeks ago and I haven’t hear jackshit from them since (no matter how many times I emailed them), nor have I received anything. I really wish I’d heard about these assholes before spending money, but I wanna make sure no one else gets suckered. Keep away

        1. Hello, I was about to order weed from a site listed here… Are all these sites confirmed scams? Eventually is there a site for thc cannabis that is trustworthy and can provide discreet service in Europe? Thank you.

          1. It is virtually impossible for me and many others to get good cannabis in the uk. hub420 is ok but you wont get high from their products. also dont order the shake.

      1. Hey guys, anyone had any experience with spectrorganics? Trying to decide if it’s a scam, sorely tempted to take a punt…

        1. Tried the psi with them, today arrived to uk from Canada all legit and impressively tracked and packaged. But have only tried ordering once and haven’t sampled yet… can report back here if you like.

      2. Hi, I got scammed a week ago by the website name UKWEEDFARM.COM. F**cking scammers took £ 60 in crypto and never answered my email, hours after I paid I found out here on this site that they are actually a scam. I was soo pissed off. I don’t is there any actual legit website where they sell this stuff.

    5. I got scammed too !! Stay clear of
      weedconsultantsllc dot shop SCAMMERS Alep asking for more and more money and don’t care if they ‘lose’ a customer – they have loads they said!

    6. The only real place to find sellers is LB ( little biggy )

      Its a community based site and uses escrow… so this is as good as it gets.

      Lots of big sellers, Radar , WeedStarTHC , Doctor Extracts etc

      use google to search for little biggy and use the help guides

      1. Hi, I checked out little biggy a couple of years ago but found it confusing tbh. Also, they all seemed to want crypto. Is that still the case or do some places accept debit cards etc?

      2. Can confirm LB is 100% genuine or at least the seller I bought stuff from – 3 different times. Communication is easy and everything goes smoothly. Website was confusing in the beginning but you get used to it very quickly. Recommend!

    7. All these sites use pictures of actual online dispensary in Canada and copie there websites I can confirm you guys that it’s a scam

      1. Definitely a scam site, they stole £180 from me in January 2023. Why are people promoting scams on this platform???

        1. I ordered smallest amount I could last month in May and it arrived next day. I went smallest so if I was scammed it wouldn’t be much but it arrived, was a nice smoke and had to put it in a sealed box straight away so I didn’t get moaned at.

          Putting in another order tonight, will give an update after it or if it arrives but first one came, was dry, on weight and a nice smoke so here’s hoping.

      1. Me too
        Ive just been scammed .A Nikolas Karaklisdis is who I made a bank transfer to ,and heard nothing from them since, will not reply to emails . I know know that i will not get money back ,hope they DIE !

    8. Is there any legitimate Web sites I can buy flower off. I’ve been scammed by weedstrainsuk .com, emailed them, said they would look at it. Never heard back, so e-mailed them from a different account, pretending I wanted to order, and they get back tonyou straight away.
      For anybody scammed by weedstrainsuk .com, I got a contact number of them +442032394519, anybody know who this is through their contacts list. The 2 numbers on their Web site don’t work, they have only 1 or 2 reviews, that should have been a red flag. Love to get my hands on them. If anybody knows who that contact number is, I would love to hear who it is. Pay them a visit


  2. I got scammed this weekend by ukweedonline,its not on the confirmed list you have put up,just making everyone aware..if anyone knows of a genuine seller please let me know.

      1. hey Ricardo, I know some guys who ship cannabis oil to Portugal? It’s amazing stuff, we use it regularly. My brother smokes it in spliffs and vapes it, I put it in my tea and coffee. I find it’s a lot cleaner and lasts for hours.
        good luck dude!!!

      2. Hey Ricardo, this stuff is a thc oil and is genuinely incredible.I tried cbd but not for me to be honest.
        the potency of their current batch is amazing, it’s made from gelato…….mmmmmm lush lol

      3. something else they do which is reassuring is they send you a picture of the postage receipt with the tracking number so you can track it. My brother has been ordering it to greece for over 2 years now and has never not received his package (there is absolutely no smell as its in a sealed syringe, so happy days!)

        1. Hi James, I’m new to buying online and am very concerned about being scammed. Can you advise as to which site you use please? Sounds like just what I’m looking for. I hope you can help.

          1. Imo this site is a scam too, you have no proper email or any information about them really then they include a link to the weed supermarket where you can supposedly buy weed etc which to my knowledge isn’t as yet legal? Suspect in the least

        2. Hi James, I have a few medical problems as well as Fybromyalgia but spine problems are painful. I need to sleep and relax so I can get back to some of the person I used to be. My instinct tells me after trying all sorts of CBD oils and your info on TCH being better for Fybromyalgia sufferers. Can you please help me with info. Regards.

      4. Sounds like ukweedonline are still at it, I noticed they are still not on the list, could you add them ?
        Thanks Jack

      5. I got scammed this week by before l read this. Can l report it and get my money back?

        1. Same here. It’s been two weeks. Emailed, called, nothing. I doubt we can get our money back, but well worth a try if there is a means to!


        2. I have also been scammed by them they send the email to say its been shipped then the next stage Royal hub logistic who have the parcel then ask for postage I can’t wait for this stage when they get in touch for more money

          1. I order more from weedstrainuk and emailed them to ask if this us the person to pay for the goods I had an email back Yes.
            I emailed back and said you owe me 200 quid so take it off that

      6. I was scammed a couple of weeks ago by cannabisbuds dot me. I reported it to UK police fraud prevention and to Amazon, where they use an account to obtain the funds. Nothing has happened, as far as I can tell, the website’s still up, though now they’re demanding Google Play money as ‘payment’ so perhaps Amazon has shut down their Amazon account.

      7. Good morning all, hope you’re doing well. Has anyone ordered/corresponded with SD lately?

    1. Hi Emily, I was really worried the first time, but it has been fine, I haven’t had any problems. Just make sure you get all the numbers right!

    2. Hi Jimmy B, yes I put in an order on Tuesday night (for 2g because I didn’t want to risk any more), and it arrived this morning (Friday). I was a bit worried because my orders page on the site didn’t update from “awaiting processing” and it still shows that now. Anyway, it arrived and I am very happy with it. I think its the right strain but Im no expert.
      I don’t know what to make of them hanging up on your call. Maybe try the email if you want info?
      Good luck

    3. Hi, does anybody know a site called It seems to have a great variety for nice prices but I’d like to know if it’s legit first!

  3. Surely it is best to only spend a small amount. Rule out any that require big minimum spend, write the money you spend off and assume the purchase is going to be a scam then if you are pleasantly surprised it is a bonus!

  4. It says on their webpage to contact them and they will try and locate it for you,I know people who have used these guys before without any issues so i wouldn’t worry.

    1. I got scammed by London buds on snapchat londonpostal420 ordered an oz of wedding cake an he took the money and didn’t post the weed

        1. It is yeah. Ive written 3 reviews of my experience (ridiculous waiting times for delivery) on trustpilot if you want to check it out. But yeah, its legit!

  5. Hi, I was just looking at their site and I am happy to see they take payment by Amazon gift card instead of just bitcoin, which I can’t do.

    Let us know if your order turns up if you would – there are so many scammers out there!

    Good luck

    1. That’s great news,could you tell me the website you bought from because I’m in the same situation as you.

    2. Hi again, I just put my order in for 3.5g, but I got charged 15% on the Amazon card bringing it from £36 to £41.40, so I am jealous you got charged less! Never mind though, I will be happy with that if it turns up, better than £40 for 2 bags of bad quality rubbish I last bought off the estate kids :/

  6. Thanks for that, I will check them out, sounds delicious 🙂 I have had notification this morning that my order is being processed, so fingers crossed!

    1. They don’t sell flower just gummies,syrup and oil,very reasonably priced when you break it down.i have my fingers crossed for you would you mind letting us know when it arrives?

      1. This is what I did,I emailed him from the website address because they are updating a buying option on their site,he sent me a menu,I picked what wanted then he sent a PayPal address for you to send your money too.When paying use the “pay a friend”option on PayPal he then sent me an email to confirm .if you need anymore help get back to me.

  7. Thanks a lot, I thought I was going mad! I had a hard time even finding them at first – Im not good at this stuff!

  8. 420Place UK Is part of this website as well, they are supposed scammers, will be interesting to see if you get your product and if it actually is any good. Hope you do and I hope it is. 👍

    1. I got my products recorded delivery and it’s very good,my tolerance to thc is quite high so I was skeptical at first.I would recommend them if your looking for something other than flower.Im going to try and buy some flower from the USA and see how that plays out.

  9. I’ve seen 420PlaceUk on a few ‘Scam Website’ lists.
    Lee bought from a different named company, but they refer to themselves in their notes near the end of their webpage, as 420PlaceUk.

    1. Still nothing! I wasnt expecting anything today as they have stopped Saturday deliveries, I hope its just the post delayed! I have waited over a week for other post recently but I thought it might be back to normal by now. Never mind, I will let you know if it arrives.

  10. I have been ordering from these guys for over a month now and my order keeps getting bigger every time lol they are extremely genuine and their products are amazing not sure what I prefer between the gummy Bears and the syrups.
    Funnily enough I came across these guys as they also do the rso oil, I bought a full batch for my uncle who has prostate cancer so far so good he’s PSI count has already dropped,🤞❤️👊

    1. That’s fantastic news about your uncle and I’m really glad you have had positive buying experiences with them,I’ve only heard good reports about them and yours is another one…great products,great service and well priced…hope your uncle gets well soon.

      1. Thank you shouting from the roof tops about these guys currently as we had awful experiences trying to locate proper oil from genuine people. These lads are amazing and I wish them all the success in the world ♥️🙌💪👍👊

        1. The gummy bears waste me man. And I consider myself pretty hardcore. Pretty good stuff. Dont take more than 3 at a time!

  11. Thank you shouting from the roof tops about these guys currently as we had awful experiences trying to locate proper oil from genuine people. These lads are amazing and I wish them all the success in the world ♥️🙌💪👍👊

  12. Has anyone heard of Kush Online Shop UK? I placed an order on 3 June but am beginning to get a bit suspicious.

    1. Update: It has now been weighed and tested and I am very happy with it!! Also, I am sorry I used names now, as I just realised I left Lee out too. I will just say y’all in future 😁

      1. Hi there where did you order from that actually delivered? can’t find anything accurate and dont want to get scammed! thanks in advance if you can help

  13. Hi Paul, hope will put mind at ease. Ordered my first time on Thurs confirmed Fri morning arrived today Wednesday. Just sampled fine weed exact weight well packaged. Stardawg 7g £61/ bitcoin
    Got %10 discount card second order

    Has any1 had second order ??

    1. Well there ain’t a great deal I can do about it now anyway but wait and write it off as bad luck if it doesn’t arrive.
      Thanks anyway though 👍🏼

      1. I just looked on weed supermarket and as well as CBD they have cheese, advertised as 16 % CBD/TCHa. I thought THC always started as THCa until it was heated. When it says 16%, what does that refer to… CBD or THCa? It doesn’t sound strong and it is expensive, but it does sound like weed. Am I missing something?

  14. Mine took 9 days from ordering so dont give up yet, the mail is still very delayed here and there. Good luck

  15. what do you type into twitter to find them? it only comes up with a shoe page and no website link. cheers

    1. Hi Callum
      The website that james mentions is correct,email him and he will send you a price list,order what you want then he sends you a paypal account name,pay money to the account and in a few days it’s at your door and its wicked stuff aswell.

      1. Glad you are all getting a good service.
        The rso stuff they do is actually bringing my uncles psi count down, it’s unbelievable 🙌💪♥️
        They also recommended a documentary to watch about a guy called Rick Simpson, it’s on YouTube proper its unbelievable this out on every front page, news station etc makes you wonder why…… £££$$$$€€€€

    2. Thanks Callum. Sadly it’s just a bunch of American sites.
      Doh. I keep missing out on all the deals 🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. Thanks Andy. Tbf they did respond yesterday saying 80% of their stuff arrives within 7 days but many on here and trustpilot complaining of longer arrival times. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Doesn’t help when I haven’t had a smoke now since my go-to-guy suddenly disappeared last week so I’ve not had a J for 10 days now. 😟

  17. Yeah thanks dude. I’m pretty sure it’s the post and given the timescales, it seems to have been lost. Its not something I can complain about either!
    I would happily have paid for secure postage but the option wasn’t there. I feel a bit of a mug buying from them again. Even if its not their fault, they kinda have a responsibility to make sure we get what we pay for so not offering secure post is a bit rubbish really.
    Thanks though pal 👍🏼

  18. No probs,they’ve not been going for long,so the secure postage never been offered but I can give you 100% heads they are legit,I’m to old to be mugged now fella.
    Very surprised they never chased up your headache,they are normally spot on with replying.
    Anyway good luck out there.

  19. No probs,they’ve not been going for long,so the secure postage never been offered but I can give you 100% heads up they are legit,I’m to old to be mugged now fella.
    Very surprised they never chased up your headache,they are normally spot on with replying.
    Anyway good luck out there.

  20. I spoke with my postie today about deliveries and he said everyday is like xmas post at the moment so hopefully you’ll get it soon I hope you do mate.

  21. Thanks for all your support anyway guys 👍🏼. Longest I’ve gone without for 2 years!
    Let me tell you, people say “stop smoking coz it makes ya depressed and lethargic etc”
    Well ive never been so bloody miserable this last 10 days 😭😆.
    I’m back to work now after a week off too 🤦🏻‍♂️

  22. hi lee, how long did it take for them to get back to you once you had paid? they sent me the payment info this morning but didnt specifically mention paypal so i just did it through regular bank transfer but haven’t heard anything since. i follow them on twitter and they seem like good guys with positive reviews but understandably im still wary.

    1. Hi Callum
      He got back to me within 24 hours then when he posted it he sent me a photo of the receipt from the post might be worth just checking if he got the payment because I did it through PayPal not a bank transfer.sorry I cant be more help mate but if he got the money you will get your product I’m sure hes got good reviews from what I’ve researched.let me know how you get on buddy.

      1. thanks lee, i sent him an email when i sent the payment saying i paid along with my address so i think i’ll leave it until the morning to see if he gets back to me. ive also spoken to him on a different email (used the message function on their website instead of putting the email on their website into gmail). doubt it makes any difference but can never be too careful i suppose

    2. they emailed me back tonight saying the payment went through and they will deliver tomorrow so im relieved. hoping to have them within the next few days from what lee said about his delivery and the fact they said next day so i cant wait. been very pleasantly surprised by these guys so far, very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process and from what i’ve read the product matches that 🙂

      1. Nice one buddy I’m made up for you,sit back and relax mate and know that you haven’t been duped,we all have been on here so it’s good that we help each other out…enjoy it mate I certainly do.

      2. cheers mate appreciate it and thanks for recommending them in the first place. how are their gummies are they as good as the reviews say? if all goes well im considering the syrup next time as well

      3. The gummies are pretty good it was my first edible experience so it was totally different than smoking but still ace…I had 3 at once one night and I was blasted for about 4 hours! Lol but I like to get like that…you wont be disappointed mate 😜

      4. ahh nice one sounds good mate. its my first edible experience too so glad to know we have both made the right purchase for that

      5. yes mate thats the one. the email i spoke to them on was office@ if you want to try that one as well but they can take upto a day to reply from my experience.

        hope it works out for you paul

  23. I thought you got your stuff Rita?
    No have I heck got it. I put a review on trustpilot comparing their service to Amazon or Ebay in that if goods didn’t turn up we would be refunded or replaced but all they said was “give it a bit longer” 11 days now. I received an Amazon order in 2, during that time. I guess it’s the individual choice but I’m Looking elsewhere anyway. Who wants to wait 2 bloody weeks each time! It’s just not practical.
    Weed supermarket are going to have stuff in soon apparently.

    1. Hi Paul, I’m sorry to hear that. I did get my first order – after 9 days – but after your experience I was worried about putting a second order in. Also, I agree the 9-? days wait is too much, to make that work I would have to spend/risk more than I want to. Fingers crossed for you that it eventually gets there.

  24. Omg omg guys. I just want weed! Why you sending me to a sweet shop 😳😳😳.
    Infused or not, I want a smoke.

  25. thats all they sell there which lee said in another comment, all good edibles ive read but they dont sell anything you can smoke. sorry youre having trouble finding what youre looking for its a huge pain until you find someone reliable

    1. Ain’t that the truth. I had wicked plug dude who did me great deals. Was polite and very businesslike but then he just disappeared 😭.
      I suppose that’s the way of the street though 🤦🏻‍♂️.
      Have you ordered these bears then? Have they arrived??

      1. thats a shame mate sorry that happened, why we have to go through all this trouble to get something so harmless is beyond me.

        yeah he said he was going to put them in the post for me today, asked me to tell them how i found them and stuff so im trusting they will arrive soon.

        the only other thing i can really recommend to you is the dark web i dont know if you have used it. i was going to give it a try but i lucked out with these guys and another place as well that my friend recommended to me and i have ordered from (if anyone is interested). but yeah ive read navigating it and the payment methods can be quite confusing at first but once you figure it out its worth it due to there being lots of places selling with loads of user reviews its just a case of figuring it out

        1. Yes I can confirm the dark web isn’t all its cracked up to be. Also the orders were only in bulk on the sites I looked at. And the bitcoin nonsense. I opened a bitcoin account, but I wouldn’t be comfortable using it.
          I’ll just do what happened last time, years ago when I went dry. I’ll grow my own. It’s a twat to get going but once you do….👍🏼
          Or go to Amsterdam when lockdown over.

    2. And I’ve declined the gummy bears tbh. I want smoke not sweeties. I can’t envisage a scenario where I would want to substitute the whole smoking experience for a few cannabis infused jellies tbh, even if they do get you high.
      Especially at 50quid inc postage! 😳
      Maybe if I had spare cash and it was to supplement the smoke, but never as a substitute.
      But hey that’s me. Hope you enjoy Callum 👍🏼

      1. its alright mate we all have our preferences. smoking has just never really been for me due to lung problems and personal preference so i go for the edibles

        1. Hi Callum. Did you get your edibles then mate? I got some smoke but fancy gummy bears now. Are these guys legit though dude? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️.
          Thanks Callum.

          1. hi mate yes i got them and wasn’t disappointed. the gummies are great and make you feel really nice. they also send with next day delivery and tracking which i really liked.

          2. Nice news to hear Callum! Sounds like they’re pretty professional.
            I’ve never had the infused sweets. What’s the best amount to take?
            Anyway, looking forward to them especially as I have 2 weeks off work and have a load of smokes as well! I didn’t even know you could buy this stuff online 2 weeks ago 👍🏼

      2. well each gummy is 20mg and i took 3 last night and was out of it for hours. you might have a higher tolerance due to smoking but you wont know until you take them so start off low, wait 1-2 hours and go from there is the best way to do it.

        glad you got your order also, hope youre enjoying mate

          1. hi paul, it took them around 2 days from paying for them to post it to me but it was here the next day. i was worried at first too but i think they get a fair few orders. hopefully they get back to you tomorrow mate.

        1. All this talk of gummy bears has wetted my appetite and am now ready to order…this is gonna sound dumb but did you order using private browser?

          1. I ordered this morning and communication has dried up. They haven’t even confirmed its been posted so you might want to hold on to see what happens with my order 🤞🏻🤷🏻‍♂️.
            I’m a born cynic though so hey…

          2. Yeah they really do sound interesting Keez. I’m hoping it’ll be ok. Few people on here use them just never got postage confirmed like other people said but maybe I missed the next day post. 🤞🏻

          3. I think I need to chill and remember these guys and others like them aren’t huge companies so maybe cut them a bit of slack! Thanks Callum. 👍🏼

  26. You are right about ebay and amazon, but I find when it comes to weed we take more risks because sadly there are very few places to buy from. I thought weed supermarket was just cbd, I must keep checking them out. Please do let us know if you find anywhere good, it would be appreciated!

  27. Yes Rita we certainly do take financial risks to get what we want. And there are plenty of people out there ready to exploit us.
    God, roll on a change in the law. Can’t see the current government taking that step though 🙄

    1. Many, many years ago when I had my first smoke, I was so sure it would be legalized in my lifetime. Now I dont think that will happen, I can only keep my fingers crossed for the next generation 🙏

  28. Yeah I do hope. Its embarrassing having to scrape around with some of of the low-life scumbags who deal in it. I had a dealer couple of years back trying to sell all sorts of other shit to us clients too. 🤦🏻‍♂️
    I was always half expecting the bizzies to swoop down and arrest me after the plug or to have photos of me if he was under surveillance. Not good Rita.

    1. Not good. I don’t know why they want the drug laws to remain the same, they are obviously not working, never have done. More people smoke now than ever before, and God knows how many people get scammed by criminals or become “criminals” themselves because they want to make use of a plant. Ridiculous! Rant over, I hope you get sorted soon and I hope I do too 🙂

  29. It is looking that way Im afraid :(. I bet everyone who paid by Amazon card in the last week of their using them, didnt get their order because Amazon froze their account. That is the reason they said they were going to bitcoin only. They said they had taken a loss with Amazon cards so they are probably trying to rake it back. Very bad luck, I wish you better luck in future x

  30. I am glad I was wrong about that, good that you got yours. I don’t know why Pauls didn’t get there, I really feel bad for him because thats what usually happens to me. I can’t do Bitcoin as I don’t have any photo id. Maybe its time to get a passport, and I can go to Amsterdam after lockdown :).

    1. Brilliant news Paul, you will be having a good evening 😂.
      I found a local kid who seems ok, so at least for the time being I am sorted. I hate meeting people on street corners, specially when they keep you waiting an hour, but at least its ok – lemon zkittlez for me tonight 😁

  31. Well glad to have had you along for the ride Jack 🤦🏻‍♂️😆.
    Alls well that ends etc etc 🤞🏻
    Now, cookies and cream or lemon haze…?🤔
    Where’d I put that grinder?

    1. It is a bit difficult to do that because some places start out fine then do an exit scam. Anyone who officially recommended them could then be in for a bit of a backlash. Its better just to tell our experience in the comments and leave it to others to make their own minds up.

      1. Yeah Rita’s spot on there. Look on this forum. You’ll get a good idea of what our experience is and there’ll be names of the sellers too.
        You def gonna need bitcoin though I would say.

    1. If you are able to buy bitcoin, there are a few sites, but unfortunately nobody seems to be taking any other form of payment at the moment.

  32. Hi Paul, I know it is hard to chill after what you just went through, but I am positive this one will be ok! I am tempted by the gummy bears myself, but they seem a bit expensive. Maybe just for a post-lockdown treat.. 😁

  33. Well my gummy bears arrived. Quick work dudes 👍🏼. Very convenient if you like your edibles.
    Just trying one now. Nothing to do all day…

  34. Hi Dawn,

    Yes Ice head shop is 100% safe to use. I have had many CBD products from there.

    I will say this site ” is much cheaper and you get buds where Ice head shop sells its chopped and sold as tea bags.

    Paul, Oh I have been very tempted to get the gummy bears. Let us know how you get on and how many is needed.

  35. Hi Marie, yes they do, I was worried about that at first because I couldn’t find the details and thought it might be just me! Use the order number they send you as payment reference when you pay, and it is pretty straight forward. When your payment has gone through they send an email, then another when it has been sent.

  36. SCAM – weed4allpurpose dot com

    Weed4allpurpose looks legit but is a scam. Ordered flower 2 months ago and nothing. Not answering emails, try and send a message via website and it always says ‘It cannot be sent right now, please try later’

    My anxiety is through the roof and i’m out of weed. Thank christ I didn’t order too much.

  37. Yes, thank goodness – I notice the prices are slightly increased tho. Hard times for everyone I suppose :/

    1. Yeah it’s a shame they have to raise prices but unfortunately beggars can’t be choosers…
      I’m just glad to find a place that is hopefully trustworthy!

      1. I bought off them 5 times before lockdown and had no problems, so I am just glad they are back. The prices are pretty similar to other online places, so I can live with that!

  38. Bank transfer. Make your order, then they email you bank details and an order number to use as your reference number. It is fairly straightforward, better than Amazon cards!

  39. Ah wow! You’re correct Rita!
    Who types stuff into the address bar these days? 😆.
    Thanks mate, I’ll check out the site.
    Appreciate your help! 😌

    1. Glad you got there! When you place an order they send you bank details and ref nr, then when you pay they acknowledge, then tell you when it is sent. They are usually quick. Good luck 🙂

      1. Well fingers crossed it arrives sooner rather than later. But that it arrives at all is probably more important.
        Certainly a thousand times more convenient than bitcoin and gift cards!
        Thanks Rita.

    2. Ordered though its pricey! I’ve only order 1.7g but with postage (7.50 special delivery) it’s quite costly. But what the hell. I’m out of weed so what can you do?

      1. I did notice the prices had gone up. I was considering getting a bigger amount to make it worthwhile, they have a whatsapp nr to get vouchers, so I have one to use which means if I buy 7g on normal postage it is back to a decent price. It may be worth the extra postage for peace of mind though!

    1. Have you contacted them through the site “contact us” section, or from your own email? I would try again, go through their site, stating order nr and telling them what has happened, if you haven’t already. Sorry to tell you, I actually took a chance and ordered something myself yesterday and I got acknowledgement today saying order complete. I obviously cant guarantee I will get it, but it went through like it used to. You do seem to have an issue :/

      1. I’ve tried everything Rita. That number you gave me isn’t even showing up on WhatsApp so I’m stuffed.
        Bad luck or what. Fuck em the bastards 🤬

  40. Hi Paul, try not to panic, with them just reopening they have probably had an influx of orders and are not as fast. I waited 2 days for the emails before so it doesn’t mean anything. The whatsapp nr is 07926033799 they say put your name and join to get vouchers, but it took them 4 days to reply to my “join” message. Did you get the bank details and ref nr right? If so I am sure you will be fine.

    1. Hi Rita. Thanks for that, much appreciated. I thought paying 7.50 for postage might prioritize me but I guess not! Okies I’ll leave it a day or 2, see what happens. Honestly, if I wasn’t joined to my neighbour for electricity, I’d be growing my own 🤦🏻‍♂️

  41. Also, they tend to do things of an evening, I feel they may have day jobs! I just this second had a whatsapp message with a voucher for cookies! You may hear tonight.

  42. Reply button disappeared again! I haven’t tried any edibles yet, they seem a bit pricey to me, I prefer my buds but I may get some cookies just to try them out. I hope you hear soon, it isn’t often I come across someone with even less patience than me 😂

  43. Nice thinking Rita, but alas, no. Nothing yetski. Fingers crossed I come home from work tmrw and the neighbours will have signed the delivery for me!!!
    Well, you never know….

  44. Have you checked if the money has gone from your account, and that you put the correct bank details? This actually is taking a bit too long now. Did you get an acknowledgement of your order?

    1. Yeah I’ve paid and it’s all ok. Even if I had wrong bank details they should have responded to my messages. Bloody hell 🙄

  45. Hi Paul, good news, what happened? Are they sending your order? Glad to hear theyve been in touch, specially as I have just ordered too 😁

  46. Hi Rita. After 4th message he replied last night saying he will get it sorted today so looks like the order did get missed after all. Talk about bad luck 😆.
    Especially after paying 7.50 for special postage 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄.
    Fingers crossed.
    When did you order? Let me know what happens please mate?

    1. I ordered on 6th and got confirmation the next day, that was when I realised something must be wrong with yours. Honestly, that sort of thing usually happens to me so I understood what you must be going through! Hopefully it is on its way, I will let you know if and when mine arrives. Let me know how you get on if you would.

      1. My optician reckons weed has a protective effect on the small blood vessels in the eye. My husband has been diabetic all his life and the optician always says his eyes are surprisingly good considering. I don’t know if its true, but a good excuse to keep it up!

        1. Excellent! Another good reason to toke the green stuff 😆.
          Though I might lay off it till after I’ve had 30 minutes of…
          Is it better like this? Or this?
          Like, whatever optician dude, I’m good either way 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

      2. Hopefully I don’t have the same bad luck as you. Just ordered some bubba kush and edibles from there

        1. I hope you have the same experience as me, I ordered on 6th and it arrived today (9th). I feel bad for Paul, I never had a problem with them until the post went crazy and it took 11 days.

      3. Just got mine too 🙂 I cant believe they cocked yours up. You have the same luck I usually have! I am just about to sample, it certainly smells good. Have a nice day – I am sure you will!

        1. Yeah it’s nice. Crystal gelarto. Yes gelarto not gelato🤷🏻‍♂️
          I’ve had to keep myself occupied away from home this afternoon so that I don’t turn up to opticians caned 😆.
          Hows your green Rita?

  47. @stiffler33 Did you ever receive your order or money back from London buds?, I just ordered off him myself now I’ve seen this

    1. This was originally a reply to a funny from Paul, but the way its ended up, it looks like I am laughing at the person who got scammed. Unfortunate placement! I have every sympathy with anyone else who has lost money to these con merchants.

  48. Paul, very nice, I went with the common but very nice stardawg but I actually got stardwag – it must be a different strain 😂

    1. Mine was a Cali weed and its lovely. A real clean high.
      Only problem is it doesn’t go though doesn’t need as much per J.
      Oh and it made me spend £280 on new specs and prescription sunglasses 😆😎. I was in too good a mood to settle for anything less 😄

  49. Its always good to see recommendations. It was what made me order the first time. I hope they keep going, long may they continue. Enjoy your order!

    1. Hi Ian, I am glad if I have been some help, and I’m realy sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I cant be any use on the oil as I have never tried it, but I have heard great things about it and would definitely give it a go. Hopefully someone else can help on that one.
      Good luck and I hope you enjoy your bubba kush 👍

      1. Hi Rita, just wondering where you’ve been able to purchase legit thc as per this very old thread. I’m after edibles. Scouring sites to find bona fide recommendations, getting desperate!

        1. Hi Jo, I am sorry but I am no use on edibles as I was just after flowers and I have been lucky and found a decent street guy. . I really hope you get sorted, between the law and the scammers its a terrible situation.

    2. Hi Ian I have quite a lot of experience in treating prostate cancer using cannabis oil – look for Rick Simpson ( he is the original creator of RSO and the method used to grow and make your own plus he gives good guidance on dosages. But sites claiming to sell RSO are somewhat deceptive as he doesn’t produce any oil for commercial use, people have just jumped on the bandwagon and use his name.

      Anyway, you need to ingest 60grams of oil in 90 days. I usually prescribe a high indica strain for nighttime use and a sativa dominant strain for daytime use because of people needing to still function during the day. I also recommend the use of suppositories – it’s a bit controversial and some say it doesn’t work but my patients had good results. Good luck.

      1. Hi Ian and hi Alice,
        My uncle fault off prostate cancer by using proper cannabis oil 4 years ago. Alice is spot on it took us the best part of a year to find someone genuine and trustworthy and reliable to source the oil. It’s awful as you have to put your trust in someone when your back is against the wall and often unfortunately people are not genuine.
        Thank God we got put on to a really reliable source that four-and-a-half years later we are still using. Since my uncle’s incredible results my whole family now use the oil as there is a lot of information and evidence to support the fact that boosting your endocannabinoid system also works as a preventative to many ailments. I strongly recommend looking into the work of professor Raphael Mechoulam and Dr Cristina Sanchez.they are both incredible people and pioneers in the cannabis arena.
        If you are interested Ian I can recommend the people we use to get our oil?
        Genuinely they have never let us down.

        1. Hi folks and RSO Evangelist
          Any chance of giving us the web address or an email for your guys coz it’s impossibe
          to find an honest retailer of THC oils or buds, apart from street guys and that is just not
          what you want to do when you’re suffering! In my case PAD and arthritis. I had an Angio Plasty
          op in June but it’s spreading, heart or brain are the worries, anyway, back to subject. I’ve read various reports of helping to alleviate sympthoms if not the cause so I’m hunting relief as much as THC!


      2. Hi Alice, I paid £29.99 for a 5 gram bottle. The write up states around 11% THC.
        How does that compare with what you know?
        cheers Ian.

      3. Hi Alice And RSO Evangenlist,
        The reply button seems to have disappeared on RSO Evangelists post. I would be very interested to follow up a good honest supplier of the genuine RSO.
        Any help gratefully received,
        Thanks all, Stay safe, Ian.

      4. Hi Ian it certainly gets pricey when talking about those dosages. When I was in South Africa I used to supply a lot of people in the UK because the exchange rate made it feasible for them to buy from me. It is very important to be aware of where your oil comes from which is why Rick Simpson does not sell oil or endorse anyone who claims to sell RSO – the ONLY genuine RSO out there is oil made by Rick himself, and he does not sell it, he teaches people how to make their own oil. So people claiming to sell RSO may be following his “recipe” but it is not made by Rick himself and there is no guarantee of purity. Unless the plant is grown in fairly sheltered conditions with a good, pure water source, in uncontaminated soil and as much as possible protected from air pollution, with good, organic nutrients you are going to get pollutants and toxins on the plant. Sadly many people use toxic chemicals on their plants which is why it is best to grow and produce your own oils.

        RSO Evangelist – £29 for 5 grams is cheap – but the reason for that is probably the low THC – you should be looking at at least £45-£50 for a good quality, organic oil with 25% minimum THC to treat active cancer in my experience. I used to sell very high quality, high THC for around £12 per gram – sold in a syringe not a bottle btw. If it is in a bottle it is not made in the RSO style, it is likely to have an additive such as olive or coconut oil. Proper “RSO” is thick and very sticky which is why it comes in a syringe for easy application of dosages starting at 1/4 grain of rice size.

  50. Thanks Paul,

    Ah that’s the site I had issues with and gave up in the end.
    I ordered the Grapefruit also. Mine it showed up this morning. Hope yours is with you soon too

    1. I experienced a few issues myself but their online chat facility was really helpful and prompt so they helped, if you wanted to try again. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  51. WOW! I am surprised. Even if they DO read high and polite and check out the comments, you only said what was happening to you. I hope it is just a coincidence. I didnt know you had put another order in, I only posted because I was amazed at the speed it arrived. Sorry to hear your problems.

    1. Tbf I’ve just checked and I made the order Monday morning so it’s not 3 days yet. I shouldn’t jump the gun really. But the WhatsApp and email stuff is still not happening…

      1. Paranoia getting to you Paul! 😀 I don’t know how the vouchers work, I thought they got changed but really couldn’t say. Im glad everything worked out, have a good day – Im sure you will !

  52. Hi Rita,
    My sentiments exactly , I’m done with all of that street stuff and the bitcoin still seems
    a bit fiddly and risky for me. Anyway this Bubba Kush is really good, doesn’t knock your
    legs out right away !! Still working on it !!
    Keep happy and stay safe.

  53. Does anybody know anything about the global cannabis shop ?? Are they real or fake I wanna order something different but not sure where to order from.

  54. Hi ya

    Did you get 25 for £45?

    How many gummies do you take at one time so you can still function but feel nice.

  55. Just had a look at this site. Looks like they have some great products. Went to checkout & noticed the payment goes to America. I chickened out!

    1. Dont let that bother you mate,I was worried but I took the gamble and it paid off.
      After the amount of times I’ve been scammed I wouldn’t put a site on here that wasnt genuine.
      Give it a try mate you wont be disappointed.

  56. Hi all I’m new to this and I’m wondering where can I find or access these sites as I’m worried about getting scammed and don’t want to mess up a 1st order as it all seems so sketchy also don’t want to be waiting weeks I’m in uk. Pls help 🤪

  57. Very helpful, gives me a bit mor confidence in them now. I ordered some purple dawg hopefully it arrives

  58. They send me wrong order I ordered purple star an they send lemon haze but was still good smoke, an quick delivery I have put in a bigger order this time, hopefully they send the right strain this time .

    1. Rita, I was looking at Blue cookies. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts. I wonder how often they get the wrong variety sent out? I suppose it depends what they’ve been smoking before sorting out the order.

    2. Steve, I was wondering about getting the wrong strain, I suppose if they run out if stock between your ordering and
      their processing, its better to send something equivalent rather than mess around with refunds or having you wait ages. I dont mind so much, after all I never got a choice with street dealers 😁 I will let you know when it arrives.

    3. Did they give you the strain you ordered? The first order I put in was very quick I got within two days of ordering even tho it was the wrong strain, anyway my second order was a greater quantity an was shipped on the 18th and I still have not received it, tracking is saying it is still in England dunno what’s going on

  59. Stiffler, as long as the price is the same I suppose its ok – at least its weed, but its a bit annoying if you have a preference or a dislike for something. Not the best ad.

  60. A great big heartfelt thank you to Jack Woodhouse.

    I apologize for being one of those who have filled up your comments section and turned it into a forum, but the help I have received here has made such a difference to my life.


  61. Hi Steve, I got it this morning, very nice indeed, I am pretty sure it is the right strain unlike others who got the wrong one. I never tried blue cookies before but it looks right and certainly feels right.

    I got an email notification late yesterday saying it was fulfilled, so I didn’t expect it till Monday, so that was a nice surprise for the weekend!

  62. I used them only once when they took Amazon cards, but then they apparently lost loads of money when Amazon refused to honour them and returned to bitcoin only. I cant use bitcoin, so that was that, and I was disappointed because that one little bit I got was one of the nicest smokes I ever had.

    I can’t speak for now though, they also had problems with buying a load of counterfeit stamps and lost money there too, so maybe the quality has dropped ? I would be surprised if they were knowingly scamming people though, and very alarmed.

    1. Thanks for replying Rita. When you say it was one of the nicest smokes you’ve ever had does this mean it was like regular stuff you would get from your friendly neighbourhood hashman?

      I’m just weary of buying stuff with just cbd content or else something that’s pushing towards the spice side of things?

  63. Stiffler, I ordered on 19th from HTR and got it on 22nd. I only ordered 2g and as far as I can tell it is the correct strain. Perhaps he only has small amounts of each thing and if you order any large amounts it is a different set up? Please let us know how you get on, I was just about to put a second order in for a bigger amount myself!

    Have you tried contacting him?

      1. I am really sorry to hear that. Have you tried to contact him? I emailed abour mine when I got no notification and he answered but that was just 2g.
        I hope its just delayed, if it doesn’t show up and he doesn’t answer you, you will have to get him added to Jacks list of scammers. Fingers crossed for you.

        1. Yes I did contact them, they said once they go to post office an provide tracking number it is out of their hands. Told me to contact the post office, which I really don’t feel comfortable doing if I being honest 🙄 £142 loss 😒

  64. Stiffler, bad one, I will be avoiding them now. I think it is actually up to them to check with the post office, they have the proof of posting after all. Obviously that is not going to happen. Hopefully by some miracle it will show up. Better luck next time.

  65. Yeah bitcoin is a bit of a pain to set up but nothing difficult. Just a tad boring 😴. Works a treat, though i noticed my account goes up and down according to its stock market value on any given moment. But what can you do? 🤷‍♂️

    1. Hi Paul, how much does it vary?
      Say you have £100 worth of Bitcoin in your wallet, what sort of amount does it go up and down by?
      (Sounds like a maths test 😁)

      1. Hi Rita. I tend to have a few quid left after transaction, so if I had a fiver left, ive noticed it down to a couple of quid on occasions so I wouldn’t leave a large amount. Just transfer cash and make payment straight away.
        Bitcoin value can go up as well as down though so…🤷‍♂️

  66. Hi JJ, WOW! Thats a bit of a crazy leap to threats! A polite enquiry first would have been better. I must check my payment went through We know where you live….😱 It sounds like he got the payment, because he thinks you have made a complaint to get it back, and wants you to close the complaint. But no money went out of your account? Confusing. I take it you emailed him back explaining what happened? Keep us informed if you would. Thats a bit disconcerting!

  67. Hi Paul,
    I remember reading on medmans site to always buy more bitcoin than you need so you dont fall short on checkout because of the fluctuations, but it didn’t say how much it varied. I was just curious.
    Thanks 🙂

  68. Paul, it certainly does make you think, you dont know who you are dealing with. If a genuine mistake can generate that, what happens if you really do have a dispute/problem? I wouldn’t ask for a refund….

    1. Jimmy, you are opening a PayPal case? Can you let me know how that goes? Do you return the goods? I never opened a PayPal complaint before luckily. Don’t they make you contact the seller first like Ebay?

      I hadn’t considered doing that, I was just going to add it to the list of shit weed I have wasted money on this year. I’m still not sure if I would after reading the email they sent out!

  69. Cheers Paul for the recommendation. I really like this site. I can tell you are all good folk and like a wee smoke from time to time.

    So the sativa strains make you feel more energetic? I’ve always just got locally. I never knew about all these different names for strains etc lol. I think wedding cake is mostly indica.

  70. No mate. You can choose what name to put on your shipping address. Though if your postman knows you he might weed it out before you ever receive it. Thinking they’re doing you a favour 🤦‍♂️😆

    1. Haha nah it’s more that I need to make sure my house mates don’t see the package through the post and open it not recognising the name on it! Don’t want them running off with my stash! But I’ve got the place to my self for a week coming up soon so hoping to place the order on a wednesay and pray it arrives Friday / Saturday. If not during the week I guess. Thanks for your help though!

  71. Get a bitcoin account Rita. Then you’ll be able to look at the direct payment website dramas as they unravel around you as you safely place yet another weed order 😆.

    I’ve probably just cursed it now 🤦‍♂️

  72. One last question before I order in a few weeks time. How good is the packaging? Like has any one been able to smell anything through it? And do you think that any one looking at it would be able to tell the contents without some how being tipped off?

    Thanks again guys for all your help

    1. Who are you talking about ? Youre all saying about getting weed but there’s no mention of the site so thats really confusing.

  73. Honestly mate, they are as close as 100% legit as anyone legal i buy from online. Usually very quick service too. If it doesn’t arrive id be very surprised.
    I’ve been thinking of asking them for a freebie for the amount of people I recommend them to on here!
    I know the first purchase always feels risky but unless they’ve suddenly changed their business practice, it will arrive at some point. My first tool 12 days but that was middle of pandemic.

    1. It’s arrived! Not opened the box yet cause I’m waiting for my new smell proof jar to arrive but that’s sat in town and not dispatched yet. Come on amazon!

      Bloody estatic! When I get paid I’ll be ordering Half an oz. Paul do you have any experience in ordering larger amounts? Does it come in multiple packets or in once big parcel?

      1. Yes i bought about 120quid worth once. No problem. I did question whether I should have made 2 separate orders afterwards, just in case 1 goes missing I’d have a reserve. But then you don’t get the discount so its a balanced choice of the buyer.
        Glad it arrived though Minty. Told ya! 😏

        1. Hey Rita, this was my worry and what stopped me putting a big order to start with but yeh ordered Wednesday evening arrived today! Did crypto voucher. They Redeemed the voucher we’d evening and dispatched Thursday morning.

  74. You make a good point, maybe the way to do a larger order is lots of different strains instead of one in bulk. Sure you don’t get the discount maybe more likely to have it in stock?

  75. I did find my amnesia haze was pressed but I didn’t think too much about it as it weighed good.

    I’ve not had a lot of experience with different strains seeing as my usual dealing were pretty much “give me the money here’s what I’ve got” so can you recommend any for me to try?

  76. Yes its definitely a debit card. Use the little live chat bubbles when youre on there and the staff are normally really helpful with stuff like that. Dont give up!

    From what I remember you just go to “buy bitcoin” and it will ask how much then ask you to register your card.

      1. It’s one of those sites that says “credit card” but it’s means both. I think it’s an American thing but I’m. It sure

        1. Thanks Minty, thats a relief, I never bought from US sites so I haven’t come across that. I will have a go tonight, I am determined now!!

  77. I haven’t used Little Biggy myself but I believe it is individual sellers, a bit like ebay, so you have to find a seller that has good reviews and has a lot of sales. I was thinking of buying on there but its the bitcoin business has stopped me.
    Good luck

    1. Minty read again properly it’s 13 for a g mate
      They sell from 1g to half only😂👍
      I’m not a complete Numpty mate.i would not ask if legit if they sold what you have mis read.
      All the best.

  78. Honestly I clicked on amnesia set the price to half an ounce first and it said price £125 Underneath then set to 1oz and it says £13 and a warning message comes up saying

    “ This amount is available as introduction so we could build trust between shop and customers. The amount available is 1 per customer per order, if ordered more – it will be voided.”

    Believe me or not that’s what it says

    1. Interestingly old skool it appears we are both correct. Wish I could share screenshots to show categoric proof. I clicked on another strain and what you say is fact. And yet on amnesia if you click on 1oz (28g) it states a cost of £13. My guess is their web a manger has messed up the website. So I’m sorry for saying you got it wrong, but in this case I was right for the amnesia strain. Since starting this reply I I’ve looked at the other strains and amnesia is the only one that offers 1oz so my guess is a real cock up mistake there in their end.

  79. Interestingly old skool it appears we are both correct. Wish I could share screenshots to show categoric proof. I clicked on another strain and what you say is fact. And yet on amnesia if you click on 1oz (28g) it states a cost of £13. My guess is their web a manger has messed up the website. So I’m sorry for saying you got it wrong, but in this case I was right for the amnesia strain. Since starting this reply I I’ve looked at the other strains and amnesia is the only one that offers 1oz so my guess is a real cock up mistake there in their end.

    1. No worrys Minty I stumbled across this site and it ooked good,but no one seams to know anything.
      Just hopefully Jack or someone will give out some info about the site.
      I may test the water the weekend,
      But running out of money to
      Take care Minty ,stay safe to you and yours and happy hunting fella.😁

    1. Paul I dont own a handbag or man bag you nugget.lmfao…
      Stop flexing the keyboard.
      The thread is surposed to help people not muggy comments.
      But cheers fella have a great week.🖕
      Defi done here with clicky 🤡

    2. Paul, stop stirring, you are awful!! Nice use of emojis though 😁.

      Thanks for the info on 420, I did wonder, but not heard that before.

  80. I just checked on trustpilot, they have only had 1 review, which is glowing, unsurprisingly 😁.

    I have heard the number 420 re: weed a few times before. There is a forum called UK420, I don’t know if they are all connected.

    1. 420 is a code for all things weed related Rita. Dont know the derivation; why it’s the number 420? Im sure a quick Google will throw up the answer 😊

    2. UK420 forum is not connected to any of the above sites. I have been a member of the forum since 2009 and never had any problems. You can’t buy weed there. They are all about ditching the dealer and growing your own 😁

  81. Ha. Yeah. Who knew about all that grateful dead and counter-culture stuff. April 20th it is then!
    And yes Rita, I am awful sometimes 👜👜😆

  82. Must be good it’s sold out already! Any more recommendations for some one who has only had Amnesia or what ever the dealer had at the time!

  83. Did you receive a dispatch email? I ordered Friday lunch time, received email confirmation of order but still no change in the status.

    1. Al, he is really bad at updating the website status, mine usually arrives before I get dispatch notification and the status on the site changes. Don’t worry.

      1. Haha i wont worry. Actually had the dispatch email today (sunday) so its most likely been sent out for arrival eother monday or tuesday. Cant wait!

    2. Yeah, I had the confirmation dispatch email the day before, I was surprised as I’d read on here they weren’t that good with sending them.

  84. No if you look closely the minimum is 2g’s at £20ish and then if you want 4g’s you add £20ish making it £40ish (depending on what strain youve chosen)……so 40 quid for 4g’s is about right i’d say.

    1. Ah fair enough Al. I didnt see that. Its still not a very easy to follow website with all this Tea stuff making it rather confusing.
      Though I am stoned 😆

      1. All they have now is Indica heavy :-/ I already mong out enough on amnesia if I have too much. I’ll be comatosed on Indica xD

  85. @Paul…….sorry nonreply button under your comment. Id give them a try, maybe 2g’s, thats all ive ordered. I expect it tomorrow or Tuesday so ill update ya.

  86. I think the fires in Cali have had a big effect, but I thought a lot of it is domestic now? I don’t understand these droughts. Is it a ploy agreed on by the national weed dealer and street urchin trade association to hike the prices when it comes back in? 😁

    1. It wasn’t down to zero yet, there was a few days to go I was just checking how many and got a nasty surprise. Luckily my street urchin came up trumps but how long that will last…..

  87. No it’s says 4g but it’s only for 2g wouldn’t advise ordering over 7g as anything over that’s never arrives an they don’t cover your coin

  88. Hi Ian, I ordered &paid on Thursday morning. No confirmation since. This happened the first time I ordered from them, but the last few times were brilliant with communication & receiving my order in three days. Hopefully tomorrow…

  89., anyone know anything about them? I really like their edible selections, cant see to find anything about them though, no reviews though not on banned list.

  90. Hi Ben! Just placed an order for the silver haze hash! Can’t wait for it to arrive! Their amnesia haze was fantastic! But I just prefer hash so much! I’ll keep you updated.

    Note btw I use a flowermate v5 pro vape instead of smoking. Means I can get away vaping inside without getting caught!

  91. Just getting off topic. Has anyone manged to get a covid test recently?
    Its a fecking nightmare/impossible in the North East 😬

    1. I got a letter through the post from imperial college London saying I was selected at random to do a test. So I said yea and one has arrived through the post

      1. Minty, I was chosen at random too, from being a user of the Zoe app, but I couldn’t get a home test and as I don’t have a car I couldn’t go to a drive through centre.

  92. Ha! Good run! I asked if they would be getting amnesia hash in cause I realy want to try that. Aparently getting more hash in soon.

      1. It’s Sativa heavy which I thought I’d go for and see what it’s like. Never had choice on hash before it was just get what your given. Giving it ago this evening, I’ll update on what I think!

        1. Epic! Thats good news Minty. I Look forward to trying it. Haven’t had hash for about 3 years and that was shitty street gear. Cheers dude 👍🏼

  93. That’s awesome to hear, was gonna try the blue cookies but decided to get skittles. Had it before and it’s part grape ape which is a great strain and I need indica dominant for my fibro. Maybe wikileaf or leafy can help you identify the strain, but at least they smoke great. I’ve only got a sapphire by storm as I’m a newbie to vaping, but you’ve got me excited to try when it comes. All the best and take care.

  94. You can practice your weed tasting skills Ian. Stick your nose in and get stuck into those notes. See if you can match the smells to what their individual specifications are 🤔.
    Or you could just smoke the stuff 😁😆.

  95. All this talk of hash is making me want some, haven’t had any in nearly 20 years. There’s a plug on telegram that everyone raves about, very tempted to order some from her.

  96. Also has any one tried the Thai Strain? At 100% Sativa I’d like to give it ago, also the price seems mental? 105 for half an oz

    1. Haven’t tried that Minty. I have tried Wedding Cake which was pretty good and another I can’t remember the name of now lol.

      What strains do you all recommend? Anyone tried skywalker?

  97. oh is that when the site went down perhaps i just chose a bad time to try them out. i bloody hope they werent raided but there is a reopening countdown on their website so hopefully it isn’t too bad whatever happened

  98. How did you order 7g of hash? Their amounts are 5 and 10? :S my 5g arrived and it was a little over 5, so I was quite happy with that.

    1. Minty you saved my blushes there dude! My mistake.
      Glad you flagged it up before I went hell for leather to get the shortfall back 😆

      1. Haha no worries! Which did you order? Silver haze Hash? I did a mix of that plus amnesia bud a few days ago in my vape and it was fantastic! Just ordered half an Oz of Stardawg so I reckon with my vape I should be good for a few months now!

        1. Yeah it was the silver haze minty. None left now so i ordered 10g of the melange morrocan as that was all they had left 😱.
          I sense another hash shortage. I bought half as a nice gesture for my ex but I think she can whistle now tbh 😆
          I was looking at those vapes the other day after you recommended it but I’ve lost the name. Could you shout it out dude? Ta

  99. Minty I ended up ordering Gorilla Glue. Any of you ever tried this?

    Honestly all these names are alien to me. On the streets I’ve never asked for names and not sure I would get it anyway. So to he honest I’ve never known what I’ve been smoking lol

  100. Joe, Gorilla Glue, when it is good, is extremely sticky hence the name, and smells very pungent. I don’t like the smell much, but it is a great smoke. I hope you enjoy it and Im sure you will 😀

  101. Order has arrived, I won’t oppen untill after work Friday when I’ll weight it. But only dispatched yesterday.

    1. Weighed in at 1/4 oz but I ordered half… do they sometimes send over multiple packages? Strange I’ve only received half of it

      1. Minty, I have heard of other people getting split orders, maybe its a stock thing, so I wouldn’t panic, but I would check with them that it isn’t a mistake if they haven’t said anything. I don’t know how good they are at replying to emails though.

        1. They replied almost instantly even at this time. Said that yes they have split the order. My mate wonders if they send them staggered so less likely of getting caught in the post. I feel like that’s a fair logic.

          1. Glad to hear its sorted. I am so jealous!! I haven’t got id to get bitcoin vouchers so I am stuck with tearooms at the moment and they are variable. Luckily my new plug has been coming up trumps lately so I haven’t been potless.

          2. That sucks about the ID thing :-/ I did mine with a drivers license after a bit of trouble. It atleast your not plotless!

  102. Im trying to place an order with their bot for the 10% discount but it won’t accept my name and address 🤷‍♂️

  103. Yeah I’m from Northern Ireland first order of 2gs arrived was wrong strain tho I ordered purp dawg an they sent lemon haze which was still good smoke. My second order was for a half oz of purp dawg and this didn’t arrive they give tracking number an just said it’s been posted from po in Manchester but no further progress then it just disappeared, I haven’t ordered from them since that.

    1. Hi M240, thats good to know. Just had confirmation from DpD they are delivering today.
      That is a relief. Just how effective it is we will wait and see.

  104. I’ve placed an order through it, only dispatched Friday so hopefully should arrive next week. Used crypto coupon option

  105. I am waiting for a non bitcoin option. If you find out that this Telegram bot uses debit card or bank transfer, please let me know! Thanks

  106. I’ve had had Amnesia and Stardawg, both get me royaly stoned, but then I don’t use every day. I also use a vape which I find gets more out your stuff than a joint. I agree it seems a little dry, but I’ve had no issue with it personally. Amnesia is my favourite so far, if they are still oppen next month I think I may order half an oz of that.

  107. That’s great to hear, glad you’ve got somewhere with it. Fingers crossed it turns up quickly for you, as it’s a shame as most people including myself have had zero issues with them.

    On another note has anyone tried the black cherry pie yet? Was considering getting 7gs next week, but it’s a bit more expensive than what I usually pay.

    1. Hi Simon, I use it sublingualy , under the tongue , a couple of drops on going to bed. Seems to work well. I have a few health probs and it definitely helps. I believe you can vape it. I have a Firefly 2+
      and bought some hemp cotton to put in the bowl then add a couple of drops to the wool and then fire up. Not yet tried it as I am happy with my regime at the mo. The oil is already decarboxilated by way of it’s processing so you have no need to further heat it to get the THC. By the way the oil I got from Heralisttea is really powerful, i know it is expensive but I consider it to be worth it.
      Hope this helps Simon.

  108. This has happened before just under a month ago, they restock in the morning then it’s all vanishing by the evening. But give it a week and all of a sudden most things will be in stock and sometimes some new things.

  109. Looking at reviews for that Hash it’s not meant to be the strongest, which I guess matches what you said, when they had stronger stuff in it vanished quickly. I managed to get some Silver Haze Hash and it turned me to jelly xD

  110. I would agree that bud received is a little dry, but I’ve got realy stoned of everything I’ve received, and I don’t think I’m a light weight. But maybe I’m wrong. I think the Stardawg I got was more potent than the amnesia, but I preferred the high I got from the amnesia. The Stardawg was too much in the head, I liked the balance amnesia gave me, full boddy high with a night bit of head high too. Could still function. Until I did enough and then that wa some done for the evening. In the end I guess everyone else reacts well. I would love to go some where it’s legal and experience what’s classified as “high grade”. Was doing some research and I found it interesting that in Amsterdam anything over 15% is illegal. Also in the 50s and 60s weed averaged 1-2%. So what we get these days blows the socks of anything from back then

    1. Also I do use a vape which will always get more from your weed than a joint. You don’t lose any to the environment which means your going to get higher for less

      1. Looking at gorilla glue that should have got you stoned with a massive boddy buzz with the Indica percentage. strange.

    2. You need to have two complaints with your medicine cure that had unwanted side effect far more easy for some what is well unfair I have plenty of experience with legal weeds in other countries, Its normally about as dry but completely different composition but not always more than usual you should expect resin secretion from the flowers or a better experience and more of a natural thing like it was at 2 percent in the 60s

      1. The Stardawg I got was covered in crystals, it was incredible and the keif I’m collecting from it is great! But I still prefer the high from the amnesia. The amnesia doesn’t have any where near as much crystals on it but still gets me realy high.

  111. Finding it strange looking at UK trust pilot. There is multiple negative reviews but no one in here seems to have realy had issues with them. I’ve now placed 4 separate orders my self and all 4 have arrived in a max of 3 working days. I’m sure if there was issues I’d have seen something here. Wonder who these people positive negative reviews are

    1. Minty, I was wondering the same. I know people do pay to have positive or negative reviews on trustpilot, and the dodgy ones usually dont get “weeded” out, but somebody really must have it in for them if thats the case. Odd!

      1. I wouldnt have thought it would affect local dealers so much, because most of their customers dont have access to bitcoin, and I also wouldn’t have thought there are so many online sellers that they would resort to that. I haven’t checked the dates of the negative reviews, maybe they have really improved since they were written? Its a mystery!

        1. Some of them are within the last few days, some claiming they send CBD not THC which is rubbish. Just doesn’t make sense

        2. I think it’s online scammers that are leaving the negative reviews. They are always promoting their scam details. And if you click into their profiles you will see they leave lots of reviews saying the same thing on other pages on trustpilot. Haha, I have too much time on my hands. Just want to help out everyone who loves 420 😀

  112. Paul and Minty, I read that post iffice one, great stuff! They do look like false reviews definitely but I still don’t understand the reason, I would have thought there were so few online places they wouldn’t need to resort to that sort of bs. Maybe its personal?

  113. is definitely a scam website, tried emailing them and the message could not be sent and my order is still processing despite them saying it would be shipped the same day.

    Everyone stay away from that website.

    1. Glen, sorry to hear that, evil scumbags! Maybe get it added to the list at the top by emailing the link beneath it? I am not sure if they are still adding to the list but worth a try. Better luck in future

  114. The silver haze was good. Ive also got the morrocon hash. Not so good at all tbh. Only good for edibles.
    And yeah its really pricey now.

  115. I’m guessing you got the dropper thc oil and not RSO. I would not use this for edibles, RSO is more suitable. With dosage always start with one and work up from there, better to take too little than too much and remember to allow enough time for it to work. With the Nerds edibles, all of these are fake edibles and the packaging can easily been found online. I wouldn’t touch these with a ten foot barge pole as you never know what’s really in them, could be THC or spice and you can never known the true mg of them.

    1. Hi Emma,

      I got the High strength Gorrilla Glue/Amnesia Haze oil, not sure if this is suitable for cooking? Tks for your feedback,


  116. Hi Glen,

    It is. I brought the gummy bears from there a few months back.

    For me I did not rate them and at £50+postage it was kinda pricey.

  117. Hang in there dude. Royal mail delivery times are shocking in some areas right now. Seems nothing is guaranteed atm.. My brownie took nearly two weeks to arrive.(1st order) lol… Hope it turns up for you. Let us know if possible.. peace

    1. Just to add to what Ja said, it’s not special delivery, it’s signed for. So it’s 1-3 working days. I’ve had 2 parcels come next day, and like 3 take 2/3 days. It’ll come dude, but I know that feeling when it doesn’t, get a bit paranoid if it’s even been sent or been seized.

  118. With this UK heading for a hard international law breaking brexit to save fishermen who only contribute 1% to the national GBP, and with a continuation of a Tory era that has now ruled this country for over a decade and looks set to even further its hold on the working class in this country, the question beckons, will cannabis ever be legalized in our lifetime (Im 33)?

    Answer is we just dont know but the pace and more importantly, the direction of the events, says that we are heading in absolutely the wrong direction.

    I used to suffer from a myriad of chronic diseases in my 20s, I spent years and years going through all kinds of issues which required me to severely alter my nutrition and more importantly my mindset. When I got on the cannabis train, my recovery was exponentially sped up, because the biggest blocker of all for me was believing mentally that I would get better. And I did get better. The human body is a marvellous thing.

    A close friend of mine suffers from a disability because of their severe rheumatoid arthritis. They smoke all day for relief. It helps them massively and it has gotten them of the horrible and torrid immuno-suppressant drugs that should really be illegal. They even put them on chemotherapy at one point to try and nuke their immune system. They would rather do all that, literally nuke the body, than believe that a herb with so much potential could be the cure to so many of our modern lifestyle ailments.

    NICE, the body that governs the standardised charter of treatment followed by the NHS still completely blocks out any mention of cannabis in its thousands of pages long guides for GPs. Its online, you can google it. GPs up and down the country can only really prescribe treatments if NICE mention it. This is all due to the fact that GPs are scared shitless from deviating from NICE. They fear legal repercussions. So while in theory the UK does allow cannabis prescriptions since 2018 (the famous case of the child whose mum smuggled thc tinctures from Amsterdam), ZERO have been given out. Thats right. Not even late stage cancer patients on their dying beds are getting cannabis in the UK.

    Meanwhile some in the Tory government have openly admitted to doing cocaine in university (and many would think still do).

    To fix all of this we MUST smoke everywhere. Normalize cannabis. Force the conservatism of the UK to accept cannabis.

    My message to sellers. Be on the side of the people. Help us help you. No one wants the UK to become another California where big pharma was replaced with big canna farms. But sellers need to respect that not everyone does cannabis for recreation and not everyone has the ability to pay premium prices.

    We are all in this together.

    1. Hi Adders, I suffered from a spinal injury when I was a lot younger – every medication for pain I’ve been tried on either causes addiction (codeine) or puts me into a zombie state.
      I tried cannabis for recreational purposes at 16 (a couple of years after my accident) and couldn’t believe the effect! I could feel the “buzzing” in my legs, a strange sensation after having very little feeling at all, and then all of a sudden my legs are “there” again (awareness), very strange. And ohhhhhhhhh goodness the BLISS of not being in pain, without feeling like a zombie.
      Finally to top it all off…. No more spasm legs at night! my legs used to dance around like they were the lord of the dance… but with THC/CBD — gone.
      I’m so happy that I can now get it online without having to go through back allys or behind the shopping center, to get a deal, looking old and dodgy trying to get a small bag.
      For the government or police, I would say – wait and watch.. if the sites selling are paying taxes, if they have setup a company (even if it does pretend to sell other items) I would say turn a blind eye. Maybe just maybe the companies selling, if they are making huge profits, could push a little of the profits over to lobby groups 🙂

      1. Hi m420
        Thats great it helps you. It really is a miracle plant. My rheumatologist agreed off the record years ago that its great for pain although she said would prefer i didnt smoke it, i love a j so went against Dr orders .Years ago the gov paid experts to do a lot of research into weed, they advised to legalise it but they ignored their advise and wasted all the money the research cost. I follow growers in US on twitter they post lots of interesting articles (and photos) the tax benefits for some states is amazing. A couple also admit they would be heading into a life of crime or live on streets if couldnt grow weed. There are so many good causes for the money plus get kids out of dealing on street corners etc. I just got a delivery today so am happy. I only know 3 open online, all mentioned on here. Cheers

  119. Emma and Ja,thankyou
    ,I’m still waiting,I’ve had no probs before with HT up until now,tracted the parcel today and it’s not moved from there local post office, since defo down to Royal Mail.
    I do highly recommend them though to anyone reading this.
    Stay safe people.💚

  120. Any of you guys have any experience with Cali weed, I’ve been out in contact with some one that sells it in the regular but I don’t understand why it’s double the price of normal stuff. Is it that much better? Thanks guys.

  121. Minty, in my experience it is an excuse to charge more. They may be cali strains, but they are usually grown here, and it all depends who grew it, and how nicely it has been treated. Try a little bit as a tester, you may be lucky, but all the “cali” I have experienced off street sellers is not worth double!

    1. Get a weed pipe, convenient and economic, you waste loads in joints I think. I have a pipe then a rollie to follow so you get the “mixture” effect of a joint but not the wasted weed.
      I would like a dry herb vape, maybe for xmas!

      1. I’ve got a vape and I love it. I get far far far higher than I ever did off joints. But I do like the head rush from smoke that you don’t get from the vape.

        1. I think it was you that said you had a flowermate 5 pro (or similar) ? It sounded good, so I checked it out, and it is probably the one I will get when I finally do.
          That you still like a joint now and then is interesting, there is something a bit “missing”?
          I will still get one though, better for my lungs I think!

        2. Yeah it’s me that recommended the flower mate pro. Love it. Your right the lungs is a great plus, and you don’t leave your house smelling of weed so you can get away with smoking inside. It’s so much more convienet and it is what I prefer. Just kind of fancy sparking up for old times sake. Maybe I should buy a little pipe. Or try a bong 😛 never have them ago. Herd it gets you high fast

  122. Minty, ah the many and varied ways of smoking weed! Back in the hash era, I probably tried all of them, including hot knives, a method involving a pint glass and a drawing pin, chillums, bongs….then cheap hash disappeared and weed became too expensive to experiment with. Its a small pipe now!

      1. Thanks for the recommendation Minty, I try and vape I’ll look at the flowermate too. For me it’s the lungs too, I don’t use tobacco, but smoking still gives me a bit of a cough and the smell is very overpowering.

    1. The drawing pin method was called glasses. Hot knives needed a gas cooker and two large knives, you had to get a glass milk bottle and go to a sink, then throw a knife hard against the base, the bottom would come clear off. You cut up small lumps of resin and a mate heated the knives until red hot, then drop a piece of resin on a knife and push the 2 together. The person with the bottle then had to suck like hell with your mate’s shouting to keep sucking, it devastated you, then someone else would be inline.
      The hash back then had more than 2% of of active ingredient. I’ve been to the dam and grown different strains over the years. Google Giles Carlyle Clarke, I went to his coming home party from an Amarican supermax. He had a yacht and believe he managed to smuggle 60 tons of morrocon hash into the states. I know him well.
      My guy has let me down on some hash, I can buy it but it’s a 300 mile round trip, and with the lockdown it’s difficult.
      Join a private group or forum. I can get real good weed and vap oil, it’s just I don’t like the real strong strains anymore, and at the moment that’s all they have. I don’t use Bitcoin or the dark web. There’s groups on whatapps and telegram.
      Best of luck folks, and you helped me from getting scammed, so keep up the good work. If I can help in the future I will. But it’s still illegal. I used cbd flowers to burn hash, tobbaco is not my thing. Thanks.

      1. AJ, a story about hot knives – we were all really stoned, and the guy holding the knives had never done it before. After managing to pick up the hash and get the other knife on it, instead of sticking it in the bottle, he missed, went under the bottle and managed to brand the other guy in the neck! I suppose it wasn’t so funny for him, he probably still has the scar, but we thought it was hilarious at the time. Happy days!

  123. People have said before that they get shitty realy easily :-/ I think they are seen as good untill they aren’t and when they aren’t they are angry :-/

    1. They advertise for medical use,but don’t take into consideration that some of us rely on herb to keep your head together,I have bad PTSD from a paragliding accident,gone through every Pharmaceutical they try to give me,so this order was to get me through the lockdown,due to being total anti Pharmaceuticals.
      Very shoddy way of working if they can’t take abit of slack regarding orders.
      I’m self employed Minty so 200 quid is alot of money to gamble with when we got lockdown tomorrow.
      Had no problems with them before they got my rant email.
      If things change and my orders come through,I will rectify my review,but I feel I’ve got more chance of finding Unicorn eggs.
      I’d welcome them if they send a rant email wanting to come round my yard to exsplain things to me,like a previous review on here.
      Stay safe Minty.

    1. Paul, I certainly hope not. I could do without them being raided, they are the only ones that don’t want bitcoin! They don’t do paypal anymore since someone opened a paypal case with them, I will be truly stuck if they disappear. Also, I hope they don’t keep records of customer details for the bizzies to find 😱

  124. Oh so It was then saying your a grass not you actually being a grass. And damn that’s mental. I don’t even know what to think over all that

  125. Just because you guys are so awesome wanted to pick your brains. Any of you got any experience on “pollen” I’ve only ever herd of hash my self. But I’ve started to hear mention of Pollen and not realy sure on the difference. Any of you got any clue?

    1. Hi Minty,
      Pollen is a type of hash, often light brown in colour. Generally the ones ive had have been really high quality, pretty strong, nice flavour, smooth to smoke and quite unique really. For example the ones I used to get were really tasty and generally nicer than regular hash – but again it depends what type of hash.
      Just like skunk, you could have a good one or a less good one, so see what you think. I’ve bought it in the more high end coffee shops in Amsterdam and it’s been one of the best smokes I’ve ever had. Hope that helps.

      1. That’s loads of help 🙂 found some one selling lemon Kush pollen. Can’t order yet but I may do later in this month if I have some spare chash!

  126. Its probably really easy to look up but I’ve never bothered and even had this conversation a few weeks back. We don’t know. Something to do with the keif?
    I found it very light and crumbly and made me paranoid AF when I tried some a few years back.
    Hope it isn’t the keif coz ive got loads gathering up…🙄

    1. When I googled it people seemed vague. Like they pretty much said what you did. High quality keif used to make high quality hash that crumbles. But people are really vague about what it’s like. Some saying it’s normal. Some saying it’s super strong just was wandering if any of you guys I’ve experience using it

      1. As I recall Minty, it didn’t last 5 minutes and made me paranoid and, worse, anxious. But maybe that was my frame of mind. It was strong though.

    1. Yeah fingers crossed you get at least some of it dude.
      Sounds like they’re probably a bit embarrassed for being such tit-ends 😄.

  127. I don’t understand why Royal Mail are struggling so much with lockdown, but then I don’t know how the system works. Something I just bought on Ebay took 2 weeks instead of 3-4 days. 🙄

  128. They’re bloody awful OSN. Jesus what the fuck have they been taking? Sounds like the confused mind of the paranoid crackhead to me.
    I have no doubt whatsoever that they won’t make good with their threats. Just chalk it off dude and move on would be my advice. We’ve all fallen foul of scams or rip-offs, sadly.
    Don’t let them live rent free in your head!
    And if it turns up its a bonus 👍🏼

    1. I agree Paul, Its not good for you being so wound up about something, it affects everything. I personally never buy more than I can wave goodbye to without stressing too much. I don’t think its a good idea to open cases etc. There is no way I want to draw my banks attention to what I have been buying just in case – it is still illegal after all!

      1. I remember Paul. Im just glad everything turned out well in the end. Good to hear the last one showed up too, happy days! Imagine phoning customer services and hearing “Please hold, I’m just transferring you to our kneecapping department…..” 😂

      2. Well i certainly won’t be ordering from them now. And i order on a regular basis.
        So they don’t get my vote if its any consolation OSN.
        Id watch this space. I have a mate setting up soon so I might be able to help out the odd request.
        If he grows decent stuff 🤞🏼

      3. Hi Old Skool, maybe its my age, or maybe its paranoia, but I do worry that I am actually doing something illegal that could come on top for me at some point. I don’t know how, but I still feel uneasy about it all. Its only being desperate for a smoke that drives me to it, and I would definitely go the bitcoin route if I could.
        My way is to be as stealthy as I can and try not to draw anyones attention to it. I even worry about our postman!

  129. Glen, it is a gen site, and it isnt just cbd. Someone on this thread has a dispute with them at the moment and a war of words is going on, but I have never had a problem with them. I would try a small order to test it, and be prepared for postal delays at the moment, but mine has always arrived quickly. Good luck

    1. Aw Rita. What a heartfelt sentiment you’ve shared.
      I feel your pain pet. I really do.
      Listen I wasn’t going to say anything just yet, but I might be able to help a select few people in the future.
      Would save you dealing with cowboys and plugs.
      Sounds like the title of a really bad movie 😆
      Anyway hope you’re ok 👍🏼

        1. Hi Rita
          I have used same guy for 12 years quality weed/hash only never had once and that wis mid may
          Been smoker for 40 years but ordered a vape to cut tobacco from weedstrainsuk without finding this info
          It’s been in oxford for 2days,con twats
          If your ever stuck,happy to help

    1. Glen, dont worry about that, mine has arrived before the status has changed on the site before now. It is usually despatched on the next working day, but with the post being covid-slow again, its anybody’s guess when it will get to you unfortunately. Maybe your area will be ok. Good luck

      1. Thanks Rita, i know Royal Mail are really slow atm. I ordered from a site called Liquid last Friday and normally i’d have the order by now.

  130. They have been out of stock for several months :-/ but I have had a different one before, Pineapple Express from America. I took one deep toke and was stoned so fast it was mental

  131. Thanks for that old skool. I definitely wouldn’t be happy if I was on the receiving end of that kind of email either!
    I have no photo id, which was why I couldn’t get bitcoin, but I will check into the vouchers again and see if I can work anything out.
    You stay safe too

  132. spectrorganics looks like lies straight away to me but will not knock em yet tell us how it goes good luck to ya 🙂 lots of things are county regional differences that accounts for things not arriving that is forever unfair on everyone

  133. Hi all, I use them all the time and they are always good and do deliver… what I’ve found, it looks like they only work monday~friday.. If I order on a Sat/Sun my order is usually here on the Wednesday. If I order on a monday it can be Thurs/Fri before delivery, I dont think the issues are with tearooms themselves but more royal mail. However saying that people have said there customer service is shocking. I’ve not experienced that at all, they are always very polite and helpful to me. Sometimes there are delays in delivery but I for one am a very happy customer.

    1. Was it surface 1st class or signed , signed is a funny one, I decided to spot the postie and wait at door and grab him and he did a looped back with a silly excuse why it was a week plus wait, and voided the trash basket. great fun?

  134. where are you in Portugal. I was there in the spring and stayed at Tavira. I can tell you where to find a guy or two who will get you morrocon hash. If you are near Tavira I can even give you a mobile number of a guy who sells there. He only does hash, not weed.

  135. I have had no problems either, I don’t understand why some seem to have a totally different experience. I have emailed them and been answered promptly and politely, and I have always got my orders pretty fast. Its hard to believe its the same company other people have such a hard time with.

    1. I’m the same, no issues. I’m a big believer in manners, polite to me and you’ll get the same back. Be a dick, and I’ll be your worst nightmare haha. You hear about the responses, but not what started them, only what happens after the first email. I’ve used them 4 times now, and no major issues other than not sending dispatched emails until after I’ve received the goods, hardly the end of the world. I think what people fail to realise is that we’re participating in illegal activity and once it’s been posted it’s out of their hands, they aren’t liable if it goes missing, it’s down to royal fail, kicking off after 2 days gets you nowhere. Also when it’s sent signed for, the only tracking is when it’s accepted at the post office, then nothing until it’s handed over to the receiver.

  136. They do seem a bit low on stock, kind of glad I’ve got about 3/4 of an oz in my jar atm. Amensia is my fav from them so far, the silver haze hash turns me to jelly and is great when I want to sleep 😛

  137. Looked to good to be true but spectrorganics poo almost sounds like a virus, the mushrooms looked good too, use to be legal for a short while ages ago use to get philosophers truffles did the the weekend nice.

  138. What is this place I happen to be daft honestly, its like a learning curve for the graduating crimes department who would.. nothings!

  139. Coolio glad ur sorted
    Nothing worse than not having
    If u do ever get caught short,let me know and we can work something out ,no charge,my payment is helping a friend in need

  140. I am allergic to the price tag and not ready to go cryptic not care if it was Californian or not very unfair like most things nowadays in extortion but massively in extort in uk. In comparison to parts of the world just not right, its possible to pay 10£ a gram in uk on animals, just not right.

  141. Covid is just blast holes in the stratosphere that is abundant in over 3000 viruses . If they can do that and drop cargo of on mars and extort weather modifications and air space and get televised getting stoned why cannot I?

  142. Nhs over concern and influence on it will make it useless for everyone other than cripples and epileptics as it is , medical mj should come after recreational . Unfair for medical professionals jobs and encourages the snake oil salesmen weirdos

  143. Im going to start marking people down on here for spelling and grammar.
    Im serious. Jesus guys. Their? There?
    No finger pointing but im not having being stoned as an excuse for not employing legible language.
    Shape up dudes 😤
    Seriously though…🤔

  144. Hey guys.

    I placed an order with HT 7 days ago and it’s still saying “awaiting processing”. I’ve also not received any response to emails I’ve sent querying if it has been shipped.

    I know people have said in the past they don’t always update shipping and have had problems contacting the company.

    I have a feeling I’m not gonna receive my order but maybe I’m just being impatient?

  145. Pingu
    I ordered from HT monday received today.
    It could be the post.
    You could try contacting on FB or twitter , hopefully just slow post and you are correct they do not always update
    Goodluck hope it arrives

    1. Took your advice and contacted them again.

      They confirmed they are currently getting a resupply so fingers crossed all is resolved 🙂

      1. Hi Pingu, I’m also waiting for HT, they are normally very good. I’m waiting on a vape cart, and some flower. I’ve got my fingers crossed for today, they said if I don’t get the vape by the weekend they will refund. Fingers crossed.

        1. Hey m420, did you receive anything from HT yet?

          I received a similar message re vapes last week and tried contacting them again yesterday but haven’t heard anything.

          Been nearly two weeks now and just don’t want the order being forgotten about.

  146. Good news for ya’ll without bitcoin 👏🏼.
    I didnt have much of a positive experience with them personally. Comms were weirdly fucked up somehow so I lost interest. Still, id still rather use big dan as a reserve than those crackerjacks at HT!

    1. Shame about your mate, I must get something together myself, it just seems like a lot to do and a lot of research and I am very lazy 😴.
      Luckily my new local connection is working out, but its nice to have somewhere for emergencies or just for something a bit different.
      I am glad I am not relying on online sellers but its great that they are there!

  147. Hi Rita/everybody :growing weed isn’t easy, I used to grow 😝😙 for 8 years so I will place a guide for beginners
    Biggest killer is OVERWATERING
    Firstly you can obtain seeds from rhino seeds or discount cannabis seeds
    Things you will need:
    Ericaceous compost(weed prefers less acidic soil)
    Organic compost(miracle grow is gd)
    Spray bottle
    1x hps min 400w (I’ve used led and not as good)
    Timer plug
    .3l + 10l plant pots
    ADVANCED:-digital ph meter
    Ph level down,
    to bring ph of water down to 6.3
    Vermiculite :
    aids in water retention and root grow
    Digital thermometer:
    Plants can endure 17-33c
    All can be bought on eBay and prowgrow for lights/nutrients

    Normal tap water ok but put in open containers for 2 days to evaporate chlorine reducing ph

    So you need to germinate seeds:2 methods either place seed in dampened paper towel or in a dish leave on top of warm/not to hot though and in the dark
    2-3 days later should have a taproot ,leave till over 1cm
    Put ericaceous soil in .3 l pot
    Lights for vegging(growing,blue hps light) put on cycle 18 on 6off best to do light start at 6pm(cheaper electricity)
    Spray with bottle 2-3 times daily(not soaking)
    Light should be 18inches above
    Do this for 2-3 weeks:this is establishing phase
    Once plant has big leaves and stalk is thick(established)its time for vegging phase(grow/blue bulb)
    At this point you need to exchange air in growroom because unlike other plants/trees who breathe in co2 and exhale oxygen Cannabis plants inhale oxygen and exhale co2.Usually done via air pumps in(oxygen) and out(co2)

    Replant into a mix(autoflower feminised seed mix)
    3 parts ericaceous
    3 parts Organic compost. 2. Perlite 1 vermiculite . Now she is in vegging phase she gets a pint of water every 3 days for 2 weeks increasing to litre(rule of thumb if insert finger into soil and dry for inch,little more water) some people veg for 2 weeks but most are 4-5 weeks ideal (when changed to flower,plants double in size ) Flower phase (bud/red bulb) Now Lights onto 12 on 12 off. ADVANCED. 2nd and 3rd week add big bud nutrients following guide. Put heating on to simulate summer(flower phase). Same watering routine,usually 5-8 weeks off flower. When buds ooze trichomes and 60% buds turn orange hairs Don’t water for 2 days before harvest. Now you dry buds in dark airy room for 3 days Then put into a dark sealable container for first week open 2 times daily and shake to exchange air after 1 wk once a day 2 weeks later(3in total) Happy days!!

    1. Dveteran, this is very helpful, thanks.
      I was hoping to go with LEDs to use less electric, but you don’t recommend them? I have started a bit of research but it seems so daunting.

      I grew some very basic plants many years ago. I started off with 25 random seeds I had saved, but after the males were removed there were 8. I finally ended up with 5 good female plants, but I must have made a mistake with the light times and 2 of them turned hermaphroditic and pollenated a lot of my female flowers, so they had to be harvested before they went to seed – not a great success! I did get about bit of smokeable weed out of the whole thing, but not much and it wasnt the best. It was an interesting experiment at the time, with free seeds and ordinary potting compost, tapwater and a fishtank grolux light combined with daylight , but this time I would be doing it properly with decent seeds so its more important to get it right.
      Thanks again for the info!

      1. It was 5 years ago when I used led my first light grew but didn’t flower that good and found that my light only had 6 spectrum range so I bought a 8 spectrum and it grew ok but yield was only 1 oz of bud which is difference from throwing seeds in dirt as opposed to good research.So I moved back to hps where my last yield was 2x big bag(11.5oz) and 2 x critical(10oz) on a 600w ballast which can support more plants but I like more light less plants (bigger yield)
        You should get decent led lights now just make sure it’s 10 band through spectrum

        1. Thanks dveteran, thats really useful. I am going to start getting equipment together so if I have any questions I will ask you if thats ok? Its nice to have advice from someone who has done it.

          1. Of course you can ask anytime.Paul is correct with the tent because it contains light you don’t have to board up window which means when on dark you open tent and window to flush co2 out and replenish with oxygen 😜

  148. Buy Jorge Cervantes book Rita.
    I grew from scratch years ago and with no outside help I managed to grow 4 or 5 plants every few months for 2 years so definitely a must have.
    Tried to send a link but its a very famous book. Np finding a copy.

    1. I just looked it up, sounds good, I might order myself a copy. (I found you can download his books free online in pdf for those of you with a pc or a device with enough space).
      I have to make a start and sort out my grow room first, it is full of junk that needs sorting through but I am just so lazy 🙄 I think maybe I smoke too much!

      1. I know its about 20quid but definitely better to have the book. Id find myself carrying around a lot. When I was checking the plants, getting right stuff at hydroponics and garden centres etc. Just a very well thumbed book. Dont get the free pdf coz it’ll just add so much hassle and time to your grow Rita 🙁
        He must be a wealthy man now. Its years old and still hasn’t been bettered.

  149. I want to see a few orders come through first just to make sure they are legit. But their prices almost feel too good to be true especially with the Cali strains! Maybe that’s me being cynical!

  150. Minty, the site and prices look much the same as before, they advertise temple balls but I never saw them in stock, they usually have 3 or 4 strains going but it seems to be just cali for now. I dont know about edibles or oils as I only buy flowers. It works out pretty good if you buy 7g, similar to street prices for cali.

    1. I’m going to have to keep an eye on the temple balls! Let me know if you get any orders from them, be great to get some positive reviews. But those temple balls are like 30 quid cheaper than in America!

  151. I’ve seen some one mention that they are only dispatching once or twice a week? But I hope this isn’t some one pretending to be them to chance sales and make a quick buck :-/

    1. Minty, the message came from their whatsapp account, I just checked and the bank sort code is the same so I am pretty sure its them. I ordered on Monday but missed the 12 oclock deadline so I had to wait for the Thursday sendout,. I got a message this morning to sày my gorilla glue has been despatched. Just got to keep fingers crossed for the post service now!

      1. Hi Emma, it arrived today!! Not like the very first time I bought it, but still a very nice smoke. I would definitely get it again. I usually get stardwag, but that is £10 dearer for 7g and I reckon its just as good.

  152. thanks Minty, got mine today – thanks everyone, you are all so supportive. great to have found this little thread 🙂

  153. Wow Glen that was fast! Your postie must be on the ball. I got a message saying mine was despatched yesterday but I am not expecting it until Monday knowing our postman. He seems to have gone to a 2 day week since covid 🙄

    1. I know i was shocked at how fast it arrived, especially with all this covid stuff slowing everything down. You never know your order mite arrive tomorrow, i’ve had orders from HT arrive on a Saturday.

  154. Laira, I think you would be ok as long as you put the order number as your reference. If you are really worried, maybe just abandon that first order and start again. You should be given a new order number. Good luck

    1. Thank u lovely, this thread has helped me sooo much. I feel i know u all a bit from ready through all the comments & info.xx

  155. adders I tried it and have put 2nd order in had years ago too enjoyed then
    Loved it a nice change …….very smooth long lasting happy high great for tunes blasting
    Hi Rita any recmd strains from them ? Did u get yours ? Start that grow good advice info on here

  156. I placed an order on Friday and paid. Not had any confirmation since. Starting to get a bit nervous now, sent an email yesterday not heard anything yet. Fingers crossed they’re just real busy. Hope so as I gave them my last pennies, only have 9.50 in my bank now until pay day! Will post an update if I hear anything.

  157. Thanks JJ think i will order some soon,
    Goodluck Miguel you can not go wrong with the main 4 sites mentioned here. Let us know what strain you get and how it is..

  158. Hey Miguel I used to live in Med hat, Alberta as you know Canada now legal recreational.I reconnected with an old friend a month ago and I ordered vapes and weed from his local dispensary which he posted and one arrived today
    Can you not get one of your mates to send goods for you
    Regards ehhh

  159. Sweet, thanks for the delivery postman. Took 13 days but was international mail but well worth the wait
    One og kush disposable vape, had 2 puffs and am wrecked but it is 84% thc
    Other one a nice chemdog 510 cart.Hopefully my other order comes tmrw
    White widow cart
    Super sour diesel 510 cart
    1/8 cherry punch , hybrid 29% thc
    1/2 oz of rockstar kush, indica 24%
    Happy days 😁🤪

      1. Second part cane yesterday new vape on menu 93%!
        I get it sent to me by my old mate in Canada where I used to live bud.Straight from dispensary and Canada not on watch list either
        I did try to put details up before but it got deleted ?

  160. Update. My order arrived today (the 24th) so I’m really happy. I think maybe they just get so busy they can’t keep on top of emails because I didn’t have any confirmation or anything but it’s turned up and is what I ordered. Thumbs up from me.

  161. Gosh Paul that surprises me, actually first time I’ve heard of goods not arriving from them. Perhaps still in the post?

  162. Not again Paul! You missed the Thursday deadline but they should have posted it in Monday. They haven’t been great with confirmation, so I hope it turns up for you soon.

  163. Hi ive just come across your comment and the ht website as a result. Wow looks really good and the prices seem decent compared to most so can we really say it’s all about the money with them. Some of their labels say us import and its still at a decent price. Are all of their products uk grown as most if not all of them are advertised in packs and tins. What exactly happened with your experience?

  164. Sound like you’ve been around for a while. Who’s mr b flowers? This thread hasnt been around for years so where else would have people been discussing other vendors? thanks

  165. Not saying he’s a scammer. Just the worst of the weed sites for comms. Its like the guy doesn’t know how to use email….