Buying Weed Online? Beware Of These Online Cannabis Scams In The UK

If you type in ‘buy weed online UK’ you’ll be presented with a number of online shops claiming to sell cannabis. While many may look and sound convincing, most of these are scams. 

What’s most to hate about these sites is that they often target people who are in poor health and are desperate for relief. 

I’ve personally heard from people suffering from cancer, chronic pain, debilitating anxiety and much more who have been scammed out of hundreds of pounds. 

For some reason, Google takes no action against these sites and continues to list them in their search results. And unfortunately it’s also very hard to find any reviews or warnings about these sites anywhere on the internet.

So, before you go giving them your hard earned money, check to see if they are featured on our list below of scam sites. 

The sites we’ve published below are ones that have been confirmed to have ripped people off. Steer clear!

If you are looking for a safe and reliable way to buy weed online in the UK, we’ve got another article detailing your options: Read: How To Buy Weed Online In The UK

If you are interested in CBD flower or hemp flower, you can buy it from a number of legitimate online shops here in the UK: Read: Buy CBD Flower In The UK

How they scam you… 

We’ve noticed that a lot of these scammers use the same techniques to fleece as much money as possible from their victims. 

First, you’ll be pushed to buy larger quantities. Many sites, for example, have a minimum order of one ounce. This is because they know they can only dupe each person once, so they try to make each scam as profitable as they can. 

The seller will also often request payment in Amazon or iTunes gift cards. These can then be sold on ebay in order to be monetised. Additionally, Bitcoin and bank transfer are common payment methods. 

These devious scammers don’t stop there. After your order doesn’t arrive and you let the scammers know, they will often request that you pay a further amount of money to cover so-called postage, customs or insurance costs. This way they can hit you twice. 

Confirmed scam websites (this will be updated)

  • Caliweed.UK
  • – and the ‘delivery company’ they use:
  • (‘delivery company’ – Metro Kargo Logistics)

If you have been scammed and can add to this list, please do get in touch by emailing

We would like to thank the team at for helping us compile this list. They, like us, were upset by the number of vulnerable people being conned out of large sums of money by nefarious websites claiming to sell cannabis. is one of the UK’s leading CBD flower suppliers with ambitions to sell THC-rich strains once the law changes. Visit them here.

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295 Comments on “Buying Weed Online? Beware Of These Online Cannabis Scams In The UK”


  2. I got scammed this weekend by ukweedonline,its not on the confirmed list you have put up,just making everyone aware..if anyone knows of a genuine seller please let me know.

        1. hey Ricardo, I know some guys who ship cannabis oil to Portugal? It’s amazing stuff, we use it regularly. My brother smokes it in spliffs and vapes it, I put it in my tea and coffee. I find it’s a lot cleaner and lasts for hours.
          good luck dude!!!

        2. Hey Ricardo, this stuff is a thc oil and is genuinely incredible.I tried cbd but not for me to be honest.
          the potency of their current batch is amazing, it’s made from gelato…….mmmmmm lush lol

          1. they’re really transparent and reliable, point being, email them directly:
            I know they’re online today as my brother (he lives in Rhodes, Greece) put in an order about 20 minutes ago.
            I buy 5 at a time to get a deal but they have different options.
            Hope this helps

        3. something else they do which is reassuring is they send you a picture of the postage receipt with the tracking number so you can track it. My brother has been ordering it to greece for over 2 years now and has never not received his package (there is absolutely no smell as its in a sealed syringe, so happy days!)

    1. I’m not sure if anyone will read this but just to give people some piece of mind I have been buying from dankys and herbalist tea rooms(on twitter) and everything I have bought has been spot on in weight and quality.
      Delivery is 2 days if you order on a weekday.
      It’s not cheap but quality over quantity everytime is my motto.
      Happy hunting guys.

  3. Surely it is best to only spend a small amount. Rule out any that require big minimum spend, write the money you spend off and assume the purchase is going to be a scam then if you are pleasantly surprised it is a bonus!

  4. Hey guys, I’ve recently made an order for two 4.5g’s from NextDayWeed about a week or so ago and still havent received anything, they say on their site allow up to a werk but was just wondering had anyone ordered from there and not received anything too? I ordered last year from them they came on point the next day

      1. hi do you know th site buyweediceland.
        they make the possebilety to pay half now and the other half wen i get my pakage…
        do you think this is a scam can you help me or anibody.
        NDWUK jus send to uk i am in portugal

    1. It says on their webpage to contact them and they will try and locate it for you,I know people who have used these guys before without any issues so i wouldn’t worry.

  5. Thank you so much for this Jack, I was just looking for an alternative to Dankys as their site is closed – I hope temporarily- and I was nearly tempted by budmax. I am so glad you do this, you are saving a lot of innocent and slightly daft and desperate people like me a lot of money. Keep it up and keep yourself safe x .

    1. I got scammed by London buds on snapchat londonpostal420 ordered an oz of wedding cake an he took the money and didn’t post the weed

      1. Bad times. Loathesome people man…
        Try Weedzy. Can take a while but good quality stuff.
        Maybe dont buy so much on your first purchase?
        Good luck dude.

          1. It is yeah. Ive written 3 reviews of my experience (ridiculous waiting times for delivery) on trustpilot if you want to check it out. But yeah, its legit!

  6. Hi, I was just looking at their site and I am happy to see they take payment by Amazon gift card instead of just bitcoin, which I can’t do.

    Let us know if your order turns up if you would – there are so many scammers out there!

    Good luck

    1. Hi Rita,
      I’m the same, not too savvy with bitcoin so used the Amazon giftcard method which adds a 10% fee. So for SourGrapefruit Kush at 3.5g (£36) after fee I just rounded the giftcard to £40.
      Checked junkmail folder and found regular order updates with “order dispatched” email received first thing this morning… and a polite message explaining possible delays due to Covid-19.
      I’ll update when it arrives… I’m pretty confident 😀

    2. You’ll be glad to know my order arrived today!!….just before having to buy overpriced street cali crap.
      Now get this for peace of mind, my SourGrapefruit Kush came sealed in a heat sealed bag for the amount purchased, which was inside another heat sealed bag inside a dvd sized box inside the heat sealed postage bag. Now my dog who always shows interest in the aroma of fresh bud didn’t show any interest as I showed each packet to him lol.
      p.s also came with a business card containing a 10% discount code 🙂

      1. That’s great news,could you tell me the website you bought from because I’m in the same situation as you.

      2. Hi again, I just put my order in for 3.5g, but I got charged 15% on the Amazon card bringing it from £36 to £41.40, so I am jealous you got charged less! Never mind though, I will be happy with that if it turns up, better than £40 for 2 bags of bad quality rubbish I last bought off the estate kids :/

        1. Hmm don’t get why they charged extra 5%. I’ll be ordering a larger amount next time to make use of this 10% off voucher. Has your order arrived yet Rita?

  7. I’ve just bought some gummie bears and strawberry syrup both thc from the web and it came 1st class delivery today and I ordered it on the 4th! They are called drip and trip on twitter,they take PayPal awsell so that’s great..I really hope you get your delivery I’m sure you will.

    1. Thanks for that, I will check them out, sounds delicious 🙂 I have had notification this morning that my order is being processed, so fingers crossed!

      1. They don’t sell flower just gummies,syrup and oil,very reasonably priced when you break it down.i have my fingers crossed for you would you mind letting us know when it arrives?

        1. I will, hopefully the post wont take too long!

          I just went on twitter and found drip and trip but I dont know how you order, do they have a shop site? I have a twitter account but I never used it so I dont really know what I am doing!

          I will definitely let you know when it arrives.


          1. This is what I did,I emailed him from the website address because they are updating a buying option on their site,he sent me a menu,I picked what wanted then he sent a PayPal address for you to send your money too.When paying use the “pay a friend”option on PayPal he then sent me an email to confirm .if you need anymore help get back to me.

    2. I have been ordering from these guys for over a month now and my order keeps getting bigger every time lol they are extremely genuine and their products are amazing not sure what I prefer between the gummy Bears and the syrups.
      Funnily enough I came across these guys as they also do the rso oil, I bought a full batch for my uncle who has prostate cancer so far so good he’s PSI count has already dropped,🤞❤️👊

      1. That’s fantastic news about your uncle and I’m really glad you have had positive buying experiences with them,I’ve only heard good reports about them and yours is another one…great products,great service and well priced…hope your uncle gets well soon.

        1. Thank you shouting from the roof tops about these guys currently as we had awful experiences trying to locate proper oil from genuine people. These lads are amazing and I wish them all the success in the world ♥️🙌💪👍👊

          1. The gummy bears waste me man. And I consider myself pretty hardcore. Pretty good stuff. Dont take more than 3 at a time!

      1. hey callum,
        hope you are well 🙂
        i contact them through myherbalchoice
        im not very social media savvy so their twitter and instagram i didnt bother with them.
        i cant speak highly enough of them (ive now tried their gummy bears OMG LOL!).
        GOOD LUCK!!!
        have a great day

      2. Hi Callum
        The website that james mentions is correct,email him and he will send you a price list,order what you want then he sends you a paypal account name,pay money to the account and in a few days it’s at your door and its wicked stuff aswell.

        1. Glad you are all getting a good service.
          The rso stuff they do is actually bringing my uncles psi count down, it’s unbelievable 🙌💪♥️
          They also recommended a documentary to watch about a guy called Rick Simpson, it’s on YouTube proper its unbelievable this out on every front page, news station etc makes you wonder why…… £££$$$$€€€€

      3. hi paul, theres no reply button underneath your comment but if you search for myherbalchoice you should find what youre looking for. all the best

        1. Thanks Callum. Sadly it’s just a bunch of American sites.
          Doh. I keep missing out on all the deals 🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. Thanks a lot, I thought I was going mad! I had a hard time even finding them at first – Im not good at this stuff!

  9. Hi all
    Can anyone tell me if next day weed is a scam? it says to be able to get the full website to pay £12 annual fee I have paid this fee and there is literally nothing new on the site?

    1. Apparently it’s legit I haven’t used them personally but I know weedzy is legit because people on here have used them and they take Amazon gift cards as payment instead of bitcoin which not many folk understand,I used drip n trip on twitter but they only sell syrup,oil and gummie bears,you pay with PayPal and it arrived the next day.
      Good luck with whoever you use and I hope you dont get scammed.

      1. 420Place UK Is part of this website as well, they are supposed scammers, will be interesting to see if you get your product and if it actually is any good. Hope you do and I hope it is. 👍

        1. I got my products recorded delivery and it’s very good,my tolerance to thc is quite high so I was skeptical at first.I would recommend them if your looking for something other than flower.Im going to try and buy some flower from the USA and see how that plays out.

      2. I’ve used weedzy for last three months as well as five of me pals we had at least twenty orders between us and every one has come delivery can take 7 to 14 days but can highly recommend and confirm this site is real

        1. Thanks Andy. Tbf they did respond yesterday saying 80% of their stuff arrives within 7 days but many on here and trustpilot complaining of longer arrival times. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Doesn’t help when I haven’t had a smoke now since my go-to-guy suddenly disappeared last week so I’ve not had a J for 10 days now. 😟

        2. Day 8. Post just been.
          No stuff….
          Naw, it don’t look good.
          If they offered a secure postal service it would be 100% better.
          I’m gonna try Dankys. Danksys??
          Weedzy pfft. May not be a scam but they’re friggin amateurs at the basics like post. The only method of delivery and they can’t get it right. Comes down to pot luck with them, excuse the pun.

          1. I hate to tell you, but before they closed for lockdown (mainly due to post problems) I waited 11 days for my last Dankys order. I would blame the post at present, not the sellers. Good luck

          2. I spoke with my postie today about deliveries and he said everyday is like xmas post at the moment so hopefully you’ll get it soon I hope you do mate.

          3. Has it still not arrived Paul? I was going to put another order in but I am not sure now 🙁

  10. I’ve seen 420PlaceUk on a few ‘Scam Website’ lists.
    Lee bought from a different named company, but they refer to themselves in their notes near the end of their webpage, as 420PlaceUk.

        1. I agree.
          Got some lovely Grapefruit today 👍🏼. Going to try wedding cake next 40% Sativa, 60% Indica and 20+ THC and less than 5% CBD so should be a knockout 😌.

          Dankys Lemon is the biz as well, btw.

  11. Thanks Lee. I’ve messaged drip n trip and they don’t have any vape carts at the moment.
    Anyone else got a link a for reliable vape carts please?

  12. I see that danky’s is re-opening from the 1st of july and only ever heard good things about them,
    any one know what payment they accept?

      1. No I haven’t used them before, I’ve never brought online and am a bit wary but have heard that Dankys are legit.

      2. Hi again, I used Dankys about 5 times, then they closed for lockdown, much to my disappointment! Thats why I have been looking elsewhere, I will be going back to them when they reopen, as they do bank transfer and no messing about with bitcoin, or amazon card percentages added. They charge £2 p+p (at least they did before they closed, I hope things are the same)

    1. Hi, I was using dankys until they closed for lockdown, never had a problem so far. They take direct bank transfer which is great for me. You put your order in, they give you a reference number and bank details and you make a payment to them. Very straightforward and good stealth. I am still waiting for my weedzy order so Im starting to worry….

      1. That’s great news that dankys take bank transfer, I really don’t fancy mucking about with bitcoin. As i said on their web page it says they’re gonna re-open 1st July so I will wait till then, thank you and good luck with your weedzy order..fingers crossed for ya.

        1. Hi Marie, yes they do, I was worried about that at first because I couldn’t find the details and thought it might be just me! Use the order number they send you as payment reference when you pay, and it is pretty straight forward. When your payment has gone through they send an email, then another when it has been sent.

  13. Herbalistick, your reply button has disappeared! No, I haven’t received my order yet, I am hoping it is just slow post, they did send me a message saying it had been sent on Saturday, but it probably only got in the system Monday morning. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. I waited over a week for something off ebay so I am still hopeful. I will let you know.

      1. Still nothing! I wasnt expecting anything today as they have stopped Saturday deliveries, I hope its just the post delayed! I have waited over a week for other post recently but I thought it might be back to normal by now. Never mind, I will let you know if it arrives.

  14. Thank you shouting from the roof tops about these guys currently as we had awful experiences trying to locate proper oil from genuine people. These lads are amazing and I wish them all the success in the world ♥️🙌💪👍👊

  15. Herbalistick and Alun, I am very happy to tell you my weedzy order just arrived! It was wrapped in so many different layers I could have played pass the parcel with it :D. I haven’t tested it yet but it certainly smells nice. I wish the mail would get back to normal, over a week is too long to wait! I waa very relieved when it came through the door, I was starting to think it wasn’t coming.

      1. Update: It has now been weighed and tested and I am very happy with it!! Also, I am sorry I used names now, as I just realised I left Lee out too. I will just say y’all in future 😁

  16. I ordered from weedzy 7 days ago. I’ve only bought small amount and expecting it to be a scam. So far, sadly and despite the reviews, I haven’t received anything despite the order supposedly being posted 6 days ago. Bad luck or bad company ?🤷🏻‍♂️
    They haven’t responded to me email either 🙄

    1. Hi Paul, hope will put mind at ease. Ordered my first time on Thurs confirmed Fri morning arrived today Wednesday. Just sampled fine weed exact weight well packaged. Stardawg 7g £61/ bitcoin
      Got %10 discount card second order

      Has any1 had second order ??

      1. Well there ain’t a great deal I can do about it now anyway but wait and write it off as bad luck if it doesn’t arrive.
        Thanks anyway though 👍🏼

        1. I just looked on weed supermarket and as well as CBD they have cheese, advertised as 16 % CBD/TCHa. I thought THC always started as THCa until it was heated. When it says 16%, what does that refer to… CBD or THCa? It doesn’t sound strong and it is expensive, but it does sound like weed. Am I missing something?

          1. Wouldn’t our knowledgeable moderator Jack Woodhouse be best placed to advise? Even when I grew I didn’t take much notice of thc specs. As long as there were Crystals on the buds I was happy! I take it they’re trading then?
            I’ll have a look when phone charges. Hopefully Jack will pick this up or send him a direct message 🤔.
            Choices choices!!
            I have to say the buds from weedzy are so compact and tidy. Really well presented and a tidy smoke 👍🏼

    2. I’ve been ordering off Weedzy since April,had no problems I’m on my 10th order now,since being a priorty customer ( spent loads lol),my orders come with in 2 to 3 days now,also I get bank transfer option due to loyalty,my last order was 24 g.
      Best strains. Choc chip OG,mamosa, sour grapefruit kush,Amo( amnesia) my personal choices…
      There was a big right up about Royal Mail yesterday ( Tuesday) Genuinly it will be down to them most probably,but I can Genuinly say I’ve had no problem,buds are abit dry,some of the strains are ok.But great service off these guys.Genuinlt said aswell.
      Good luck and stay safe.

      1. Yeah thanks dude. I’m pretty sure it’s the post and given the timescales, it seems to have been lost. Its not something I can complain about either!
        I would happily have paid for secure postage but the option wasn’t there. I feel a bit of a mug buying from them again. Even if its not their fault, they kinda have a responsibility to make sure we get what we pay for so not offering secure post is a bit rubbish really.
        Thanks though pal 👍🏼

    1. Hi Chelsea..
      Not sure about decent solids at the moment,it’s like finding Rocking Horse doo doo.😔 🤣
      But I highly recommend Medicine Man Hydroponics..UK.. ( look on fakebook)
      They will Genuinly give you the right info and help you,.
      They’ve helped me with pain control in the past.
      They’re well ahead of the game with the medicinal side in the UK Chelsea,if you get me.
      Good luck 👍

    2. Hi Chelsea, it is no use just now, but Dankys usually have a selection of solids. They are supposed to reopen on July 1st. I tried their Amnesia pollen before lockdown and it was nice. As you have been told, Medman looks great, but I can’t do bitcoin so Dankys was my choice before they closed for lockdown. Hopefully they will be back on 1st like they say. Good luck x

  17. No probs,they’ve not been going for long,so the secure postage never been offered but I can give you 100% heads they are legit,I’m to old to be mugged now fella.
    Very surprised they never chased up your headache,they are normally spot on with replying.
    Anyway good luck out there.

  18. No probs,they’ve not been going for long,so the secure postage never been offered but I can give you 100% heads up they are legit,I’m to old to be mugged now fella.
    Very surprised they never chased up your headache,they are normally spot on with replying.
    Anyway good luck out there.

  19. Thanks for all your support anyway guys 👍🏼. Longest I’ve gone without for 2 years!
    Let me tell you, people say “stop smoking coz it makes ya depressed and lethargic etc”
    Well ive never been so bloody miserable this last 10 days 😭😆.
    I’m back to work now after a week off too 🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. Hi apparently there is a gaff possibly called myherbalchoice (though it definitely isn’t coz I’ve searched loads) that give a list and a PayPal/direct payment option.
    Seems people are reluctant to reveal the proper name but I’m asking in Stonerdarity, help me out guys, please 🙏

    1. Hi paul how are you?
      Ok mate this is what you do,go to your email and send one to asking about a price list,then he will send you one you decide if you want anything,place your order then he will send you a PayPal account name to send your money,once paid it comes recorded delivery in 2-3 days…I know this because I did it and others have aswell.
      Good luck buddy.

      1. hi lee, how long did it take for them to get back to you once you had paid? they sent me the payment info this morning but didnt specifically mention paypal so i just did it through regular bank transfer but haven’t heard anything since. i follow them on twitter and they seem like good guys with positive reviews but understandably im still wary.

        1. Hi Callum
          He got back to me within 24 hours then when he posted it he sent me a photo of the receipt from the post might be worth just checking if he got the payment because I did it through PayPal not a bank transfer.sorry I cant be more help mate but if he got the money you will get your product I’m sure hes got good reviews from what I’ve researched.let me know how you get on buddy.

          1. thanks lee, i sent him an email when i sent the payment saying i paid along with my address so i think i’ll leave it until the morning to see if he gets back to me. ive also spoken to him on a different email (used the message function on their website instead of putting the email on their website into gmail). doubt it makes any difference but can never be too careful i suppose

        2. they emailed me back tonight saying the payment went through and they will deliver tomorrow so im relieved. hoping to have them within the next few days from what lee said about his delivery and the fact they said next day so i cant wait. been very pleasantly surprised by these guys so far, very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process and from what i’ve read the product matches that 🙂

          1. Nice one buddy I’m made up for you,sit back and relax mate and know that you haven’t been duped,we all have been on here so it’s good that we help each other out…enjoy it mate I certainly do.

          2. cheers mate appreciate it and thanks for recommending them in the first place. how are their gummies are they as good as the reviews say? if all goes well im considering the syrup next time as well

          3. The gummies are pretty good it was my first edible experience so it was totally different than smoking but still ace…I had 3 at once one night and I was blasted for about 4 hours! Lol but I like to get like that…you wont be disappointed mate 😜

          4. ahh nice one sounds good mate. its my first edible experience too so glad to know we have both made the right purchase for that

          5. yes mate thats the one. the email i spoke to them on was office@ if you want to try that one as well but they can take upto a day to reply from my experience.

            hope it works out for you paul

  21. Weedzy might send some stuff out, but not to me they haven’t and not to a bunch of other people if you read trustpilot.
    And this 7-14 days is the biggest pile of nonsense I’ve heard. I ordered from Amazon a few days ago and it took 2 days. They might send out to some people but I’m 95% convinced that with some orders they just dont bother doing a thing.
    Please be mindful of this if you’re going to order through weedzy. They are not NOT fully legit.

    1. I don’t think my last message went in, so apologies if it goes in twice!

      Did you receive your weedzy order? I was going to re-order but now I am not sure. I don’t want to have to wait for dankys, but I don’t want to throw money away either 🙁

      1. I thought you got your stuff Rita?
        No have I heck got it. I put a review on trustpilot comparing their service to Amazon or Ebay in that if goods didn’t turn up we would be refunded or replaced but all they said was “give it a bit longer” 11 days now. I received an Amazon order in 2, during that time. I guess it’s the individual choice but I’m Looking elsewhere anyway. Who wants to wait 2 bloody weeks each time! It’s just not practical.
        Weed supermarket are going to have stuff in soon apparently.

        1. Hi Paul, I’m sorry to hear that. I did get my first order – after 9 days – but after your experience I was worried about putting a second order in. Also, I agree the 9-? days wait is too much, to make that work I would have to spend/risk more than I want to. Fingers crossed for you that it eventually gets there.

  22. I got a list from myherbalchoice. Am I being thick coz theres no bloody weed on there at all. Gummy bears? Syrup? Wtf? 🙄

  23. Omg omg guys. I just want weed! Why you sending me to a sweet shop 😳😳😳.
    Infused or not, I want a smoke.

  24. thats all they sell there which lee said in another comment, all good edibles ive read but they dont sell anything you can smoke. sorry youre having trouble finding what youre looking for its a huge pain until you find someone reliable

    1. Ain’t that the truth. I had wicked plug dude who did me great deals. Was polite and very businesslike but then he just disappeared 😭.
      I suppose that’s the way of the street though 🤦🏻‍♂️.
      Have you ordered these bears then? Have they arrived??

      1. thats a shame mate sorry that happened, why we have to go through all this trouble to get something so harmless is beyond me.

        yeah he said he was going to put them in the post for me today, asked me to tell them how i found them and stuff so im trusting they will arrive soon.

        the only other thing i can really recommend to you is the dark web i dont know if you have used it. i was going to give it a try but i lucked out with these guys and another place as well that my friend recommended to me and i have ordered from (if anyone is interested). but yeah ive read navigating it and the payment methods can be quite confusing at first but once you figure it out its worth it due to there being lots of places selling with loads of user reviews its just a case of figuring it out

        1. Yes I can confirm the dark web isn’t all its cracked up to be. Also the orders were only in bulk on the sites I looked at. And the bitcoin nonsense. I opened a bitcoin account, but I wouldn’t be comfortable using it.
          I’ll just do what happened last time, years ago when I went dry. I’ll grow my own. It’s a twat to get going but once you do….👍🏼
          Or go to Amsterdam when lockdown over.

    2. And I’ve declined the gummy bears tbh. I want smoke not sweeties. I can’t envisage a scenario where I would want to substitute the whole smoking experience for a few cannabis infused jellies tbh, even if they do get you high.
      Especially at 50quid inc postage! 😳
      Maybe if I had spare cash and it was to supplement the smoke, but never as a substitute.
      But hey that’s me. Hope you enjoy Callum 👍🏼

      1. its alright mate we all have our preferences. smoking has just never really been for me due to lung problems and personal preference so i go for the edibles

        1. Hi Callum. Did you get your edibles then mate? I got some smoke but fancy gummy bears now. Are these guys legit though dude? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️.
          Thanks Callum.

          1. hi mate yes i got them and wasn’t disappointed. the gummies are great and make you feel really nice. they also send with next day delivery and tracking which i really liked.

          2. Nice news to hear Callum! Sounds like they’re pretty professional.
            I’ve never had the infused sweets. What’s the best amount to take?
            Anyway, looking forward to them especially as I have 2 weeks off work and have a load of smokes as well! I didn’t even know you could buy this stuff online 2 weeks ago 👍🏼

      2. well each gummy is 20mg and i took 3 last night and was out of it for hours. you might have a higher tolerance due to smoking but you wont know until you take them so start off low, wait 1-2 hours and go from there is the best way to do it.

        glad you got your order also, hope youre enjoying mate

          1. After what happens with your weedzy order I don’t blame you for being cynical..
            I already contacted them and they emailed asking what I wanted but that’s all I’ve hard so far, hopefully I hear tmrw. Like you I’ve always been a smoker but these gummy bears are sounding pretty good!

          2. hi paul, it took them around 2 days from paying for them to post it to me but it was here the next day. i was worried at first too but i think they get a fair few orders. hopefully they get back to you tomorrow mate.

        1. All this talk of gummy bears has wetted my appetite and am now ready to order…this is gonna sound dumb but did you order using private browser?

          1. I ordered this morning and communication has dried up. They haven’t even confirmed its been posted so you might want to hold on to see what happens with my order 🤞🏻🤷🏻‍♂️.
            I’m a born cynic though so hey…

          2. Yeah they really do sound interesting Keez. I’m hoping it’ll be ok. Few people on here use them just never got postage confirmed like other people said but maybe I missed the next day post. 🤞🏻

          3. I think I need to chill and remember these guys and others like them aren’t huge companies so maybe cut them a bit of slack! Thanks Callum. 👍🏼

  25. I just went to place another order with Weedzy, only to find they have stopped the Amazon card payment and switched to Bitcoin. I am back to square one again, devoed! Roll on Dankys reopening, I hope they dont change too.

    1. I’ve done a bit of research on weedzy and although they have a good rating, 1 in 10 customers aren’t happy for one reason or another.
      I would speculate they are only partially legitimate with 10% of people left disappointed.
      It’s quite a clever scheme they have going coz they basically get 90% approvals and treat the other 10% like a free piggy bank and still look as though they’re providing a good service.
      If you were buying goods from Ebay for example, you’d be looking for above 95% before you risk buying, right? And Amazon. I personally look for even higher ratings like 97% and above. Weedzy wouldn’t make the cut, in the real world.
      And now they’ve stopped Amazon payments too??? Well, you’ve probably saved yourself the anguish Rita. If I find any smoke onlinevthat’s legit I’ll share it on here 👍🏼. I know weed supermarket are approved on this site but they’re outta stock just now. They asked me to keep checking their website as they hope to be selling again soon.

      1. You are right about ebay and amazon, but I find when it comes to weed we take more risks because sadly there are very few places to buy from. I thought weed supermarket was just cbd, I must keep checking them out. Please do let us know if you find anywhere good, it would be appreciated!

  26. Yes Rita we certainly do take financial risks to get what we want. And there are plenty of people out there ready to exploit us.
    God, roll on a change in the law. Can’t see the current government taking that step though 🙄

    1. Many, many years ago when I had my first smoke, I was so sure it would be legalized in my lifetime. Now I dont think that will happen, I can only keep my fingers crossed for the next generation 🙏

  27. Yeah I do hope. Its embarrassing having to scrape around with some of of the low-life scumbags who deal in it. I had a dealer couple of years back trying to sell all sorts of other shit to us clients too. 🤦🏻‍♂️
    I was always half expecting the bizzies to swoop down and arrest me after the plug or to have photos of me if he was under surveillance. Not good Rita.

    1. Not good. I don’t know why they want the drug laws to remain the same, they are obviously not working, never have done. More people smoke now than ever before, and God knows how many people get scammed by criminals or become “criminals” themselves because they want to make use of a plant. Ridiculous! Rant over, I hope you get sorted soon and I hope I do too 🙂

    1. It is looking that way Im afraid :(. I bet everyone who paid by Amazon card in the last week of their using them, didnt get their order because Amazon froze their account. That is the reason they said they were going to bitcoin only. They said they had taken a loss with Amazon cards so they are probably trying to rake it back. Very bad luck, I wish you better luck in future x

  28. Hi Rita and all.

    I ordered via Amazon giftcard and two days later they said they have stopped.
    I was worried but they did say all stands as it is.

    This was my first ever order and it arrived within 6 working days. I have just tried to set up an account with Cryptopay as advised on Weedzy but I have just given up after 6 failed verified document attempts and 2 days of trying.

    Paul, I hope it does turn up !!!!

    1. I am glad I was wrong about that, good that you got yours. I don’t know why Pauls didn’t get there, I really feel bad for him because thats what usually happens to me. I can’t do Bitcoin as I don’t have any photo id. Maybe its time to get a passport, and I can go to Amsterdam after lockdown :).

      1. Well, life has a way of giving you Oranges when you expect Lemons sometimes. No matter how hard you moan and rant.
        I was so desperate yesterday that I contacted my ex-G/F who grudgingly agreed to hook me up for a one time only sale with her plug. So I bought £90 worth to last me, and it is nice stuff. Cookies & cream and think. and some stardawg. Then this morning, text out of the blue from My plug to say he’d lost his phone etc and back up and running….Hurray, I think. Looking good. And then didnt my Weedzy gear arrive in this morning’s post, 12 days after order. Couldnt make it up could you? Oh well, buses all come at once dont they!
        From famine to feast, I dont have enough munchies to keep me going. Glad its payday on Wednesday so I can get a big trolley of food in!
        12 days is a crazy bizarre long time though. It has another, Southampton address on the back which didnt even say RETURN TO SENDER AT THIS ADDRESS or similar, so wouldnt surprise me if the package might have bounced around a couple of sorting offices first? It was supremely well packaged, I’ll give them that. But the wait time is awful. If there are other legit sites, then I would always try to go for them first due to the ridiculous anticipatory timescales. And thank gawd it didnt spend £50 on infused gummy bears. Glad I held my nerve for the smoke.
        So thanks guys, and hope you get sorted out Rita. Perserverance and good luck!!!
        (Sorry for the over-use of exclamation marks. Im not used to typing without emojis these days.)

        1. Brilliant news Paul, you will be having a good evening 😂.
          I found a local kid who seems ok, so at least for the time being I am sorted. I hate meeting people on street corners, specially when they keep you waiting an hour, but at least its ok – lemon zkittlez for me tonight 😁

          1. And the weedzy stuff? Lemon haze. Is really tightly packed. Very professionally done and a canny smoke pet 😆👍🏼

  29. After a wait of 12/13 days, my order did finally arrive this morning. Weedzy is legit, but you cant really find a good reason why the package would take so long, as seems to be a common theme among a reasonable percentage of customers.
    If you can try to imagine that businesses are like transport hubs from across the centuries. Well Amzaon, etsy, Superdry, Specsavers etc etc etc etc are all like modern motorways, hurtling your goods towards you in a matter of days. Weedzy is a bit like the Manchester Ship canal. Gently loading your package onto a barge, slapping the huge lumbering shire-horse on its rump and letting the great beast take the strain as it slowly pulls your belongings towards you at a rate of several knots an hour. So if you want to buy more from them, and not have a terminal wait between orders, then you really have to purchase your next order before your first has arrived and then every few days in order to guarantee a regular supply of goods at your door. Just like the canal system in Britain in the 18th Century.
    Its kinda workable, but in a pre-industrial, are you being serious Weedzy? kind of way.
    I’ll leave you to make your own decision rather than say DONT or DO. You’ll probably get the stuff, but you’ll probably have to wait ages if they use the canal route with your goods.

    1. I am made up it turned up eventually. Mine had a weird name and address in Darlington somewhere, I think its a red herring because I tried looking the street up and it doesn’t seem to exist. I can’t imagine why they take so long to send some things out, maybe they take orders for things that are not in stock yet?
      I just hope Dankys come back the same as they were.
      Have a good night, I am sure you will!

  30. Well glad to have had you along for the ride Jack 🤦🏻‍♂️😆.
    Alls well that ends etc etc 🤞🏻
    Now, cookies and cream or lemon haze…?🤔
    Where’d I put that grinder?

  31. The weedzy stuff really was very nice, I wish Id bought more while I had the chance, but as it was a first buy tester I only got 3.5g.
    If this kid works out I will be fine though, carry in having a good night 🙂

    1. It is a bit difficult to do that because some places start out fine then do an exit scam. Anyone who officially recommended them could then be in for a bit of a backlash. Its better just to tell our experience in the comments and leave it to others to make their own minds up.

      1. Yeah Rita’s spot on there. Look on this forum. You’ll get a good idea of what our experience is and there’ll be names of the sellers too.
        You def gonna need bitcoin though I would say.

    1. If you are able to buy bitcoin, there are a few sites, but unfortunately nobody seems to be taking any other form of payment at the moment.

  32. Hi Paul, I know it is hard to chill after what you just went through, but I am positive this one will be ok! I am tempted by the gummy bears myself, but they seem a bit expensive. Maybe just for a post-lockdown treat.. 😁

  33. Well my gummy bears arrived. Quick work dudes 👍🏼. Very convenient if you like your edibles.
    Just trying one now. Nothing to do all day…

  34. Hi Dawn,

    Yes Ice head shop is 100% safe to use. I have had many CBD products from there.

    I will say this site ” is much cheaper and you get buds where Ice head shop sells its chopped and sold as tea bags.

    Paul, Oh I have been very tempted to get the gummy bears. Let us know how you get on and how many is needed.

      1. Yes, thank goodness – I notice the prices are slightly increased tho. Hard times for everyone I suppose :/

        1. Yeah it’s a shame they have to raise prices but unfortunately beggars can’t be choosers…
          I’m just glad to find a place that is hopefully trustworthy!

          1. I bought off them 5 times before lockdown and had no problems, so I am just glad they are back. The prices are pretty similar to other online places, so I can live with that!

        1. Bank transfer. Make your order, then they email you bank details and an order number to use as your reference number. It is fairly straightforward, better than Amazon cards!

          1. Hi Rita

            Am I being thick because Dankys…coming up hydroponic grow shop when I search and then the webpage is under maintenance. So seems like its not selling at moment. Unless I AM being thick!!
            Ive kinda sorted out a bitcoin account. I think. OMG its awful. Spent hours and hours on various bitcoin sites!!!

  35. SCAM –

    Weed4allpurpose looks legit but is a scam. Ordered flower 2 months ago and nothing. Not answering emails, try and send a message via website and it always says ‘It cannot be sent right now, please try later’

    My anxiety is through the roof and i’m out of weed. Thank christ I didn’t order too much.

    1. Hello I am genuinely really sorry to hear that it’s such a shame people are like that. Not sure if they do flower but the guys I used for edibles and most importantly THC oil is a company called drip n trip.the customer service is like a real professional company they deliver the next day as well and always send you a picture of proof of postage. Either way good luck with your search ♥️👍

    2. Thanks Doris. Hope you’re getting sorted somehow 🤞🏻.
      Try weedzy. Think they’re bitcoin only now but legit. Can take a week or 2 sadly 🤦🏻‍♂️.
      Good luck.

  36. Is Dankys bank transfer or bitcoin? Don’t understand how to use bitcoin so a site that uses bank transfer would be better for me.

  37. Yeah theres definitely no “Dankys” selling weed online. Unless, as I said, Im totally missing the obvious or its hidden away in some other web-page. Damn. And crap news to everyone coz bitcoin sucks massively. I dont care what people say, its truly awful.

    1. Paul I have had difficulty googling them, you can’t seem to search, but if you enter exactly – it should get you there. I just looked and they are still there. Let me know if you have more probs, I have their whatsapp nr, you may be able to get them on that.

      1. Ah wow! You’re correct Rita!
        Who types stuff into the address bar these days? 😆.
        Thanks mate, I’ll check out the site.
        Appreciate your help! 😌

        1. Glad you got there! When you place an order they send you bank details and ref nr, then when you pay they acknowledge, then tell you when it is sent. They are usually quick. Good luck 🙂

          1. Well fingers crossed it arrives sooner rather than later. But that it arrives at all is probably more important.
            Certainly a thousand times more convenient than bitcoin and gift cards!
            Thanks Rita.

        2. Ordered though its pricey! I’ve only order 1.7g but with postage (7.50 special delivery) it’s quite costly. But what the hell. I’m out of weed so what can you do?

          1. I did notice the prices had gone up. I was considering getting a bigger amount to make it worthwhile, they have a whatsapp nr to get vouchers, so I have one to use which means if I buy 7g on normal postage it is back to a decent price. It may be worth the extra postage for peace of mind though!

          2. Guys has anyone else tried the THC lean from drip n trip??????I initially had a 300mg strawberry bottle but they only do 600mg now and I had about a fifth of the bottle yesterday at around 2pm (pineapple flavour) with a vanilla tea and OMG 😂 it’s incredible lol I felt it throughout my body.apparently their current batch is gelato oil and it’s D-lish people 👍

        3. Just placed an order with Dankys for 2 x THC vapes…pretty easy – you get a reference and bank account details – transfer the money and they will post to you. Lets see what happens next – finger crossed!

    2. Paul, it just occurred to me, have you tried checking your spam file in your email? My emails from Dankys often go there.

      1. Nice thinking Rita, but alas, no. Nothing yetski. Fingers crossed I come home from work tmrw and the neighbours will have signed the delivery for me!!!
        Well, you never know….

  38. Yeah the discounts will make a difference. Also if I get my stuff then next time I’ll put in a bigger order.
    I was really really impressed with the stuff that Weedzys sent, despite the long wait. Trimmed perfectly and such a lovely smoke. Much better than street stuff. I’m hoping this order will be similar. Then we can be done with grubby street deals for good Rita!!

    1. Weedzys was very nicely trimmed, I never had weed so neat! I have been happy with everything I had from Dankys before, they do a pick and mix quite cheap sometimes and even that was ok. I hope they keep it up! Good luck and I hope it arrives a bit faster this time 😂

      1. Hi Rita. You’ve probably read my comments re Danksys. Did you say you have a whatsapp number they be contacted on??
        Any help appreciated.

        1. Hi Paul, try not to panic, with them just reopening they have probably had an influx of orders and are not as fast. I waited 2 days for the emails before so it doesn’t mean anything. The whatsapp nr is 07926033799 they say put your name and join to get vouchers, but it took them 4 days to reply to my “join” message. Did you get the bank details and ref nr right? If so I am sure you will be fine.

          1. Hi Rita. Thanks for that, much appreciated. I thought paying 7.50 for postage might prioritize me but I guess not! Okies I’ll leave it a day or 2, see what happens. Honestly, if I wasn’t joined to my neighbour for electricity, I’d be growing my own 🤦🏻‍♂️

        2. Also, they tend to do things of an evening, I feel they may have day jobs! I just this second had a whatsapp message with a voucher for cookies! You may hear tonight.

          1. Well that’s good news! I was thinking of the cookies when on website yesterday. If you try them let me know what they’re like.
            Did you ever buy any of the gummy bears from drip and trip?
            I found they were ok, but probably best taken when not been smoking all day 😆.
            I’ll wait to see if I hear from Dankys before I WhatsApp them 🤞🏻

    2. I hope there is no problems with Dankys. I recently wasted another £40 on street deals, I bought a few bags off a kid and it was nice, then suddenly I got 2 bags of crap, and I cant exactly take it back to a gang of 16 year olds and ask for my money back 😫😢 and I am not going to him again. Looks like I will have to learn to grow too.

      1. It’s a proper nightmare to set up. Even with a tent, but once you’ve done it, it’s pretty straightforward. Well pissed off about my electric situation.
        And my street guy is proving fucking hopeless. Never has any in. And I can’t go back to ask the ex…😭.
        Wouldn’t like trading with street youths though….😳. You’re very brave!
        No word from Dankys. I get home at 9pm so fingers crossed. But not looking great. Hey ho..🤷🏻‍♂️

        1. Have you checked if the money has gone from your account, and that you put the correct bank details? This actually is taking a bit too long now. Did you get an acknowledgement of your order?

          1. Yeah I’ve paid and it’s all ok. Even if I had wrong bank details they should have responded to my messages. Bloody hell 🙄

    1. Have you contacted them through the site “contact us” section, or from your own email? I would try again, go through their site, stating order nr and telling them what has happened, if you haven’t already. Sorry to tell you, I actually took a chance and ordered something myself yesterday and I got acknowledgement today saying order complete. I obviously cant guarantee I will get it, but it went through like it used to. You do seem to have an issue :/

      1. I’ve tried everything Rita. That number you gave me isn’t even showing up on WhatsApp so I’m stuffed.
        Bad luck or what. Fuck em the bastards 🤬

        1. Did you send a message with your name saying join to that number via WhatsApp? Thats all I did, and the Dankys smiley sunshine logo appeared once I sent it. Then a few days after I started getting vouchers but I haven’t spoken to anyone on it.

  39. Has anyone bought from Dankys since they opened up again on 1st July?
    I was advised they are really professional, contact you immediately after payment etc but since I purchased yesterday, I had no correspondence from them so I’ve now sent 3 messages in total and no reply at all!

    1. Reply button disappeared again! I haven’t tried any edibles yet, they seem a bit pricey to me, I prefer my buds but I may get some cookies just to try them out. I hope you hear soon, it isn’t often I come across someone with even less patience than me 😂

  40. Haha yes I am pretty impatient when Im out of weed Rita!
    I wouldnt recommend the gummy bears tbh. Not if you prefer a smoke, and at £50!!! yoinks.
    No word from dankys but theres always tmrw.
    Take care

  41. I know plenty have used them, but
    DANKYS have taken money and blagged me. No contact from them despite 4 messages sent.

    1. Me again.
      Hold that last comment. I’ve been contacted by Dankys!
      Funny , seems everytime I complain on here about poor service from whoever, I get a response!
      You don’t think these companies are reading these comments do you??? 🤔😆

  42. Hi Paul, good news, what happened? Are they sending your order? Glad to hear theyve been in touch, specially as I have just ordered too 😁

  43. Hi Rita. After 4th message he replied last night saying he will get it sorted today so looks like the order did get missed after all. Talk about bad luck 😆.
    Especially after paying 7.50 for special postage 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄.
    Fingers crossed.
    When did you order? Let me know what happens please mate?

    1. I ordered on 6th and got confirmation the next day, that was when I realised something must be wrong with yours. Honestly, that sort of thing usually happens to me so I understood what you must be going through! Hopefully it is on its way, I will let you know if and when mine arrives. Let me know how you get on if you would.

      1. Hey Rita. Dankys apologised for cock-up and are sending it out today!
        Thing is, if it arrives tmrw I have an eye test at 4pm so I’ll have to keep it on hold till after… otherwise I’ll end up with the wrong specs coz I’ll be battered 😆😆

        1. My optician reckons weed has a protective effect on the small blood vessels in the eye. My husband has been diabetic all his life and the optician always says his eyes are surprisingly good considering. I don’t know if its true, but a good excuse to keep it up!

          1. Excellent! Another good reason to toke the green stuff 😆.
            Though I might lay off it till after I’ve had 30 minutes of…
            Is it better like this? Or this?
            Like, whatever optician dude, I’m good either way 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

          1. Hi Emma
            Post has usually been at this point…
            Hey it’s just arrived as I’m typing 👍🏼

          2. I hope you have the same experience as me, I ordered on 6th and it arrived today (9th). I feel bad for Paul, I never had a problem with them until the post went crazy and it took 11 days.

      2. Got mine today Rita. Phew.
        Nice smoke but only 1.7g coz of price.
        Less than that now, of course 😆.
        Nice stuff
        Well done Dankys.
        Except their prices…..🙄

        Did you get your order??

        1. Just got mine too 🙂 I cant believe they cocked yours up. You have the same luck I usually have! I am just about to sample, it certainly smells good. Have a nice day – I am sure you will!

          1. Yeah it’s nice. Crystal gelarto. Yes gelarto not gelato🤷🏻‍♂️
            I’ve had to keep myself occupied away from home this afternoon so that I don’t turn up to opticians caned 😆.
            Hows your green Rita?

  44. @stiffler33 Did you ever receive your order or money back from London buds?, I just ordered off him myself now I’ve seen this

    1. This was originally a reply to a funny from Paul, but the way its ended up, it looks like I am laughing at the person who got scammed. Unfortunate placement! I have every sympathy with anyone else who has lost money to these con merchants.

  45. Paul, very nice, I went with the common but very nice stardawg but I actually got stardwag – it must be a different strain 😂

    1. Mine was a Cali weed and its lovely. A real clean high.
      Only problem is it doesn’t go though doesn’t need as much per J.
      Oh and it made me spend £280 on new specs and prescription sunglasses 😆😎. I was in too good a mood to settle for anything less 😄

  46. Thanks to all who recommended Dankys. This gave me the confidence to order on Wednesday and received this morning.

    1. Its always good to see recommendations. It was what made me order the first time. I hope they keep going, long may they continue. Enjoy your order!

      1. Hi Rita, just been reading through all your posts and genuine concern in this uncertain world of weed. I have just braved myself to order some bubba kush from Dankys purely on the good feedback they seem to have on this site. I am an old timer starting up again from the 70’s !! after getting a diagnosis of prostate cancer for Xmas. I hope it may relieve the discomfort in times to come. Have you or anyone had any knowledge of rso oil? Thanks again for all the information you have given on here. I will post on how I go on with my order from Dankys.
        Thank you and good health and luck to all you guys.

        1. Hi Ian, I am glad if I have been some help, and I’m realy sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I cant be any use on the oil as I have never tried it, but I have heard great things about it and would definitely give it a go. Hopefully someone else can help on that one.
          Good luck and I hope you enjoy your bubba kush 👍

        2. Hi Ian I have quite a lot of experience in treating prostate cancer using cannabis oil – look for Rick Simpson ( he is the original creator of RSO and the method used to grow and make your own plus he gives good guidance on dosages. But sites claiming to sell RSO are somewhat deceptive as he doesn’t produce any oil for commercial use, people have just jumped on the bandwagon and use his name.

          Anyway, you need to ingest 60grams of oil in 90 days. I usually prescribe a high indica strain for nighttime use and a sativa dominant strain for daytime use because of people needing to still function during the day. I also recommend the use of suppositories – it’s a bit controversial and some say it doesn’t work but my patients had good results. Good luck.

          1. Hi Alice,
            Thank you so much for the valuable information.
            It is good to know that all the oils out there are not equal.
            It is bound to occur when money is involved. I will go into it a bit more and maybe
            see if it helps. The cost is the biggest problem.
            I have purchased some of Dankys oil and it has been very useful as a nighttime sedative. I can thoroughly recommend it, I do believe that it is doing some good.
            I have another PSA test due in October so we will see.
            Thanks again for the interest and help.
            Keep well and safe, Ian.

  47. Bit pricey compared to weedzy but more convenient to pay. Im about to go on the horrible bitcoin journey again for weedzy. 4th time now. Still havent bought any!

  48. Well I’ve gone and made a bitcoin transaction with Weedzy. Anyone else using bitcoin? Seemed ok once I got over the headache of setting it up. I’ll see what happens 🤞🏻
    £7 discount off a £35 order with voucher and bitcoin discount. That’s almost half the price of Dankys….just saying 🤷🏻‍♂️
    It did take 12 days with Weedzy last time though 🤦🏻‍♂️

  49. Hi Paul,

    What site did you set up bitcoin with? I had four failed attempts with ID. I use the crypoto voucher thin now but need to get a bitcoin account.
    I have had 4 weedzy packages and waiting on the 5th. So far they have all been within 3 or 4 days.
    And I can recommend the amnesia strains. The shake is good for value but it does make you cough.
    But hey, you gotta cough to get high.

    I heard about this site and it is not on the black listed site from 420. Anyone know/heard of this site (the greenteam) many others listed

  50. Hi Chris.
    I used cryptopayme. The one recommended by weedzy . I used my passport and selfie with passport I think and verified to buy and withdraw a certain amount a month. Certainly more than I’ll be using. As I said, it was a real headache setting up coz its just boring and time consuming and feels like work 😆. But if this works then it’s as easy as a direct payment really. And therefore a lot more green for your green, through weedzy.
    I just bought the grapefruit. Like a nice citrus smoke…

    1. Thanks Paul,

      Ah that’s the site I had issues with and gave up in the end.
      I ordered the Grapefruit also. Mine it showed up this morning. Hope yours is with you soon too

      1. I experienced a few issues myself but their online chat facility was really helpful and prompt so they helped, if you wanted to try again. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  51. Just to say, I think the post is back to normal – in my area anyway. I put an order in to Dankys at about midday yesterday and it arrived at 2pm today. Thats faster than my old dealer 😂

  52. You know that Rita, I don’t think the guy likes me. Must have read my legitimate concerns I put on here when the last order went missing too.. Hes not acknowledging my request to put me on WhatsApp account. Not responding to emails and the order I made 3 days ago?….nowhere to be seen. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt but reading your message pretty much confirms my theory. Glad I only ordered a tiny amount. I’ve a bitcoin account now so I’ll just take my business elsewhere. And I’ve lots of friends who I’ll be recommending Weedsupermarket and weedzy to…🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. WOW! I am surprised. Even if they DO read high and polite and check out the comments, you only said what was happening to you. I hope it is just a coincidence. I didnt know you had put another order in, I only posted because I was amazed at the speed it arrived. Sorry to hear your problems.

      1. I think I’m doomed to experience some of the worst outcomes when ordering online. For some reason.
        I’m sure this is fate’s way of telling me to crack-on and grow my own!

        Yeah it was only a gram i ordered while I wait for inevitable delay from a weedzy order, but it’s not about the money, you know? I have experienced very little of the professionalism from them that you and some others seem to get on a regular basis and I can only put it down to that theory. I mean, prove me wrong Dankys, if you’re reading this…
        Glad you’re sorted anyway Rita👍🏼

        1. Hopefully once you get into a routine with weedzy you can work out when to order so there wont be a gap. Youll get there eventually! I have the same luck with Ebay etc usually, so Im surprised I am not the unlucky one. I hope it is sorted soon 👍

          1. I did jump the gun Rita.
            1000 apologies to Dankys. It went to my neighbours yesterday so she just dropped it in my letterbox.
            Wish I could get discounts on WhatsApp but my requests remain unanswered.
            Weedzy stuff rocked up to. Within 4 days which is cool 👍🏼
            No voucher with weedzy. Does the same code work for each transaction?

      2. Tbf I’ve just checked and I made the order Monday morning so it’s not 3 days yet. I shouldn’t jump the gun really. But the WhatsApp and email stuff is still not happening…

        1. Paranoia getting to you Paul! 😀 I don’t know how the vouchers work, I thought they got changed but really couldn’t say. Im glad everything worked out, have a good day – Im sure you will !

          1. Weedzy grapefruit is nice Rita. Weedzy is great. A good 1/8th of quality stuff delivered to the door, in 4 days, securely packed for £28 with voucher and bitcoin discount. I’d definitely recommend using and kick start a bitcoin account if you still haven’t Rita. Almost half the price of Dankys…🤷🏻‍♂️

  53. Thanks for the reply and good wishes Rita. As I said I put an order in to Dankys yesterday and will be waiting with baited breath until I hear something from them.
    I will keep all updated on the progress . Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to go through all this uncertainty obtaining beneficial herbs !!
    All the best to all.

  54. Hi Rita and all, just wanted to share the fact that I received goods from Dankys.
    Ordered two days ago, bit pricey but in my opinion genuine.
    Weight was spot on. Reckon I would use again.
    Happy times all.

  55. Hi Ian, good news! I agree they are a bit pricey compared to the street, but the number of times I have handed over £20 to a street scally and wished I hadnt makes it more appealing because at least you know it will be decent quality. Also, if you sign up for vouchers, and feel confident enough to buy, say 7g instead of 1.7g, the price can get down to the usual £10 per gram. I wish I could get bitcoin, I think Weedzy and Medman are probably cheaper, but all that messing round with bitcoin, encryption and the dark web are too much for me!

    1. Does anyone know where I can get some hash? Not sure where’s safest to go online (have tried Dankys but they are sold out).

  56. Hi Rita,
    My sentiments exactly , I’m done with all of that street stuff and the bitcoin still seems
    a bit fiddly and risky for me. Anyway this Bubba Kush is really good, doesn’t knock your
    legs out right away !! Still working on it !!
    Keep happy and stay safe.

  57. Does anybody know anything about the global cannabis shop ?? Are they real or fake I wanna order something different but not sure where to order from.

  58. thanks to all on here that recommended Dankys. Lifesaver! good quality product, speedy delivery. Expensive, but I’d rather that than pay for a bag of seeds/bush from a street dealer who is uncommunicative and unreliable.

  59. Hi, I’m looking for any recommendations for where I can get some nice hash online. Have checked out Danksy’s but they are out of stock.. Will really appreciate any suggestions!

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