New Study: Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Effectively Reduces Chronic Pain For Hours At A Time

Some have argued that CBD oil is merely a snake oil that is no more beneficial than a placebo. They say there’s little evidence it has any therapeutic power and that the hype over the legal cannabis oil is unfounded and overstated. 

Well, those people are wrong. 

A new study has proven the effectiveness of full-spectrum hemp flower extract – otherwise known as CBD oil, which is legally available in the UK and most of the world – in reducing neuropathic pain.

The results highlight the huge potential that cannabis extracts (including hemp extracts) have in treating chronic pain – something that millions around the world are already aware of.  

The study

The study looked at how low-THC hemp flower extract influences momentary pain sensitivity in mice. The mice had neuropathic pain equivalent to several years of chronic pain in human clinical patients. 

Remarkably, consuming the cannabis oil afforded the mice effective pain relief for several hours. In fact, the mice had the same pain sensitivity as the control mice that had no pain to start with.

Mice over humans

Although the fact the study was conducted on mice and not humans may lead you to assume it’s less reliable than a clinical study, it may actually make the results more reliable. This is because the human factors of bias and expectation have been removed from the equation. 

For example, cannabis studies on humans often see subjects report psychedelic experiences even when they are given a non-active placebo. 

Everyday pain treatment

The results of this study confirm the anecdotal evidence of millions around the world who use various forms of cannabis to treat chronic pain. In the UK, at least 1.4 million brits are currently using street-bought cannabis to treat various medical conditions. Millions more have also turned to legal CBD oil over the last few years.

The study also adds to mounting evidence for the superiority of full-spectrum extracts over  isolated compounds and synthetic cannabinoid analogues. Several clinical investigations have shown that whole-flower preparations are not only more effective, they tend to have less negative side effects too.

One of the study’s lead researchers, Dr. Jacob Miguel Vigil, is excited by the results, explaining how “the average citizen now has legal access to a completely natural and effective medication that can be easily and cheaply produced, simply by sticking a seed in the ground and caring for it as you would any other important part of your life.”

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  1. Very grateful for your information. I’m at the end of my tether with fibro myalgia /me… Depression ptsd severe anxiety and chronic arthritis pain. I’m losing my mobility at 38 years old.
    I just don’t have a penny to go to these top companies
    Blessings x

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