Ultimate Guide To Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: Part 7

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Now at week 7, things are starting to look a lot more interesting.

The Jack 47 XL is doing great and now has buds covering most of the main stalk. It hasn’t grown how I expected it to (from the old Jack 47, like a bush) but seems to have a good amount of bud all up the main cola. This looks like it would be a great plant for a sea of green, or something similar.

The Fast Buds Six Shooter continues on and now has buds on most of its sites, although the side branches aren’t looking particularly meaty at this stage.

The poor Magnum, which was topped by nature somehow, is doing fine and producing buds nicely, though does not look like it is going to be anything special as far as yield is concerned. Time will tell.

Sensi’s White Diesel Auto is now actually taking shape and has created a bunch of significant looking bud sites. It is looking like it could still come out really well despite significant insect attacks.

Meanwhile, in the planter, the Critical Neville’s Haze Autos have gone absolutely ballistic. So many bud sites it is incredible and plenty of bud being produced.

This is looking like it is going to be a new auto-flowering favourite for me, assuming the smoke is decent. You can see why Delicious Seeds are winning prizes around the world for their autoflowering genetics. They are spot on.

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    1. Apologies. We’ve had some revenue problems which is why output has slowed down. Week 8 will be published shortly. And I’ll ask Andy to write up a report of the last stages and how it smoked. Glad you liked the series. I hope to be doing more on Youtube in the coming weeks and months!

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