Ultimate Guide To Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: Part 3 And 4

Part 1, Part 2

Week 3

Some interesting developments, now at week three.

Interesting to note the differences between the different seeds at this stage, especially with them all being germinated at the same time.

Fastbuds Six Shooter seems to be powering ahead, for now at least. It’s probably already 1.5 times higher than the other strains.  It is closely followed by the Jack 47 XL.

There have been some unfortunate issues with greenfly that I have tried to see off with neem. It would appear that they have managed to eat the new growth from the middle of the Magnum but the lower parts of the plant seem to have been left intact.

Let’s hope it actually develops a main cola!

The Sensi White Diesel is growing, slowly but surely, after a pretty difficult start. It looks like the runt at this stage but it’s still very early days.

Meanwhile in the long planter, the Critical Neville’s Haze autos are looking very uniform and healthy.

There’s just 3 biotabs in the large planter, for reference and I am adding only water.

Week 4

Late in week 4 thing are looking very interesting in my autoflowering pots.

It is probably clear to anybody looking at this photo that the Fastbuds Six Shooter seeds have raced ahead in the initial weeks, growing to around twice the size of any of the other seeds – so far. The plant is looking like it will probably be victorious, but things can turn around in flower, without a doubt.

The Magnum from Buddha Seeds is going really well despite losing its inner stem, it’s powering ahead and is still looking like it will perform OK, even if it’s not particularly huge yet.

The Sweet Seeds Jack 47 is looking pretty awesome it must be said and you can see the stem has grown to be much wider than it was, ready to support some serious weight. Still got high hopes for the Jack 47 XL.

After a slow start the White Diesel from Sensi is starting to look like it might do OK, it’s behind the others but looks like it could still do OK.

In the planter the Critical Neville’s Haze are looking awesome, very uniform, it looks like the fabled Neville’s Haze genetics might be coming to life.

I have also added in a layer of rotting leaves for good measure. This adds extra nutrients to the soil and also helps the soil to retain moisture.

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