Ultimate Guide To Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: Part 5 and 6

See part 1, 2 3 & 4.

Part 5

So, now we’re in week 5 and it’s easy to see now that these are actually cannabis plants.  

They have all now started their flowering stage apart from the White Diesel Auto and the Neville’s Haze Autos. Both of these look pretty close though.

At this point, both the Jack 47 XL and the Six Shooter have noticeably thicker stalks than all the other plants.

Six Shooter is still looking like the favourite and is growing out sideways a lot, as well as gaining height as flowering begins. It’s side branches are all very sturdy-looking, which holds promise.

The Jack 47 XL appears to have more actual bud on it around the stalk. I’m expecting much more growth from this plant over the next couple of weeks, however.

The Magnum is also looking great and as though it is going do OK despite its very early ‘topping’ or whatever it was that took the main shoot.

Part 6

So things are really getting going now on week 6. Buds are forming everywhere and as you can see from the picture below, the Critical Neville’s Haze Autos in the planter are really going for it.

They actually look like quite advanced photoperiod strains at this point. I’m pretty sure it’s not just the effect of being in the planter. They are just coming into flower and are looking very happy indeed.

Fast Bud’s Six Shooter continues to do well, as does the Magnum. What you can’t see on this photo though is that the Sweet Seeds Jack 47 XL is already stacked with many buds along the main stalk, so that is looking very encouraging.

The poor Sensi Seeds White Diesel has been taking some serious punishment from grasshoppers and other small insects but is still managing to do OK, it seems to be growing in a slightly different way to the other autoflowers, as far as the structure of the plant is concerned, which is interesting.

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