Is Piers Morgan A Secret Stoner?

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has been hanging out with Mike Tyson and smoking cannabis with him.

Right at the end of the recent podcast, Piers reaches for a spliff in a tray on the table and says:

‘What am I supposed to do with this Mike?’

To which Tyson replied: ‘Smoke it!’.

Piers then smokes the spliff and states: ‘When in Rome, right’.

The full 90-minute chat is available on Youtube, and covers a diverse array of topics including cannabis, sex, the Dalai Lama and much more.

Tyson’s cannabis ranch

Tyson has his own cannabis ranch in California where he has launched a new podcast show called called ‘Hotboxin at the Tyson Ranch’.  

As California have legalised both recreational and medical cannabis no laws were being broken here whatsoever, but plenty of Daily Mail readers may have fallen out of their chairs.

Not his first time

What is interesting is the lack of cough from Piers.

I am sorry, but that is not a first time cannabis smoker trying a spliff for the first time. No way. He’s definitely done that before.

In fact, he has previously admitted to using cannabis on his old talk show on CNN.

Mike also goes into detail about the benefits of some of this psychedelic experiences involving transformative hallucinogenic trips. When discussing the positive effects it had on Tyson’s life Piers was even heard to say ’I think it’s time for me to meet this toad.’

Apparently Piers left the ranch with a goody bag full of gifts – you’re not kidding anybody mate!

He said:

‘Whatever your side of the debate about marijuana – I view it as less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes – I’ve never seen a happier, calmer Mike Tyson.’

After being prescribed opioids after an accident on a segway, Morgan told CNN a few years ago:

“I can tell you that it was Vicodin which I was prescribed by my doctor which gave me a massively higher high than the cannabis ever did.

“And I couldn’t see the logic between making the Vicodin the legally prescribed drug and making cannabis this demonised drug.”

So, who’d have thought it. Piers Morgan, the UK’s latest cannabis proponent.

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