How To Get A Job In The UK Cannabis Industry

Back when I was at school, my careers adviser suggested I become a crane operator. This was despite my fear of heights.

Instead, I (eventually) became a freelance writer for the cannabis industry. And I was soon making more than the average careers adviser in the UK does.

After a year of writing cannabis content for clients around the world (including major CBD companies, legal dispensaries, and well-known cannabis publications), I founded High & Polite.

My aim with the website is to guide the people of the UK through the confusing and controversial world of cannabis and the budding CBD industry.

If you also have the desire to work in such a forward-thinking, compassionate, and potentially world-changing industry, then listen up.

Cannabis is about to explode!

Now is the perfect time to get into the cannabis industry – even if you’re living in a country with strict cannabis laws, like the UK.

Cannabis – already the world’s favourite illegal drug – is fast becoming mainstream. Laws are loosening and demand is growing. Many have referred to the blooming global cannabis industry as the ‘green rush’ in reference to the Californian ‘gold rush’ of 1848.

And they’re right. The American CBD industry alone is predicted to become a $20 billion market by 2020. Then consider the fact Europe has almost twice the population of the U.S…

But weed is still illegal where I live?

So what? Thanks to the internet, you are no longer limited by geography. There are cannabis companies starting up every single day in countries all over the world.

And many of them will never need to go near a cannabis plant.

Think of all the new technology that’ll be needed for the industry. The real estate. The legal assistance. The marketing. Logistics. Accounting. And so on…

Unfortunately, not everyone can become a strain reviewer. But there’s still plenty of jobs need doing. Many which haven’t even been thought of yet.

Just get creative. Try this: Think of an occupation that already exists. And then add cannabis/CBD to it!

For example, a lawyer becomes a cannabis lawyer. A chef could become a CBD chef. A yoga teacher could become a cannabis-friendly yoga teacher. You get the drift.

How to get a job in the UK cannabis industry?

Although recreational cannabis is not yet legal, the UK still has a fast-growing cannabis industry. Just look at all the CBD companies that have popped up over the last couple of years. And then, as we mentioned above, there are countless cannabis-related companies throughout the rest of the world.

Therefore, your best bet of finding a job in the cannabis industry looks something like this:

1. Define your skills

Brainstorm what skills you can offer or would like to offer a cannabis company. If needed, learn a skill that will be useful to the industry. This could be anything from copywriting to grow-light installation.

2. Get online

Jump online and start scoping out companies you would like to work for. Don’t just aim for the cool, well-known companies, though. Look for start-ups and smaller companies that you can really offer value to. Upwork and other similar freelance platforms are a good place to start your search.

3. Pitch

Write a killer CV and send it out with unique and authentic cover letters. Introduce yourself, explain clearly the skills you bring to the table and what you can do for the company. And then do it again.

4. Network

Go to cannabis events, of which there are already loads of awesome ones in Europe and the UK.

5. Get your work seen

If you offer a creative skill that you can showcase online by yourself, then do it. Start a blog, launch an Instagram account with your own photos, show off your graphic design skills on Facebook. You never know who’s going to see it.

Photo by UK cannabis photographer @metajuana

6. Be persistent

Like getting a job in any field, persistence is key. Do not give up after a handful of rejections, just see each one as a step closer to your dream job. You got this.

Cannabis jobs in the UK

While the UK may not be the hotbed of the global cannabis industry, there are still plenty of opportunities within our shores.

The British CBD industry is one sector to consider (and probably the one in most need of new talent). Then there’s all the head shops, grow shops, fashion brands, hemp retailers, hemp farms, and publications.

Here a few job ideas that you may inspire you:

  • Cannabis-focused freelance writer/journalist

The global cannabis industry is in dire need of experienced and knowledgeable writers and journalists. If you can write well, have an eye for a story, or can create valuable and eye-catching content, start sending out story pitches to publications today. 

  • Online customer service agent

Many companies now offer live chat on their websites, including CBD shops and other cannabis-related companies. This job can be done remotely from anywhere in the world, so all you need is a talent for helping customers.

  • Online copywriter/marketer for a head shop/grow shop/CBD company

There are many limitations to cannabis companies advertising and promoting their work online. For example, neither Google or Facebook allow cannabis-related content to be advertised. Therefore, there are plentiful opportunities to for those with innovative solutions that get cannabis brands seen by potential customers.

  • Hemp farmer

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, you could always get back to basics and start growing hemp. Failing that, many hemp farms will be needing help as demand grows and restrictions loosen over the next few years. What could you offer a fast-growing hemp farm?  

  • Sales rep for CBD company

Talented salespeople are always in need in rapidly growing industries. And the CBD industry is going to be massive very soon. If you know the market well and have pre-existing sales skills, you will be an asset to many up-and-coming brands.

  • CBD-infused/hemp-based food maker/chef

There are countless opportunities when it comes to mixing cannabis with food. Check out these CBD marshmallows, or this CBD beer. You could even bring your cooking skills into a commercial kitchen. 

  • Work in a head shop/grow shop/CBD shop

There’re already plenty of head shops and grow shops around the UK, both physical and online. Go and offer the owner/manager your time and skills, whatever they may be.

  • CBD hemp budtender

If you haven’t tried CBD-rich hemp flower yet, you should! CBD buds are just like normal weed, except it has almost no THC and high levels of CBD, meaning it doesn’t get you ‘high’. It’s legal in the UK and a number of shops have opened selling the raw flower from jars behind the counter just like cannabis dispensaries in America.

Amnesia CBD hemp flower from Hemp Elf

There obviously won’t be many of these jobs available, but there’s still huge opportunity here for someone creative enough to notice it.

  • Cannabis consultant

Do you have some expertise that is useful to cannabis businesses? If so, do like this guy does and start consulting.


The green rush is here and opportunity beckons.

While the lucrative cannabis industry is still very young, over the coming years, every aspect of it will grow rapidly, just like the plant itself.

If you live in the UK and have a passion for cannabis, start thinking about how you can be of service to the industry and/or the public.  

Then get out there and make things happen!

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