CBD Flower Strain Review: Gelato (12% CBD) from Hemp Elf

At a glance

Strain: Gelato

From: Hemp Elf

Grown: Switzerland (indoor)

CBD content: 12%+

Summary: “It wowed my friends with super relaxing and uplifting effects, while it looks and smells as good as it gets when it comes to CBD bud “

Overall rating: 9/10

The Review

Over the last few months, Hemp Elf has become my number 1 CBD flower supplier. They have upped their game by consistently bringing in incredible new CBD strains. Just this week they launched OG Kush and Zkittlez – both of which we have already ordered and will be reviewing soon.

This review is of a strain that was introduced in October – Gelato.  

Another great thing about Hemp Elf is that their CBD flowers actually smell and taste like the strains they are named after. I think this is a result of crossing EU-approved hemp varieties with the actual THC-rich genetics.

So, will Hemp Elf’s Gelato compare to its THC-rich counterpart? Let’s find out…

Delivery and packaging: 10/10

Ordered on Sunday, arrived on a Tuesday. I don’t think I’ve ever waited longer than 2 days for an order from Hemp Elf.

The bud came in a small, green pop-top pot. This protected the buds from being squashed while in the postal system. A small sticker on the pot has the strain name, CBD and THC percentages, the weight, and Hemp Elf’s festive logo.

Aesthetics: 9/10

Gelato is another awesome-looking strain from Hemp Elf. But while it could easily pass for high-grade THC-rich weed, it is not as dense as the company’s other strains.

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It has more of a bulging structure than some of the tight, dense nugs I’ve had from Hemp Elf. However, it is still strong and far from leafy. It has a dense covering of orange pistils (small hairs) and you can clearly see trichomes covering the closely-trimmed leaves. I couldn’t see any purple on the nugs – a feature common with the ‘real’ Gelato strain.  

When you break the dried flower apart in your hand, you can really feel how sticky the buds are with resin.

Smell: 9/10

So, does it smell like the real Gelato strain? Yes, it actually does! It smells very sweet, like candyfloss, and creamy at the same time.

Admittedly, it’s not as strong or overpowering as well-grown THC-rich Gelato, but it’s definitely on the right track.

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

Smoking: 8.5/10

Smoking this on its own in a joint (I use really thin hemp papers), I was not as impressed as I thought I would be. While smooth at first, I soon found it quite harsh.

There was a light, sweet flavour there, especially in the first few pulls, but it was soon overshadowed by a harshness.

One for the vape, in my opinion.

Vaping: 9/10

On the middle-temperature setting of my Vapour2 PRO (which, for just over £100, is an amazing dry herb vape), this CBD-rich Gelato baked nicely. I got about 7 good draws of sugar-coated clouds before it started tasting like burnt popcorn.  

Up until then, it was smooth and sweet – and very satisfying.

Effects: 10/10

I smoked a joint of Gelato with a group of my friends and we all noticed the tranquillity that this strain produced. For a couple of them, this was their first experience with CBD flower, and they were blown away by the effects.

And judging by dozens of five-star reviews on the Hemp Elf website, most people agree: “Euphoric”, “anxiety gone”, and “relaxed but uplifted” were some ways reviewers describe the effects of Gelato.

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I think Gelato makes for great daytime/evening/social use thanks to its power to uplift and enhance mood.

Price: 7/10

At £12.50 per gram or £39.50 for 3.5g, Gelato ain’t cheap. But it’s worth it, in my objective opinion. Having said that, I know not everyone is willing to pay that much for hemp flower. And for them, there are plenty of cheaper options.

Gelato from Hemp Elf is a premium CBD flower and, as such, has a premium price tag. Let’s hope the prices fall soon as more quality CBD bud comes to market in the UK

Overall: 9.5/10

Top quality CBD flower from Hemp Elf, with a price to match.

It wowed my friends with super relaxing and uplifting effects, while it looks and smells as good as it gets when it comes to CBD bud (so far – expect big improvements in 2019).

Perfect for socialising or getting things done, Gelato from Hemp Elf is well worth a try if you like your CBD flower deliciously sweet.

Buy Gelato here

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3 Comments on “CBD Flower Strain Review: Gelato (12% CBD) from Hemp Elf”

  1. Hi Jack, what do you think of
    Cbdhempweeds flowers? Their strawberry gelato is good but expensive also what about Thegoodbudzs flowers?
    Hopefully prices will come down and quality will go up in 2019!??

    1. Hi Sofiqul, thanks for commenting.

      I’ve tried their Strawberry Kush and it was really tasty. Not ordered from them for a while though, but that Gelato is tempting!

      TheGoodBudz sent me a sample of Strawberry Ripple and Cannabubble and both are super high quality. Cannabubble tastes better but Strawberry ripple looks amazing and both have strong effects (i think they’re 15+% CBD if I remember right).

      Prices must surely go down next year. Probably more in line with U.S prices of about £5-8 per g. And as quality will no doubt increase, it’s going to be a good year for CBD flower!

      1. Thanks for the Reply Jack!

        Jack, I have another question for you if you don’t mind answering please.
        If you was to order from only one CBd flower company who would it be Hempelf? I know you rate them high on your list but they’re a few sellers now. I tried their(Hempelf) Grapeape which was nice and fruit plus strong! The tangerine haze I didn’t like the taste or effects. Going to place an order of Og Kush, Sk.
        Have you tried KOG strawberry berry flower? What’s the best strawberry cbd strain you tried? Is Hempelfs Sk? What do you think of Cbdistillery vape pens and gummies?
        Thinking of popping down to Hempbotanics tomorrow as they’ve got 20% off.
        Appreciate your knowledge Jack, you’re the (CBD GURU).
        Peace ✌? Sl

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