10 Of The Best CBD Products For 2022 (UK)

If you haven’t heard about cannabidiol (CBD) yet, where have you been hiding?

It seems like every other day there’s a story in a national newspaper expounding the benefits of this cannabis-derived compound: “How cannabis oil helped me get off painkillers”, “Woman cured of sciatica within hours of using cannabis oil”, “Gran’s tumour shrinks to eighth of size with cannabis oil” – just a few of the stories that have been read by millions in the UK.

In fact, the use of CBD oil has doubled in the last year, with over 1,000 people each month deciding to try the non-psychoactive cannabinoid for the first time. Many, underwhelmed by traditional medicine, do so to see if it could help with various conditions from neurological pain and nausea to depression and anxiety.

Along with this growing interest in CBD, an exciting new industry has sprouted up to cater to the demand for cannabis-derived products. There are now a wide variety of CBD products available in the UK, including edibles, tinctures and e-liquids.

Here, we have taken the liberty to compile a list of the 10 best CBD products in the UK right now. You’ll find products from some well-established brands along with the latest and greatest innovations. If we’ve missed anything, please let us know in the comments!

1. CBD flower 

Like regular weed but without the ‘high’. Sounds silly, right? However, the combination of CBD, terpenes and trace amounts of other cannabinoids gives a soothing wave of muscle relief and clear mindedness.

Perfect for vaping and smoking, it’s especially great when mixed with high-THC flower to smooth out the buzz and reduce any anxiety or paranoia.

Lear more about CBD flower and explore some other great vendors here.

2. Distillate Vape Pen

I’ve tried a few CBD distillate vape pens over the last few years and I’ve been mightily impressed with them. There’s this one from Woodies that has 95% CBD, which I loved, as well as this one from Paso CBD, which contains CBG and also impressed.

However, the Holy Grail from Ice head Shop is unique in that it’s made from undiluted, uncrystallised and organic GMP flow-form distillate, with absolutely nothing added. It also contains a wide spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG and CBDV in significant amounts.

It’s small, light, stylish and very discreet, sitting easily within the palm of my hand. This makes it the ideal companion for those busy days, where a quick puff in between tasks can keep you calm, present and on track.

3. CBD Extracts

Whether you’re into dabbing, vaping or smoking, CBD extracts offer an enjoyable way to consume CBD. But lots of hemp-derived concentrates are trash. They taste all earthy and hempy and, well, are a long way from their THC counterparts.

However, there are now a few products out there that are up to scratch – they’re potent, terpy and tasty. The CBD extracts that are best value for money are from IceHeadShop and reviewed by us here.

4. CBD Oil

CBD oil is now the most popular health supplement in the UK. And with good reason. High-quality CBD oil is effective, versatile, and of great benefit to most people.

Not all CBD oils are equal. Some seem to be more effective than others. This could be for many reasons but the main ones are a lack of care and attention in the manufacturing process and companies attempting to cut corners in order to cash in on a lucrative market.

You can find my 10 favourite CBD oils here.

5. CBD Pre-rolls

A CBD pre-roll is simply a joint that’s been already rolled and filled with CBD flower. These ready-to-smoke hemp flower joints are a very useful innovation in the world of CBD and I’m a big fan.

My favourites are from Budmother and The Goods do an interesting pre-roll made from dry herbs and CBD extracts.

6. Organic CBD Coconut Oil from Raised Spirit

CBD has just been removed from the prohibited list by the World Anti Doping Agency, and Nick Osipczak, a former professional UFC star and founder of Raised Spirit is aiming to supply the world of athletics with the CBD-infused coconut oil.

The unique blend of two of nature’s most powerful superfoods, hemp and coconut, makes for a convenient and tasty supplement that can be eaten raw, spread on toast, in your favourite drink or recipe, or massaged directly into your skin.

7. Squidgy Black CBD Hash From IceHeadShop

For those of you who miss a bit of squidgy black from back in the day, or those simply looking for a unique CBD hash that really packs a punch, boy do I have a treat for you?

This glorious hash from IceHeadShop that is not only reminiscent of the legendary squidgy black hash that was well loved during the 80s/90s in the UK, it also has a similar body-stone effect, where you just feel warm and fuzzy and free of tension rather than sedated or high.

And that’s not surprising thanks to a high ratio and wide range of cannabinoids, including 20% CBD, 8% CBG, 4% CBDV and 4% CBE.

8. CBDa Oil From Browns CBD

This ‘artisanal’ CBDa oil has 500mg of CBD/CBDa (exact ratio not known) as well as traces amounts of additional cannabinoids including CBGa and CBG in a 20ml bottle.

Due to its cold-pressed nature, it has quite a strong cannabis flavour profile thanks to high levels of terpenes.

9.CBD Skin Balm From Aura

Now this CBD skin balm from Aura CBD is fantastic. It features only organic ingredients, including raw coconut oil, organic raw cacao butter, organic cannabis terpenes, and it smells good enough to eat. It’s also one of the only CBD balms in the UK that is suitable for vegans.

10. CBD/CBG Vape Oil from CBGX

With equal amounts CBD and CBG, this is a unique product in the UK. In fact, I believe it’s one of the only vape liquids around with such high amounts of CBG – known as the stem cell or mother cannabinoid as it is the precursor to all other cannabinoids, including CBD and THC.

I tested out the 600mg version – which has 300mg of CBD and 300mg of CBG – in two flavours, Sunny Orange D and Key Lemon Pie. Key Lemon Pie is made with real terpenes, while Sunny Orange D uses natural flavours. A number of other flavours are available, such as OG kush and Rainbow Skitz.

9 Comments on “10 Of The Best CBD Products For 2022 (UK)”

  1. Its worth mentioning that anything containing just hemp seed oil does not contain any CBD at all. Manufacturers should specifically clarify what exactly makes the product contain CBD.

    1. I use it, as does a number of friends and family. We rate it very highly because, as far as we can tell, it’s a high-quality and effective product for a much cheaper price than many of its competitors.

      1. Cheers mate. Appreciate the reply. Wasn’t being sarky just cautious. As you know, it’s a minefield trying not to get scammed for CBD. Might put an order in now. Cheers again.

        1. Totally understand, Andrew. It is a minefield. And it’s my hope that High & Polite can help people find quality and reliable products from trustworthy companies. So let us know how it goes with whatever brand you go for. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hi Jack. I’d like to buy cheap hemp tea to make my own pastes? I’ve looked at indigo herbs and they have 50 grams for £7.

    Do u have any recommendations? Is there a big difference between the cheaper loose hemp and the more expensive hemp buds?

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