Review: Woodies CBD Distillate Vape Pen (With 95% CBD And Cannabis-Derived Terps)

I’m quite picky when it comes to what I put in my lungs. I prefer dry vaping over smoking and generally shun e-liquids because I don’t fancy inhaling a bunch of PG/VG.

However, I do really like vaping distillate – not only is there no additives, it’s also a very effective consumption method.

This article is going to be reviewing my experiences with this CBD vape pen from Woodies, which consists of a broad-spectrum CBD extract and cannabis-derived terpenes.  

About Woodies

CBD syringe by Woodies

It’s an interesting company. The founder, Jamie Wood – step-son of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood – started the company after a heart attack led him to change his partying ways and start taking responsibility for his health. 

He soon discovered CBD – which helped him pack in his 20-a-day cigarette habit – and he was inspired to share his discovery with friends and family before launching his own CBD brand – Woodies. 

Woodies mission is to bring high quality CBD products to the UK market – a market that is quite possibly awash with mislabelled products and questionable marketing techniques. 

As well as CBD vape pens and cartridges, Woodies also sell a range of broad-spectrum CBD oils, pure distillate in syringes, and even CBD-infused hand sanitizer. 

About the vape pen

I wrote an article last year about my favourite CBD vape pens. My number one was the distillate pen from Synergy Extracts, followed by the Phenopen. However, I think I might need to update the list. 

And that’s because I love this Woodies distillate pen even more. Here’s why:

1. The taste

Woodies’ carts are made using cannabis-derived terpenes and the flavour produced by these is exceptional. I tried Zkittlez – which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be available any longer – and it tasted very similar to the original THC version. I’ve also heard good things about the Pineapple and Amnesia flavours. 

2. The convenience

These pens can be put to use as soon as they come out of the box. The pen comes fully charged and is ready to puff on from the off. When you inhale, a small light will come on at the bottom of the pen so you know it’s working. 

3. The price

At just £40 each, these CBD distillate pens are great value. East cart contains 0.5ml of distillate with a massive 95% CBD. I’ve been using mine daily for two weeks and there still seems to be plenty left. I take deep pulls, too. 

4. The transparency

I really, really like the fact the product description for each flavour of vape pen displays an ingredient breakdown as well as a list of the specific terpenes used. Many people like to tailor their experience based on specific terpenes, so this feature is endlessly helpful.

5. The clouds

Taking a deep draw from this pen produces big, tasty clouds. This makes for a very satisfying experience, especially if you’re used to smoking or vaping.   

My thoughts

Overall, I’m very impressed. I’m using this potent CBD pen most days and it’s fast become my favourite way of dosing CBD. 

I’ve found it particularly beneficial during the recent lock down – it’s definitely helped me smoke less weed. 

Cannabis-derived terpenes give it a delicious and authentic taste, while its price point is very reasonable, in my opinion.

If you’re looking for a potent CBD vape pen without any additives, give this pen from Woodies a go. This is a brand I stand behind and I can’t wait to try some more of their flavours.

Use code highandpolite10 for a 10% discount. 

4 Comments on “Review: Woodies CBD Distillate Vape Pen (With 95% CBD And Cannabis-Derived Terps)”

  1. Hi, Jack I smoke cannabis but haven’t smoked in a while but being locked in has made me more anxious. It’s gotten harder to get weed from my local would this be good for me? I would like something strong thanks.

  2. Hi, I am looking on starting up an online store, booked a course to find out all I need to know about the products and was wondering if you could give me some tips or advice on how to go about doing this. Is it legal in the UK to sell online and are the products made in the UK? Any info would be massively helpful. Thank you

  3. Hello Jack,
    First off thanks for your brilliant and informative blog you’ve definitely opened my eyes to the wonderful range of new cbd based products in particular @woodiesuk. I’ve sampled green dream, dessert scout cookies and critical haze all of which have been of the highest quality and so close to the real deal (thc) All have been in cartridge form which are so user friendly especially for me, I lost use of my right arm 6yrs ago and have limited use of my left hand so vape pens are an absolute godsend for me. I do still try to roll a phattie there’s nothing quite like it but I’m on the lookout for a decent dry herb vaporizer to assist me with my pain management. Reading your product reviews I’ve tried budmother and the cbd flower shop enjoyed their cbd flowers sure they don’t blow the doors off but with a bit of crumble some shatter think that’s the making of something rather tasty!!… my only bad experience has been with high kind I was intrigued by your reviews on their vape pens…they have an impressive website lots of different products with plenty of background information on their products, I choose to order og kush bit of an old school favourite you can’t go wrong with!! Light note’s of pepper with citrus undertones sounds pleasant I attached my cartridge to my woodies vape pen and fired up took a quick inhale nothing happened took a deeper pull and the taste and heat from what I can only describe as an industrial overwhelming taste and heat of blackpepper huge burning sensation and coffing fit ensued…gave it 10mins and tried again exactly the same result it really was unpleasant and made me feel ill…this was my first order from highkind which was short I only received half of my order foolishly I’d ordered 2xog kush, I contacted highkind via email eventually they got intouch and apologised for the mix-up and said they would dispatch the rest of my order in the next couple of days. I contacted highkind after my ill-fated roadtest I was polite and calm not wanting to be negative and to give them the opportunity to put this right before I left a review, ultimately Allie head of customer service said it was down to personal taste and wouldn’t offer a refund on the cartridge I’d used possibly swap the missing cartridge for another flavour!! I’ve returned the industrial pepper og kush no way can I use it or gain any benefits apart from burning a hole in my throat, there not replying to my emails I’ve called their number 3times and left messages still no reply…in a nutshell I’ve wasted £37 on a sore throat caused myself stress, I’d expect this kind of behaviour from a snyde yahoo dealer not a so called reputable company as highkind!! Think the moral of this story is the grass isn’t always greener/ no pun intended. In future I’ll stick with woodies they really are a class act fantastic products and customer service and they give you free samples Jaime wood is a top top fella like your good self Jack, keep up the good work I’ve really enjoyed reading up on all your reviews.
    Kind regards
    Andrew Simpson

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