I Found The Holy Grail: A Disposable CBD/CBG Distillate Vape Pen With 88% Cannabinoids And No Additives!

I’ve been looking for it for a long time. Looking for the perfect CBD vape pen – one that’s potent yet discreet, free of any nasty additives and available for a decent price.

And I’ve found it. 

Say hello to the Holy Grail from Ice Head Shop. A fitting name for an incredible disposable CBD vape pen – one that ticks all my boxes.

Let’s take a look why I love it so much…

The Holy Grail

I’ve tried a few CBD distillate vape pens over the last few months that I’ve been mightily impressed with them. There’s this one from Woodies that has 95% CBD, which I loved, as well as this one from Paso CBD, which contains CBG and also impressed. 

However, the Holy Grail is unique in that it’s made from undiluted, uncrystallised and organic GMP flow-form distillate, with absolutely nothing added. It also contains a wide spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG and CBDV in significant amounts. 

It’s small, light, stylish and very discreet, sitting easily within the palm of my hand. This makes it the ideal companion for those busy days, where a quick puff in between tasks can keep you calm, present and on track. 

If you’re like me, you’ll find such a powerful and convenient CBD vape very attractive. It just ticks all my boxes…

Potent: check

If you’re looking for a product that will deliver a huge range of cannabinoids and terpenes in a concentrated form, you can’t get better than the Holy Grail. 

Here’s how it measures up: CBD (58%), CBG (11%), CBDV (5%), along with a variety of other cannabinoids including CBN (less than 0.1%) and THC (less than 0.1%). Overall, that’s 440mg of cannabinoids in each vape (0.5ml). 

The distillate used in these pens is thick and tasty. Take a 5-second puff and it’s deceivingly smooth. Pull for longer and the real terpenes present are sure to have you coughing – it’s that strong.

Effects-wise, I find the Holy Grail quite sedating if I have more than one short puff. This makes it great for evening/bedtime use. I also find the CBD/CBG combo just dissolves anxious thoughts and worries almost on the spot. It makes my brain feel all warm, cosy and relaxed. And effects are pretty instant. 

No additives: check

My favourite thing about this vape is the way it’s made – in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which ensures that products are consistent and produced according to high quality standards. 

In my book, this is vital when it comes to a product designed to be inhaled. The last thing you want is some dodgy distillate that contains impurities like residual solvents or pesticides. 

Test results on the product page show that this is a pure distillate with nothing but cannabinoids and terpenes. There’re also no additives like PG/VG, MCT oil, flavours or added terpenes. 

Discreet: check

Previous distillate pens I’ve tried all generally look the same – like long, thin pens. This Holy Grail, however, is out on its own with its discreetly stylish design. 

Small, black and plastic, it’s so light and easily sits in the palm of your hand. Only about three inches long and weighing around only 15 grams, it’d be difficult to get it much more compact than this. 

Unlike other pens I’ve tried, I don’t even notice this vape sitting in my pocket. And there is no fear of it breaking as the chamber/oven is well protected in the plastic casing. If you saw it lying on the table and didn’t know what it was, you might think it’s a USB stick or something similar. 

Value for money: check 

What’s also great about this disposable vape pen is the prices. On sale for only £23.99, you’ll be hard fought to find a better deal on 440mg of cannabinoids in any product on the market, let alone a distillate vape product of such high quality. 

Ice Head Shop says the Holy Grail contains over 200 puffs, so it should easily last over a month if you have five or six puffs a day. That’s great value in my book and I’d happily pay £24 a month to keep stocked up.

Uses: stress, sleep and withdrawal symptoms

As well as daytime use to lower stress and increase presence, I find a few puffs on the Holy Grail in the evening is great for sleep. Especially if you’re used to THC in the evenings (like me), this combination of cannabinoids can really get your mind feeling drowsy and your body super relaxed. 

It’s also hugely valuable for dealing with the withdrawal symptoms of THC. I personally take a tolerance-break from THC every other week or so and I’ve found this powerful vape pen to just obliterate any cravings, annoyances and sleeping troubles.

I can imagine that it would also be super helpful for anxiety sufferers or to lower inflammation. In fact, CBG has been found to be more potent than CBD when it comes to anti-inflammatory properties.

As you can imagine, the two combined, along with other minor cannabinoids and terpenes, will have a synergistic effect that’s even more powerful than the sum of its parts.    

Overall: incredible 

What can I say. This is the vape pen I have been waiting for. Made with a pure distillate, bursting with a wide range of cannabinoids and clear from any additives, it’s a product I highly recommend. 

If you’re looking for an effective, discreet and cheap CBD/CBG product that hits hard and fast, the Holy Grail is it! 

Buy the Holy Grail here for £23.99.

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17 Comments on “I Found The Holy Grail: A Disposable CBD/CBG Distillate Vape Pen With 88% Cannabinoids And No Additives!”

  1. Cbg is a toxin in quantities above 1% why they not oil it? good for nothing other than making it easier in production . Just saying my personal opinion what I like as it was your opinion to promote cbg.

        1. interesting what you saying but so far is proven preliminary support for the potential therapeutic application of CBG and CBD in motoneuron degenerative diseases also by over 30 yrs of study CBG no one could prove that CBG is toxic and CBG produced no adverse effects on any parameter in the neuromotor tolerability test battery. That’s scientific fact. Could you post any link related to your theory?

  2. Great review – how would you say this compares with the Synergy Extract experience? I really like the taste but never felt much effects with their products.

      1. Just to follow up – I bought one on the back of your review and I wasn’t disappointed, it’s great value, and in my opinion works much better than much more expensive products. Nice mellow feeling without any grogginess – and a nice taste. Thanks for reviewing this nice little alternative to smoking.

  3. Jack, this looks good. Have you found any refillable options out there ? I’m trying a Rubi Pen with distillate and MCT but that is not good for me I don’t think. What’s the 14% other in this one ? There’s all sorts of odd ‘fake’ type terpenes out there and people claiming they made ‘flavourless’ terpenes. I’m trying to do this long term as an alternative to the dry ‘erb but chucking away a vape wouldn’t work for me.

    1. Hi Andy, thanks for the comment. Woodies and Paso CBD do really nice distillate cartridges. Nice flavours too. The 14 % in the holy grail is terps and minor cannabinoids – nothing has been added. This is for sure a great alternative to flower. Well worth a try in my opinion.

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