What’s An Eighth? Understanding Different Cannabis Weights In The UK

Whether you’re new to cannabis, or even a regular consumer, understanding cannabis measurements can be difficult. 

Benz, eighths, Qs, wizards… It’s not immediately clear what all this terminology means. Which is why we’ve compiled this guide to help you understand different cannabis weights and the terminology used when buying weed.

Why it’s important?

It’s always a good idea to know the different quanities in which cannabis is sold, and whether or not you’re getting enough bang for your buck.  

It’s possible to purchase weed in small amounts, a gram for example, but you can also buy it in larger quantities, or in “bulk”, where the price will be discounted and usually cost less than purchasing separate grams. 

Many areas of the world also have a limit on how much cannbis amount you can carry, whereas other places completely prohibit the possession of cannabis. 

For this reason, it’s recommended that you check the laws of where you currently are or where you’re going. 

Common cannabis weights and costs 

Cannabis weights are generally based off of the context of an ounce (approx 28 grams). For example, when you buy a quarter of weed, you’re buying a quarter of an ounce, so 7 grams.  

The average price of cannabis can vary depending on the location within the UK, and Cali weed, for example, can be a lot more expensive than your average Stardawg

But without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the most common weights of cannabis in the UK and their average cost.  

  • 10-bit, Benz (1g) 

A gram of weed is normally the lowest amount you’ll be able be able to purchase (sometimes you’ll be able to buy 0.5g). The standard price for a gram of regular weed is £10-15. 

It’ll usually contain around 2 or 3 joints, which is enough to last you a couple of days if you don’t have much experience. Or a couple of minutes if you’re a regular! 

  • Eighth, Henry (3.5g) 

An eighth usually contains around 6-7 joints, and is probably one of the most preferred purchases amongst regular smokers. 

The average price of an eighth is around £25-£40, depending on your location and quality of the weed. Again, so-called ‘Cali Weed’ will be much more than this – as much as £100 for 3.5g.  

  • Quarter, Daughter (7g) 

7 grams of cannabis will usually last you a good while, containing around 12-14 joints. 

Again, it’s quite a popular choice amongst regular smokers, costing around £50-£70. 

But you’re increasing the risk of trouble with the police if you’re caught carrying this amount of weed and above. 

  • Half (14g) 

Half an ounce of weed will normally be good enough for about 30 joints.  

And you’ll probably be expected to pay around £80-£140.  

  • Ounce, Wizard, Z (28g)  

An ounce, the standard measurement that people in the UK bases the rest of the measurements on, will usually pack around 60 spliffs. 

For 28 grams of cannabis, you’ll be looking at paying around £160-£280. 

UK slang terms for different weed weights 

The slang terms for weed weights can vary depending on your location in the UK. 

What one person may call a gram of weed in South London could be completely different to someone else right up north in Newcastle. 

With that being said, here are some common slang terms for weed weights in the UK, and in my opinion, some of the most humurous! 

  • Fives, Blueys – 0.5g 
  • Tens, benz, 10-bit, 20-sack, a draw – 1g / 2g 
  • Henry (the eighth) – an eighth 
  • Bottle of water, daughter, a Q – a quarter 
  • Wizard of Oz, an O, a zed – an ounce (Oz) 
  • Brick, key – a kilogram 

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