Where To Buy Bulk CBD In The UK

Following on from our recent article about starting a CBD business, we thought we would answer the question of where to buy bulk CBD products in the UK?

We’ll also help you make sure the products you are buying are high quality, competitively priced, and, quite importantly, legal. 


Before you make a wholesale order of some CBD products, you need to know the stuff you’re being sent is of high-quality, that it’s been manufactured to the appropriate standards, and that it is what it says it is.

As such a rapidly growing industry, CBD wholesalers can and do offer poor products made quickly while cutting corners like third-party testing. 

This is why it pays to only do business with CBD wholesalers who have a well-established  positive reputation. 

The best bulk CBD suppliers will be able to show you third-party lab reports confirming cannabinoid content and heavy metal content, certificates that prove manufacturing standards (like GMP certification), as well as details how and where the product was made. 

You may also choose to order a sample before you place a bulk order so that you can test and verify the quality of the product yourself before committing.  


As a relatively new and booming industry, the CBD industry is full of people looking to make a quick buck. 

Unfortunately, this means many CBD wholesalers will charge well over the odds for their bulk products. 

So how much should you be paying for high-quality bulk CBD products? I spoke to one of the most well-established CBD suppliers in the UK, IceHeadShop, to find out.

They advised that when it comes to CBD isolate, you should be looking for between £1-2 per gram for a bulk order of up to 50 grams. Of course, the bigger the order, the cheaper the price per gram.

For cold-pressed 30% CBD oil, they suggest anywhere between £3-5 per gram, and for broad spectrum distillate, between £2-4 per gram. 

However, it does really depend on the product you are ordering. Branded products may cost more. 

IceHeadShop has some of the most competitive wholesale prices around, especially considering the quality of their products and the fact they are GMP certified. 

Laws and regulations 

While CBD is legal in the UK, CBD is legal to buy and sell in the UK – including all of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – oils, gummies, capsules and other edibles require Novel Foods authorisation from the FSA to be legally sold as of 2021.

Additionally full-spectrum CBD products are legal only if they contain less than 1mg of THC and have Novel Foods authorisation. 

Many manufacturers have already put their products through Novel Foods authorisation, so it’s not something you will need to undertake. However, be sure to check with your supplier beforehand if you intend to purchase a product that requires authorisation. 


When it comes to buying bulk CBD in the UK, there’s only one supplier we recommend. And that’s IceHeadShop

We have personally been working with them for a number of years and they truly have the best bulk CBD around, including CBD oil, CBD isolate, distillate, CBG, and more.

Their broad-spectrum CBD distillate is particularly impressive, boasting 85% CBD, 9% CBG and 2% other cannabinoids. 

They also have very low minimum order requirements, competitive pricing, and all their products are GMP certified and fully compliant with the appropriate regulations. 

You can reach out to IceheadShop for their wholesale prices here or email them at sales@iceheadshop.co.uk. And be sure to say High & Polite sent you 😉 

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