Special Edition ‘Trainwreck’ CBD Concentrates Released In Honour Of Brexit

A UK company has released a special edition of its CBD wax and shatter to honour the country’s exit from the EU. 

With a terpene profile based on the popular cannabis strain ‘Trainwreck’, the humour behind the move has not been lost. 

“The Brexit” 80% CBD wax and 99% CBD shatter are the latest edition to recreational CBD brand ‘The Goods’ lineup of CBD extracts, which is on sale at HempElf and a number of head shops around the country.  

HempElf, a well-established online CBD shop that sells a variety of cannabis-derived products along with smoking and vaping accessories, have written the following in the listing of ‘The Brexit’ wax and shatter:

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“This limited edition release of CBD extracts takes inspiration from what is likely to be remembered as one of the biggest points in British history. The “Trainwreck” strain profile fits how the country feels about Brexit- now you have the chance to give Brexit a dab! 

“And just to be clear this drop isn’t about taking any political sides – it’s about making something fun out of a life event that every British person has been involved in one way or another. “

They go on to describe the effects of the Trainwreck terpene profile as earthy, floral, and piney, with effects described as happy, soothed, inspired, “rush of excitement coupled with a soothing sensation.”

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Both the 80% CBD wax and 99% CBD shatter are made from broad-spectrum Colorado-grown hemp extract (broad spectrum means it’s had all traces of THC removed but other cannabinoids like CBG are still present in small concentrations) and added terpenes. 

The products can be used for sublingual ingestion, dabs, cooking, creating your own oils, or as a hash substitute in joints, bongs and whatnot. 

Other strain-profiles available in The Goods’ range includes Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Zkittles, Granddaddy Purple, Pineapple Express, OG Kush, and a natural flavour. 

A half-gram of wax costs £19.99, while the shatters are £17.99 per half-gram. 

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  1. Your article says that a gram costs 17.99 and 19.99 but when I clicked on hempelf site the price listed is for half a gram; whereas a gram costs 34.99 or 39.99. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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