CBD Success Story: ‘CBD Flower Helped With My Horrible Neck Pain And Anxiety’

Almost daily it seems that someone posts online about how CBD has helped them deal with a certain medical condition.

And while we were scouring the r/CBD subreddit early this morning, we came across this testimonial from a young woman from Switzerland who has had success in treating severe neck pain and anxiety with CBD hemp buds (CBD flower).

This is her story…

“Hi everyone! I‘m glad to have found this community. For a little background, I‘m female, 28 and I live in Switzerland. CBD products are legal here and are quickly gaining popularity, which is awesome.”

“The first time I tried CBD was almost a year ago when I was sick of my horrible anxiety ruining my day to day life. I bought flowers or buds to smoke since I‘m a cigarette smoker anyway (bad habit I know).

Paranoia from weed

“I‘ve had really horrible paranoia when I smoked weed (with THC) in the past, so first I was scared. But I rolled myself some cute small joints and after about 2-3 joints over the course of some hours, I could feel the calming effect.

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“I tried to feel anxious and I couldn‘t! It was amazing. The only downside for me was having to smoke quite a large amount of it and never finding a blend that didn‘t scratch my throat like sandpaper. I kind of gave up on finding that because I had tried many different ones and somehow was scared of the CBD oil (irrational fear, hello anxiety!).

“But today I walked into a cute little shop and was suggested one [a strain] that has about 17-20% CBD and under 1% THC. I smoked three small joints from the afternoon until 11 at night.

Swiss CBD flower

The pain is gone

“This morning I had hooooorrible neck pain, like usual. [But] just now I realised it was almost gone! And I really don‘t feel anxious at all. So I‘m glad I found this blend I really like and next month I‘ll go for the CBD oil as well.

“I would much rather use CBD than Xanax or benzos in general because I‘m scared to get hooked on them.”

“Anyway, I hope that maybe this will encourage someone to not give up and try to find something that works for you. Obviously, CBD is not for everyone but I really hope that it will rise in popularity as a help for pain and mental illness.

“The best thing would be to get a subscription from a doc, so I wouldn‘t have to pay outta pocket.”


What’s more, the first comment on the post goes on to exclaim the benefits of CBD oil: “So I have only done CBD oil and I find that I have literally no anxiety EVER in any situation and ZERO pain.

“I’m riddled with arthritis and will one day need knee replacements (already had operation on one hand due to arthritis). When I wake up I’m like a rusty robot. After a dropper full of CBD (held under tongue for 3 min) within minutes I am almost pain-free.

“By noon I’ve got zero pain anywhere and I can live my life the active way I need to.

“I highly recommend the oil. It changed my whole life.”

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