10 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Stoners (UK)

Summer is well and truly over. But don’t get too down just yet, because that means Christmas is around the corner.

For most, it’s a time for family, for giving gifts, and for indulging.

For stoners around the world, it’s a time to break out that special nug you’ve been saving all year, to be high pretty much all day (with intermittent naps, of course), and to enjoy the luxuries of the festive season with heightened senses.

But what if you have to buy a Christmas present for a stoner? What do you buy someone who already has shelves full of glass, four different rolling trays, an assortment of three-tiered grinders and a novelty mug with a spiff holder attached?

Here’re some ideas…



2. Microscope

Every stoner worth their salt knows about the anatomy of the cannabis plant. With this cool little microscope, which has 60X magnification, they’ll be able to see the minute details of their weed before they smoke it. Have a look after you’ve smoked and you’ll be even more awestruck.

3. Choco Buds

These dank-looking chocolate buds are more than just a gimmick. Believe us when we say that they are delicious. Seriously delicious. Get them for the stoner in your life and make sure they share.

4. CBD weed

If you can’t or don’t want to procure illegal weed, why not buy a few grams of CBD weed off the internet. It might not get you high, but CBD weed is still a great smoke, with calming, anxiety-reducing effects. It’s also wise to mix it with high-THC weed.

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5. Hemp wraps

Blunts are great. Tobacco is not. Therefore, get your beloved stoner these blunt wraps made entirely of hemp. Grapeape is the best flavour, in our opinion.

6. CBD lube

If you are particularly close with this stoner of yours, why not surprise them with this intimate oil made from CBD-rich hemp and a blend of ancient aphrodisiac plants. Foria CBD lube could make you both jolly this Christmas.  

7. Stoner Survival Kit

Sweets, matches, papers, filters and, of course, a condom. A small box that has everything a stoner could need. At just £5, it could make a good secret santa or stocking filler gift.

8. DynaVap M 2018

This stylish little dry herb vape would make a great addition to any stoners arsenal. It can be loaded with weed, heated up with a torch lighter, and puffed on like a joint. Once you get used to it, it can act as a way to transition from smoking to vaping or simply as an enjoyable alternative.

9. Autoflowering seeds

Every stoner has dreams of growing their own weed. Buy them some autoflowering seeds and you’ll bring that dream closer to reality. As the name implies, these seed flower automatically, no matter what light cycle they are exposed to (cannabis usually need 12/12 hours of light and dark), making them much easier to grow.

10. Liquid terpenes

Terpenes give cannabis its distinctive smell. It’s why cheese smells cheesy and why Cat Piss smells, well, of cat piss. You can buy terpenes in liquid form which can be used therapeutically or as a way to enhance the smell and effect of cannabis flower, oils and e-liquids.  

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