CBD Flower Strain Review: Holy Grail (22% CBD) From UncleHerb

At a glance:

Strain: Holy Grail

From: Uncleherb.co.uk

Grown: Italy (indoor)

CBD content: 22%

Summary: “With large, chunky buds that give off a sweet aroma and a more minty, refreshing taste, this strain is the perfect all-rounder.”

Overall rating: 9.5/10

The Review

UncleHerb.co.uk is one of the leading hemp flower suppliers in the UK. They offer a superb selection of high-quality flowers and are often introducing new strains into their line up.

Their latest addition is Holy Grail, with a whopping 22% CBD. They guys over at Uncleherb were pretty excited about this flower and offered to send us a couple of grams in return for an honest review.  

Delivery and packaging: 9/10

UncleHerb reliably delivers in two working days. First Class postage costs £2.11.

Airtight, resealable black aluminium pouched are used to package the bud. They are discreet and smell proof. They don’t protect your shipment from getting a bit squashed during transit, however,

Aesthetics: 10/10

Having heard some great things from Uncleherb staff, my expectations were high as I ripped open the heat-sealed pouch.

Inside were three well-sized nugs. I tipped them onto the table to get a good look and was immediately impressed by the weight and solidarity of the buds. Dense and compact, with a dusting of trichomes easily visible. A dark, subdued green in colour.

Despite their hardiness, the buds fluffed up well when chopped or ground. It wasn’t too dry, which is a problem I’ve had with a few other CBD strains bought online.

Smell: 10/10

A strong smell was evident as soon as the pouch was opened. My nose pushed into the pouch detected sweet, fruity notes. It reminded of the top-rate Strawberry Kush strains from Hempelf. It could possibly share some genetics or terpenes.

While in the bag it had this candy-like smell, in the grinder there was more of a diesel smell intertwined with the sweetness.

Overall, a top-smelling bud that is as close to high-grade THC-rich strains as I have found. Certainly on par with some of the best CBD strains from Switzerland, where the hemp bud industry started and where a 1% THC limit allows for a wider variety of strains.

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

Smoking: 8.5/10

This has a real taste of sweet menthol when smoked, along with gas-like flavours. However, while the taste was strong, I found the smoke to be a bit scratchy on my throat.

I feel the same about the high-THC strain Stardawg. While I enjoy its taste, I find it difficult to smoke more than a few puffs because of a scratchiness (maybe caused by a specific terpene) that makes me feel like my lungs are tight.

Vaping: 9/10

After smoking one big joint of Holy Grail, the rest went in my dry herb vaporiser (Dynavap M 2018). Still, the vapour had a niggling quality to it that irritated my throat a bit, but it did not feel as restricting as the smoke.

The vapour had a crisp minty flavour that I loved. But while the taste was exceptional, I didn’t get the biggest or most satisfying clouds from it.

Effects: 10/10

Hoil Grail has a huge 220mg of CBD per gram. Add to that an abundance of terpenes and other natural compounds and you’ve got yourself one potent product.

After a few inhalations of this strain, I felt almost immediate effects. I was at energised yet extremely calm and in control. After sitting back and giving myself some space, I became a bit sleepy. However, I still found I could work and read very comfortably with this strain.

Price: 9/10

At £11 per gram, Holy Grail costs around the standard price for a gram high-quality CBD weed. The price reduces to £10 when you buy an eighth, which is reasonable.

Considering it’s 220mg of CBD per gram, it’s great value when compared to other CBD products like CBD e-liquid, which generally retails at about £20-£30 per 100mg of CBD.

Overall: 9.5/10

This is one of the strongest CBD cannabis flowers on sale in the UK. But it’s also an incredible example of how good CBD weed can be.

With large, chunky buds that give off a sweet aroma and a more minty, refreshing taste minty taste, this strain is the perfect all-rounder. It’s the ideal strain to show people who think CBD buds are a load of crap.

3 Comments on “CBD Flower Strain Review: Holy Grail (22% CBD) From UncleHerb”

  1. @Jack I nearly ordered 7g yesterday but I went for the 7g’s of liberty haze instead and 7g’s of green power. 🙂
    I’m glad you made a review for Holy Grail.
    Menthol CBD Hemp does not sound and taste nice, so I’m glad I didn’t ordered it also £65 for 7g’s
    was a bit pricey mate.

  2. @Jack got a free g sample of Holy Grail thanks to Uncle Herb. It does smell nice when
    I cracked a bud though mate and now for the taste. Like jack said it does taste a little minty lol and the effects made me wan’t to close my eyes and chill 🙂 But I not sure if I could smoke it all day though.
    Green Power is the ideal strain to show people who think CBD buds are a load of crap with the taste.
    All my friends asking me why do I smoke it if it doesn’t make you stoned. I give up trying to explain to people.
    Holly Grail got to be 9/10

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