5 Reasons To NOT Buy Cali Weed In The UK

The going rate for Cali Weed in the UK is around £100 for 3.5g, which is mind-boggling for many.

It can be exceptionally nice bud – and is usually sold in branded tins, pots or pouches – but is it really worth the price hike?

I don’t think so. Here are some reasons why… 

1. It’s overpriced

£10/gram has been standard in the UK for a long-time. Occasionally, you may pay up to £15/gram if you’re buying small amounts of something special. 

However, £30+ for one gram of weed is ridiculous. Sure it can look incredible, smell insane and taste amazing, but THC is THC at the end of the day.

The effects from a £30 joint of Cali are going to be pretty much the same as a £10 joint of my mate Simon’s homegrown. 

Saying that, I understand that there are many cannabis connoisseurs out there who think it’s worth the premium. I respect that. I also enjoy the finer things in life. Therefore, if you’ve got the money and acumen, get some Cali. 

If not, however, don’t waste your hard-earned cash when there’s perfectly good weed grown on this side of the Atlantic. Which brings me to my next point…

2. UK weed can be exceptional

If you haven’t seen iSmoke’s strain reviews, check them out because they feature some of the finest UK-grown bud around.

And trust me, UK bud can be very good when grown and cured well. 

3. It’s often fake

“Aww last summer my mate talked me into buying half a cali ounce, he geniunly believed it was the shit… but it was grown at mateys fucking nans house lmao. Found this out a month later. [sic]”

I found this quote on Reddit while researching this post, and it’s not the first story like this I’ve heard. 

That’s right, scammy dealers are packaging up regular UK weed in pop-tops and fancy pouches bought online and doubling or tripling the prices they charge. And countless unsuspecting people are falling for it. 

Dave, a dealer based in the North East, told Leafie in a recent article, “You can bulk buy all of your plastic bags and stickers online for £50, max. By putting your buds inside one of the bags, your overall profits will grow by at least 30%”. 

4. You’re paying for the brand, not the product

When it comes to luxury goods, the mark-up is rarely due to the quality of the product. The product may only be 5/10% better than others, yet a brand can charge over 100% more if it has the clout.  

This is because you are paying for the branding, not the product. 

California, with its legal weed and iconic status in counterculture, has seen the first globally-recognised cannabis brands bloom over recent years. Some of the most well-known brands include Connected, Jungle Boys, and Cookies.

Featuring in rap songs and social media accounts of some of the biggest trend setters, it’s no surprise that these brands are now the most sought after all over the world, especially the UK.   

5. It may only be in UK because it’s unsellable in California, or somewhere else in the US

Some people say that the only reason that Cali weed is being flown to the UK is because it was not good enough to be sold in California. Or even another legal state, like Colorado. 

I’m not sure how true this is, but it wouldn’t surprise me. 

I also know that many areas in the US have more weed than they can sell, so it’s possible some makes it to the UK rather than being disposed of. 


There you go, five lovely reasons NOT to buy Cali weed in the UK. 

If you can afford it and you appreciate the finer things in life, then go for it. You’ll be in for a treat

Just make sure it’s real and not grown in your mate’s nan’s house!

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