10 Of The UK’s Top Cannabis Influencers

In November 2018, cannabis was legalised for medicinal use in the UK. However, access to medical cannabis on the NHS is all but impossible thanks to restrictive guidance from groups such as NICE and the BPNA.

In fact, to date, there have been only 12 NHS prescriptions and less than 60 prescriptions in total. That’s despite the fact that at least 1.4 million people are using cannabis to treat medical conditions. 

Judging by these stats, it’s clear that there’s still work to be done in order for cannabis to receive the recognition it deserves as one of nature’s most therapeutic plants. 

And that work is being taken on by a number of hard working activists, influencers and entrepreneurs throughout the country. 

Here’s a run down on the top 10 cannabis influencers (in no particular order) who are spreading awareness about cannabis in the UK.

1. Callie Blackwell

Callie’s son, Deryn, was moments away from succumbing to a rare cancer that he had been battling for years before Callie took a chance and gave him cannabis oil. Since then, he has bounced back and is now thriving. 

Now, years later, Callie spends her time spreading awareness about the medical benefits of cannabis, as well as helping sick people to access the medicine. She’s helped countless people and is a true hero. You can buy her book here and find her website here.

2. Outlaw

Now this guy is a whole new level of activist. Outlaw’s antics include giving out free weed to NHS workers, putting up homeless people in hotels, and publishing a book that teaches people how to deal with the police. 

He had a UK-wide smoke tour planned for summer where more free weed was going to be distributed. While it has been postponed for now, I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about Outlaw in the future. 

3. Simpa Carter

A talented writer and activist, Simpa has dedicated his life to promoting and educating on all things cannabis. He holds a wealth of cannabis knowledge, from pharmacological to political, and regularly keeps his followers in the know with livestreams and articles published in various places. 

Simpa is also the chairman of the Durham County Cannabis Club where he arranges ground-breaking cannabis events full of entertainment, education and inspiration. Find Simpa on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Tyler Green

You may recognise Tyler from his very popular online media platform, iSmoke, where you’ll find all sorts of resources on cannabis. 

His website also features an archive of what must be hundreds of individual strain reports that Tyler has conducted over the years – ideal for cannabis consumers to learn more about strains they may find in the UK. 

5. Mike Wise

Mike, an American living in Europe, was a professional skateboarder before being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2014. After curing himself from Crohn’s using cannabis, Mike set about educating the world and is now one of the most well known activists in the world.

Using cannabis medicines, he has cured over 2,000 people from a variety of diseases including terminal ones such as Cancer and Glioblastoma (brain tumors). He also recently made a documentary with medical cannabis pioneer Rick Simpson, which you can watch here

6. Farcannahan (Mayor Green)

Known as Mayor Green, Farcannahan is one of the most recognisable faces in the UK cannabis community. You can often find him spreading awareness and good vibes at various events around the country. Check out his instagram here

7. Herb House

HerbHouse is a Youtube channel that reviews CBD hemp flower products. The host is a huge hemp and cannabis enthusiast and probably not many others in the country who have tried as many hemp flower strains as this guy. Check our HerbHouse here

8. Drew Is Sharing

DrewIsSharing is more of a classic Youtuber, although he has a lot of awesome cannabis content. Find his Youtube channel here

9. Orson Boon

We love Orson for his positive attitude and his incredible openness. You can find him on instagram or on his podcast – the aptly known Positive Vibes podcast, where he talks all about plant medicines, healing and life. 

10. Brighton Cannabis Club

BCC have one of the most popular cannabis-focused Instagram pages in the UK. Along with posting lots of bud porn and informational content, BCC also runs the famous Brighton Green Pride festival that takes place every year (except this year, for obvious reasons). 

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