Meta Study Shows CBD’s Anti-Addictive Properties: This Time It’s Cocaine

There’s already plenty of evidence suggesting that CBD could offer a useful tool in treating a wide range of addictions, including alcohol, tobacco, opioids and even THC

And now a new meta-study has added to the pile, finding that CBD shows promise in the treatment of cocaine misuse.

Researchers looked at a total of 14 animal studies from the last 5 years. They found clear evidence that CBD, the major non-psychotropic cannabinoid found in cannabis, worked to mitigate addictive behaviours in rodents that were administered cocaine. 

“CBD promotes reduction on cocaine self-administration. Also, it interferes in cocaine induce brain reward stimulation and dopamine release,” the study states.

“CBD promotes alteration in contextual memory associated with cocaine and in the neuroadaptations, hepatotoxicity and seizures induced by cocaine.”

While not all studies analysed were completely consistent with one another, the evidence indicates that CBD is a promising adjunct therapy for the treatment of cocaine dependence due to its effect on: cocaine reward effects, cocaine consumption, behavioral responses, anxiety, neuronal proliferation, hepatic protection and safety, the study concluded.  

However, the researchers did stress the need for clinical (human) trials to determine whether the findings in animal models occur in humans diagnosed for cocaine or crack cocaine use disorder.

Among the other findings of the review, CBD reduced changes in the brain promoted by cocaine; CBD reduced contextual memory associated with cocaine; CBD reduced anxiety related to cocaine consumption; and CBD reduced hepatotoxicity and seizures associated with cocaine use.

“Considering the low toxicity, the absence of severe side effects and the reduction of cocaine-related behavior, CBD is a promising adjuvant in treatment processes for individuals with problems related to cocaine use.”

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