Meet Outlaw: The Masked Activist Who Gives Out Free Weed, Money To The Homeless, And Got Manchester City Centre Closed Down For 24 Hours

At a time when many people feel let down by an out-of-touch establishment, one man is making it his mission to flout unjust laws and empower the public.

His message: ‘The Government Hates You.’

Meet Outlaw, the balaclava-wearing activist-slash-anarchist who’s going around giving out free weed in city centres and cash to the homeless, among other controversial stunts.

And now the anonymous figure, who is involved in the music business and is thought to be a producer, is planning a UK-wide tour that will feature “free weed, merch and music.”

Free bud

The modern-day Robin Hood first hit the press last summer, brazenly breaking UK laws by handing out free weed in the centre of Manchester. A video was uploaded showing two people dressed in black with balaclavas setting up a banner in Piccadilly Gardens.

The banner says ‘FREE BUD ‘souvenirs’’ on it, which miraculously draws a crowd almost immediately. The two men then start handing out small bags of cannabis to excited members of the public. About £800’s worth was given out, apparently. 

Outlaw had this to say about the incident: “There’s no harm or loss to anyone because a few guys are handing out weed.

“We question UK laws and legislation and like to test the authority.

“Until somebody can convince us that there’s a legitimate reason for cannabis to be illegal, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing and keep pushing the barrier, regardless of the law.

“You can see in the video that the people of Manchester were absolutely loving it, not so much the police of Manchester!”

Outlaw was stopped by police as he left the scene, although he claims he wasn’t arrested. 

“You can’t arrest a character with a made up name and no face. Outlaw’s lawyers are right on top of the game.”

Suspected terrorist

He again hit the press in November as the centre of a terror alert which shut down a part of Manchester city centre for 24 hours. In a statement posted on Instagram, Outlaw said he was filming a music video when he was stopped by police in his black Land Rover with number plate ‘OUTLAW’.

Two suspects – aged 57 and 22 – were arrested for suspicion of terrosism and held in a cell for 24 hours before being released without charge the next day. 


Outlaw was again confronted by the police dressed in December after dressing up as Father Christmas handing out Christmas cards containing £10 notes to homeless people. An Instagram video shows him performing the generous deeds before being led into a police van. He was not arrested, however.  

Outlaw told The Metro that he made 50 cards with a £10 note in but only managed to hand out 35 before police arrived. He also said he wanted to fight the ‘heart-breaking assumption’ that the money would be spent on drugs, adding: ‘One lady spent £5 on a coat to keep her dog warm.’

All these shenanigans have won Outlaw a sizeable social media following. Fans can support Outlaw by purchasing rolling papers or a hydroponic grow kit on his website

You can also see Outlaw at one of his tour stops, for which the dates and locations will be confirmed on January 20th. 

“This is literally just the start and it’s gone mad! Giving out £800.00 worth of weed is nothing,” he said.

I don’t think that the last we’ll be hearing of Outlaw. 

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