Review: CBD Distillate And Holy Grail Kush From IceHeadShop

Being a CBD enthusiast means I’m always on the search for new, high-quality products. One of my favourite shops is IceHeadShop as they never disappoint with an endless supply of interesting, top-notch products at very reasonable prices. 

Two products in particular caught my eye – the first was the pure flowform CBD distillate, the second was the Holy Grail Kush herbal bud blend. I’ve heard great things about both of these products from fellow enthusiasts so thought I’d give them a go. 

First impressions 

Both products arrived promptly without issue. I was keen to sample the CBD distillate so decided to try that first. 

CBD distillates are a form of extracts that have undergone the process of distillation to purify and remove any unwanted plant material as well as specific cannabinoids (usually THC).

Distillates are one of the most potent types of concentrates available on the market. Due to the extensive distillation process, distillate products are often more expensive in comparison to other concentrates. However, they hold many advantages over other concentrates – for example, they are more versatile in their usage.  

On first glance, the packaging of the CBD flow form distillate looks stylish and professional. The product is imported from the USA and comes in a glass-measured syringe. The measurements displayed on the syringe allow you to easily dose out different measures of CBD depending on your needs. 

Next up I took a look at the Holy Grail Kush mix. I was impressed with the packaging – it came in a stylish and convenient plastic pop-top container.

After opening I could see a dense looking herbal mixture. The quality looked great, the consistency was slightly puffy and not too dry, which I have found to be an issue with some similar products on the market. I also noticed a subtle generic weed-like smell. I was excited to try! 


The quality of both products was impressive. 

Upon a visual inspection, the CBD distillate looks amazing. It has a golden, honey-like appearance. Looking through the product details I can see that it is pure, undiluted, untampered flowform distillate.

It also contains 90% cannabinoids, which includes:

  • 52.5% CBD
  • 14.6% CBG
  • 7.4% CBE
  • 2.6% CBDV
  • 0.1% THC
  • 12% other cannabinoids

The remaining 10% is composed of natural terpenes.

After sampling the product in my vape, I could taste and feel the quality – The smoothness and the vapour was obvious and it felt stronger than other CBD products. After 10 minutes I felt extremely relaxed and noticed a definite mood boost.  

The Holy Grail Kush mix is different to other herbal blends I’ve sampled in the past. Interestingly, this is not hemp flower but instead is a herbal blend packed with secret ingredients. The blend contains the following cannabinoid profile:

  • 26% CBD
  • 8% CBG
  • 4% CBE
  • 2% CBDV
  • 7% Other Cannabinoid
  • <0.1% THC
  • Natural terpenes

I tested the mix out in a joint. I was surprised how smooth it was to smoke and not dry like other herbal blends I’ve tried in the past. I could taste the terps and enjoyed the profile of flavours.  It also burned well in a joint – not too fast and stayed lit in between puffs.

A few of the Holy Grail range has been reviewed before on this site – including the squidgy black hash and the CBD/CBG distillate vape pen – and are highly regarded. This range easily features some of the the most potent and best value CBD products in the UK.


I could feel the effects of the distillate within about 10 minutes. I was surprised how strong it was, to be honest. I felt super relaxed, clear headed, and then sleepy. 

The effects of the Holy Grail Kush were a lot more subtle, which I loved. It was gradual – after smoking the mix I felt the effects creep in after about 10-20 minutes. I felt relaxed but mentally sharp. I found this really helpful for work – I was able to function mentally whilst feeling relaxed and experiencing less stress than I usually do. 


The great thing about distillate is it’s wide range of uses. As the distillate has already been decarboxylated, the ways in which you can consume it are endless. I mainly used it in my vape pen but also experimented with edibles. I even added the concentrate to my morning smoothies. The measuring syringe is great for getting your precise dosage. 

The Holy Grail Kush mixture is perfect either solo or in a joint mixed with THC-rich weed. I tried it solo and found it had a nice calming effect. I also tried it in a joint and think it’s ideal for those looking for a tobacco replacement. It burns well and has a smooth taste. You can also use it in any dry herb vape

Value for money

When compared to its competitors, the Pure Flowform CBD Distillate offers amazing value for money. Even better, it’s on sale at the moment with 1g costing £20 (usual price – £32.99). For those not too familiar with distillate, remember it’s a lot stronger than other concentrates meaning a little goes a long way. 

The Holy Grail Kush Mix is currently on sale at £5.49 for half a gram (usual price – £11.49). The price per gram gets cheaper the more you buy – for example 14g costs around £92.50 (approx, £7 per gram). These prices are roughly in line with it’s competitors which is good considering the premium quality.


Iceheadshop has definitely raised the bar for the whole industry as of recently, offering an amazing range of high-quality products at affordable prices.

They continue to source the best products from all over. If you’re looking for a stand out CBD distillate or a CBD herb mix, look no further! Their entire Holy Grail range is worth checking out too.

I’m looking forward to purchasing from them again in the future. 

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