Review: Holy Grail Squidgy Black Hash (44% Cannabinoids)

For those of you who miss a bit of squidgy black from back in the day, or those simply looking for a unique CBD hash that really packs a punch, boy do I have a treat for you?

I’ve just spent all day vaping this glorious hash from IceHeadShop that is not only reminiscent of the legendary squidgy black hash that was well loved during the 80s/90s in the UK, it also has a similar body-stone effect, where you just feel warm and fuzzy and free of tension rather than sedated or high. 

And that’s not surprising thanks to a high ratio and wide range of cannabinoids, including 20% CBD, 8% CBG, 4% CBDV and 4% CBE. 

Read on for a more in depth review…


If you remember well the old squidgy from yesteryear then you’ll be taken back when you see this potent CBD hash from Ice Head Shop. It has the exact consistency of the real stuff – gooey, sticky and sweaty – and rolls into perfect sausages for laying in joints. 


Aroma wise, it’s not strong like some modern hashes made from high grade flower, but it has a distinct hashy smell. The classic hash taste is also there when smoked or vape. I definitely advise you to vape this hash in dry herb vape like the Dynavap for the best flavour.  


Consisting of 44% total cannabinoids (including CBD, CBG, CBDV, CBE and others), it’s fair to say that hash is potent. While you couldn’t say it’s psychotropic, after one vape session I was feeling super chill and my eyes got heavy. 

I’ve decided to use this as my nightcap and it’s reliably helped me switch off and get to sleep the last few nights. It also makes a great substitute for THC and I’m planning to use it during my next tolerance break

I think it will be great to use alongside the Holy Grail distillate vape pen, which I reviewed here


This Holy Grail CBD Hash comes in three strengths. I’ve got the strongest at 44%, which costs £22.99 a gram, while the 28% option is £12.99 and the 16% option is £7.99. So there’s a choice for all budgets. The price per gram decreases the more grams you order.


If you’re an old school toker and you miss the squidgy black that used to be so loved, then you’ll love this Holy Grail CBD hash. Alternatively, if you’re just looking for a CBD hash that is potent, tasty and highly effective, you’re also in luck. 

I’m blown away by this product and it will become a staple for my collection. A vape of this in the evening makes a great sleep aid or a very useful substitute for THC. It’s a bit pricey but cheaper options are available. 

Overall, a great product that will take you back to the 90s with its familiar body stone and soft, gooey consistency. 

Buy Holy Grail CBD hash here.

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