Mycotown Review: The UK’s Best Spore Shop 

Are you looking for top-quality magic mushroom spores for your microscopy needs? 

Then look no further than Mycotown – the UK-based shop dedicated to providing the finest spores in print or syringe form.

I’ve been using them for some recent projects and not once have I been left dissatisfied – their spores are very reliable, they have a unique range, and their service is highly professional.

What they offer

Mycotown is your one-stop shop for mushroom spores. 

They take pride in offering a huge selection of psilocybin mushroom spores (including many rare varieties), as well as non psychedelic species like lion’s mane, cordyceps and reishi spores. 

Their spores are carefully sourced to meet the highest standards, so whether you’re an experienced mycologist or a curious enthusiast, their products cater to all levels of microscopy exploration.

Here are just a few highlights from their vast inventory:

Liquid Cultures and Supplies

In addition to spores, they offer a selection of premium liquid cultures for various mushroom strains, ensuring you have everything you need for successful microscopic research. 

Their liquid cultures include:

To make your microscopy journey even smoother, they provide essential mycology supplies like micropore tape, parafilm, and self-healing injection ports.

Quality and discretion 

Mycotown upholds the highest standards of quality and ensures the utmost discretion with each order. They understand the importance of privacy, particularly when it comes to such a controversial product as mushroom spores. 

Every order I have made has shipped within 24 hours and arrived within 3 working days. 


It’s essential to note that Mycotown spores are intended strictly for microscopy purposes. They strictly adhere to regulations and cannot sell spores if they suspect they will be used for cultivation. 

Furthermore, they are unable to provide guidance on the cultivation of psilocybin spores. If you need some guidance, please reach out to

Visit Mycotown here.

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