Senior Police Officer Accused Of Using Cannabis Daily, LSD and Magic Mushrooms

Commander Bennett was nicknamed “Sacker” by his counterparts for his role in dismissing dozens of officers over the span of his 45-year career  – including for drug misuse. 

Julian Bennett, a senior officer in the Metropolitan Police who is responsible for writing the force’s anti-drugs strategy, is facing a gross misconduct hearing over allegations of using cannabis, LSD and magic mushrooms while off duty.

The tribunal, held in central London, heard testimonies from witnesses, including Sheila Gomes, a former lodger at Cdr Bennett’s flat.

She claimed that the drug use was a regular occurrence and would begin early in the morning, even before breakfast and before he left for work. Gomes described the officer as “extremely controlling,” “anxious,” and “narcissistic.”

Cdr Bennett has categorically denied all the allegations against him and has been on suspension with full pay since July 2021.

The hearing further revealed that he allegedly failed to provide a sample for testing and offered what the prosecution described as a “nonsensical explanation.”

According to Mark Ley-Morgan, representing the Met, Cdr Bennett stated that he had been taking CBD (cannabidiol) to treat facial palsy, but feared the sample would falsely test positive for cannabis use.

Our thoughts

This story serves as an example of how current drug laws and the idea of drug prohibition does not align with the realities of drug use and the potential benefits of certain substances, particularly in light of modern research on drugs like cannabis and psilocybin.

It highlights the need for a more evidence-based approach to drug policy that considers harm reduction and public health benefits.

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