How To Choose The Best Convection Vaporizer?

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Before the advent of vaporizers, the cannabis market was largely dominated by rolling papers, aesthetic bowls, and sleek pipes. There has always been the misconception that vapes are an invention of today when in reality, a “smokeless tobacco cigarette” was proposed by Herbert Gilbert in 1963. Of course, the world of modern technology and brilliant brains made it possible to formally introduce vaporizers in 2003 when Hon Lik patented the modern e-cigarette to battle his own smoking addiction. And then, as they say, the rest is history,  

A splendid and clean way to enjoy the green buds, flavoursome e-liquids, or simply a sticky set of concentrates, vapes have by and large made their name in every way possible. Owing to their discreteness and portability, they have appealed to the general masses. And have even been deemed a healthier way of toking as compared to our papers and bongs! 

Of course, popularity meant more brands, more choices for the general consumer, and not to mention, more confusion. If you’re nibbling on your nails, surfing through review blogs and looking for the best vaporizer that will match your budget, want, and need, we are here to help you out! 

Before we move forward with what factors you should trouble yourself with before buying a vaporizer, it would be smart to clear the confusion between convection and conduction vaporizers.  

Let’s get started! 

Difference between Convection & Conduction Vaporizer 

To understand these terms, we need to first know how these vaporizers work to give us the swirling cloud of smoke, lingering terpenes, and flavours that keep us hanging to the accessory. The way a vaporizer works doesn’t differ much from that of a general cigarette; there is heat, smoke, and of course, our green buddies.  

However, instead of being in direct contact with the heat, vaporizers play smart, and warm the herbs in a slightly different way, giving us these terms – Convection, Conduction, & Hybrid.  

Conduction heating mechanism involves placing your cannabis or concentrates directly onto the heating surface. If you opt for cheaper or low-quality conduction vaporizer, your buds may even brown, and in some cases, even burn. However, there is a section of vape lovers that like the conduction method better.  

Convection Vaporizer involves the use of hot air that passes through the dry herbs or concentrates, thereby heating them for the session. This is done through an internal fan that accurately heats the herbs without coming in direct contact with it. The conduction method eliminates the possibility of burning or browning of our precious material. These Vaporizers are known to have a cleaner, more superior vaping experience, and also provide a mild flavour and long, smooth drag for everyone who doesn’t want the additional pressure on the lungs. Owing to this, convection ways of heating herbs are more popular and generally accepted by the vape fans! 

Hybrid Vaporizers, as the name suggests, make use of both the heating ways! 

Types of Vaporizers – The plethora of Choice 

If you’re planning to get your hands on a good convection vaporizer, you need to decide whether you want the pen version or the handheld vaporizers, or simply a desktop vaporizer that is not very portable but offers supreme functionality and flavour.  

Let’s show you the distinction between them. 

  • Handheld Vaporizers  

Handheld Vaporizers are one of the most popular types of vaporizers, as they combine the world of portability along with functionality. Ranging from rechargeable mechanisms to manual vaporizers, the handheld vapes allow you to toke your dry herbs in a number of ways.  

The Handheld Vaporizers also allows you a plethora of options from the heating time, temperature control, build and make, etc.  

  • Desktop Vaporizer 

You have to decide between having a more portable option or having a better vaping experience. Desktop Vaporizers are mostly common among medical marijuana users who don’t need to take their vaporizers with themselves all the time. A little on the expensive side, the desktop vaporizer might be an investment, but it does give it back and how! 

One of the most common ones is the legendary Storz & Bickel, Volcano Vaporizer.  

There is also the option of Pen vaporizers, though they are more common among people who like to vape with e-liquids. Owing to their sleekness, portability, and price, the pen vapes are pretty popular among novice vapers.  

Temperature Control 

Another factor that you need to consider before going for a convection vaporizer is the amount of control you’d like to have over the temperature. As a lover of dry herbs and concentrates, we are all aware of how temperature can affect the terpene profile, the density of our smoke, the flavours, and not to mention, the high that we all lover. 

Some Convection Vaporizer might offer you a complete and precise temperature control that can be adjusted with the help of a digital LED screen and a ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button. On the other hand, you might come across some vapes that have preset temperatures(low, medium, and high), and you can play around with those for an enhanced and more tailored experience. Some elite vaporizer brands offer the option of using the vaporizer mobile application, allowing complete control over every function of the vaporizer.  

While we are on the topic of temperature control, you should also have a look at the heating time and if it matches with your preferability.  


If you’re concerned about the portability, you have to take a look at the battery life and how long it lasts. Not all vaporizers who claim to be portable might have a battery that can support you on long trips. On the other hand, a slightly less portable device like the Mighty might give you better battery life on the cost of being more visible.  

When you’re looking at the battery life, you should also want to have a look at how they are charged; through a USB cable or a specific Cable that you need to carry everywhere. Similarly, some vaporizers offer pass-through charging, allowing you to vape even when it is plugged in the charging socket.  

Some Other Tips to Consider 

You have already seen the various factors that you need to consider before buying a convection vaporizer. But there are also a few minor considerations that you should keep in mind before moving forward.  

When going for a vaporizer, a lower price does not imply good quality or vapour. People tend to go for cheaper alternatives to bigger brands, unknowingly inhaling harmful plastic and chemicals, that not only ruins the vaping experience but also proves to be very unhealthy. The same can be applied for metal body and electronics too since your herb is going to interact with the inner material.  

Before you decide on the vaporizer, look for health concerns, what they use in their manufacturing, and the reviews before concluding. Of course, at the end of the day, it is what you want and how much you’re willing to spend that will lead to the ultimate convection vaporizer.  

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