5 Best Mushroom Coffee Products In The UK (2021)

I’ve recently become obsessed with mushrooms. Even more recently, I’ve become obsessed with mushroom coffee. 

Which is why I decided to compile this list of the 5 best mushroom coffee products in the UK:

1. Mushroom Coffee With Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, Maca, L-Theanine, Bacopa & Resveratrol from Time Health  

The best mushroom coffee in the UK is this smooth and nutty blend from TimeHealth. It’s delicious, healthy and very stimulating thanks to the unique combination of energising and focus-enhancing herbs. 

What’s in it? Along with 60% smooth arabica coffee, you’ll find three medicinal mushrooms – lion’s mane (8%), cordyceps (14%) and chaga (2%). On top of that, there’s geletanised red maca (15%), L-theanine (0.7%), resveratrol (0.2%) and bacopa monnieri (0.1%). 

Take it slowly, you really don’t need much – just one teaspoon mixed with hot water is plenty for me. Add a bit of milk and/or honey for an extra sumptuous creamy latte. 

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2. Peruvian Mushrooms Coffee Bags from CafeShroom 

A fine-tasting Peruvian coffee infused with a blend of chaga, lion’s mane and cordyceps… in a bag? That’s right, these Shroom Bags from CafeShroom are a sustainably-grown alternative to the French press. 

With a balanced taste, Shroom Bags work just like a tea bag, you pop one into your mug and pour your hot water and there you have it, a beautifully delicious coffee infused with a healthy mushroom extract blend. 

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3. Mojo and Grind Mushrooms from London Nootropics – 10% off ‘highandpolite’ 

These funky mushroom coffees from London Nootropics offer barista-quality instant coffee alongside functional mushrooms and herbal cognition enhancers in stylish sachets. 

‘Mojo’ features coffee, organic cordyceps mushroom extract, siberian ginseng and natural flavouring. ‘Grind’ meanwhile has coffee, organic lion’s mane mushroom extract, rhodiola rosea extract and natural flavouring.

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4. Magic Ground Coffee from Vivo

Made just Arabica coffee beans and lion’s mane mushroom, this Magic Ground Coffee from Vivo is great for promoting alertness, focus and all-round branin health.

The coffee beans are grown at high altitude in Ethiopia, before being roasted and ground in small batches in Bristol, UK. Every packet of Magic is also tested from mycotoxins before being sealed in compostable packaging. 

5. Shroom Coffee from SuperU

Mushrooms, maca and coffee make for a tasty brew that boosts energy, productivity and focus. 

This Shroom Coffee from SuperU blends premium instant Arabica coffee and maca with dual-extracted chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane mushrooms.

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