How Does It Feel To Smoke CBD Flower?

Strains of CBD-rich hemp flower are appearing in vape shops and head shops all over the UK.

Thanks to an explosion in demand for CBD from whole-plant ‘industrial hemp flower’ over the last 12 months, growers all over Europe and America are working to cultivate hemp varieties with high concentrations of CBD and favourable terpene profiles.

This has resulted in some excellent examples of high-grade hemp flower coming to market, all with such low levels of THC that they are considered hemp by law – 0.2% is thought to be the limit in the UK but the situation is murky.

We at High & Polite have smoked our fair share of these buds. Being a part of the industry since its first sprouted in the UK, we have tried a wide selection of CBD flowers from all over the world.

Buds from Switzerland, Spain, Italy, America, France, Netherlands and Austria… off the top of our head. All varying in quality, cannabinoid content and, ultimately, genetics.

But what does it feel to smoke CBD hemp flower? To help answer this question, here are 5 effects of smoking CBD hemp flower, that we’ve noticed…

1. Body high

The effects of smoking CBD hemp flowers can be subtle but are usually very noticeable. It’s best described as a body high. After a few puffs of high-CBD strain, you feel an authentic sense of relaxation and a release of tension throughout your body.

2. Focus and attention improve

Smoking high-quality CBD flower can almost trick you into feeling a ‘high’ similar to that of THC. However, after consuming CBD weed, you can still concentrate and focus with ease. In fact, it can even improve your focus and deepen your attention.

3. Slows mind-chatter

We’ve found that mind-chatter slows considerably after consuming some high-CBD weed. That non-stop internal dialogue is turned right down and it’s easier to let thoughts come and go. Having a couple puffs on a CBD strain makes a great meditation aid if that’s your thing.

4. Obliterates anxiety

It’s widely noted that smoking CBD bud almost instantly obliterates any anxiety you may be feeling. Sometimes, you may not even realise that you’re experiencing a subtle sense of anxiety or uneasiness until you have a few puffs on a CBD joint or vape and literally feel the tension in your body release.

5. Exceptional pain-killer

One of the most surprising effects of smoking high-CBD hemp flowers is its ability to dampen pain. Many people use CBD-rich strains to ease their suffering. Many say it works better than strains with high THC and little CBD.

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