Swiss Hemp Test That Lets You Test Your CBD Flowers Now Available In The UK

Buying CBD-rich cannabis flowers in the UK can seem a little surreal.

You can simply click onto one of many online CBD shops, choose from a range of dank-looking buds with names like ‘Lemon Skunk’ and ‘Strawberry Kush’, and the next day a package will come through your letterbox containing a few grams of low-THC cannabis.

But while whole-plant cannabis is thought to be the most effective form of cannabis, and the fact that it is so accessible in the UK is an extremely positive thing, ordering CBD flower online can still be a daunting experience.

That’s because the hemp bud industry is legally-grey and highly-unregulated, and customers are potentially taking numerous risks by buying hemp online.

And one of the main risks people are concerned about is whether the cannabis they are buying does indeed have negligible concentrations of THC – the compound in cannabis that gets you ‘high’.

Up until now, you had no way of knowing other than by trying the product and hoping for the best. There is now a simple and accurate solution, however.

The Swiss hemp test

A test has gone on sale in the UK that allows you to differentiate between hemp and cannabis with high amounts of THC.

The cannabis typification test, on sale at Uncle Herb, was developed in Switzerland, where cannabis with less than 1% THC is completely legal and sold as a tobacco replacement.

It has been successfully used by the Swiss police, who have been in need of a way to tell the difference between legal ‘cannabis light’ (as it has been termed in the Swiss press) and still-illegal THC-rich cannabis.

Not only is the test simple to use, but it’s also is cheap, portable and reliable. Previously, the Swiss Police had to send any cannabis they confiscated to undergo expensive testing.

CBD hemp flowers in the UK

Rather than inducing psychotropic effects typical of high-THC cannabis, CBD weed induces relaxation and anxiety-defeating clear-headedness.

After gaining popularity in Switzerland, CBD flowers (buds) are now on sale across Europe and America. In the UK, you can now buy high-quality CBD cannabis from a number of domestic online retailers and physical shops.

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The UK’s first CBD shop to stock the typification test, Uncle Herb, is one of the premier CBD flower vendors in the country, offering a diverse range of strains with a CBD content as much as 22. They also sell CBD oils and balms.

They say that they now use the test themselves on every batch of CBD hemp buds that they receive.

Cannabis typification test

The test itself has been rigorously tested on cannabis flowers, hash and cuttings. It has proved to be accurate and is now endorsed by the Swiss Police and the Forensic Institute of Zurich.

To use the test, you start by removing the safety clasp and, using the provided tweezers, put a very small amount of plant material inside the test pouch. Shake until it reaches the bottom.

Close and replace the safety clasp before breaking the glass vials with your hands and gently shaking pouch so that the liquids begin to mix. The mixture will either turn a blue colour (meaning it has significant levels of THC) or pink-red (meaning it’s hemp with low levels of THC).

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