Dynavap Love Story: 2020 Vapcap M Review

I had bought Dynavap’s 2019 Vapcap M when it first came out and tried to love it, but I just didn’t really get the hype. 

Sure, it was a cool little device that gave decent hits with good flavour, but I also found it inconvenient and thought it didn’t really offer any advantage over my beloved Pax 2. I stuck at it for a while anyway and really tried to work out why so many loved it. In the end, though, I packed it away and rarely thought about it. I’ve since lost it. 

Then the 2020 ‘M’ came out and again I started hearing and reading so many positive reviews about it. It can’t be that different, I thought, and left it at that…

Until my buddy from The Goods raved about it to me and offered to send me one as an attempt to convert me to the church of Dynavap. I was easily persuaded and decided to give it another chance to win me over…

And it did just that.

What I didn’t like about the 2019 Vapcap M

Mainly, I think it was the actual act of holding a flame to it for 20/30 seconds. I found it cumbersome and inconsistent. 

At first, I’d often find the first few pulls underwhelming. Then, in my attempt to get every last drop of weed juice, I had a tendency to heat the oven too much and burn the sucker. 

I also like to vape on the go, and analogue (non battery powered) vapes aren’t really suited for that. Also, sometimes my lighter would die while I was out and jet flame lighters aren’t common in most shops. 

First impressions of the 2020 M

I appreciate the minimal packaging the Dynavap came in. It’s basically a small cardboard wallet-type thing that houses the vape. It’s very efficient and obviously great that plastic has been avoided completely. 

The actual vape itself also impressed straight off the bat. Made from medical-grade stainless steel and engraved with a much more attractive design than the previous incarnation of the ’M’, it reminded me of Dynavap’s premium model, the titanium OmniVap.

The air holes are different – there’s now two diagonal slits that almost meet at one end – and the oven in now a multi-sided shape rather than round. 

First vape

Dynavap’s vaporisers are unique and it can take a while to perfect the technique of using one. Having used one already, however, I knew what to expect. After loading a cap with some potent Zkittles and clicking the lid on (a new feature), I held a jet lighter flame to the oven and twisted the device between my fingers. After I heard two clicks, I gave it a few more spins in the flame before taking a pull. 

It’s a really nice hit. Intensely flavourful and dense vapour. The air holes are a great addition, giving real control over airflow. I have two more similarly rich pulls. Then reheat to finish it off with one or two more.  

When I empty the oven, it’s surprisingly still a bit wet and far from brown and toasted. I could probably have had a few more decent pulls on it. 

The Goods also sent me a small insert called the Dynacoil (See below) for vaping concentrates. It’s a coil with a cerated edge one side where you place your extract. I tried it with some CBD extracts (shatter and wax), also from The Goods, and it worked incredibly well.

I found that extracts needed to be heated for a bit longer than flower, but once the timing is mastered it produces great vapour clouds. I immediately preferred it to the Pax for vaping extracts.

Thoughts after 2 weeks

I’ve been trying to use the Vapcap as much as possible. Again, my issue is that I like to vape outside during the day, often in public places like parks, and I don’t really need to be attracting attention to myself heating a Vapcap.

However, in the evening when I’m at home, the Vapcap M has won my love. While it might not be the vape I carry around with me, my appreciation for the Vapcap has grown substantially thanks to its simplicity, authenticity and the control it gives the user. 

What I love about the Vapcap M 2020 

Sitting down in the evening with a fresh pickup and my Vapcap was a dream lived out many times this last few locked-down months. And now I get why Dynavap has such a cult following, including its own very active fan-run subreddit.

It’s the ritual of grinding the weed, smelling it, carefully loading the oven of the Vapcap, heating it while twirling the steel between your fingers. Until you hear those clicks. Then it’s all about your preference for how hot you want to go.

I love rolling and smoking joints, and a big part of that is the ritual. Using a Vapcap is the closest you can get to this with a dry herb vape. They’re both very tactile.

There’s also a learning curve to building great joints that smoke well, just like there’s a learning curve with the Vapcap. You have to earn that perfect full hit. And when you do hit it just right, the vapor is almost as thick as smoke, and the effects are so immediate and intense that you feel a rush. It’s euphoric. 

After a few rounds over a few hours, I’m well content and stuck firmly into the sofa.

On a side note, the Vapcap lets you adjust the screen and make the oven smaller. This is a great new feature that I find very useful for taking smaller, measured doses. 

I also love the Dynacoil for vaping extracts, which has opened up a whole new world for me.


So that’s how I learned to love the Vapcap M – sat on my sofa, my weed, grinder and Vapcap on the table in front of me, and with a few hours to myself before bed.  

During this time, my Pax gets put away and I revel in the ritual of loading my metal vape and heating it between my fingers with naked flame. 

The 2020 M is a clear step up from last year’s model and, when used in the right context, is a powerful device that delivers a unique and ritualistic experience. 

You can buy the Dynavap 2020 Vapcap M here.

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