9 Healthy CBD Edibles And Drinkables (UK)

As someone who likes to keep active, CBD is one of the most important supplements I use.

When used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, CBD’s calming and anti-inflammatory effects are incredibly useful.

However, I’ve found it hard to find healthy options when it comes to CBD edibles and drinkables in the UK.  

It’s very easy to find sugar-laden CBD-infused gummy bears or chocolate bars, but it’s much harder to find options that are suitable for low-sugar, minimally processed diets. 

Which is why I’ve scoured the market to find the following healthy CBD edibles (and drinkables) on sale in the UK. Bon appetit!

1. Organic Hemp Hummus

Handmade in Cornwall and packaged in 100% recyclable tubs, this CBD Hemp Hummus from Themptation has 13mg of CBD alongside protein-rich hemp seeds and nutty cold pressed hemp seed oil. It’s gluten-free, vegan, and a good source of fiber, as well as omega 3,6, and 9.

Full ingredients: chickpeas, water, raw hemp seeds, sage, tahini (sesame), lemon juice, cold pressed hemp oil, cold pressed olive oil, garlic, salt, cumin, CBD oil, citric acid, black pepper, paprika.

2. Oto CBD Shot

This high-strength CBD shot has been made with all natural, plant-based ingredients, including Himalayan botanical extracts, purified water and CBD. 

Made with no added sugar, Oto CBD Shots are available in three mouth watering flavours: Focus Spice, with lemongrass, wild mint and ginger; Balance Bloom, with amla, chamomile and lavender; and Amplify Zest, with grapefruit, cardamom and black pepper.

3. Raw chocolate Bliss Bar With Turmeric and CBD

Chocolate, healthy? Well this unique, raw chocolate bar is about as healthy as chocolate gets. Made from wild, single-origin Criollo cacao from Peru, alongside ethically-sourced turmeric from Sri Lanka, you won’t feel guilty after indulging in this tantalising treat.

Each bar contains 16mg of CBD. Other ingredients are as follows: Cacao solids (55%) (raw Criollo cacao paste, cacao butter), Golden Mylk blend (coconut milk powder, turmeric (2%), Ceylon cinnamon, black pepper) and coconut sugar. It has no THC. 

4. Somnio CBD tea

This CBD tea from Somnio CBD brings a delightfully relaxing twist to a classic british brew. Not much beats a heartwarming cup of tea, and this CBD tea is ideal as a way to unwind before bed. Alternatively, a few swigs can leave you calm and focused, ready for a good day.

Each box contains 15 tea bags, which total 45mg of CBD (3mg per tea bag). You could also use raw, dried hemp flower, although the taste takes some getting used to. 

5. Somnio CBD Coffee

Tea not peppy enough for ya? Then CBD coffee is the way to go. CBD and caffeine make an effective combo and this full-bodied and invigorating blend offers sweet tones and a smooth, dark chocolate aftertaste.

The coffee beans originate from the highlands of Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific, Colombia Huila and Guatemala Antigua and are grown in volcanic soils that are rich with minerals.

6. CBD honey

Honey is a wonderfully tasty and antioxidant-rich substitute for table sugar. And these CBD-infused honey sticks offer an ingenious way to sweeten a hot drink while adding in beneficial cannabinoids into your diet. 

These California-made CBD honey sticks contain 10mg CBD each and are formulated for an easy and quick way to enjoy CBD. 

7. Easy Mix CBD Drops

As it can be quite hard to find CBD food and drink that’s suitable for whatever diet you follow, these EasyMix CBD drops are perfect for adding CBD to any food or drink. 

Each water soluble sachet has 7.5mg of broad-spectrum, flavourless CBD liquid, while each natural oil sachet has 10mg of broad-spectrum oil.

8. Calm CBD Mints

These lovely little mints are the perfect tool for grounding yourself in the middle of a hectic day. With a unique blend of CBD, organic terpenes and natural herbs, they also taste great.

Additionally, they’re super discreet and come in a small stylish dispenser. 

9. CBD beer

OK, beer may not be the healthiest beverage on the planet, but this gluten-free CBD beer from Greentimes Brewing is probably the most guilt-free option around. A deliciously light and floral IPA infused with 10mg CBD per can, they offer a low alcohol version with just 0.5% as well the full strength 4.1% alcohol option. 

This is my go-to beer for this summer. And there’re a few studies showing that it may be wise to consume CBD when drinking alcohol. 

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