Dry Herb Vape Review: Nectar Platinum Smart Vaporiser

I’ve been using the Nectar Platinum dry herb vape for a few months now and it has completed changed my smoking habits and taste.

I have gone from smoking herb and shatter with tobacco to vaping without. As well as changing my weed-consuming habits, vaping with the Nectar Platinum is also now my preferred method of consuming tobacco.

I used to smoke straight cigarettes and no vape substitute could change that habit. To me, nothing was better than smoking a Camel Blue after a meal or while having a drink. I was the type of person who didn’t even enjoy rolling my own cigarettes.

After using the Nectar Platinum to vape rolling tobacco – and less than a month later I can’t stomach smoking straight cigarettes any more. The last time I tried, the taste of chemicals made me feel sick to my stomach.

Now let me give my honest opinion on the device itself……

First impression 

While it may not be the most stylish dry herb vaporiser on the market, it is definitely sleeker and has cleaner lines that those big, clunky machines many vapers use.

It fits comfortably in your pocket and in this day and age you wouldn’t stand out for using this is public (the smell might give you away though).

It is a good size and weight and it’s made to a very high standard, where you wouldn’t be worried if you dropped it.

When you dig deeper into the box you are given a verity of tools to clean the machine. It also includes a detailed booklet on how to clean it, making sure that you get the best out of the machine.

Also included in a concentrate pad, which allows you to vape shatter, crumble and hash. This little addition has transformed my vaping habits.

First vape 

The first thing you notice about the Nectar Platinum is as that it’s very easy and self-explanatory to use.

The magnetic head comes off easily, making it simple to pack the device with herb. As soon as you switch it on, a cool OLED display pops up and shows you to what temperature it’s heating the herb to.

This is where this vape really impresses as you’re then able to, via the press of a button, increase or decrease the temperature. The range goes from 100 to 240 degrees.

This really gives you full control over your vaping experience. On the highest temperature setting, the device took about half a minute to get to the right temperature.

There is a cool little countdown clock and temperature gauge on the OLED display. This shows you how quickly it is heating and it will then vibrate to let you know it has reached the set temperature.

The countdown clock is set to five minutes, after which the device will switch itself off. This stops you from forgetting to switch the device off but allowing you enough time to enjoy the experience.

After filling with some high-grade Wedding Cake, my first pull was incredibly smooth and I felt like I was getting a much cleaner flavour profile than I’m used to.

The airflow is what impressed me the most – I really didn’t have to pull hard for a good amount of vapour, and the mouth piece made it easy to create good suction and airflow. 

The effect was profound and allowed me not just get high but appreciate the herb fully. 

After 2 weeks use

As I mentioned before, it has really changed my smoking and vaping habits. Being in control of the temperature really makes a difference.

I vape cannabis and tobacco at 240 degrees and extracts (in this case shatter) at 180 degrees. I find that if I heat the shatter higher than this, the vapour is too hot and makes me cough.

If I turn the heat down the, vapour becomes a lot more enjoyable and tastes much better and more complex. Having that control really allows you to tailor the experience to your own preference.

It does take about an hour to fully charge and once it is charged you get about 50 minutes of vaping time. This is great when you only using it for vaping herb, crumble, hash or shatter, but if you use it like me and also vape tobacco, you might want to carry the charger with you (micro USB).

Another great component of this device is how easy it is to clean and the tools they give you to do so. The makers of this device have thought of everything when it comes to looking after the device and they go that extra mile by considering the customer experience in detail. 

Value for money?

For £119.99, the Platinum Nectar is a great investment and I can highly recommend this device. Being in control of the temperature gives an extra layer to your vaping experience.

It really elevates you from a hobby toker to a connoisseur, enhancing your vaping experience for a reasonable investment. 

Personally, this device has changed my life and I am not going back to the archaic way of burning my tobacco or herb. I have a much healthier and responsible relationship with “smoking” due to this vape.

Buy it here.

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