CBD Moon Rocks Land In The UK

As CBD and cannabis become mainstream in the UK, a number of new products are appearing on the market.

CBD hemp flowers are one of the most exciting new CBD products being sold in the UK. They have become hugely popular because whole-plant cannabis provides a full profile of cannabinoids (not just CBD) along with terpenes and flavonoids.

Now, however, UK-based Ice Head Shop is offering a product from out of this world: CBD Moon Rocks.

What are CBD Moon Rocks?

CBD Moon Rocks are the result of combining three types of cannabis preparations: CBD flowers (buds), CBD honey oil (BHO or similar), and CBD kief or hash.

The buds are first slathered in the honey oil before being rolled in kief. The result is something that resembles a rock found on the moon. And with that much CBD, they are probably the strongest CBD product in the galaxy, let alone the UK.

The original Moon Rocks are made form THC-rich weed and are were invented at a dispensary called Starbudz760 in Colorado. After they went viral in the cannabis world, famous American rapper Kurupt popularized the product by releasing his own brand called Kurupts Moon Rocks.

Why buy CBD Moon Rocks?

There are some incredible hemp buds available to buy in the UK right now. You can also buy some awesome CBD kief and concentrates in some unbelievable flavours. So why would you want to combine them?

Well, sometimes more is better. And sometimes a high dose of CBD is needed to relieve pain or other symptoms related to medical conditions. Let’s not forget that many people use CBD and hemp buds to manage medical conditions.

Therefore, potency is important. And, as you might have guessed, CBD Moon Rocks are very potent.

The CBD flowers used in these Moon Rocks have around 10% CBD or more, the kief is probably about 10% CBD, and hash oil could be more like 50-90% CBD. By dried weight, CBD Moon Rocks could be close to 30/40% CBD, making them one of the strongest CBD products in the UK.

How to make CBD Moon Rocks

What you’ll need:

  • Some CBD hemp buds. You can find them here.
  • Some CBD hash oil/honey oil/concentrate
  • A load of CBD kief
  • Tongs
  • A liquid dropper

The steps:

Step 1: Get your honey oil (or heat your concentrate until it becomes liquid) and put it in the liquid dropper.

Step 2: Choose a few dense buds and carefully apply some oil to them. Put a thin, even layer over the entire nug but make it doesn’t get too saturated.

Step 3: Next, grab the oil-coated buds with your tongs and roll it in your CBD kief until the entire bud is covered in “moon dust”.

Step 4: Leave your CBD Moon Rocks to dry for about an hour. The time it takes for them to dry depends on the type of concentrate/oil you use.

How to smoke Moon Rocks?

If you’ve bought CBD moon rocks or made your own, the next thing you’ll need to know is how to smoke them. Here’re some tips.

  • Don’t put CBD Moon Rocks in a grinder

As they are so dense and sticky, Moon Rocks should not be put in your grinder. It will not grind up the rocks very well and may even leave your grinder clogged up with sticky hash oil.

  • Mix them with regular weed

It can be tricky to smoke Moon Rocks on their own. Not only are they very strong, due to their stickiness, they can be very difficult to roll up and smoke by themselves. Therefore, if you want to smoke them in a joint, try chopping them up with scissors and sprinkling them over regular ground cannabis flowers.

  • Use glass

The best way to smoke CBD Moon Rocks is with a piece of glassware. Either a bong or pipe will suffice. Again, it may be a good idea to mix it with some regular CBD buds or weed.

Where can you buy CBD Moon Rocks in the UK?

CBD Moon Rocks can be purchased from Ice Head Shop for £13.50 per gram. More information can be found here.

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