10 Things You Should Know About CBD Hemp Flower

CBD hemp flower is my favourite form of CBD. I’ve used it to quit smoking cigarettes and tobacco, to reduce THC-induced anxiety, and to encourage rest and recovery between workouts at the gym and the occasional injury.

CBD flower has also helped me to have a much healthier relationship with cannabis, as well as increased respect for the therapeutic power of the plant.  

I truly believe CBD-rich hemp is one of the safest and healthiest ways to reduce suffering and promote well-being. I think it’s astounding that we in the UK have access to high-grade CBD flower and that it should not be taken for granted.

After all, the industry is built on shaky grounds and the government could pull the rug out from underneath at any time.

Where it all began…

The trend for low-THC cannabis began in Switzerland – where cannabis with less than 1% THC has been legal for a number of years – and has grown in conjunction with the huge consumer interest in other CBD products such as oils, capsules and infused foods.

About a year ago, the first few vendors sprouted up in the UK selling raw, dried hemp flowers with low amounts of CBD (around 1-4%). Over the weeks and months, more sellers appeared and the quality of the hemp flowers improved.

Today, a wide variety of dank-looking CBD-rich hemp flowers are now on sale in head shops around the country and online.

Over this last year, I have personally sampled a lot of the CBD hemp buds (probably close to 100 different strains) that have been for sale in the UK.  

Here are some things I’ve noticed…

1. Names can mean little

Just because a CBD strain is labelled a ‘Skunk’ or a ‘Haze’ doesn’t mean it comes from those genetics.

While some of these strains may well be the result of crossbreeding of hemp varieties with well-known high-THC genetics, most of these names have simply been assigned to different strains for marketing purposes and maybe because it smells or looks like a well-known strain.

2. There’s a wide variety in quality

There are some really high-quality CBD buds on sale in the UK, and then there are some extremely bad examples. That’s why we started reviewing them.

3. It’s legality is hotly debated

The law surrounding hemp-based products and CBD is far from clear and open to interpretation. Many parts of the legislature seem to contradict and the legal boundary between hemp and cannabis is hazy.

4. It can be hugely valuable for quitting cigarettes and other addictions

CBD has been shown to help treat addiction and I myself found CBD-rich hemp flowers an extremely valuable aid in quitting cigarettes and tobacco. I think CBD buds could also help people lower their use of THC-rich cannabis, alcohol or other drugs.

5. It’s great for anxiety

CBD has been shown to be effective at reducing anxiety in a number in a number of scientific studies. I’ve found a few puffs on a hemp strain with more than 10% CBD annihilates anxiety, especially social anxiety.

6. It’s perfect for newcomers to cannabis, and those sensitive to THC, and non-drinkers,

I think CBD buds could be of massive interest to people who are want to avoid the intoxicating effects of THC or alcohol. Those looking for a way to relax without any psychotropic effects. I’ve also found a lot of ex-stoners like CBD weed.

7. Italy and Switzerland have the best flowers

I visited Switzerland last month and indulged in a wide selection of ‘cannabis light’ – all in the name of research, of course. I also purchase many Italian-grown strains in the UK.

In my opinion, these two countries grow the best CBD-rich hemp. Italy has a THC limit of 0.6% and the country is storming ahead with the cultivation of low-THC strains.

8. It’s a potent therapeutic

It would be irresponsible to make any wild medical claims about CBD-rich hemp flower. However, I do think it is an incredibly therapeutic product that has the potential to ease a lot of needless suffering.

9. The smell isn’t comparable to regular high-grade weed (but some strains I’ve tried come close)

There are some strains that have recently become available that smell pretty good, but I still haven’t found one with that overpowering and atmosphere-piercing weed-smell.

10. There are some amazing strains on sale in Europe and America and the quality is getting better

There is now a wide variety of high-quality CBD flower available from numerous shops in the UK and abroad. High-grade hemp buds have only been sold in the UK for maybe 12 months, and the quality is improving quickly.

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3 Comments on “10 Things You Should Know About CBD Hemp Flower”

  1. Did you try any of the Holy Weed pre-rolled joints over in Switzerland while you were there? Must admit, I got a pretty good buzz off those. Back in the UK now and wish I could find them here, but I’m relatively happy with the flower I’ve tried from HempElf so far.

      1. Yes seems to be a great brand, got me pretty relaxed haha
        I’ve tried quite a few from HempElf, Gelato and Diesel actually arrived this morning. I like the Lemon Skunk and Strawberry Kush so far.

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