CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review: Hawaiian Haze (3.9% CBD) from Kanaco

At a glance

Strain: Hawaiian Haze

From: Kanaco

Grown: Switzerland (indoor)

CBD content: 3.9%

Summary: “Overall, a really good CBD strain from an exciting and forward-thinking brand.“

Overall rating: 8.5/10

The Review

Born in 2018, Kanaco (pronounced kana-co) is a CBD shop based in Fulham, London. They offer a range of high-quality CBD oils, sweets, and other common CBD products.

They also have a growing selection of hemp flowers, with four new strains launching in January. By mid-2019, Kanaco has stated that they aim to stock one of the biggest selections of strains in the UK.

Their flowers are also stocked in 11 other shops around London.

For this review, we are taking a look at their Hawaiian Haze strain.

Delivery and packaging: 9/10

Packaging is secure and discreet. Kanaco ship their flowers in heat-sealed, pinch-lock pouches with a sticker on the front with Kanaco’s stylish branding and information about the flowers inside.

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Aesthetics: 9/10

These indoor-grown CBD buds look great. I was informed that the batch that I received consisted of smaller-than-usual buds, but they still had a well-defined and solid structure to them.

The nugs were an off-coloured green, well-dried, and closely trimmed. The impressive trichome coverage of these small, dense buds means it could easily be mistaken for well-grown THC-rich cannabis.

Smell: 8/10

Sweet and fruity notes linger, but you really have to stick your nose right in the bag to get close to a satisfying whiff.

Crunch a bud between you fingers, however, and floral, tropical aromas arise. I was pleasantly surprised.  

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

Smoking: 8.5/10

This was a lovely smoke. Very smooth all the way down to the roach, with slightly sweet tropical flavours.

Vaping: 8.5/10

I vaped Kanaco’s Hawaiian Haze in both my Vapour 2 PRO Series 7 and my Vapcap M. And while the taste wasn’t overwhelming, my first round of vaping with each machine reliably produced thick vapour clouds with a nice taste. Again, slightly sweet and fruity.

Effects: 8/10

On the low side when it comes to CBD levels (3.9%), I found Hawaiian haze to be a perfect daytime strain as it wasn’t very sedating. It did give me a nice lift, however. And it definitely still relaxed me.

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Price: 9/10

Starting next year, a 2g pack of Hawaiian Haze from Kanaco will cost £19.99. This is a big improvement on their original price of £15.90 per gram, which has now been reduced to £13.90.

Next year’s price drop will make this high-grade hemp strain very affordable.  

Overall: 8.5/10

Despite the initial underwhelming smell, these tight little nugs of Hawaiian Haze impressed me with their flavour, smooth smoke, and subtle effects.

Overall, a really good CBD strain from an exciting and forward-thinking brand. Order them online or stop by the shop if you’re near West London.    

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