Where To Buy CBD Pre-Rolls In The UK

Did you know that pre-rolled CBD joints are on sale in the UK?

That’s right, you can legally buy joints filled with nothing but CBD-rich cannabis (legally known as hemp as it has low levels of THC).

But what are CBD pre-rolled joints and where can you buy them?

What are CBD pre-rolls?

A CBD pre-roll is simply a joint (a long, cigarette-like roll-up that is used to smoke cannabis) that’s been already rolled and filled with CBD flower (CBD-rich hemp flower grown legally under licence with low levels of THC).

These ready-to-smoke hemp joints are the latest innovation in the world of CBD. In fact, the use of CBD flower is itself a pretty new phenomenon, only becoming popular during the last 12 months.

The popularity of CBD flower follows the huge recent surge in demand for all CBD products, most notably CBD oil.

CBD flower may be superior to many more common CBD products, however. This is because hemp flower is raw and unprocessed, therefore containing a full profile of cannabinoids (not just CBD), terpenes (responsible for the smell of plant), and loads of other beneficial plant compounds.

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Benefits of CBD pre-rolls

Accessible to all

Pre-rolled CBD joints make CBD flower a lot more accessible and less intimidating. After all, not everyone who wants to smoke CBD flower is a seasoned stoner with expert rolling skills.

Rather, from what I’m seeing, the interest in CBD flower is far from limited to people who already have experience with cannabis.

In my opinion, CBD flower is the most effective hemp-derived product I have come across. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it’s proving popular with people who wouldn’t traditionally be associated with cannabis use.

Available online

Not only that, but you can also buy CBD pre-rolls online and have them delivered to your door. All you need to do then is spark it up and puff away.

No ‘high’

Not everyone enjoys the ‘high’ associated with THC consumption. But these people can still benefit from cannabis with CBD flower as it has negligible levels of THC.

Fast acting

When you smoke CBD-rich hemp, the CBD is absorbed almost immediately via the lungs into the bloodstream. This makes it one of the quickest-acting methods of consuming CBD.

Full spectrum

By its very nature – raw and unprocessed – hemp bud offers a full-spectrum of cannabinoids (including small amounts of THC and many other minor cannabinoids), terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial plant compounds.


As mentioned above, the hemp used in CBD roll-ups is 100% natural. The only processes it goes through prior to being rolled up in a joint is trimming and drying.

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Anxiety and stress

CBD has been found to be effective and reliable at reducing anxiety and stress. CBD pre-rolls are, therefore, a good option for people who suffer from chronic stress or anxiety.


CBD has also been shown to be a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Tobacco addiction

I used CBD flower myself to quit smoking tobacco and I feel it helped me tremendously. Because of this, I believe that CBD pre-rolls may be most beneficial to smokers looking to kick the habit.  

Not only does the pre-roll replace conveniently the cigarette, but CBD has also been found to help the brain to get over an addiction.

This 2013 study found that smokers reduced the number of cigarettes the smoked in a week by consuming CBD, while a more recent study suggests that CBD can affect the attention bias of the brain and reduce cravings.

CBD pre-rolls are also use to people who want to cut down on their THC intake or even those who want to use cannabis but don’t enjoy the psychoactivity of THC.

Where to buy CBD pre-rolled joints in the UK

As the number shops selling hemp flower increases in the UK, as does the number offering CBD pre-rolls. Here is a list of trustworthy online shops where you can buy high-quality CBD pre-rolls.   

Bud Mother

Bud Mother are pretty new to the UK scene yet they have one of the most interesting ranges of CBD hemp flower we’ve come across. They also have really cool-looking packs of CBD pre-rolled joints on offer in a variety of strains.

Dope Buds

One of the newer (and better) hemp flower shops to open in the UK, Dope Buds are making a name for themselves with an impressive range of high-grade hemp strains. For £8.50, their CBD pre-rolls are made with at least 1g of whatever strain you like. You can even create your own mix.


These CBD pre-rolls from The Goods are made from a variety of herbs, CBD isolate and cannabis-derived terpenes. This blend gives a unique taste, a smooth smoke, and strong effects.

The Brain Box Shop

For just £6, you can get a flavoursome hemp flower pre-roll from Swansea-based The Brain Box Shop. They are available in a variety of flavours, with Wedding Cake being our fave.  

Use discount code ‘polite420‘ for 10% off at TBBS.com

They also do a box of 10 CBD pre-rolls for just £39.99, with each joint also containing 0.8g of high-grade hemp flower. These are definitely worth buying once you’ve found your favourite flavour.

Use discount code ‘polite420‘ for 10% off at TBBS.com

CBD pre-rolls are here to stay

As the world wakes up to the huge therapeutic potential of cannabis and CBD, it is inevitable that certain products are going to become mainstays.

And CBD pre-rolled joints are one of them.

Not only are they so helpful for people quitting harmful tobacco, but they also offer ease of access to anyone who could benefit from the anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects of CBD.

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