CBD Flower Strain Review: Californian Haze ( 24% CBD) From Instagram Account @mrherbsco1

At a glance

Strain: Californian Haze

From: @mrherbsco1

Grown (indoor/outdoor): Indoor (Italy)

CBD content: 24%

Summary: “Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this strain, especially in the dry herb vape. The huge amount of vapour produced is tasty and highly effective at relaxing the mind and body.”

Overall rating: 9/10

The Review

This is the first time I’ve bought CBD flower off Instagram. I thought I’d check out a vendor that had been recommended to me by a reader as I often get questions about whether it’s worth using social media to buy CBD flower. 

To my surprise, I found a lot of positives ordering my hemp bud this way. Here’s a review of my experience buying from Instagram account @mrherbsco1

Ordering, delivery and packaging: 8/10

Ordering was simple. I sent a DM asking what strains were available and which were bestsellers. I got an answer quickly, which is a huge advantage to buying from smaller social media businesses. 

After a quick chat about CBD flower and discussing prices, I asked for 2g of Californian haze, as it was one of their most highly-rated buds. The seller sent me his Paypal address and I paid £20. First class shipping is included in the price. 

My package came the next day. Packaging was simply a small, round, plastic screw-top container inside a bubble-wrap insulated envelope. Although it didn’t smell, it certainly wasn’t the stealthiest I’ve seen. 

Aesthetics (looks): 8.5/10

Unscrewing the lid to the container revealed small, compact nugs. A deep green colour with orange pistils, the popcorn-size buds have undergone a precise trim job. 

Trichomes are very visible on the underside of the flowers and when you peel it apart. 

In the grinder, the crunchy buds fluff up beautifully, with dusty trichomes and red pistils giving it texture and colour. 


In the container, the smell is great. A fruity, berry aroma that reminds me a lot of a Strawberry CBD strain I tried in Switzerland last year.

Once ground up, the smell is mouthwatering.  

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

Smoking: 8.5/10

Surprisingly smooth considering I have been mostly vaping my weed/hemp recently. Good flavour and a nice clean smoke.

Vaping: 9.5/10

This strain is incredible in a dry herb vape. Lots and lots of flavour that lasts for a decent amount of time. Even after a few minutes, I was still getting rich vapour clouds. Delicious!

Effects: 10/10

After both vaping and smoking, I immediately felt relaxed and worry-free – just like I hoped for. Really impressed with the effects of this strain. There was no fogginess or tiredness, just a clear and calm mind.   

Price: 8.5/10

£20 for 2g with first class postage included is a fair price, I would say. You can get cheaper, for sure, while many vendors are much more expensive. However, for the the quality and customer service, I think this is a good deal. 

Overall: 9/10

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this strain, especially in the dry herb vape. The huge amount of vapour produced is tasty and highly effective at relaxing the mind and body. My first order off Instagram is a great suceess!

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