Products To Know: Core CBD + CBG Range From Aura CBD

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In an industry saturated with hundreds of brands selling very similar products, I’m always on the lookout for new CBD and cannabis products that set themselves apart. 

And that’s why today I want to introduce you to a brand new range of CBD oil products from our friends at Aura CBD. 

Aura CBD are the dedicated team behind these delicious one-a-day CBD-infused raw chocolates and a very popular range of organic CBD oils that use hemp seed oil as the carrier oil. 

They’re a popular and well-trusted brand who keep the customer in mind. And their new range exemplifies their dedication to quality and affordability.

So let’s take a look at it…

The Core Range

Aura’s brand new Core range is their premium product. It has been specially formulated with a combination of organic MCT oil (from coconut) and an exceptionally high-quality hemp flower extract. 

The hemp used in the range was grown in the U.S. state of Colorado, a world-leader in the cultivation of high-grade CBD-rich hemp. The state has had a blossoming hemp-growing industry for the last 5 years, with most farmers focusing on healthy, organic growing practices that produce resinous and potent buds with over 20% CBD.

These buds are the only part of the plant used during the extraction and distillation process, resulting in an exceptionally high-quality and pure extract.

This extract is also rich in terpenes and lesser-known cannabinoids, most notably CBG. Short for cannabigerol, CBG – which is the precursor to ALL other cannabinoids – is fast becoming of great interest to the cannabinoid research community, boasting a wide range of health benefits. (We’ll talk more about these later.)

Broad spectrum

THC has been completely removed from the extract making the entire Core range 100% THC-free. Therefore Aura calls this extract ‘broad-spectrum’ rather than ‘full spectrum’. 

While THC can certainly enhance the ‘entourage effect’ of cannabis extracts, it is thought that the combination of CBD and CBG could be similarly effective. 

It is also coming to light that the UK authorities consider any amount of THC in a product to be illegal – despite murky laws surrounding CBD products and the impracticality of enforcing such a stance. 

Organic MCT oil

As a base oil, MCT oil has been used in the Core range. Short for medium-chain triglycerides, MCT oil is a tasteless oil that is rapidly absorbed by the body.

It makes up a part of coconut oil and itself has a range of health benefits, including balancing blood sugar levels and fueling the brain. 

For such high-quality products, the price tag is very affordable. Aura’s Core CBD plus CBG 800mg in MCT oil is just £38.99. 

Their high-strength oil, with 2,500mg CBD and CBG, costs £85, while the 1,500mg version is £58.99. There’s also a 1,000mg instant spray that costs £54. 

European hemp vs U.S. hemp

One of the main reasons I like this range is that it’s made from Colorado-grown hemp, which, as previously mentioned, is producing some of the best, cleanest hemp in the world right now. 

Because European hemp is traditionally grown for industrial purposes and not for its CBD production, it is quite different from the high-grade being grown across the United States.   

A low resin concentration in EU hemp means you have to process much more biomass than high-grade hemp in order to extract significant amounts of CBD. This results in more plant matter and other contaminants in the final extract. 

While still effective, Aura’s original range is made with EU hemp. It’s also full-spectrum (still contains trace amounts of THC), however, which many do appreciate. 

Benefits of CBG

Thanks to its modest concentrations of CBG, the Core range is pretty unique in the UK.

Described by scientists as a very interesting molecule that might well prove to be superior to CBD and THC in some cases, CBG is gaining much attention in the cannabis industry. 

As the precursor to all cannabinoids, it makes sense that CBG offers huge therapeutic potential. It also makes it of great interest to researchers and consumers alike.

A non-psychotropic compound, CBG shows promise as an antibacterial agent (it can even treat MRSA) and an anti-inflammatory – possibly more potent than CBD. 

It also has cancer fighting properties and is a potent neuroprotectant. It is currently being studied in the treatment of Huntington’s Disease, among others. 

Price compare

Compared to other products of similar quality, Aura’s Core range represents fantastic value.

For example, one of the UK’s most well-known and trusted brands, Provocan, sells a similar product at a much higher price point. 

Provocan’s 2,400mg CBD oil sells for £119.99, while the Core 2,500mgh CBD plus CBG oil is just £85.

I’ve been told by the Aura team that their business model here is to sell lots of volume so they can keep the price low for people as they feel the market can be “exploitative”.

Taken from Aura’s website: “In our years in the industry, we noticed that any broad-spectrum, THC free CBD products were always hugely expensive, or potential fakes.

“And so we created Core with a vision to provide our customers around the world with high-grade, no BS, THC-free CBD oils and extracts, that retain the benefits of CBD and CBG.”

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